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Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Get Perfect Fruit

Animal Crossing New Leaf Cheats And Secrets

Animal crossing new leaf:how to get perfect fruit easily

Heres our guide to all the Animal Crossing New Leaf cheats and secrets you can uncover in the 3DS game.

Guideby Hirun Cryer, Staff Writer

If you want to know the very best Animal Crossing New Leaf cheats and secrets, then youve come to the right place. Weve just returned to New Leaf in anticipation of Animal Crossing New Horizons next year, and it remains a lovely and charming game to dip back in to. In this Animal Crossing New Leaf cheats guide, well be walking you through all the secrets and tricks you can pull in the game to make life as easy as possible in your new town.

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Quick Method For Infinite Bells

You need two players both with Animal Crossing, one has to have a really strong price for turnips like 500 bells in their game and the other time travels to sunday morning. Now simply buy in the town thats on sunday and go and visit the friends town and sell there and repeat with new money that you just got from the selling the turnips at like 5 times their normal value and you have a quick method of making huge amounts of bell. Have fun being a bellionaire.

WARNING: Time Travel may lead to lost neighbors and an abundance of weeds that will overtake your town. They are NOT easy to get rid of. It can also take the fun out of the game, but thats up to the player.

  • See the Time Traveling Guide for a complete guide to changing your date and time for fun and profit.

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Closets And Storage Lockers Are Linked

Closets are a vital piece of furniture to keep in your house because thats where all your stuff should go when you dont need to carry it. However, buying two closets doesnt give you twice as much storage; all the storage space in New Leaf is linked, including public lockers. Theres quite a bit of storage space to be had, but its not too hard to fill it up, so mind yourself.

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Catching A Balloon Present With A Net Or Shovel

If the player does not have a slingshot, theres still a way to knock the presents down from balloons. First, the player should find a balloon. If its drifting towards a cliff they are in luck. Wait for the balloon to reach the cliff.

As it passes the cliff, the balloon will lower. The player should get within range of it with a net or shovel out, and use the net or shovel as if they were hitting a villager. The balloon should pop, and the present will drop to the beach below. If the player misses, they will have a moment or two to try again.

This strategy will not always work, as the balloon may be heading in the direction away from the cliff. If so, the player will have to wait and try again with a balloon heading the other way.

After you pop a balloon with a present and not a slingshot attached then you can pick it up and open it but when you do you get either a piece of the balloon set or a random piece of furniture. You may even get one of the silver or golden slingshot.What is inside balloons? There is a set of balloon furniture that will come from the balloons, and once all of the balloon furniture has been obtained, you can begin collecting random furniture from balloons. There are 16 pieces of furniture in the balloon set, including the balloon hat.

Are Cj And Flick Together

How to Get Perfect Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 8 Steps

Animal Crossing has made us question the relationship between CJ and Flick for some time now, but sadly an unfortunate truth has been revealed. They arent gay, they just live together and are partners, thus dashing our hopes that Animal Crossing New Horizons really did just say gay rights in the year 2020.

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Fruit Trees Animal Crossing Can Add For The Game’s Second Year

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming up on its 1st anniversary, and adding new types of fruit trees to grow would add fresh variety to islands.

Warmer weather has arrived in;Animal Crossing: New Horizonsand;springtime events are just around the corner.;Animal Crossing will also be hitting its 1st anniversary on March 20th, marking a year of island exploration, designs, and town expansions. By now, many fans have built up shops like Nook’s Cranny, Able Sisters and potentially completed the collections inside the Museum. It is also likely players have found and planted one of each fruit tree that was part of the initial launch for the game. To improve the variety of fruit trees, releasing new types could be a great way to celebrate this;Animal Crossing: New Horizons milestone.

Currently, there are six different types of trees growing on;Animal Crossing islands. Apples, pears, peaches, oranges, cherries, and coconuts are used as decorations along paved roads or make up thick orchards around villager houses. Each;Animal Crossing island begins with one fruit type, and others are acquired by traveling to Mystery Islands on the Dodo Airlines or by visiting the islands of friends to pick their fruit trees. The fruit can then be brought home, planted, and grown until all the available fruit types are accounted for.

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Getting Rich With The Money Rock

Each day in your town one rock contains Bells which you can liberate with a well-placed Shovel strike. The more you hit the rock, the more Bells you get. To maximize the amount of Bells you get, find a rock stand next to it. Dig holes to the rear and either side of your character. Better yet, plant Bushes for a more permanent solution. Either method will trap you alongside the rock, and cancel the push back effect of your shovel strike. This allows you to rapidly hit the rock and make more money. Depending on what kind of tool at the time your shovel will have a different effect.

16,000 18,000 Bell8 colored OresONE

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Heres How To Get Rotten Fruit In Acnh

If you havent played previous Animal Crossing games , you might be very confused right now. Why would anyone want rotten fruit? The answer is actually quite simple: for bugs!

In order to complete your Critterpedia , youre going to need to catch both ants and flies. But heres the thing: Despite being available for 24 hours a day and 365 days per year, you have to do a little bit of extra work in order to attract ants and flies to your island. Thats where the rotten fruit comes in. Well, kind of.

In New Leaf, rotten fruit would appear on perfect fruit trees if the player shook them at exactly the right time. That rotten fruit could then be used to attract flies and ants. Naturally, New Horizons players initially assumed a similar mechanic would be in play for the newest Animal Crossing game. In New Horizons, however, your fruit simply wont turn rotten. Ever. You can drop it on the ground and leave it there for six months and it will still be just as fresh as the first day.;

So how do you get the ants and flies? Rather than waiting for rotten fruit, youll instead want to focus on rotten vegetables. Thats right, were talkin turnips! In order to attract flies and ants, all you have to do is buy turnips on a Sunday and dont sell them before the next Sunday. You can sell some of them, but leave one on your island and let it turn rotten.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf ~ How to get bells fast. (No cheats)

Who wants to be a ‘Bellionaire’? Well, you certainly can be after this tutorial on how to make at least 2.5 million bells in 5 minutes. Essentially you will be cloning bells and will need to start with at least 99,000 bells to do this mega money-making method.

  • Here is a tutorial on the basics of cloning:
  • You need a trusted friend to drop off the items on their island in front of the train station.;
  • This cloning method will keep on doubling each time you do this.

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If You Want To Keep A Townsperson Around Be An Awesome Friend

Some of your townspeople will be lifers, but others will get the itch to move out. If you have a true blue pal that you want to stick around, give him or her plenty of attention. Talk to him or her daily, send letters , and visit their house often.

Occasionally, a townsperson may fall ill and wont go outside. If you want to score real brownie points, bring them some medicine until they feel better. You can buy medicine at the Nooklings shop.

Get From Mystery Tour Islands

You can use Nook Miles Tickets to go on Mystery Tours to deserted islands, those will sometimes have fruits that differ from your starting fruit.

Just make sure you have plenty of space in your inventory to bring back as many fruits and goods as possible! Mystery Island Tours and Nook Miles Ticket Guide

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Has Anyone Found Perfect Fruit

No. New Horizons has millions of downloads and, therefore, millions of players. Players from every corner of the globe have been catching bugs, casting lines, planting trees, and decorating homes for over three weeks. Yet, not one morsel of perfect fruit has been found. Does this mean perfect fruit isnt in the game? Most likely. If there was perfect fruit to be found in New Horizons, it would have been found by now. So far, it seems like perfect fruit doesnt exist. But theres still hope!

One Of The Best Games This Year And For The 3ds

How to Get Perfect Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 8 Steps

I got the game to play with my daugther and because I always heard alot of hype about the game. Let me tell you that this game is really adictive and one of the best games ever for the 3DS. Endless possibilities to do. Graphics are really good. It has so much content and the best part it work with the actual time so every day there is something new to do. I highly recommend this product.

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How Do You Get Fertilizer In New Leaf

New Leaffertilizer

. Likewise, where do you get fertilizer in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

Fertilizer is an item in Animal Crossing: New Leaf that you can buy at the Gardening Store. You use it to increase chances of perfect fruit growing on the tree you use it on. It can also help make flower hybrids. You need the T&T Emporium to buy fertilizer.

Additionally, how do you get flower food in Animal Crossing? Flower Food is given as rewards . Players can also get Flower Food by trading seasonal flowers with Lloid during the gardening events.

Then, how do you use Fertiliser in ACNL?

Use. A bag of fertilizer placed on the ground in New Leaf. The player can use a shovel to bury fertilizer next to a flower to increase the chance of hybrids growing or next to a fruit tree to increase the chance of perfect fruit growing. The fertilizer will take effect one day after it is planted.

How do you get fertilizer in pocket camp?

Go up to fruit tree that does not have fruit and has a counter above it. Tap the fertilizer icon to and confirm.

What You Wont Like

The occasional overwhelming sense of sameness

As much as I enjoy my time in Animal Crossing, its hard to ignore that this is the same game I played on the GameCube. Its also the same game I played on the Nintendo DS. Its probably the same game many of you played on the Wii I skipped that one.

I felt like I could get back into Animal Crossing again after not touching one since 2005. I was right, but even so, this is the same game. That might really dampen the experience for some people. If you exhausted this franchise with a previous release, then I doubt youll find much worth exploring this time around.

I dont know what I would have had Nintendo change, but I feel like this is a franchise they could take a lot more risk with. That they try almost nothing new is really disappointing.

Clunky interface

Whats even more frustrating about Animal Crossings stagnation is that Nintendo doesnt just keep the good stuff. The decrepit inventory management, conversation system, and interface design also all made the jump to the 3DS.

Every little action in this game take just a few too many button presses. Donating fossils to the museum requires you to first get the curator to identify them. If you have more than one, he doesnt let you automatically contribute them. You have to advance to another menu where you can finally hand them over.

This outdated design exists throughout. I think the designers might believe it has some kind of charm, but if it does, it didnt work on me.

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Selling ‘hot’ Items In Nook’s Cranny

Once you’ve unlocked your island’s shop, you’ll have the opportunity to ask Timmy and Tommy what’s hot today. It’ll be a piece of furniture you can craft, and will be sellable for double the usual price. If you have the resources, it’s well worth doing to be honest, especially if you get a high value item. We got Hearths one day, which let us craft pockets full of them and sell them for over 10,000 bells apiece.

Stop Villagers From Moving

FREEPGUIDE – AC:NL – Perfect Town!

Have you got your eye on a particular plot of land in Animal Crossing New Leaf? If you do, then you obviously dont want another villager moving in and taking that plot of land while youre still planning and waiting.

To prevent a plot of land from being taken up by anyone else, simply put a custom design board in the designated area. While the design board is in place, no other villagers in your game can relocate to this plot of land.


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Do Pumpkins Rot In Animal Crossing

Watering one time in the life cycle results in a double pumpkin, and watering them all three days produces three pumpkins. One thing to note is that placing your pumpkins on the ground makes them last forever. Dont worry about your pumpkins rotting or spawning ants and other nasty bugs like in real life.

How To Unlock Furniture Customization

Like most new features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, youll have to complete a few requirements before you can do new things on your island. To unlock customization, complete the following tasks:

  • Get three new villagers to move to your island .
  • After completing the above, attend the customization workshop Tom Nook invites you to.

Once youve progressed your island enough and attended Tom Nooks workshop on customizing objects, youll receive 50 Customization Kits that you can apply to your furniture and other times at any workbench.

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All The Types Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fruit Available And Where To Find Them

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fruit has been a hot topic since the game launch at the end of March. As you might have seen on Twitter, everyone is after the full collection of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fruit right now. There are six in total to collect, with one growing natively on your shores. If you want to grow them all – and you will because you can sell ‘foreign’ fruit for lots of Bells – you’ll have to travel a bit.;

These are all the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fruit types available:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Peach

You will get one natively growing per island, as we’ve mentioned, but here’s how to get the rest:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Get Perfect Fruit in Animal Crossing: New Leaf: 8 Steps


Bells are the main currency available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Heres how to get them.

Tom Nook has your life in his paws. As soon as you arrive on your deserted island for the Nook Inc. Getaway Package, this ripoff raccoon saddles you with an unassailable debt and dangles the carrot of brick-and-mortar in front of your salivating mouth. Theres no way forward other than to pay him off. Were working hard to figure out the best ways to get Bells and play him at his own game. Theres no revolution in incrementalism, but weve gotta survive in the meantime.

How do you get your hands on Bells then? Theres a lot of ways you can generate the Animal Crossing worlds currency. Read on to find out. We’ll keep this page updated as we find out more about the intricacies of New Horizons’ bell economy.


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May Day Maze Guide 2021

The May Day Island Tour is a specially crafted maze that takes up the entire space of the main island , and rocks will prevent you from accessing anything but the main part of the island.

Since you will not have access to your own tools, your objective is to reach Rover on the other side of the island by navigating the winding maze and looking for items to help you progress past barriers. There are also special prizes waiting at the end for those who use items wisely! Read the step-by-step guide or view the slideshow below for information on how to complete the maze, and access hidden rewards!

If you run into trouble, run out of tools or make a mistake you cant fix, use your NookPhone to call the Rescue Service for help.

When you enter the maze, you will see Rovers head at the top right corner of the maze.

  • Grab the shovel. Dig up the shrub to the left and eat the fruit inside the area. Dig up the tree directly blocking your path ahead.
  • Collect the wood on the ground and turn left. Dig up the shrub blocking your path. Hop over the water and collect the wood and Ladder DIY.
  • Backtrack to the center of the maze, hopping over the water again. Continue right, hopping over the next bit of water and collect the fruit in this area.
  • Backtrack and head to the left side of the maze, hopping over the water puddle. Eat a fruit and use the shovel to break the rock blocking your path forward.
  • Run to the right and hop over the water puddle. Collect the wood lying on the ground.

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