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Animal Crossing New Leaf How To Upgrade Nookling Junction

How Do You Kill Fruit Beetles

animal crossing new leaf upgrade nookling’s junction

Remove all manure, lawn clippings, or leaf piles from areas near fruit trees and turn compost piles frequently to speed decomposition and expose small grubs. Keeping poultry and allowing them access to these areas will also decrease grub populations. Trapping adult beetles can also be an effective strategy.

Learn Emotions From Dr Shrunk

If you visit Club LOL before 8PM,Dr. Shrunk can teach you to express your emotions. Just give him some food .He will go on stage and do a stand-up comedy routine to teach you an emotional reaction. You can accessthese by tapping the purple tab at the bottom of the touch screen. The touch screen will show iconsrepresenting all of the emotional reactions that you have learned. You can tap and drag the iconsaround to put them in whatever order you want.

After Learning All Reactions

The final reaction that you learn is the Dr. Shrunk Dance. After you learn it, Dr. Shrunk will give youa yellow blazer that you can wear.

List of Emotional Reactions

Here is a list of all of the emotional reactions that you can learn.

  • Yawn

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How Do You Upgrade Nookling Junction Into T&t Mart

  • I’ve had Animal Crossing: New Leaf for almost two years now, and I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. All the stores are still the same exact store from the original, and that was the reason why I had stopped playing AC. Now that I have realized that we can actually upgrade shops to make them better than the original, I want to know how to upgrade them. I looked on some forums online, and they were saying that you needed a home, not a tent, pay 10,000 bells for loan for Tom Nook, and you needed to either buy things that hit 12,000 bells at NJ, or buy fifteen items. I have accomplished all the tasks, yet I see no change in my town. What’s wrong with my game?ochanzu – 5 years ago
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    How Do I Get Music For My Home

    I recently received a music player from one of my villagers, but when I tried to turn it on, it said that I âdidnât have any music on meâ. How can I âget music on meâ?

    You can receive music by going to Club LOL once it is open on Saturday evenings after 8pm. Once there, you can talk to K.K. Slider and depending on what you decide to do, you can either receive a random song or a song of your choice to take home.

    In your inventory, songs look like a yellow music note. Interact with your music player with it in your inventory and youâll be able to load the song into it to play and eject it later if you decide to do something with it .

    Published Aug. 6, 2013, 12:45 p.m.aboutAnimal Crossing: New Leaf

    by Steve Stratton

    The following content is from the âShops and Suchâ chapter of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Official Guide. When youâre ready for more, pick up your copy or unlock the eGuide.

    Main Street may not seem like much at first, but as you steadily devote time and Bells to growing your town, youll notice new shops begin to crop up. Lets check out all of the special shops that can be built on Main Street and within your town.

    Should I Sell To Nook Or Re

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    I noticed that the nice people at Re-Tail buy my used goods/fish/bugs/misc. at a higher price than the Nook crime family will. In past games, however, you needed to have a combined buy/sell amount at Nook’s shop in order for the store to upgrade.

    Am I losing something or missing out if I buy from Nook’s shop and sell to Re-Tail?


    Always, always sell to Re-Tail. They will always buy your items at a higher price than the Nook stores will.

    While the Nookling store does upgrade in this game, they upgrade only based on the amount you have spent in their store, not the combined buy/sell amount. You can see all shop upgrades here and their requirements on their respective pages, where you can see that the only requirement is Bells spent.

    So you’re not missing out on anything if you buy from Nook’s and sell to Re-Tail.

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    How Do You Sell Turnips In Animal Crossing

    Turnips in Animal Crossing operate on a weekly cycle. Each Sunday after you’ve unlocked Nook’s Cranny, an adorable boar named Daisy Mae will visit your town and sell turnips from 5 AM to 12 PM. She sells them in bundles of 10 for a varying price each weeksomewhere between 90 and 110 bells per turnip.

    Where Do You Get Emotions In Animal Crossing

    Additionally, villagers can use emotions they cannot normally use here, such as smug villagers using the Angry and Outrage emotions. The player can get emotions from Dr. Shrunk in a random encounter with him when he is walking around their village. Dr. Shrunk is found in the citys theater, where emotions can be learned for 800 Bells.

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    Being Mayor Pt 2 Build A Better Town

    If the idea of building public works projects takes your fancy, youll find there are many different ways to improve your town. Of course, which project you build is entirely up to you, but each thing can have a positive effect. For instance, building a campsite allows other animals from out of town to visit for a holiday, street lamps can attract nocturnal insects you might not normally see and extra bridges can help you get around town quicker.

    More public works projects can also be added to the list in the town hall depending on what you do. Animals living in your town might ask you to build something specific and add it to the list, while others may appear after performing certain actions around town or passing achievement milestones. Discovering new public works to create is all part of the fun of being mayor! Remember, however, that theres no rush to complete a public works project. The more expensive ones in particular can take a while to save up for, even with other citizens pitching in for the costs whether you take your time chipping away at the final bill or go crazy finding ways to amass enough Bells is up to you!

    Buy Furniture From Model Homes

    Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 9 – Nookling Junction Is Remodeling, Same As My House!

    Streetpass is a feature in Nintendo 3DS systems where users exchange information from their games and applications with other users. When the 3DS is on or in sleep mode, players can exchange data and their Mii information with other users in range. When two 3DS users who play Animal Crossing: New Leaf Streetpass each other, they get access to each others model homes in the Happy Home Showcase, where players can do the following:

    • have up to 48 model homes to visit
    • order five items daily from model homes

    Furniture that has been ordered from the Happy Home Showcase will arrive in the mail the next day. This is a great way to complete themed furniture sets or find items that are rare or not found in your town. However, players cannot catalog special items or items refurbished by Cyrus at Re-Tail; these items will show up as not available. Try leaving your 3DS in sleep mode as you go shopping in public areasyou might get some new model homes!

    Sometimes villagers will ask you to deliver something to another villager.

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    Nookling T&t Stores Guide: How To Unlock Hours Items

    The Nookling T&T Stores in Animal Crossing: New Leaf are where you can purchase new tools, furniture, wallpaper, carpet, fortune cookies, and more!

    There are five different stores to upgrade between as you progress in the game each offering new items and different hours of operation. Learn how to unlock every shop and exactly what you can purchase in them.

    Buy Furniture From The Store

    In the city outside of town, players can buy furniture and other tools from the Nookling Stores. Previously run by Tom Nook, the store is now run by his raccoon nephews, Timmy and Tommy. In the beginning, Nookling Junction only sells a few items per day, one or two being furniture. However, spending bells in the shop can result in expansions, meaning more items for sale:

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    Learning Emotions From Dr Shrunk

  • 1Visit Dr. Shrunk, and bring with you a piece of food. This includes fruit, coconuts, bamboo shoots shoots, candy, and mushrooms. After Club LOL opens, pay Dr. Shrunk a visit during its daytime hours, 12PM to 8PM. The club can be found on the left side of Main Street.
  • 2Talk to Dr. Shrunk. Dr. Shrunk will thank you for helping with the construction of the club, and mention his ability to teach emotions.
  • The first time you talk to Dr. Shrunk after his club opens, he will hand you a joke book, which contains all the emotions you learn.
  • 3Have him teach you an emotion. If you brought a snack, when you talk to him, a I brought you a snack option will appear. Select this to give him the food, and in return, he will teach you an emotion.
  • Right after the exchange, the new emotion will be accessible to the player.
  • Only one emotion can be learned per day for each save file, and Dr. Shrunk can only teach them before 8P.M After 8, the club will become a dance floor or concert hall .
  • The emotion you learn on a given day is random, but the last one will always be the Shrunk-Funk-Shuffle.
  • 4Perform the emotion. Access the joke book by selecting the purple book button on the bottom of the screen. Click an emotion to have your character perform it. Some villagers may respond to emotions or copy you. Advertisement
  • Unlocking Stores Part : A Guide

    Nookling Junction  Animal Crossing blog

    Hello! In this part I will be going over how to unlock any other stores or upgrades, such as Nookling Store upgrades or the QR Machine. Hope you enjoy! T&T Mart!! Important: For all Nookling Store upgrades, letters, melody cards, wrapping paper, or any other items that can be bought infinitely DO NOT COUNT !!Supet T&TT.I.YT&T EmporiumHappy Home Academy and Happy Home ShowcaseQR MachineMuseum 2FBrewster’s CafePolice StationThat’s all I have for now, have a nice day

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    Upgrading The Nookling Junction

  • 1Wait 10 days. To get Dr. Shrunks club, Club LOL, you must first upgrade Nookling Junction to T&T Mart, which can only be upgraded if youve upgraded your tent to a house. Before you can do this, though, your town must be at least 10 days old.
  • If youve been playing the game for more than 10 days, proceed to upgrade your tent.
  • You can skip ahead days, if you desire.
  • 2Upgrade your tent. Do this by giving Tom Nook a down payment of 10,000 bells. Your tent will upgrade to a house the next day.
  • 3Spend 12,000 bells at the Nookling Junction. You can find Nookling Junction in Main Street. Once youve spent 12,000 bells there, after completing all of the above requirements, Nookling Junction will close for a day of renovations. After this, it will reopen as the T&T Mart.Advertisement
  • How Do You Get Kk Songs In New Leaf

    4.7/5Animal CrossingNew LeafK.K.songsongmusicfull answer

    2 Answers. You can receive music by going to Club LOL once it is open on Saturday evenings after 8pm. Once there, you can talk to K.K. Slider and depending on what you decide to do, you can either receive a random song or a song of your choice to take home.

    Likewise, what songs can KK Slider play? In Animal Crossing, three songs can only be heard and air checks received upon request; “I Love You”, “K.K.Song“, and “Two Days Ago”. Another three songs can be heard when making an invalid song request; “Forest Life”, “My Place”, and “To the Edge”.

    Beside this, how many songs can you get from KK Slider?

    Animal Crossing: New LeafCan you get the badge for 20 kk slider songs if you listened to 20 songs on the same Saturday?

    What is the best KK Slider song?

    Top 10 K.K.Slider Songs

    • K.K’s Saturday night show has brightened up many a Saturday evening 10) Lucky K.K.
    • K.K. Moody definitely has one of my favorite album covers
    • Players who unlock Club LOL are treated to K.K’s DJ sets, which are clubby amalgamations of all his tracks, on weekday evenings. 4) K.K House.

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    How Do You Get Music

    Iâve looked at questions on how to get music and the only answers were with club LOL. I donât have club LOL. So how can you get music without club LOL?

    There are two ways to get music:

    • Attend K.K. Sliderâs live performance on a Saturday night after 8:00 PM
    • Max: 1 per week
    • Option to select any one song
    • Buy a copy from the Nookling store
    • Max: 1 per day or 2 per day
    • Price: 3200 bells
    • Random song available each day

    Youâll need to get either Club LOL or several renovations to the Nookling store in order to get music for yourself, but if you have a friend who is willing you help you out, they are tradeable, and you can buy them from Nookling stores in other playersâ towns.

    How Can I Upgrade The Nookling Junction

    FREEPGUIDE – AC:NL – Main Street Guide!
  • So what are the requirements, and what is the fastest way to meet them?
  • This is from the FAQ written by Liquefy:Phase 2: T&T MartConstruction is triggered when the following three requirements are met:1) Payment of the 10,000-Bell house down payment.2) 12,000 Bells in transactions at Nookling Junction3) Ten days have passed since the creation of the town.Construction normally takes one day.Phase 3: Super T&TConstruction is triggered when the following three requirements are met:1) 25,000 Bells in transactions at T&T Mart, excluding catalog purchases.2) T&T Mart has been open at least ten days.3) Gardening Store has been open at least ten days.Construction normally takes one day.Phase 4: TIYConstruction is triggered when the following two requirements are met:1) 50,000 Bells in transactions at Super T&T, excluding catalog purchases.2) Super T&T has been open at least 21 days.Construction normally takes one day.Phase 5: T&T EmporiumConstruction is triggered when the following three requirements are met:1) Complete four satisfactory Gracie Fashion Checks. These happen randomly in town.2) 100,000 Bells in transactions at TIY, excluding catalog purchases.3) TIY has been open at least 30 days.Construction normally takes one day.
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    How Do You Get Your Town Tree To Grow In Acnl

    Your town grows by the time you spend playing every day. If you spend time talking to you villagers every time you play they will even mention this to you, about time spent in you town will slowly make your plaza tree bigger. It accumulates in total hours played. FC 1478-4005-0540 Mayor D.A. Town Steelers.

    Using The Dream Suite

  • 1Build the Dream Suite. The Dream Suite is a way for you to visit dream versions of other towns, as well as update the dream version of your own. You will earn 5,000 bells every time you update your dream, which you can do once a day. Building the Dream Suite requires being the mayor for seven days, and costs 234,000 Bells.XResearch source
  • Talk to Isabelle while she’s napping to get the prompt to build the Dream Suite.
  • 2Lay down on the couch in the back of the Dream Suite. Luna will guide you through the dream update process.
  • 3Collect your bells. Once you’ve updated your dream, you will receive 5,000 bells. You can do this every day once a day, and you’ll start making a profit on the Dream Suite after 47 uploads.Advertisement
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    Animal Crossing New Leaf: Nookling Stores

    In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tom Nook has handed his business over, and its now run by his former Nookington assistants, Timmy and Tommy. You can sell items here if you wish, however, Reese at Re-Tail will buy items for a higher price so its not recommended you sell here. In New Leaf, there are four shop upgrades, as opposed to three in the previous series, and as each upgrades, it gets bigger and better.

    Nookling Junction:Nookling Junction is the starting shop, and is open from 8am – 10pm. Its stock rotates daily but sells the same types of items daily ;x2 toolsx1 wrapping paperx2 furnitureYouve probably noticed that flooring and wallpaper arent included in this list, thats because they cant be bought until the next upgrade. Also note that the only available tools are the shovel, fishing rod, and bug net – the rest cant be purchased until the next upgrade .

    T.I.Y:The T.I.Y is the third upgrade, is open from 10am – 11pm, and in order to unlock, the player must have spent 50,000 bells at the Super T&T, and waited 21 days since the Super T&T has opened. Once you have unlocked the T.I.Y, Leif and his gardening store will move inside the newly found store, and he will expand his range, the store will also begin having spotlight items ;Timmy/Tommy;

    x1 shrub seedling


    x1 bamboo shoot OR persimmon

    Gracie;x2 shoes

    – Round radar hologram: 3,000 bells

    Rococo Theme;

    Pay Off Your Home Loan

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Upgrade Nookling Store

    When you start a new save file in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you start off without a house in your own town! Luckily, Tom Nookthe raccoon who runs Nook Homeslends you a tent until you can put down a payment of 10,000 bells. The day after you pay off the loan, Tom Nook will build you a starter house; the loan will come out to 39,800 bells. It is the same size as the tent but the walls and floor can be decorated. Your house can go through multiple upgrades and expansions:

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