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Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Get Meow Coupons

How To Earn Meow Coupons

How to Use Amiibo (and get Meow Coupons) in Animal Crossing New Leaf – Nintendo 3DS & 2DS

MEOW Coupons are primarily gotten through completing daily and weekly Town Initiative quests, and using the CAT Machine at Town Hall afterwards to receive them. Each completed Town Initiative rewards between one and three coupons depending on difficulty level.

Another great way to get MEOW Coupons is playing the Desert Island Escape and Puzzle League mini-games, newly added in the Welcome amiibo update. If you are successful enough at these games, you will earn bonus coupons afterwards.

You can also gain five complimentary MEOW Coupons per in-game day when scanning a compatible amiibo figure or card with Wisp. Make sure to do this every day to maximize your coupons!

Blathers Is A Divine Being

blathers when you show him a fish versus a bug

Andy Bella

Players know Blathers as the friendly, academic owl and island museum director. However, his extensive knowledge of history and biology has some fans thinking his role in the game is much more prominent. Blathers is knowledgeable of every bug, fish, sea creature, fossil and work of art the player brings to him. He can identify and describe famous works of art spanning over thousands of decades and even has a replica of the dinosaur-killing meteor colliding with Earth. In the fossil section, players can find a room with a phylogenetic tree containing villager species in their anamorphic state in the game and their real-life counterparts. Theres also a spot on the tree showing a connection between humans in the Animal Crossing world and an Australopithecus skull.

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How To Make 2000000 Bells A Day

Okay, so making 2,000,000 bells a day seems like a ridiculous claim but it is very much possible. Empty out your rucksack before heading out to the island. Chop down every tree and pluck all the weeds on the island. Once your island is clear you can start catching beetles and insects.

  • The Cyclommatus Stag spawns the most and the sell rate is 8,000 bells.
  • Galactic Beetle can be sold for 6,000 bells.
  • Horned Atlas can be sold for 8,000 bells.
  • The Golden Beetle can be sold for 8,000 bells.
  • Horned Hercules and the Golden Stag can be sold for 12,000 bells each.

Do you still play Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Have you tried these methods before? Please let us know in the comments!

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The Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo Update Added Lots Of New Features Both Documented And Undocumented We List The Best Ones Weve Found

Welcome, amiibo, and welcome everyone else to Animal Crossing: New Leafa title that Nintendo has somehow managed to keep relevant four years after its initial release. Of all the games on my Nintendo 3DS, this is the one Ive gotten the most mileage out of, both due to the nature of the game and, now, due to the fabulous update Nintendo dropped this past week.

The Welcome amiibo update to New Leaf brings a whole host of new features, only a few of them involving amiibo. Some of those features were shown off during the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct earlier this week. Others were undocumented surprises that added either much-needed features or enjoyable little easter eggs to the title.

Break out New Leaf if your copy has been collecting dust over the last few years. Dont worryIsabelle will clean all your weeds up for you when you do. Enjoy the update and all its changes, including the eight best changes I found in the Welcome amiibo update.

How To Exchange Meow Coupons For Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf Overview

How to Use Amiibo (and get Meow Coupons) in Animal ...

How To Exchange Meow Coupons For Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf can offer you many choices to savemoney thanks to15 active results. You can get thebest discountof upto 59% off.The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponxoo. The latest onesare on8 newHow To Exchange Meow Coupons For Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf results have been found in the last 90days, whichmeans that every 12, a newHow To Exchange Meow Coupons For Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf result is figured out.As Couponxoos tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of35% on average by using our couponsfor shoppingatHow To Exchange Meow Coupons For Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf. This is easily done with searching onCouponxoosBox.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Who wants to be a ‘Bellionaire’? Well, you certainly can be after this tutorial on how to make at least 2.5 million bells in 5 minutes. Essentially you will be cloning bells and will need to start with at least 99,000 bells to do this mega money-making method.

  • Here is a tutorial on the basics of cloning:
  • You need a trusted friend to drop off the items on their island in front of the train station.
  • This cloning method will keep on doubling each time you do this.

Animal Crossing Friends List

Animal Crossing has its own friend list in the game. The friend list can be accessed by tapping the orange button near the top right of the touchscreen.

Adding Friends in the Game

To add friends to your Animal Crossing friends list,you have to visit someone elses town or have another player visit your town. Whenever your gate is open or you are visiting another players town, therewill be a green button in the bottom left of the touch screen that has icons of people on it.Tap that button to show a list of everyone in the current town.In that list, tap the name of theperson to add that person to your Animal Crossing friend list.

Best Friends

After you add someone to your friend list, that person can choose to add you as a best friend. When you are on each others friend lists, that person can tap the heart next to your name to add you as a best friend.

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The Update Is Live Now

Thats right, Nintendo has already updated the game so you can get to work on your towns immediately. The update already allows you to enjoy all the features they have added to the game including amiibo functionality. While the new set of 50 amiibo are not available quite yet, you can still take advantage of over 400 amiibo already released for the Animal Crossing series as well as specific amiibo from other titles such as Zelda and Splatoon.

A Concise Guide To The Different Amiibo Functions In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update! ~ Campground, Secret Storeroom, MEOW Coupons, Happy Home Designer

Animal Crossing: New Leaf received a big update that added amiibo support and overhauled a few of the games systems. Theres a bunch of different compatible amiibo that all do different things so it can all be a bit confusing, so the aim of this guide is to serve as a sort of primer to this new feature. Well hopefully have some more detailed videos on the way, but with new amiibo releasing this week I thought itd be best to get something out ASAP to clear up a lot of confusion Ive been seeing.

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Town Pass Card Town Initiatives New Currency

Your town pass now has a special function in your Animal Crossing game. You can view town initiatives and earn a new currency known as MEOW coupons or Mutual Exchange of Wealth coupons. By doing every day activities in Animal Crossing like shopping, weeding, fishing or picking fruit, you can earn this new in game currency. MEOW coupons are used to shop at Harveys Campground. This will be your way to get all the new items that were never in Animal Crossing: New Leaf before.

Animal Crossing New Leaf Best Way To Make Bells

Although Animal Crossing: New Leaf may not be played as much as the newer installment of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, theres a great amount of nostalgia and enjoyment that New Leaf still offers. If youre trying to become a bellionaire, these are the Top 10 methods to provide a profitable and lucrative bank account.

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How To Exchange Meow Coupons For Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf

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Bells are the primary currency used in the Animal Crossing series, with Nook Miles introduced as a secondary currency in New Horizons. There are many ways for players to acquire Bells the player may sell items, do favors for or trade with villagers, or even find money from shaking trees, digging holes, or in balloon presents. Bells may be carried by the player in their wallet and also in a …

According to the Animal Crossing Wiki, when burying 99,000 Bells there is a 70% chance you’ll only get 3x 10,000 Bells once the tree grows and blooms. That …

In New Leaf . In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the savings account can be accessed from the ABD at the post office or on Tortimer Island.The player receives 0.5% interest on the first of each month, with a maximum of 99,999 Bells. When selling a town in the Welcome amiibo update, any Bells in the player’s savings account are transferred to the new town.

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Splatoon And Zelda Are In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Using your Splatoon amiibo or Zelda amiibo, you can now get characters from those titles to visit you in your campground. The Callie and Marie amiibo bring in some cosplaying squirrels while the Zelda amiibo bring in many different characters from the Zelda Universe such as Wolf Link, Ganon, Medli or even Epona. They also come with their own set of special items from their respective games that you can add to your collection.

For more information on the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo update, be sure to check out the official site and watch the video up top to see the Nintendo Direct regarding the update.

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In Animal Crossing Edit

In Animal Crossing, the player will need to capture 5 spirits roaming around the town, and return them to Wisp . He will only appear if there are 8 or more weeds around town. His reward is one of three things:

  • He will remove all the weeds in the players town.
  • He will give the player a randomly selected item that they dont yet have in their catalog.
  • He will re-color the roof of the players house.
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    Welcome Amiibo Update Comes To Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    The latest Nintendo Direct covers the new update, Welcome amiibo, coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Nintendo has added loads of new features to freshen up the 3-year old game and bring players amiibo functionality. But amiibo functionality isnt all that was added. They have gone out of their way and even added features that people without amiibo will enjoy. Here are all the new things now available on your Animal Crossing: New Leaf game!

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    Meow Coupons New Leaf Overview

    Meow Coupons New Leaf can offer you many choices to savemoney thanks to9 active results. You can get thebest discountof upto 67% off.The new discount codes are constantly updated on Couponsgoods. The latest onesare on5 newMeow Coupons New Leaf results have been found in the last 90days, whichmeans that every 20, a newMeow Coupons New Leaf result is figured out.As Couponsgoodss tracking, online shoppers can recently get a save of41% on average by using our couponsfor shoppingatMeow Coupons New Leaf. This is easily done with searching onCouponsgoodssBox.

    How To Make Mega Bells

    Easiest Way To Get Bells and MEOW Coupons On Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo.

    Fishing on the island can be a really lucrative way to earn money. Many sharks in the ocean can be sold for a very good price. Remember to fish at night though as these underwater creatures can only be found late at night.

    • The whale shark can be sold for 13,000 bells.
    • The hammerhead shark can be sold for 8,000 bells.
    • The saw shark can be sold for 12,000 bells.
    • The ocean sunfish can be sold for 4,000 bells.
    • The shark can be sold for a whopping 15,000 bells.

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    Stop Villagers From Moving

    Have you got your eye on a particular plot of land in Animal Crossing New Leaf? If you do, then you obviously don’t want another villager moving in and taking that plot of land while you’re still planning and waiting.

    To prevent a plot of land from being taken up by anyone else, simply put a custom design board in the designated area. While the design board is in place, no other villagers in your game can relocate to this plot of land.


    Animal Crossing New Leaf Gets Free Update Bringing Amiibo Support And Much More

    Posted in News

    3DS title Animal Crossing New Leaf will receive a sizeable Welcome amiibo free update today, four years after the game launched.

    In addition to enabling support for amiibo, the update introduces a new RV campground area, promising to open up a new neighbourhood for players.

    Amiibo supported features:

    Features which do not require amiibo:

    A retail edition of Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibo will also be available from November 25.

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    The Kapp’n’s Song Skip

    If you opt to sail the high seas with Kapp’n in Animal Crossing New Leaf, the character will begin singing a little tune to you. If it’s say, your third or fourth time hearing the tune, you might be a little tired of it by now. Simply tap A or B, and you’ll skip Kapp’n’s song, and go straight to the island destination.

    How To Unlock The Museum’s Second Floor

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Update! ~ Campground, Secret ...

    You can enter the museum in Animal Crossing New Leaf from practically the beginning of the game. However you can only visit the first floor of the museum right away, where you’ll see a ton of empty display stands.

    To unlock the second floor of the museum, you need to donate one of every item in every category to Blathers, who runs the museum. There’s the bugs, fish/deep sea creatures, fossils, and works of art categories that you can donate to in the museum.

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    How To Get The Hammer

    Is someone in Animal Crossing New Leaf really annoying you? Well that’s where the Hammer can make life hell for them.

    This trick item won’t actually let you cut down trees or break apart rocks, but the Hammer can be used to really annoy villagers if you hit them enough times with it. You can purchase the Hammer from Tortimer Island for 10 medals.

    A Magic Lamp Brings Amiibo Functionality

    Wisp is finally making a return in Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo and bringing along the amiibo functionality. When you use a special item, the magic lamp, you can call on Wisp and bring amiibo into your game. Using any of the 400+ Animal Crossing amiibo Cards, you can call on villagers to visit and possibly join you in your town by moving in. The Welcome amiibo Card set will give you 50 new villagers that will appear in your town in special RVs or trailers.

    When you select your amiibo and scan them in, you can invite them to come and play. Villagers you invite will appear in Harveys Campground. In Harveys Campground, there is room for a couple RVs. The RVs in the back are reserved for special villagers and the RVs in the front are reserved for campers that you have invited using amiibo. You can enter their RV and get a feel of their style and even order some of the special furniture they have for yourself. These items are exclusive to the RVs and you cannot obtain them in town.

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    Animal Crossing Hello Kitty Sanrio Amiibo Event

    For starters, the Sanrio amiibo card pack will be making its way exclusively to Target stores on March 26th. This pack will sell for about $6 USD and feature 6 cards for each of the new villagers. An important thing to mention is to try and pay close attention to your local retailers for these items since they will likely be popular with the scalpers. It is not 100% clear how the game will provide the item to its players, but it is likely through the mailing system in the Resident Hall. There, players can order items after scanning this amiibo, including a Hello Kitty poster. This is how Animal Crossing: New Leaf handled this crossover event in the past so it is likely this is how they will do it for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons remains one of the biggest games in the world even a year after its release. The game continues to get tons of crossover and seasonal content to keep its player base coming back for more. It’s only a matter of time until a new event releases for the game.

    Animal Crossing is available now on Nintendo Switch.


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