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Are Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Discontinued

How To Use Amiibo In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards – New Leaf – Welcome Amiibo!

There you have it. As long as you have either the Animal Crossing amiibo figurines or the amiibo cards, you’ll be able to invite characters into your game by merely scanning the NFC chips. Remember that the cards are more useful when it comes to getting the villagers you want to live on your island, although the figurines are just too cute to pass up.

Enjoy your game! I hope you’re able to get all of the villagers you want to come to your island.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Welcome amiibo

In Welcome amiibo, the player must first locate an Empty Lamp in their town. Once placed in a house the lamp can be interacted with to summon Wisp, who provides access to all amiibo functionality in the game. Villagers can be invited to move into town by scanning their corresponding amiibo card. Special characters and villagers from the Welcome amiibo series will instead appear in their RV in the campground when scanned, from which furniture can be purchased in exchange for MEOW Coupons. The villagers can be spoken to and invited to move into town.

The game is compatible will all currently available Animal Crossing series amiibo. A total of eight unique crossover villagers from other series are available by scanning their amiibo and inviting them to move into town.

The Legend of Zelda series

  • W. Link, obtained through Link, Zelda, and Young Link from the Super Smash Bros. series, Wolf Link, Link , Link , Link and Link from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Medli, obtained through Toon Link from the Super Smash Bros. series, Toon Link , Zelda or Zelda from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Epona, obtained through Sheik from the Super Smash Bros. series, Link , Link or Link from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Ganon, obtained through Ganondorf from the Super Smash Bros. series, 8-Bit Link , Guardian or Bokoblin from The Legend of Zelda series.

Monster Hunter series

Sanrio series

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

New Horizons is compatible with all current Animal Crossing series amiibo. Unlike New Leaf, amiibo from other video game series cannot be used. amiibo have three main functions in New Horizons: spawning characters for photo shoots at ; unlocking their respective posters; and bringing villagers to the Campsite with the opportunity to have them move in as residents.

At , scanning any Animal Crossing series amiibo will unlock the character’s respective poster that will be available for purchase in the Nook Shopping Catalog. For characters who appear in New Horizons, scanning their respective amiibo also allows the player to spawn the character as a model for a photo shoot. Models cannot be spoken to, but interacting with them makes them face the player.

These characters from previous Animal Crossing series games cannot be spawned as models, but their corresponding posters may be unlocked:


Villager amiibo can also be read once per day from the Nook Stop. The scanned villager will appear and speak to the player, during which they may be invited to put up a tent at the town’s Campsite. When visiting the Campsite, the camper will give the player a DIY recipe for a specific item and ask the player to craft it for them. If the player gives the camper the item, they will thank the player by giving them clothing in return and hint that they would like to be invited again.

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Nintendo Of America Confirms Restock Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

You probably remember that Animal Crossing amiibo cards received restock a few months ago. Well, it looks like the US is now set to receive more batches of these cards.

The information has been shared by Nintendo itself, which mentions that series 1 to 4 of these cards will be restocked in the country this September. Target is expected to start selling them in the US for $5.99 a pack, which will include 5 regular amiibo cards and one special character amiibo card.

Finally, it has also been specified that special Sanrio x Animal Crossing amiibo cards will also be restocked in the restock. Well be on the lookout for Nintendo Europe to confirm restocking as well.

Will There Be A Sephiroth Amiibo

Nintendo Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 2 for ...

Super Smash Bros. Sephiroth is set to release in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before the end of 2020, which, great, but this post isnt about that new character its about the upcoming amiibo. While we know that all three amiibo will be released on March 26, 2021, some online retailers have pre-orders available now.

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How To Use Animal Crossing Amiibo In New Horizons

If you’re like me, then you have an adorable set of Animal Crossing amiibo figures as well as Animal Crossing amiibo cards sitting around your house somewhere. Each figure or card can bring a specific villager to the game either for a photoshoot or so that you can invite them to become a permanent resident. What’s more, using amiibo cards, you can invite one of the 390+ villagers to your island to recruit them.

If you’ve been playing for a while and still haven’t found out how to use amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can only use them once amiibo functionality has been unlocked. On this page, we’ll explain how to unlock amiibo functionality, what amiibo do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and also explain how to use them.

Where To Buy Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Across four series, there have been 400 Animal Crossing amiibo cards released in total. In these sets, youll find a whole host of animal villagers who can take up residence in your town or drop by as special visitors. A special set of 50 Animal Crossing: New Leaf cards were also released that brought back many absent villagers.

As there are so many to collect, wed definitely advise you using the online Animal Crossing catalogue to keep track of your collection. Even more so because the cards in each pack are random so it could take some time to gather a complete set. Its a problem made even worse by the general lack of availability.

To help this, a few enterprising folks have taken to creating their own Animal Crossing amiibo cards. These unofficial cards function exactly the same as Nintendos own but are smaller, far cheaper and more widely available. Plus, hundreds of reviews show they work perfectly well so it could be a much easier way to build your collection.

Remember, though, that these are not produced or endorsed by Nintendo so if you run into any issues youll have to deal with the sellers directly to sort a refund or replacement. Understanding the demand, Nintendo may print more Animal Crossing amiibo card packs in the future if youre willing to wait.

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Use The Nookstop Kiosk At Resident Services

Once the new villager has moved in, head back to Resident Services and talk with Tom Nook. He’ll tell you that he wants to bring even more villagers to the island. Now, run over to the Nook Stop kiosk and interact with it. He’ll tell you that you can now use Animal Crossing amiibo cards to invite more villagers to the island. Just note that you can only have one camper per day.

Invite Your Amiibo Accessories* To Bring The Party To Life


Tap in compatible Animal Crossing amiibo accessories* and set off on a board game adventure for up to 4 players! Check out dynamic boards themed after the months of the year in the core Animal Crossing series, and enjoy events like Bunny Day and fishing contests. Or try escaping a desert island! And tap Animal Crossing amiibo to bring the party to life.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a brand-new way to play with your favorite Animal Crossing characters. Your amiibo are front-and-center in this party game, and youâll get to use them with fun content. Bring to life an expansive and dynamic board game where the board is based on the months of the year like the core Animal Crossing series. Or use your amiibo to strategize your way off a desert islandâand more. The goal? Make your villager the happiest in town and party hard with your friends.

*amiibo required. Game, system and amiibo accessories sold separately. Compatibility and functionality of amiibo may vary per game. Visit for specific details on how each amiibo works.

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How To Use Amiibo To Obtain Villagers

The campsite.

You unlock the campsite as part of Animal Crossing New Horizons Story, where you upgrade the island and unlock more parts of it at the beginning of the game. The campsite is unlocked right after you upgrade Resident Services to a full-fledged building.

To bring an amiibo to the campsite, you must:

  • Build the campsite
  • Go to the Nook Stop, select Invite Amiibo Camper
  • Scan in the amiibo using the Right Joy-Con or equivalent controller
  • That villager will then visit your campsite. You must then go to the campsite and, over the course of the next few days, convince them to live at your island by doing tasks for them. You will need to scan them in every day for 3 days minimum.

    Bear in mind that when inviting a camper to become a villager, youll need to make sure you have less than 10 villagers, and that an open plot for a home has been built and lays dormant. I recommend buying this plot on the same day that you scan in the amiibo the first time. It takes one day to build the plot, and that gives you a one-day cushion in case you miss a day of scanning in the amiibo.

    Which Amiibo Gives You Biggoron Sword

    Biggorons Sword from Breath of the Wild In Breath of the Wild, the Biggoron Sword can be obtained by Link via using the amiibo Rune with the Link amiibo of The Legend of Zelda: 30th Anniversary series, to complete the Hero of Time set.

    in addition, Why are Amiibos so expensive?

    There are a lot of Amiibo that didnt have a lot of copies made. That due to their rarity upon launch has caused to still be quite expensive online. If you didnt jump to get a pre-order for the Amiibo, its likely that theyre way past your price range now. Some are dirt cheap, though, and lost all their value.

    Also, Can you fake Amiibos?

    Using its companion Android app, Amiiqo is capable of spoofing the data found on Amiibo NFC chips, allowing users to unlock all of the Amiibo content they want without actually having to own them.

    in the same way Are amiibo cards legal? Amiibo are copyrighted works and probably fall under the category of commercial software, making their distribution probably illegal, although US law is very, very young in this area. .

    What is the most powerful weapon in breath of the wild?

    Savage Lynel Sword

    The most powerful one-handed weapon, you can use a Savage Lynel Sword after you pry it from the cold, dead hands of a Silver-maned Lynel, one of the deadliest foes in the game.

    Table des matières

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    How Can You Tell A Fake Amiibo

    How to spot a fake Nintendo Amiibo: Dont get fooled into buying a dud Colours. The fake Amiibos are more washed out in colour terms than the real thing. Plastics. Some of the plastics used in the fake versions are not the same as the real presumably for cost reasons. Moulding. Features. Boxes. Conclusion.

    The Amiibo Figures Vs The Amiibo Cards

    Nintendo Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 4 for ...

    There are over 400 Animal Crossing amiibo that you can use if you count the 18 NFC figures and the hundreds of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Both the figures and the cards feature NFC chips and get scanned the same way using your Nintendo Switch. However, in New Horizons, the amiibo cards are more useful since they allow you to invite new villagers to your island. The amiibo figures are fun to collect, but they can only be used to invite the unique characters they depict to photoshoot sessions while you’re on Harvey’s Island.

    If you have your heart set on inviting a specific villager to your island, you might want to scour eBay for a particular Animal Crossing amiibo card as many sellers will let you buy them individually. But be warned. Some of the more popular villagers’ amiibo cards are incredibly pricey.

    A full list of Animal Crossing amiibo cards can be found on Animal Crossing’s official website.

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    Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

    The release of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” catapulted the “Animal Crossing” series even further into the mainstream. It’s hard to believe, but the series didn’t have nearly as large a player base in North America before that. However, the fans that the series did have were vocal.;

    When “Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival” launched for the Wii U alongside a smattering of amiibo figurines, dedicated “Animal Crossing” lovers were upset that Nintendo opted to tie them to a spin-off ;one that’s not particularly well-liked;;rather than a main series title. That wasn’t the only time that amiibo and “Animal Crossing” proved to be a controversial mix.

    Coinciding with the release of “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer,” over 100 amiibo cards went on sale featuring different characters from the “Animal Crossing” series. Initially, these cards allowed players to scan villagers, furniture, and even features into “Happy Home Designer.” However, once “New Horizons” launched, they would grow to serve a much more important purpose. As explained by Destructoid, the “New Horizons” amiibo cards became the easiest way to obtain specific villagers. They also became a tool for removing unwanted villagers from a player’s island. Naturally, they became a hot commodity, and popular characters sold like hotcakes for far above retail price.;

    What Can You Do At Harvey’s Island Villager Photopia

    If you’ve played Animal Crossing: New Leaf, you might recall a hippy dog named Harvey as one of the particular villagers. After a few days of playing in New Horizons, this dog will randomly appear on your island. Make sure you talk to him, and he’ll invite you to visit his island home. The awesome thing is that the airport allows you to fly to him for free. No Nook Miles Tickets required.

    Instead of foraging for materials, bugs, and fish, Harvey’s island only lets you walk into Harvey’s house. Once inside, you’ll be able to set up a scene in one of his rooms and take pictures with your favorite villagers. That is, as long as you have that villager on your island or have a corresponding amiibo to invite them with. You can place different furniture, change the lighting in the room, and position your favorite Animal Crossing villagers in various locations before taking pictures with them. You can have up to 10 animal villagers in one room at a time.

    However, it should be noted that not every amiibo works with New Horizons. So far, the game has warned me that Digby and Resetti can’t be invited to Photopia. This had also been the case for Reese, Cyrus, and Rover up until another update arrived. I’m guessing that any amiibo figures that currently don’t work with New Horizons will be usable once future updates are released.

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    How To Invite Villagers To The Campsite Using Amiibo

    Now that you’ve unlocked the ability to use amiibo cards, it’s time to learn how to scan them in and convince campers to move into your island. You’re going to have to scan a villager’s card multiple days in a row if you want them to become a resident of your island. Here are the steps needed to acquire a new villager using amiibo cards.

  • Interact with the kiosk at Resident Services.
  • Select invite a Camper.

  • Select Yes, I do!
  • Scan the amiibo card you want to use. If you’re playing your Switch in handheld mode, hover the card over the joystick on the right Joy-Con when New Horizons prompts you to use your amiibo. If you’re using the Pro Controller, scan the cards over the Nintendo logo in the top middle of the controller when the game prompts you to use your amiibo.

  • The kiosk will identify the character on the card. Now select Yes!
  • After scanning your card, a cutscene will play, showing the invited camper. When you leave Resident Services, the villager you invited will be at your campsite. Run to your campsite and enter the tent.

  • Talk with the villager a couple of times until they ask you to craft something for them.
  • Agree to their request. They might even give you a new recipe in the processes.

  • This villager will leave your island by the end of the night, so be sure to craft the requested item and give it to the camper before they’re gone.
  • The camper is closer to being persuaded, but they won’t be ready to move in just yet. The following day repeat steps 1 – 9.

  • Nintendo Selects: Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo

    ð? Animal Crossing AMIIBO CARDS ð? – Series 2 pack opening! (new horizons)

    There’s more to discover than ever before in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo game! This updated version of Animal Crossing: New Leaf adds in support for all Animal Crossing series amiibo figures and cards. Tap these amiibo to invite the depicted villager to a new RV campsite, interact with them, and ask them to move into your town!

    In addition, fifty new Animal Crossing series amiibo cards will launch on December 2nd, and you’ll receive one random card with a purchase of this new packaged version. You can also tap select amiibo figures from other series to get items themed to the pictured characters! Check the official website for more details on compatibility. This is the perfect time to cozy up to the charm and creativity of this special game. New friends and new discoveries await every day. Express yourself by customizing your character, your house, and your town as you create your ideal world.

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