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Animal Crossing New Leaf How Many Villagers Can You Have

How To Get Your First Three New Villagers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

All You Need to Know about Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo

In previous Animal Crossing games, villagers would simply move into your town and set up a house. New Horizons, however, has changed this system to make it more in keeping with the deserted island theme of the game.

When you first arrive on your island, you’ll be accompanied by two villagers and, as you slowly progress through the game, you’ll be able to invite more villagers to your island.

The maximum number of villagers you can have living on your island is 10.

The first time you’ll be able to invite new villagers to your island will be after Nook’s Cranny opens. Tom Nook will give you three housing kits to place around the island.

Once you’ve decided where to place these kits, you’ll next have to build three pieces of interior furniture and three pieces of exterior furniture for the villager whose house this will be.

After crafting this furniture, your new villagers will settle on your island one day after the other. This means that if you build all the furniture in one day, then it will take three days for each villager to arrive.

This is the only time you’re required to build furniture to make villagers move to your island. Instead, you simply have to set aside a plot of land for them to live on.

How to set aside a plot of land for a villager’s house

Setting aside a plot of land for a new villager will cost you 10,000 bells.

You’ll also be rewarded with some Nook Miles once they move in.

How To Get Sanrio Villagers And Items

Once you have the Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo cards, you’ll need to invite each character to your campsite as you would invite other Amiibo villagers. Select Invite Amiibo from the NookStop terminal in your Resident Services building, then scan one of the Sanrio Amiibo cards to have that villager visit your campsite. You can also scan the villagers in Harv’s island to take screenshots of them in the game’s Photopia mode.

Once you’ve scanned a Sanrio Amiibo card, you’ll be able to order that character’s associated furniture and clothing. These will all be listed in the Promotions tab in Nook Shopping, the same place you can find the recently added Mario items. Note that the fastest way to unlock the Sanrio items is to either scan the villagers at Harv’s island, or scan the cards at NookStop but not invite them to your campsite. Since you can only have one Amiibo villager in your campsite each day, it would take at least six days to invite the entire set and unlock all of the Sanrio furniture in your game without time skipping that way.

There are six Sanrio Amiibo cards in total. You can see the full list and the associated character each one unlocks below:

  • Hello Kitty – Rilla
  • My Melody – Chelsea
  • Kerokerokeroppi – Toby

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Different

The FOMO is not completely external to New Horizons. Vice Gamings Gita Jackson does a great job of explaining that here. Im not going to restate her, so go read that as well. But Ill add that Nintendo has made some subtle additions and tweaks to Animal Crossings formula that make New Horizons feel fundamentally different.

In my review, I noted that New Horizons supports longer play sessions than the early game in New Leaf. And this is generally a good thing. You can still fish, catch bugs, travel to an island for resources, and decorate your home. But now you can also collect crafting resources and DIY recipes, decorate outdoors, and complete achievement-style quests.

Or maybe you can try to get all the items during a timed event like some sad people:

Jeff Grubb

In addition to just giving players more to do, New Horizons additional features also change the cadence of Animal Crossing.

In New Leaf, players were pretty limited in terms of options of how to progress. You could upgrade your home, add to your museum, design clothing, and interact with your villagers. New Leafs mechanics were simpler and I would even call them worse than New Horizons.

But because everything was equally devoid of intrinsic rewards, many players felt they had more freedom to choose their own path in New Leaf. New Horizons, meanwhile, can often make you feel like you could be doing something more efficient with your time.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villagers Guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is chalk full of villagers. Although we only really hear about 30ish characters, both the most loved and hated, there are just shy of 400 villagers players can run into. When you think about it, thats a crazy number of personality combinations and possibilities.

Each island representative can decide for themselves what makes a villager worthwhile, but there are a few villagers who people seem to collectively enjoy. With eight personality types for villagers, there can be quite a variety of who people like and who they dont. Whether its because of their versatility as island décor or because of some rare condition they have, each villager can stand out to an island rep. And its important to have a variety of villagers. Each personality type will have different do-it-yourself items that theyll craft. So, if you want to collect all the DIYs, youll need every personalitys help!

We have put together a list of the top and bottom villagers who people are Dreamie Hunting for. Additionally, we have a list of each villager personality. This way, you can find out what type of villager you have on your island . This will help in creating a diverse island with different attitudes to help you keep going throughout your daily Animal Crossing rituals!

How To Catch A Flea In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Windows 10 Theme

You can catch the flea right off of their bodies using a net. You can do so by holding down the A button while standing at a very short distance from the villager to hit the fleas with the net. They might look a bit sad at first, but should be relieved later on. You can sell these flees for 70 Bells, which doesn’t seem a lot however, there is a Nook Mileage achievement for nabbing them.

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Image credits: Nintendo UK

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Role In Animal Crossing

Initially in original Animal Crossing, there are 6 villagers in the town when the player moves in which are set to be one of each personality. The maximum number is 15. Once 15 villagers have moved in, one of the already existing villagers will attempt to move out to allow a new villager to move in. Once a villager moves to another town, there is a chance to see them wandering around town, talking about how they wanted to come for a visit and that they miss the town. Villagers have a unique role in Animal Crossing that is not so apparent in Wild World. During town events, they gather and celebrate in different areas of the town to partake in different events. Most noted is during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, where they gather around the town pond .

During Summer and Winter, a random villager may appear in the town and live inside a tent or an igloo for the day, where they will offer to play games with the player and give the chance to obtain unique items. In future game releases, they are not a source of rare, unique furniture, but become a means of gaining furniture through trades. They also do not camp out, and only live in their homes.

Having Your Trader Visit Your Town

  • 1Give out your friend code. In order for a trade to go through, the person who is accepting your villager must visit your town. In order to do that, youll need to give them your friend code, which can be found within the 3DS home menu on your friend card.
  • 2Have your friend talk to their Porter. Your friend will then go to the train station in their town, on the north end of the map, just to the left of the exit to Main Street. Talking to Porter, the monkey, by pressing A will then allow them to choose Visit a faraway town, which is how you travel to towns over the Internet .
  • Soon, this person will arrive in your village!
  • 3Have your friend talk to the villager who is moving. Do this by pressing A while facing the villager. The villager will say something along the lines of not having a destination yet. Then, the visitor has the opportunity to invite that villager to their town through a dialogue choice.
  • Shortly, your villager will be moved out, and the visitor will be welcoming that villager into their town instead.
  • 4Do it vice versa. All of this works in reverse as well! If youre looking online and see that someone is offering a villager that you want in a deal that you find suitable, then you visit their town and talk to that villager in order to get them to move in.
  • If you have eight villagers in your town, none of which came from the campsite or campground, you cannot get any more villagers. You can only have eight villagers, except the extra two from camping.
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    How To Become Best Friends With A Villager In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Although it’s hidden away, there is a friendship mechanic in New Horizons, which will allow you to become best friends with your favourite villagers. You can mark your friendship progress with villagers by the various interactions you will gradually unlock.

    These interaction include:

    • Being able to give them gifts
    • A villager will offer to sell you an item
    • A village giving you a nickname
    • Being able to change their catchphrase
    • Being able to change their greeting
    • A villager will approach you to buy an item

    You’ll know when you’ve truly become best friends with a villager, because they will give you a framed photo, which you can display in your house. These are not to be confused with the posters you can unlock at , which don’t have frames.

    There are a variety of activities that you can do to help you increase your friendship level with a villager, such as:

    • Talking to them every day
    • Ridding them of fleas
    • Selling them any item they offer to buy
    • Gifting them items
    • Giving them a birthday present
    • Giving a villager medicine when they’re sick
    • Completing villager quests

    Villager quests are activities that will occur randomly throughout your time playing the game, but are more likely to occur the friendly you’re with a villager. These quests can be anything from catching a specific bug or fish to a treasure hunt. You might also find a lost item on your island that needs returning to its owner.

    First 3 Villagers Will Move In After Setting Up Their Houses

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Add More Villagers to Your Town

    Before new villagers can live on your island, Tom Nook will give you a Housing Kit that you can use to set the location of their house.

    A villager who wants to move in will call Tom Nook to request to move there, and once their house is built, they will move into your island.

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    Use An Amiibo Or Amiibo Card

    There is a 100% guaranteed, absolutely safe to get the villager you want: use Amiibo or Amiibo cards.

    Naturally, this presents a problem. You have to actually have an Amiibo or Amiibo card associated with the villager that you want to bring into the game.

    At the time this article was written, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for less than two months, and the Amiibo cards have been more or less sold out for that entire time. If you’re going to go for this method, you should expect to pay a premium on eBay, Amazon, or elsewhere.

    Animal Crossing Villagers: How Many You Can Have & How To Get More

    Although there are nearly 400 villagers players can get in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they can only have a limited number of them at once.

    There are a lot of different types of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each with their own distinct personalities, but players can only invite up to ten of them to live on their island at once. This is disappointing, since Animal Crossing: New Horizons boasts nearly four hundred different villager options, and seeing the same faces every single day quickly becomes tiresome.

    Thankfully, there’s a way for players to get rid of the villagers they already have accumulated and start from scratch, but unfortunately this means evicting one of the Animal Crossing villagers who has already taken up residence on the island. As of right now, there is no way to increase the amount of villagers Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows on an island past the ten villager limit, which means players looking to change out one of their current villagers for a new Animal Crossing character could be taking a pretty big risk.

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    Train Station Lockers In Other Towns

    Forgot to bring an important item over during a visit to a friends town or an online trade? No problem the handy lockers at the Train Station can access your entire house storage of items!

    Having your complete item storage available when visiting another players town is an incredibly helpful feature, and we really regret its removal from New Horizons. This was one of the first things I noticed personally when playing online at launch.

    The lockers at another town could even be used to retrieve turnips from your storage in New Leaf, making multiple trips to ferry turnips back and forth far less necessary. Oddly, turnip storage is no longer possible in New Horizons though.

    Villagers Will Not Appear On Mystery Island Tours If There Is No Vacant Plot

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Windows 10 Theme

    Before you spend your Nook Miles to get tickets, make sure that you have an empty plot on your island. If not, villagers will not appear on Mystery Island Tours.

    Be careful of random villagers moving in

    Random villagers can move into empty lots, so if you plan to invite via Mystery Island Tour, make sure to invite a new one while the lot is still empty.

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    Valentines Day: February 14

    Valentines Day is an event that inspires all kinds of emotions. Is it a sweet, romantic, opportunity to show our significant others our love? Is it an arbitrary date thats milked simply for candy sales? Well, yes to both, depending on who you ask.

    In New Leaf, however, its a day as cute and delightful as everything else in this franchise. Villagers offer chocolates to the player, theres even a cake, and the much-missed Brewster will serve hot chocolate in his café. Its an understated holiday, but players still feel the vibe.

    Use A Random Campsite Villager

    Every now and again, a villager will stay at your Campsite for one day . This campsite villager can replace anyone else in your village.

    As always, there are some caveats. You have no control over the random Campsite villagers. If it’s not a villager you want, it may not be worth the trouble to get them to swap out.

    There’s also the issue of which villager is selected. Much like the event where villagers want to leave on their own, there’s a process you’ll have to follow.

    Here’s what to do if the campsite villager suggests the wrong person for moving out:

  • Do not close the conversation.
  • Press the home button to go back to the home screen.
  • Close Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Restart the game.
  • If you did it correctly, you should be able to initiate the “moving out” conversation again and a different villager will be randomly selected to be replaced.
  • Repeat the process until the correct villager is selected.
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    How Many Villagers Can I Have On My Island

    While there are 393 possible recruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your island is only big enough to house 10 villagers or less. It’s also important to keep in mind that each villager has a different personality type, which might not get along so well with certain other villager personality types.

    You can invite specific villagers to your island using Animal Crossing amiibo cards. For more information, check out our guide on how to use Animal Crossing amiibo.

    Don’t worry. If you already have 10 villagers and you want to kick someone off your island to make room for someone else, there’s a way to do it. Here’s a guide for how to remove unwanted villagers from New Horizons.

    Using Amiibo Cards To Get Villagers To Visit Your Island

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Part 18 – Gardening Shop (Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Walkthrough Day 8)

    First of all, you’re going to need to own the amiibo card of the character you want to live on your island. Sadly, those special holographic cards won’t work as the characters on them aren’t able to be islanders due to having key roles in the game already.

    You’ll also need to have the campsite unlocked and built on your island. If you don’t, you just need to progress the main tasks with Tom Nook further until you reach that point.

    Next, you’ll need to head to the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services and select ‘Invite a Camper’, with the ‘a’ being an amiibo logo, clever little touch. Once you’ve scanned the amiibo card you’ll invite them to stay at your campsite and despite presumably never meeting you before they agree to come. Immediately.

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