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Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Catch A Shark

Closets And Storage Lockers Are Linked

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS – How to Catch Sharks Five in a Row

Closets are a vital piece of furniture to keep in your house because thats where all your stuff should go when you dont need to carry it. However, buying two closets doesnt give you twice as much storage all the storage space in New Leaf is linked, including public lockers. Theres quite a bit of storage space to be had, but its not too hard to fill it up, so mind yourself.

Your Conversation With Rover The Cat Determines Your Avatars Look

For a game thats supposed to be all about you,Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers little in avatar customization options, especially early in the experience. When you start the game, you have a conversation on the train with a cat named Rover, and the answers you provide to Rovers questions determine your avatars gender, eye shape, hairstyle, and hair color.

While you cant change your avatars eye shape, you can change his or her hair color and style once you unlock the Shampoodle hair salon.

How Do You Catch Each Shark

The trick to reeling in one of the many sharks available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to craft fish bait using the squirting Manila Clams you dig up on the beach with your shovel in order to have one of these rare fish spawn quicker. Each clam can be crafted into a single helping of fish bait which you can sprinkle in any body of water for the shadow of a fish to appear.

Image: Nintendo Life

Another tell sign that you’re about to reel in a shark lies within its shadow, as the shadow of any shark will feature a fin that sticks straight up out of the water. However, the shadow of the Suckerfish also sports a shark-like shadow, so you may end up catching a few of those in the process. Also, when you toss out fish bait, if you see a fish shadow that doesn’t feature a shark fin, you can simply toss more fish bait out and a new fish shadow will appear.

To catch any of the sharks you’re looking for, you’re going to need time, patience, and some luck. We headed off down to our beach, found a nice spot, and fished to our heart’s content with an obnoxious supply of fish bait. After tossing in around 100 bait we managed to nab a Hammerhead Shark, Saw Shark, Whale Shark, and two Great White Sharks. We feel we got fairly lucky with that amount of bait, but your results may vary

Image: Nintendo Life

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Sharks

If you’re from the Northern Hemisphere, you may have been surprised to see so many people online already catching sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as they make their first appearance earlier in the year for the Southern Hemisphere. However, shark season is finally upon us in the North and there are a boatload of sharks available to keep any fishing aficionado busy. Being that these new sea-based fish only appear for a few months out of the year, makes them fairly rare and highly sought after! If you’re wondering how, when, and where to catch the Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Saw Shark, and or Whale Shark, just follow the steps below and you’ll have them hooked faster than it’d take to pay your mortgage back to that pesky loan shark.

If you’re after information about every fish in New Horizons and general tips on how to hook them, check out our Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish guide and list for all the fishy facts you could want.

Found A Perfect Fruit Plant It

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS

If youre lucky enough to shake a perfect piece of fruit down from one of your trees, make sure to plant it. Theres a chance itll yield an entire tree full of perfect fruit. However, perfect fruit trees are fragile and will lose their leaves after they’re harvested. Always keep a perfect fruit set aside so you can plant it and keep the circle of life going.

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Recycle Schmooze And Donate To Your Towns Museum

Youre drafted as mayor as soon as you step off the train, but that doesnt mean you can start re-arranging the town from minute one. You need to win the townspeoples approval first.

Luckily, theyre an easy bunch to please. To get your approval rating up to 100% in a timely manner, talk to your neighbors, send them letters, write on the towns message board , and donate lots of fish and bugs to the museum. Make sure to buy and sell at Re-Tail, too. Re-Tail will also recycle any trash that you come upon when fishing. You have to pay a small fee to have the garbage properly disposed of, but it looks good on you far better than just tossing it on the ground.

How To Spot Fish In The Water

There are three locations where you can catch fish: rivers, ponds, and the ocean. When youre out fishing, try to walk slowly near the water–running might scare away your fishy friend. When you spot a shadow in the water, its time to grab your fishing pole. The size and shape of the shadow may give you a hint about which type of fish it is. If the shadow has a fin, it might be a shark!

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New Fish And Bugs Should Go Straight To The Museum

When you catch a fish or a bug for the first time, you should take it to the museum instead of selling it or giving it away. There are numerous rare fish in New Leaf that are difficult to catch, and you might not get lucky twice.

When you catch a critter for the first time, your avatar will say I wonder what my encyclopedia says about my new catch?

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS – How To Catch Sharks 3 in a Row

So at the moment I’ve been 0/5 when it comes to shark hunting. Is there a trick to this or am I missing something here? For some reason after they snag I hit the button to reel in and they always run away. Am I just not quick enough?

You’re just not quick enough. I find it almost impossible to catch a shark by looking and watching for the bobber to drop I’ve found it is actually a hell of a lot easier if you completely ignore the screen, and learn to catch fish by sound. It takes some practice, but you can catch a shark almost every time doing it this way. Give it a shot.

You have to use sound to catch them. Visual queues don’t work. I can catch them with my DS facing away from me now. It just takes a lot of practice. You literally have to hit the button as the sound is playing for most of the sharks.

I was having this problem until I read you should shut your eyes and wait for the loud plunk to hit the button. I rarely miss them now, although if their first move is a bite they usually get away.

They’re tough to catch. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll get it.

I hate missing them, though.

Cool thanks for the tips, did the whole closing the eyes and listen for the sound and caught myself a hammerhead shark.

Close your eyes once its got your bobbers attention, then rely on sound. Ever since I started doing that I haven’t missed a single shark.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf Guide: 50 Essential Tips & Tricks You Must Know

Starting a new game can feel a bit overwhelming, here are 50 tips and tricks to your new favorite game, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

50. The Name Change

The Problem: Youve been playing your game for a month now and you realize you hate your town name. So, how can you change it?

The Solution: You cant! So, make sure you pick a town name or a player name you absolutely love before beginning your save file.

How to Solve: When prompted at the start of your game for you and your towns name, pick something you can tolerate for years to come!

*NOTE* Your first character will be the mayor of your town and the only way to change the town name will be to delete your save file and to start again.

49. The Bad Map

The Problem: Its time to farm for bells! But next thing you know, you find that you are running back and forth across your map from your house, to the beach, to Re-tail! Its a mess! But, what can you do?

The Solution: Pick your map carefully at the beginning of your game.I personally prefer my Re-tail shop to be close to my beach ramps. Any farming from the beach and the island now will be an effortless task to unload those precious bells!

How to Solve: Simply pick a map at the beginning of your game that shows the little pink icon for Re-tail near your beach ramp. If out of the 4 maps, none of them have that option, exit the game and restart. It may seem like a hassle, but I promise in the end, it will save you a bunch of time!

48. Popping Balloons without a Slingshot

Hit Rocks With Your Shovel For Big Rewards

The rocks in your town are for more than just getting in your way. If you whack them with your shovel , you can find bugs and valuable ore. Once a day, you can even find a money rock, which pays out cash in increasing denominations each time you hit it. The rock is only active for a few seconds, so you need to hit it as quickly as possible. Recoil will slow you down, but you can perform better with practice. You can also try digging holes and placing yourself between the holes and the rock so recoil wont affect you.

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How Do I Catch Sharks

  • Alos
  • 296
  • 18
  • 66
  • 296

AurigaeMy shark catching got a lot better when I started using my earbuds with my 3DS XL a couple of weeks ago. The sounds are so important in catching fish in this game, and Nintendo didn’t use very good speakers. It didn’t occur to me to try using my earbuds, but then I did, and wow! I caught every finfish I saw during several trips to the island. Since then I have tried regular headphones and a small speaker, and really anything will help.

Activate The Bell Boom Ordinance

Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS Shark Fail and Catch Part 2 ...

The Bell Boom ordinance improves the economy of your town. Whilst this means stuff you sell earns more bells it also means stuff you buy costs more so consider your buying/selling ratio before enacting it. Obviously, as this trick is all about selling things from the island, it makes sense to have a 20% boost in purchase prices.

Before you can change ordinances youll need to get your approval rating up to 100%. You can sit in the mayors chair at the back of the town hall at any time and Isabelle will let you know your current rating. You can raise your rating by selling things at the recycle shop, pulling up weeds, playing each day, donating to the museum and so on basically just play the game. Once your approval rating is 100% youll be able to change ordinances for your town. It costs 20,000 bells a pop but its worth it. To change your ordinance to the Bell Boom ordinance just do the following:

  • Go sit in your mayor chair
  • Tell Isabelle you want to change ordinances
  • Select A wealthy town and
  • Fork over 20,000 bells.
  • You dont have to do this step but its advisable.

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    Every Fish In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    The list below contains the time of year, time of day, location, shadow size, and price for every fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This is divided into two separate tables, as the months of the year will be different for each hemisphere.


    There are three types of environments for fish on the island: sea , river, and pond. The river is further split into three categories–river mouth, river clifftop, and general river–and the sea also includes the more specific pier location, which is the wooden pier somewhere on your island . Fish like salmon can only be found at the river mouth, which is where the river meets the ocean, while others, like the cherry salmon, can only be found at parts of the river on your island’s cliffs, for example.

    Shadow Size

    Fish come in a few different sizes, and each type of fish appears as the same size shadow each time. The shadow sizes are: extra small , small , medium , large , extra large , and giant . Longer, skinnier shadows in the ocean are eels, which can be caught like any other fish, and some shadows will also appear with a fin on top, signaling a shark or other rare, finned fish. You can use our chart and the tables below to help determine the size of a fish’s shadow and which fish it might be.

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fish Rod Upgrades

    The efficiency of fish-catch can be increased by purchasing rod upgrades. There are two packages you can upgrade to. The silver package will provide you greater efficiency and for this upgrade, you will have to donate 30 fish to the second floor of the museum.

    For the Golden upgrade, you can talk to the host of Fishing Tournament. However, the Golden upgrade is possible only after you have caught every fish in the game.

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    How To Catch Sharks In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

    Sharks in New Horizons can obviously be found in the sea surrounding your island. What you do need to look out for, however, are the fins.

    Unlike other fish, sharks can only be caught from fish that have fins. Thankfully, these fins are quite easy to spot, especially if you’re hunting along the east and west shores of your island. Depending on the time of year, you might finding yourself reeling in an Ocean Sunfish as well!

    You can find these fish by patrolling the shores of your island, but, if you’d rather stick to a favourite spot, then you’ll need to make a good batch of fish bait. For each bag of fish bait, you’ll need one manila clam, which can be found by digging up the spots that spit water on the beach.

    Fish bait can only be used once, but, thankfully, it can stack in groups of ten, so you can easily head out on a shark hunt with over a hundred bags of bait ready and waiting.

    If you’re planning on going on a fish hunt, then we recommend fishing between the times of 4pm to 9am on the pier.

    Fishing between 4pm to 9am is a great idea, because it’s during this period that all of the sharks will be swimming in the sea around your island only the Whale shark and Suckerfish are available throughout the entire day.

    Can You Catch The Birds In Animal Crossing New Leaf

    How To: Easily Catch Sharks (ACNL)

    No, there isnt. The bird is just there to notify you that there are new notices on the bulletin board. If there are any unread notices the bird will appear, otherwise you wont see it. You cannot catch the bird because some of the animal crossing new leaf characters will sayI know a little screat

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    Use The Dream Suite For Decoration Inspiration

    All dried up on decorating ideas? Building and visiting the Dream Suite can be a big help. The Dream Suite lets you visit random towns . Nothing you do in a dream town will affect the real thing, but its still a great way to take a look at other players towns and get motivated.Hint: Visit a Japanese players town. New Leaf has been available overseas for a much longer time, and Japan has had months to build up some pretty incredible cities.

    Set Town Ordinances That Suit Your Play Style

    As soon as you have a few extra bells to throw around, you should talk to your assistant Isabelle about putting either the Night Owl or Early Bird ordinance into place. Both ordinances are tailored to suit your play style: Under Night Owl, stores will stay open three hours later , and under Early Bird, they open three hours earlier. Either ordinance can be canceled or switched at any time.

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Easy Money Trick

    Heres an easy trick to earn some fast and easy bells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf providing youre not a total dunce when it comes to fishing and bug catching of course! Also called bug or shark farming this trick involves collecting items from Tortimer Island and selling them at Re-Tail.

    Before you start youll need to unlock Tortimer Island. Its also a good idea to enact the Bell Ordinance in your town hall as this gives you a 20% boost with stuff you sell.


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