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Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Get To The Island

Can I Do Anything While Hes Singing


You cant skip Kappns song, and how dare you for asking!? Just kidding. But you dont have to just sit there. You can clap along to the beat by hitting the A button. You can use Reactions, too, with the other buttons on the right side of the Nintendo Switch.

If youre in a rush, you can also get him to skip his singing by mashing the B button, but you would never interrupt a singing kappa, right?

Update : Weve added information about skipping Kappns sea shanty.

But New Horizons Has Real Frustrations

With New Horizons, Nintendo addressed hurdles that prevented some people from getting into Animal Crossing. And while a list of achievements like Nook Miles demystifies the game, Im willing to trade some of the illusion to get a more rewarding game overall.

My deeper frustrations with New Horizons dont stem from a comparison to New Leaf. Im still more hung up on the interface and multiplayer.

Before I get into this, Ill admit that I just spent a lot of words critically examining Nintendos decisions to streamline and modernize Animal Crossings mechanics. Now, Im going to beg the company to streamline and modernize its user experience. But Ill gladly declare myself a hypocrite to not have to go through four button presses and an animation to build one DIY recipe.

I get that Nintendo wants to make Animal Crossing feel conversational, and it should maintain that when it comes to the villagers and maybe even the shopkeepers and Tom Nook. But I dont want to have a conversation with my workbench or the airline.

Let me queue up recipes in my workbench and hook the bench into my homes storage. When I want to go online, I get that Nintendo wants me to go the airport. But then just give me all of the options in a single menu. Its baffling that if I choose the wrong option, I cant just go back one menu. I instead have to start the conversation over from the beginning.

Its infuriating.

The Heart Of The Community

Harvey’s Island provides lots of content for when you need a break from your own island. You can take pictures with villagers in Photopia, or even try out new design options for your own home without all the fuss. With the special characters you can unlock in the plaza, you can visit NPCs whenever you want, in the event that you missed them on your own island. The wide variety of content Animal Crossing: New Horizons has to offer makes it one of the best Nintendo Switch games.

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Weeks With Animal Crossing: New Horizons Reveals Many Frustrations

Image Credit: GamesBeat

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Ive had Animal Crossing: New Horizons for six weeks. Nintendo sent me a copy for review at the end of February, and Ive played it almost every day since then. I have more than 120 hours of playtime, according to my Switch Lite. Thats not as much as some, and thats actually one of the problems that Ive noticed since my review.

The issue isnt that I havent played as much as others but that I feel the need to make comparison in the first place. After the initial tutorial experience, which lasts approximately two weeks of daily play, New Horizons is devoid of explicit goals. Nintendo wants players to feel free to decide what to do. And while I havent put much time into achieving a 5-star rating for my island, I feel more and more like I should when I see others showing off theirs on Twitter.

When I wrote my review before the public release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, I didnt realize just how much social media would change the way the game feels. Social channels were around in 2013, when Animal Crossing: New Leaf launched for 3DS. But they werent as ubiquitous. More important, it was significantly more challenging to post a screenshot from Nintendos dual-screen 3D portable than it is from the Switch.

Of course, that didnt stop me:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Different

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The FOMO is not completely external to New Horizons. Vice Gamings Gita Jackson does a great job of explaining that here. Im not going to restate her, so go read that as well. But Ill add that Nintendo has made some subtle additions and tweaks to Animal Crossings formula that make New Horizons feel fundamentally different.

In my review, I noted that New Horizons supports longer play sessions than the early game in New Leaf. And this is generally a good thing. You can still fish, catch bugs, travel to an island for resources, and decorate your home. But now you can also collect crafting resources and DIY recipes, decorate outdoors, and complete achievement-style quests.

Or maybe you can try to get all the items during a timed event like some sad people:

Jeff Grubb

In addition to just giving players more to do, New Horizons additional features also change the cadence of Animal Crossing.

In New Leaf, players were pretty limited in terms of options of how to progress. You could upgrade your home, add to your museum, design clothing, and interact with your villagers. New Leafs mechanics were simpler and I would even call them worse than New Horizons.

But because everything was equally devoid of intrinsic rewards, many players felt they had more freedom to choose their own path in New Leaf. New Horizons, meanwhile, can often make you feel like you could be doing something more efficient with your time.

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How To Get Kk Slider To Perform In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, having K.K. Slider perform on your island is one of the final aspects of the main campaign. Obviously you can keep playing the game after this, but its a fantastic goal to reach. As expected, it can be somewhat time-consuming getting K.K. Slider to visit as youll need to complete several tasks on your island, and rating requirements as told to you by Isabelle.

  • To get K.K. Slider to perform, youll first need to run through your basic island setup by completing the following tasks:
  • Pay off your Getaway Package .
  • Gather 30 Softwood, Hardwood, Wood, and Iron to build the Nooks Cranny shop.
  • Build a bridge as given to you by Tom Nook.
  • Set up three homes for Villagers with all the required furnishings.
  • Invite new Villagers from other islands by exchanging your Nook Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket whenever you have an open home available.
  • Upgrade the Resident Services Center.
  • Set up a Campground for Villagers to visit your island.

You can invite Villagers this way as well as long as you have a home available. All of the above steps can take quite a bit of time, but once youve done all of them, youll be well on your way to having K.K. Slider perform on your island. Of course, youre not quite there yet as there are a few additional requirements youll need to meet. Mainly, youll need a 3 Star Rating at minimum.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Harvey’s Island Guide

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can visit a series of islands that enrich your gaming experience. One of these islands is inhabited by Harvey, or Harv for short. Harvey is a dog NPC who made his first appearance in Animal Crossing: New Leaf as part of the Welcome amiibo update. He’s got a bit of a hippie vibe about him, and takes everything including life slowly and one step at a time.

Heading to Harvey’s Island is easy simply speak to Orville at the airport and select, “I want to fly!”. When Orville asks where you want to go, select “Visit Harv’s Island”. It’s free to fly there, and you can head back and forth as many times as you’d like.

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An Island Without A Mayor

In the run-up to the release of New Leaf, one of the most anticipated elements was that players would now be completely in charge of the towns they were moving to. The position of mayor had been filled by a tortoise named Tortimer in previous titles, but he happily retires in New Leaf to make room for the incoming player.

New Horizons keeps the level of customization afforded to the mayor but boots the player from the position, which raises questions as to who’s in charge in New Horizons. Is this really all just part of Tom Nook’s for-profit venture?

Huge Differences Between Animal Crossing New Leaf And New Horizons

Going to the Island! – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

In 2020 ACNH took the world by storm. The new title retains the DNA that makes Animal Crossing so beloved, but veteran players noticed these changes.

When Animal Crossing: New Leaf hit North American markets in 2013 it introduced a number of major changes to some of the long-running franchise’s more established features. Players were now the mayors of their own villages, the ability to place buildings outside completely upended town customization, and the player characters themselves had been reworked to allow for more hair and clothing options.

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Come 2020 and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest entry in the franchise, has shaken things up yet again. While the new title certainly retains the DNA that makes Animal Crossing so beloved, veteran players will have noticed some of these big changes from New Leaf to New Horizons.

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Picking The Perfect Island

Right from the get-go, Animal Crossing players are faced with an incredibly important decision: which map to pick. This decision has a lot of weight to it, as once players have picked their island, they are stuck with that layout for good – and only one island per Switch console at that.While terraforming allows players to change most of their island’s layout, some things on the map are permament. Players will not be able to change the Town Square’s location, the river mouths, and the beaches.

It’s also worth noting that it takes some time before players will be able to cross the river or climb ledges, so players will be confined to the central landmass for at least a few days. Players should really take some time to consider each island’s benefits and start getting a rough idea as to where they may want to build structures before locking in their choice.

What Are The Islands

After a brief song, youll arrive with Kappn at a mystery island. Theyre random, and you cant choose where youll dock. Here are some weve seen so far:

Regardless of the island, search around and dig up anything hidden, too: Sometimes, youll find gyroid fragments hidden underground or DIY recipes bottled up on the beach.

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The Trouble With Bridges

Bridges and Inclines can be a blessing, as they make it so players no longer need their vaulting pole or ladder on their own island to get to certain areas. However, both structures come at a cost. The first bridge players build will actually be crafted, but every bridge after that will have to be done as a public works project where the entire island comes together to pay for the work. As with every Animal Crossing game, that means the player will be fronting the vast majority of the bill – which is thousands of bells every time. Inclines are the same way – though players don’t get the first one free.

Both of these works projects cost a pretty penny and are a big investment early game. That’s why it is better to wait and save these projects until players have a good idea as to where everything is going to be laid out. Why is that? Well if a bridge or incline is build it will cost 10,000 bells to destroy and the player won’t get their initial investment back. Take it from someone who’s built and demolished a few inclines and bridges at this point, wait until you have a good idea as to where the higher elevation points on your island are going to be, and where the river is going to be, before starting these work projects.

Things To Do On The Island

Animal Crossing New Leaf

When you are on the island, you can go on tours,collect fruit, and catch bugs and fish that might not be available in your village. Leila, the little girlKappa, will buy things from you at 5% of their Re-Tail selling price. You can win medals by goingon tours, then use the medals to buy things from Grams’s souvenir shop. Sometimes she sells a membership to Club Tortimer, which allows you to go to the island with a random player over the Internet.

Sending Things Home with the Box

To send things back to your town from the Island, open the box to the right of Leilani’s counter.Anything that you put in the box is sent to the basket on the dock in your village.Note! If you have anything in your pockets when you leave, they will automatically be sold toLeila .

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How Do I Unlock Kappn

Kappn will dock his boat on your empty New Horizons pier. When you start your game after the update is downloaded, hell be waiting for you there on the boat no unlocking necessary.

If you happen to visit Blathers before, hell also push you toward the pier: To unlock Brewster, youve got to take one of Kappns tours to find the pigeon coffee slinger looking for gyroids.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Upon arrival, the player will enter the tour office, run by Kapp’n’s family, Leilani, Grams and Leila. The shack contains a box, which can store up to 40 items. When leaving the island, the contents of the box will be transferred to a similar box on the town’s dock, and is the only way to bring items back from the island. An Automatic Bell Dispenser is also present, although Bells are generally not used on the island.

Leilani handles tours, which are minigames hosted by Tortimer himself for up to four players, and take place in various other towns and on surrounding islands. Medals are awarded based on every player’s performance during the tour, and are used as currency on Tortimer Island. Tours can be played with friends who are on the island, or with random players via online matchmaking. Any items in any player’s pocket when beginning a tour will be automatically sold to Leila, with proceeds deposited into the player’s personal savings account. Even items that cannot normally be sold to Leila are automatically sold to her.

Grams operates the island’s shop, selling exclusive souvenirs, tools, clothes and furniture which can only be purchased with medals. Leila will purchase insects, fish and sea creatures, but only at 5% of the item’s normal value, for a minimum of 10 Bells.

Fireworks are not visible while on the island .

Island Shop merchandise

Grams sells a variety of items only found at Tortimer Island. The items available and their prices are listed below.


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Happy Home Paradise Paid Dlc

The Happy Home Paradise paid DLC lets you design dream vacation homes and other buildings for various characters.

Alongside the free 2.0 update, Nintendo is releasing a paid DLC expansion for Animal Crossing: New Horizons called Happy Home Paradise. Similar to the Happy Home Designer game for the Nintendo 3DS, this expansion lets you build dream vacation homes and other kinds of buildings for different villagers based on their requests.

The Happy Home Paradise DLC costs $25. It is also included for free as part of the new Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack tier. An individual subscription to the expanded service costs $50 per year, while an annual family plan — which covers up to eight different Nintendo accounts across multiple systems — costs $80.

How To Get Ankha In New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – How To Get 400k Bells Quickly

Getting a villager you want in New Horizons is particularly tricky as there is only one surefire way to do so, the rest is up to luck. There are two primary methods of getting Ankha in your village the first is using Nook Miles to fly to an island and see if she is there. Keep in mind if you do this youll have to have an open plot available. The second method is to wait and see if shell appear at your campsite. Either way both methods are based on luck, so its completely up to chance.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons 20 Update Is Live

Nintendo has set Animal Crossing’s big free 2.0 update live.

Nintendo has set its Animal Crossing update live a day early.

Surprise! Nintendo has done a sneaky and set its massive 2.0 update of Animal Crossing live. The update was set to launch on Friday, Nov. 5, but it has gone up early.

As the company revealed during its Animal Crossing Direct presentation on Oct. 15, this will be the game’s final major free update, but it introduces a ton of new features and content to the popular Switch life sim — and it’s arriving alongside a paid DLC expansion that adds even more to do.


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