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Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Get Club Lol

A Closer Look At Club Lol/101 In The English Versions Of Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo : Ashlie Get Club LoL

If youve been watching the recent videosout of PAX East, youve probably noticed that in all of the videos the presenter says Club LOL. Previously, we were under the impression it was called Club 101. At first, we thought it may have been a mistake but that may not be the case. Keep reading to learn why

Before we dive into the speculation behind it, lets take a closer look at the videos. Below we have zoomed in screenshots of the Club signs:

Now this may vary from person to person but in my opinion, it definitely looks closer to the letter O than the number 0. Its most apparent on the large sign with the O looking a bit squished horizontally.

Okay so, its certainly possible for it to be an O at this point but why are there still numbers? We think that its supposed to be a pun. The sign looks like 101 at first glance because it seems like a logical name for a night club.

However, its also a comedy club during the day so thats where the Club LOL comes from. By making the sign contain both a 1 and a O, it plays on the idea that the club is both. Based on what the Nintendo reps said, it looks like the official name will be Club LOL.

UPDATE: A reader in the comments has pointed out that in the officially translated Animal Crossing Direct by Nintendo of Europe it is subtitled as Club 101. Take it as you will.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Villager Jobs

As we have mentioned earlier, the villagers may plant something and buy stuff from the store. Other than that, they will also move randomly in the city you have. You may need to set a home so you will know which villager will move in next.

Talking about the daily cycle, there is no specific time to sleep for the villagers. On the other hand, their houses will stay locked while they are sleeping. According to the Animal Crossing New Leaf villager guide, you cannot perform certain activities as the player such as peeping inside wardrobes, chests, and other storage types in others houses.

Other than that, you have no access to the light switch in a villagers house. At some point, you may have a chance to take a look at a storage unit where the villager provides a furniture item, just like some Nintendo games you have played before. More than anything, you need to understand each character in this game along with the villagers.

Learn Emotions From Dr Shrunk

If you visit Club LOL before 8PM,Dr. Shrunk can teach you to express your emotions. Just give him some food .He will go on stage and do a stand-up comedy routine to teach you an emotional reaction. You can accessthese by tapping the purple tab at the bottom of the touch screen. The touch screen will show iconsrepresenting all of the emotional reactions that you have learned. You can tap and drag the iconsaround to put them in whatever order you want.

After Learning All Reactions

The final reaction that you learn is the Dr. Shrunk Dance. After you learn it, Dr. Shrunk will give youa yellow blazer that you can wear.

List of Emotional Reactions

Here is a list of all of the emotional reactions that you can learn.

  • Yawn
  • Shaking your head to say “no”
  • Thinking with a “…” speech bubble over your head
  • Happy with musical notes and whistling
  • Nodding your head to say “yes”
  • Gasp of shock
  • Oops with a star that lands on your head
  • Fashionable star pose
  • Daydreaming with a speech bubble over your head
  • Sighing

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Drop Those Beats Kk Slider

Oh Animal Crossing, you have a special place in my gaming life. I lost six months to you when you came out originally on the GameCube. I swore I never would play another Animal Crossing after that, but Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS looks to great to pass up.

The two latest videos for New Leaf here show off some of the things you can experience, such as the shopping center or Club LOL where you can boogie to some sweet K.K. Slider tracks.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be out for the 3DS on June 9 in North America, and June 14 in Europe.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Most Successful Game In The Franchise

Club LOL

New Horizons has sold more than 33 million copies worldwide so far, which makes it the most popular Animal Crossing game ever released. It surpassed New Leafs seven year lifetime sales of 15 million copies within only 12 months.

With a huge fanbase like this it is undeniable that Nintendo must have considered a DLC for the game. Other Nintendo games such as Pokemon Sword and Shield, Zelda Breath of the Wold and even Splatoon a game developed by the Animal Crossing team has received paid DLC.

Given how Nintendo and the gaming industry as a whole have changed, it may be very possible that the big N is currently working on a paid DLC. Based on prices for other Nintendo Switch games, this DLC would most likely be $19.99 and should come with enough content to justify the price tag.

Would you be happy to pay for a DLC that could possible introduce more shops, Brewster, and other highly desired features? Perhaps something that is new to the Animal Crossing series?

With most games now releasing with fewer features and more often than not even featuring micro transaction, I would personally welcome a DLC to make New Horizons the best and most complete game in the series.

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With E3 Around The Corner Lets Take A Look At A Possible Animal Crossing New Horizons Dlc Expansion

Animal Crossing New Horizons is available for over a year now. After a seven years break between New Leaf and New Horizons the AC community was eager to jump into a whole new adventure on a brand new console.

Animal Crossing New Horizons packs everything an Animal Crossing fans heart desires. Tons of items to collect, a big island to decorate and terraform, costumes content, adorable villagers and just so much more.

But after a while fans noticed more and more the things we came to love so much from previous games that just werent included in New Horizons.

Animal Crossing Villagers Overview

We would say that playing Animal Crossing New Leaf is so interesting. The game also includes the presence of villagers, residents, and people that will visit your island. However, all villagers are animals but they have an anthropomorphic feature that seems like villagers in general.

Their lifestyle and daily routines are like humans in general as well. You need to play the game and make money so you need to deal with the villagers yet understand how to make things work. The characters that may seem crossing come from different animal types.

You can also move various types of animals to your city and make them the residents there. Besides residents, the characters can also be set into a store owner just like how humans work in real life. Another activity that will be done by the villagers in this game is planting crops, shaking trees, and buying supplies from the shops around.

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Upgrading The Nookling Junction

  • 1Wait 10 days. To get Dr. Shrunks club, Club LOL, you must first upgrade Nookling Junction to T&T Mart, which can only be upgraded if youve upgraded your tent to a house. Before you can do this, though, your town must be at least 10 days old.
  • If youve been playing the game for more than 10 days, proceed to upgrade your tent.
  • You can skip ahead days, if you desire.
  • 2Upgrade your tent. Do this by giving Tom Nook a down payment of 10,000 bells. Your tent will upgrade to a house the next day.
  • 3Spend 12,000 bells at the Nookling Junction. You can find Nookling Junction in Main Street. Once youve spent 12,000 bells there, after completing all of the above requirements, Nookling Junction will close for a day of renovations. After this, it will reopen as the T&T Mart.Advertisement
  • Where Do You Get Emotions In Animal Crossing

    Let’s Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf – #25 Club LOL

    Additionally, villagers can use emotions they cannot normally use here, such as smug villagers using the Angry and Outrage emotions. The player can get emotions from Dr. Shrunk in a random encounter with him when he is walking around their village. Dr. Shrunk is found in the citys theater, where emotions can be learned for 800 Bells.

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    Learning Emotions From Dr Shrunk

  • 1Visit Dr. Shrunk, and bring with you a piece of food. This includes fruit, coconuts, bamboo shoots shoots, candy, and mushrooms. After Club LOL opens, pay Dr. Shrunk a visit during its daytime hours, 12PM to 8PM. The club can be found on the left side of Main Street.
  • 2Talk to Dr. Shrunk. Dr. Shrunk will thank you for helping with the construction of the club, and mention his ability to teach emotions.
  • The first time you talk to Dr. Shrunk after his club opens, he will hand you a joke book, which contains all the emotions you learn.
  • 3Have him teach you an emotion. If you brought a snack, when you talk to him, a I brought you a snack option will appear. Select this to give him the food, and in return, he will teach you an emotion.
  • Right after the exchange, the new emotion will be accessible to the player.
  • Only one emotion can be learned per day for each save file, and Dr. Shrunk can only teach them before 8P.M After 8, the club will become a dance floor or concert hall .
  • The emotion you learn on a given day is random, but the last one will always be the Shrunk-Funk-Shuffle.
  • 4Perform the emotion. Access the joke book by selecting the purple book button on the bottom of the screen. Click an emotion to have your character perform it. Some villagers may respond to emotions or copy you. Advertisement
  • Kk Slider’s Saturday Night Performances

    Starting at 8PM on Saturday nights, K.K. Slider will perform in Club LOL. You can talk to him andrequest that he perform a specific song, or you can ask him to perform a song with a particular mood After he finishes the song, he will give you a copy of the song,which you can put into a music player in your house, such as a stereo or record player.He only gives one song per night, though, so once you get one song, he won’t give you copies of any othersongs you ask him to perform.

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    Who Is The Turkey In Animal Crossing City Folk

    There will be a Turkey character, Franklin, hiding somewhere in your town. You will be asked to trade himm the Fork & Knife. If you do, hell give you an item from the Harvest Set. Contributed By: Iumii. Contributed By: Longhorns747. On December 24, at 8 pm, Jingle comes to town. Talk to him to recieve a piece of the Jingle furniture.

    How Can I Request Music From K K Slider

    Dancing at Club LOL

    I went to Club LOL to get a song today and, much to my surprise, KK didn’t request a song title or give me any options at all. I pressed A to talk to him and he immediately decided to play K.K. Adventure.

    In past games I was always able to either request a song by name or let him pick; I had no such option this time. How do I request specific music from KK Slider? Was this just something that happens the first time you “request” music, or is music always random now?

    • Maybe you can wait a night? The first time I tried to talk to him he just played a bunch of repeating songs. I’m pretty sure it was cause I didn’t get there early enough and didn’t wait a night.;user52340Jul 22 ’13 at 2:20
    • It’s confirmed that the first time a character requests a song, it is random. After the first time, you can request any song. I’ve tried it with all character slots and I get the same reaction. My friend got the same reaction, too.

    I’m fairly sure that the very first time you talk to him, he will automatically play something. However, I can’t completely confirm this at the moment. The following method may work the first time, but as I’ve already spoken to him and had my first encounter, I can’t try it.

    What I can confirm is this:

    When you talk to him a subsequent time, he will give you 3 options:- Request a song – He’ll suggest one based on a certain mood – He’ll choose randomly

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    How Do You Get Music

    I’ve looked at questions on how to get music and the only answers were with club LOL. I don’t have club LOL. So how can you get music without club LOL?

    There are two ways to get music:

    • Attend K.K. Slider’s live performance on a Saturday night after 8:00 PM
    • Max: 1 per week
    • Price: Free
    • Option to select any one song
    • Buy a copy from the Nookling store
    • Max: 1 per day or 2 per day
    • Price: 3200 bells
    • Random song available each day

    You’ll need to get either Club LOL or several renovations to the Nookling store in order to get music for yourself, but if you have a friend who is willing you help you out, they are tradeable, and you can buy them from Nookling stores in other players’ towns.

    How Do I Get Music For My Home

    I recently received a music player from one of my villagers, but when I tried to turn it on, it said that I “didn’t have any music on me”. How can I “get music on me”?

    You can receive music by going to Club LOL once it is open on Saturday evenings after 8pm. Once there, you can talk to K.K. Slider and depending on what you decide to do, you can either receive a random song or a song of your choice to take home.

    In your inventory, songs look like a yellow music note. Interact with your music player with it in your inventory and you’ll be able to load the song into it to play and eject it later if you decide to do something with it .

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    Develop Your Main Street And Your Town

    Published Aug. 6, 2013, 12:45 p.m.aboutAnimal Crossing: New Leaf

    by Steve Stratton

    The following content is from the “Shops and Such” chapter of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Official Guide. When you’re ready for more, pick up your copy or unlock the eGuide.

    Main Street may not seem like much at first, but as you steadily devote time and Bells to growing your town, youll notice new shops begin to crop up. Lets check out all of the special shops that can be built on Main Street and within your town.

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Part 44 – Club LOL (Nintendo 3DS Day 20)

    This is a split board – You can return to the for other boards.

    • Topic Archived
    kawaiihito948 years ago#1It’s 10 am here and it’s closedMy 3DS friend code: 2079 – 5913 – 0356FE Fates Castle Address: 14087 95010 80760 05627
    Ansem_the_evil8 years ago#28pm i beliveAC: New Leaf dream code: 7E00-000F-88A7Second town dream code: 6D00-0011-18C5
    ZoraTunic8 years ago#3I believe 12pm for the lesson and 8pm for DJ K.K.Dawn of the Final Day-24 Hours Remain-

    User Info:

    Yaezakura8 years ago#4You can go and give Shrunk a food item to learn an emote between noon and 8pm. 8pm is when the music starts.On Saturday nights, K.K. does his traditional acoustic set from 8pm to midnight.Every other night, he rocks the house as a DJ, and while this still starts at 8pm, I’m not sure when the club closes.Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood lesbian gaming goddess.3DS Friend Code: 1204-0329-4562

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    How To Learn Emotions From Dr Shrunk In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 31,744 times.

    Dr. Shrunk was a recurring character in the Animal Crossing series who previously worked as a psychiatrist. He spent his free time dabbling in stand-up comedy. Similar to Animal Crossing games in the past, the player can learn emotions from Dr. Shrunk; meaning, they will be able to perform expressive gestures on the spot. In New Leaf, Dr. Shrunk can become a permanent resident in town, as he owns a comedy club that opens up in the shopping district.

    What A Joke

    The real show at Club LOL begins at 8 p.m. each night, but if you stop by before then, you can catch a free show, courtesy of Dr. Shrunk himself. The good doctor happens to be a former comedian, and will tell you a joke on stage each dayprovided you feed him something! Whether or not youre amused, you always learn the joke afterward, because its recorded in the joke book that Dr. Shrunk gives you!

    Your joke book stores all of Dr. Shrunks jokes. Learn a new one each evening by visiting Club LOL before 8 p.m. Why collect jokes, you ask? Because when you tell the jokes you know, your character will cleverly emote! Open your joke book and tap on any joke youve learned, and your character will emote just like Dr. Shrunk did when telling the joke. Now you can interact with friends and neighbors without bothering to type out words!

    Dr. Shrunks Jokes

    JOKE Worry;;;

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