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Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Swim

Update Your Animal Crossing: New Horizons Game

Animal Crossing New Horizons how to swim

The first step to unlock swimming and diving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to update the game. Make sure that your console is connected to the internet before you check for updates. If your game is not yet updated at this time, youll get a notification that will tell you of a new update thats available.

You can also manually check for game updates by going to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon on the Home screen and pressing selecting Options .

Select Via the Internet to start downloading the update.

You should know if your game is now running the latest version because youll see the Version number at the upper right hand side of the game screen.

How To Buy A Wetsuit

Yep, before you can swim you need to make sure that you are dressed for the part! Make your way to Nooks Cranny if you do not own one yet and you will find it available for purchase in the cabinet that players will know as the place to buy things like tools from. You can also get a wetsuit from your Nook Stop terminal.

As for the cost, a wetsuit will set you back 3,000 bells or you can get a Nook Inc. wetsuit for 800 miles. It is worth noting here that the design of the wetsuits changes all the time so do keep returning to see what new ones are on offer.

Now you own a wetsuit, you need to put it on. Simply go to your inventory, select the suit, and then choose to wear it easy! While the wetsuit will go over whatever clothes you are wearing, you may want to manually remove your shoes and socks as well nobody likes wet shoes and socks!

Find And Catch Sea Creatures

Sea Creature Bubbles

Best to dive when on top of bubbles

The best strategy for catching sea creatures is by diving when you’re right on top or near the bubbles. Get near the sea creature’s shadow, and you’ll automatically dive deeper to catch it!

If you dive too early and swim to the bubbles underwater, you might run out of air before you reach the sea creature!

Pocket is disabled, except when swapping

Access to your pocket is disabled while swimming, except when you catch a sea creature and your pocket is full.

Enlarge…with sea creatures only

When this happens, you will only be able to swap your newly-caught sea creature with another sea creature already in your pocket.

If you don’t have other sea creatures already in your pocket, you will be forced to release your newly-caught sea creature.

If you don’t need to swap a new sea creature, you won’t be able to manually release sea creatures while swimming. You have to swim back to shore and exit the water to release unwanted sea creature.

Keep things simple by emptying your pocket

Before entering the ocean for sea creatures, we highly advise to clear your pocket to make space for sea creatures!

Enabled & Disabled Features While Swimming

Pocket Features while Swimming
When pocket is full, swapping in newly-caught sea creature, with other sea creatures. When pocket is full, swapping in newly-caught sea creature, with non-sea creatures.Usage of all pocket’s contents.

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How To Download The Summer Update Wave 1

If, for some reason, the new swimming festivities don’t seem to have appeared in your game come July 3, then maybe you need to make sure your Switch downloaded the Summer update.

  • From the Nintendo Switch’s Home menu, hover over the Animal Crossing: New Horizons icon.
  • Press + and the game information will display.
  • Scroll down to Software Update.
  • Select Via the Internet. The Switch will check for any new versions and will download them if necessary.
  • Select OK.
  • Once these steps have been taken, your Switch will search for any Animal Crossing: New Horizons updates it might not have already. Hopefully that solves the issue and allows you to take part in the summer festivities.

    Where To Buy Wetsuit

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Before you can swim at New Horizons, you need to buy a wetsuit.

    To be able to buy these clothes, go to your local Cranny Nook and look in the cabinet. There you will find a wetsuit which sells for 3,000 Bell.

    You can also buy special Nook range diving suits by visiting the Nook Stop at Residential Services and selecting the Redeem Nook Miles option.

    The black and turquoise suit will make you return 800 Nook Miles and, like all Nook clothes, will arrive by mail the day after you buy it.

    For an additional 500 Nook Miles, you can also buy snorkeling Nook Inc.

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    Where To Buy The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wet Suit

    Here are the two ways one can get a Wet Suit:

    • The Horizontal-striped Wet Suit can be found at your closest Nooks Crannys cabinet where you can buy it for 3,000 Bells.
    • For the online experience, the Leaf-print Wet Suit can be bought via Nook Shoppings Special Goods.
    • For the Nook Miles redemption route you can purchase the Nook Inc. Wet Suit for 800 Nook Miles. Do take note that for Nook Inc. Novelty items, they will always be mailed to you the following day you sign-in to the game.

    How To Get Yourself A Wetsuit On Animal Crossing:

    In order to start your ocean escapades, all you need is 3,000 bells.

    Either head to Nook’s Cranny shop, or use the Nook Terminal to make your purchase.

    Once inside the shop, approach the cupboard where you’d normally buy tools, plant seeds and wallpapers. There, you will see a wetsuit for sale.

    Use this image below as a guide.

    Alternatively, if you are using the Nook Terminal, you can simply find the item on the shopping list and purchase a wetsuit .

    Remember though it’ll take a day for your new swimming gear to arrive in your letterbox.

    Once you’ve got the wetsuit, just get changed and head to the beach.

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    Swimming In Animal Crossing

    After equipping the Snorkel and the Wetsuit, head to the beach and approach the water. Press A on your joy-con controller and your character will begin wading their way into the water.

    To swim more rapidly, hold down your D-Pad controller and rapidly press A on the right joy-con. Simply holding down the A button wont move your character.

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    How To Get A Wetsuit For Swimming

    Swimming and Diving In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    • Requires: 3,000 bells

    If you want to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the first thing you need to do is buy a wetsuit. To buy a wetsuit, head over to Nook’s Cranny. The wetsuit will be available to purchase in the cabinet where you usually buy tools, seeds, and wallpaper/flooring.

    The wetsuit costs 3,000 bells. You can also purchase a wetsuit from your Nook Stop terminal for 3,000 bells. They come in new designs daily, so you can keep checking back if you don’t like what you end up with. Your Nook Stop also offers a Nook Inc. wetsuit for 800 miles.

    To equip the wetsuit, just select it in your inventory, press A, and select “Wear.” The wetsuit will be equipped directly over your clothes, so you don’t need to manually remove shirts or bottoms in order to wear it. Your shoes and any socks or tights may still be equipped though–you can still swim with them on, but if you want to take them off or swap them for something more beach-appropriate, you’ll have to do that manually.

    Once your wetsuit is on, you’re ready to start swimming!

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    Buy Wet Suits From Nook’s Cranny

    Wet Suits are back in New Horizons and are required to swim and dive. Wet Suits can be bought at the cabinet in Nook’s Cranny for 3000 Bells!

    Also available in Nook Shopping and for Miles Redemption

    EnlargeRedeem Nook Miles

    If you’re more of an online shopper, Wet Suits are available via Nook Shopping’s Special Goods or through redeeming Nook Miles.

    Keep An Empty Inventory

    Once in the water, players won’t be able to interact with the majority of their inventory. This makes sense, since they’ll be swimming, and it won’t be possible to drop items or hold items while out in the ocean.

    Due to this, players should make sure their inventory is as empty as possible before going in. Not only is this convenient when catching a bunch of sea creatures, but it also ensures the player won’t need to return to shore to clear their inventory while out in the open.

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    What Can You Do While Swimming In Animal Crossing

    You can catch sea creatures! While swimming about, keep an eye out for bubbles in the water and if you spot one, hit Y to dive and when you emerge, you should have something like a sea anemone to show off!

    Alternatively, look for shadows after you dive, the camera view will change when you are under, and if you see one, swim towards it and whatever it is will then be yours!

    Thats not all, either. Keep an eye out for a washed-up Gullivarrr , who will ask you to dive for his lost phone. Once youve found it by checking out bubble spots, hell be on his merry way though not without sending you some pretty cool pirate swag for helping him out.

    Check out our video game release schedule for all upcoming games on consoles. Visit our hubs for more gaming and technology news.

    Where To Find Sea Creatures

    How to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    You likely aren’t swimming just for recreationthere are plenty of creatures to be found. 40 sea creatures are available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and finding them is a relatively easy process compared to catching creatures on land.

    As you swim around, you’ll notice some areas where bubbles are coming up from underwater. These are where you can catch sea creatures like octopi and lobsters. There are 40 sea creatures in total, and you can donate any you find to Blathers at your island’s museum.

    To actually catch these creatures, all you have to do is swim to those bubbles and press Y to dive. Your villager will swim underwater and emerge with a sea creature in hand.

    Along with donating sea creatures, you can also give them to a non-playable character named Pascal. Find Pascal the sea otter also swimming around the water, and he’ll gladly take any scallops you find underwater for a trade.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Swimming

    • 0

    If you played Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS and are now taking your first steps on your new desert island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may well be looking forward to diving into the lovely HD ocean of the Switch entry in Nintendo’s life sim series.

    The question “Can you swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?” was one of the first that popped into our heads as we ran around the perimeter of our lovely island paradise. For the first months following the game’s launch, the answer was disappointing, but following the first Summer Update you can now get more closely acquainted with the waters surrounding your island…

    How To Catch And What To Do With Sea Creatures

    Now that you know how to maneuver yourself in the sea, its all about exploring this domain. As mentioned above, bubbles on the surface of the water often indicate a creature in the water below you. If youre positioned correctly over the bubbles and press Y, you will dive down and come back up with a new sea creature such as a sea star or sea anemone. You can also dive underwater and swim towards any shadows you come across. Once you swim to the shadow while underwater, youll automatically collect whatever is there.

    In addition to new sea creatures, you might also find new types of vegetation including seaweed, sea grapes, and more. In your Critterpedia, you will find a new section called sea creatures, and anything you end up collecting while swimming will end up in there.

    As previously mentioned, you can trade in certain creatures with the otter Pascal for new DIY recipes, you can donate some of the wildlife you find to Blathers museum, youll need to use the pearls you find while diving to complete mermaid-themed DIY recipes and as with all other normal wildlife, you can place it as decoration on your island.

    How to swim in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Why should you start swimming in Animal Crossing? contents Reasons to swim Unlock swimming Swim faster in Animal Crossing Start diving Catch sea creatures There are numerous ways to collect bells and discover new insects…

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    How To Get A Wetsuit In Animal Crossing

    Before you can swim, you’re going to need to buy a wetsuit. You can do this by going to Nooks Cranny and buy one by spending 3,000 Bells. You can find one at the glass case, by the tools. It’s our understanding that the design of the wetsuit will change in the shop each day, so if you don’t like the one provided you can wait and buy a different one.

    Use The Edges Of The Ocean

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons How To Swim

    The ocean isn’t completely endless in Animal Crossing. Sadly, and most likely to prevent the player from getting lost, swept away, or eaten by aggressive sea monsters, there’s netting around the perimeter of the island waters.

    This netting can actually be used as an advantage when trying to catch particularly fast-moving sea creatures. The critter can be chased towards the netting to make sure it has fewer escape routes.

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    How To Unlock Swimming & Diving

    In order to go swimming, players can either acquire a wet suit from the Nook Miles Kiosk or from the cabinet at Nook’s Cranny.

    How to Swim & Dive

  • Equip the wet suit.
  • Run up to the ocean and Press A to jump in. Note that you cannot go swimming in ponds or rivers.
  • Press A repeatedly to swim forward.
  • Rising bubbles indicate the presence of a sea creature. Hold down the Y button when you’re above bubbles to dive.
  • Now move the joystick until you touch the creature. You’ll automatically surface once you’ve acquired the creature or you’ve run out of air.
  • So Can You Swim In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Yes! While the game launched in March 2020 with no method to enter the ocean , the first of two summer updates landed on 3rd July 2020 and it brought the ability to swim, dive and collect 40 new sea creatures from the ocean floor. These new additions to your Critterpedia have their own page and can also be donated to Blathers at the Museum.

    Images: Nintendo

    In order to enter the water you’ll need to purchase a wetsuit from Timmy and Tommy for 3000 Bells . While wearing the wetsuit you can run and jump into the coastal waters surrounding your island. Scallop-loving Pascal also returns and he will give you DIY recipes for a mermaid-themed furniture set.

    Much the same as the specialised fishing rods, bug nets and other equipment they sell, there are different wetsuit designs available every day:

    Wet suits will be available for purchase at Nooks Cranny when the #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons free Summer Update Wave 1 releases this Friday! Be sure to check each day for a different design. #ACNH Nintendo of America

    Having featured in the previous entry in the series, we guessed that this ability would arrive sooner or later. It took a few months, but you can turn those frowns upside down because, yes, you can swim around your deserted island.

    So, there you are! We knew that miser Nook would throw us a pair of Speedos sooner or later. Feel free to share your excitement for diving beneath the waves below.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons How To Swim

    Swim and start collecting ocean riches in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! The summer update is upon us, giving you access to the new jumpsuit outfit. These fancy costumes let you swim and snorkel in search of treasure or sea creatures and there are two ways to get yours.

    The Summer Update landed on July 3 and includes a wide variety of new sea creatures that you can capture and share with Blathers. These new specimens will appear in the aquarium section of the museum, and youll earn even more NookMiles rewards for catching these larvae on a daily basis. Wetsuits are a returning feature of Animal Crossing: New Leaf New Horizons originally we hadnt swam, much to the chagrin of all of us. But now you can explore your island paradise even more!

    How to swim | Where to get a combination

    To start swimming you will need to buy yourself a wetsuit! There are several models of different combinations, and you can find them for sale at Nooks Cranny or to Nook Stop Terminal.

    • Combination: Costs 3,000 Nooks Cranny Bells. Check the cabinet for various. articles!
    • It also costs 3,000 bells from the Nook Stop section, Nook Shopping. Go to the Special Items menu to find the combination.

    This means that you can often look for new styles of jumpsuits. I recommend taking one early and worrying about the styling later! To swim, you have to be wear a jumpsuit you can also find a matching snorkel by checking your mailbox. Snorkelling is not compulsory!


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