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Can You Beat Animal Crossing

Complete Your Sea Creature Collection

Making A Beat ONLY Using Animal Crossing Sounds

Though bugs and fish were present since the launch of New Horizons, sea creatures obtained via ocean swimming and diving weren’t added until a later update. Fans were delighted to have this feature back, as it debuted in New Leaf but;wasn’t included in New Horizons at launch.

This new category of collectible means there’s even more;exhibits in the museum for players to fill, prompting them to collect each and every creature to keep their museum looking perfect.

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Always Buy Every New Thing In The Shop

Every day, the store on your island will have new products in stock. And while you may not always want everything, you should still buy anything that you havent seen before. Doing this will fill out the catalog in Resident Services. This will enable you to reorder any of the things you previously purchased whenever you want.

So buy the new goods and then give them away to other villagers or immediately sell them back to Timmy and Tommy. And then, when you need a specific item to complete a certain look in your house or town, you might already have access to it.

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Quickly Pay Off Your Tent

Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives you a camping tent to start, instead of your typical house. As part of Nook Inc.s Deserted Island Getaway Package, it isnt something you need to pay off with the series usual currency . Instead, Tom Nook lets you pay off the trip with Nook Miles, achievement-like goals that steadily reward you for fishing, catching bugs, pulling weeds, and the other typical Animal Crossing activities. Rack up those miles as soon as Tom Nook shows you how, so you can pay off the package.

Paying off your tent gives you the opportunity to buy a house and unlock several other upgrades, including turning the Resident Services tent into a full-fledged shop.

Catch Bugs & Fish For Bells

[FREE ] Animal Crossing Type Beat 2020

You can also catch Bugs and Fish, then sell them for Bells! Bells are the in-game currency which allow you to purchase better tools, more furniture, and even more DIY recipes!

Use Fish Bait to Spawn a Fish

Scatter Fish Bait in any body of water and a fish will appear immediately. This will work at any time and anywhere, even at Piers and other locations.

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Invite Blathers And Open The Museum

Animal Crossing fans already know about Blathers, the owl who runs the museum. You start on a deserted island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so Blathers and his museum arent there. That means new fish, bugs, and fossils cant be donated to it, cutting off one of the most strangely satisfying parts of the game. Fortunately, Tom Nook can take your donations until Blathers shows up. In fact, you need to give him a handful of bugs and fish before he can entice Blathers to appear.

Once you get enough samples and Blathers comes to the island, youll get the recipe for the vaulting pole. It lets you jump across rivers, opening up the island for more exploration. Youll still need to give Blathers plenty more samples before he can finally open a museum instead of working out of a tent, but its worthwhile. When the museum opens, youll finally have a place to show off all the fish and bugs you caught, and fossils you found!

Tips For Successful Living In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you want to get the most out of your chill island experience in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, follow our advice for building your residence and community.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch is a relaxing, free-form game that doesnt put much pressure on you to get anything done at any speed. The game’s early moments can feel a bit limiting, but there’s a lot to unlock in leisurely fashion. Still, you should perform some tasks quicker than others to open up your new island. Here are some tips for making the most out of your time in the game.

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Animal Crossing: What To Do After You’ve Finished Everything

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for nearly a year, and players may be finding less and less to do in their personal island towns.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for almost a year, and many players have not only found all currently available collectable items and DIY recipes, but finished the museum, upgraded their homes, and attained the perfect balance of villagers. With island homes that have achieved such a level of completion in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons, fans of the game might be wondering what they’ll be able to accomplish next, or if they have truly reached the perceived end of their own personal save file.

There are several things that players can do when they feel they have accomplished all there is to do in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons.;Getting ready for the upcoming events can provide players with new tasks to accomplish. Currently, players are preparing for;Animal Crossing’s February event Festivale. Now might be the time to take down winter decorations and start putting out colorful furniture to help brighten the island in time for the upcoming event. After Festivale, it appears that there will also be a new event in March centered around a crossover between;Animal Crossing and;Super Mario.

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What To Do On Day 1

When you beat the game in Animal Crossing

Youll start by picking your campsite location as well as the campsite locations of the other two villagers youve been handed. Pick carefully because you wont be able to change these locations for a while .

Once youve placed everyones tents, Tom Nook will give you some simple objectives . Finish that and head to the party. Feel free to take a nap after this, which is when the real game will start.

Once you wake up, youll be playing in real time . Make sure you speak to all of the villagers, as you may get some free furniture or a recipe for being a friendly neighbor.

Nook will give you the recipes for flimsy tools. Youll want to make a Flimsy Fishing Rod and a Flimsy Bug Net.

Big Goal 1 Donate 5 fish or bugs to Tom Nook for study

Use your fishing rod and net to collect the various bugs and fish youll see on your island. On your first day, youll only need five unique critters. After donating five, Nook will grant you an axe recipe and a watering can recipe. Hell also call his buddy, Blathers the Owl, and tell him to come to the island to open a museum.

Note: If you are playing on a Switch with other people, only the primary account holder can donate things to Nook. To make progress, youll need that primary account holder to finish their five donations.

Decide where you want Blathers Museum to go. Youll want to pick something central as youll be going there quite a bit.

Big Goal 2 Pay off Tom Nook

Big Goal 4 Harvest resources

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You Can Drop Wasp Nests On Your Villagers But It Won’t Save You

We’ve covered a lot of cute villager behavior. But let’s be honest, some of our Animal Crossing villagers literally deserve to die In those instances, when the perfect conditions arise, you can actually drop a fat ol’ wasp nest on their head.

But jokes on you because you’re still the one who gets fucked over anyway!

What To Do On Day 2

When you wake up, youll see that your tent has been upgraded to a house. Congrats! Youre well on your way. Head to Tom Nook, who will congratulate you and give you a new mortgage for 98,000 Bells for the next house upgrade. Time to get to work.

Big Goal 1 Donate 15 fish/bugs to Blathers

If you played a lot on Day 1, you were probably able to find 15 different species of bugs and fish . If so, bring them over to Blathers the Owl. Hell give you a recipe for the Flimsy Shovel and the Vaulting Pole, the latter of which you can use to cross over rivers in your town.

Once youve donated 15 species, you wont be able to donate any more, so hold any new species you find after that .

You should also have a letter from Mom, which includes three pieces of fruit that are not native to your town. Use your newly acquired shovel to dig three holes and plant the special fruit. Note that trees will only grow if there is one free space in every direction around it, so make sure the spots you pick are clear.

Speaking of the Flimsy Shovel, keep an eye out for cracked spots in the ground. Dig at these spots to find Fossil Pieces, which will eventually find a home with Blathers after his Museum opens.

Big Goal 2 Collect resources again!

Repeat the resource collection process from Day 1, hitting all of the rocks and trees on your island. You can make the timing of the rock mining a little easier by digging two holes in a diagonal formation like this:

Big Goal 4 Use the Nook Ticket

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Play Games With Friends

New Horizons players have created all kinds of games to play with friends during island visits. These include;musical chairs and hide and seek, or creating scavenger hunts and running fishing contests.;These have no time limit. Fun with friends can be had before and after K.K. Slider performs for the first time on an island.

The People Who Spent The Year In Animal Crossing

Netizens are escaping to

Snow topped trees, ice sculptures and the sound of rushing waterfalls. Susana Liang built out her Animal Crossing island complete with a Christmas dinner, various shops, a wedding reception, an igloo campsite, a picnic, a mini version of the Greek island Santorini, elaborate walkways and a cozy home with plenty of Christmas trees.

Winter makes everything covered in snow and its all white, so it makes it feel a bit more ethereal and dreamy. Its one of my favorite seasons in the game, said Liang, who works in health science in New York and has spent over 2,300 hours playing Nintendos Animal Crossing: New Horizons since a few weeks after the games release. Its always winter on her island. Every time winter is about to end, she time travels back to the beginning of January to stay in the season.

The game debuted on March 20, 2020 and has sold over 31 million units, coming in second place behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as the best-selling title on the Nintendo Switch. The global pandemic has also endured for a year, and Liang is one of many players who have spent the equivalent of a month or more playing the game and transforming their islands from grass-covered and rural to unique vacations away from real-world problems.

Smith is one of the admins who run the Facebook group Animal Crossing Free Community, with over 11,000 members. The group is dedicated to sharing free items with each other and fostering a sense of community among fans of the game.

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How To Complete The Animal Crossing New Horizons Maze

First of all you will need to make your way to May Day Island but remember you can only visit once, so you will need to complete it when you arrive. Otherwise you will have to wait and hope that the island comes back for 2022.

To go there, just head to Tom Nook and he will give you all the information you need before he sends you on your way to Dodo Airlines. Meet Orville when you get there and he will give you your special May Day Ticket. Then just tell him that you want to go and select Use May Day Ticket to be sent on your merry way!

You will have all your inventory items taken off you before you go, but dont worry, you have not been the victim of a virtual island theft you will have them all returned to you when you get back.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the maze and the mission is to get out of it!

Its not just as simple as finding the exit, you will need to collect materials as you go that you will use to make it to further sections. The best thing to do is to pick up every single thing you find, as the last thing youll want to do is extra backtracking you will have to backtrack at various points anyway.

This is how you can complete the maze. If you want to try it without a guide first then scroll down a bit, as were spoiling the whole thing here!

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You Can Mess Up Your Island

Another reason you shouldn’t time travel is because it poses a lot of risks to your island’s aesthetic. Time traveling a few days or so won’t cause any problems, but if you ever skip ahead more than that, your island will likely become infested by weeds. This is because a couple of weeds grow each day in the game, and when you skip a large amount of time, the weeds spread like wildfire without you there to pull them. Not only does this ruin the look of your paradise, but it will also cause your island rating to sharply decline, forcing you to spend time pulling weeds before things go back to normal.

Though weeds are the primary concern, some other bad things can happen too. Any fruit left on the ground prior to time traveling will go rotten and will start attracting ants, and turnips will most likely spoil too, which can be painful if you spent a lot of Bells on investing into the Stalk Market. In addition to this, cockroaches will also infest your house and tank your Happy Home Academy rating, forcing you to run around and squish them.

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What To Do On Day 6

Another freebie day. You should have another new villager in town, but outside of talking to them there wont be a lot of must-dos. Feel free to spend the day however you wish. Drowning in Nook Miles? Buy a ticket to a Nook Island, and maybe youll luck out with some fruit you dont already have.

Or you can spend the day fishing and collecting bugs to build up your stash of Bells. Its really up to you!

Get Your Favorite Villager’s Photoframe Item

Animal Crossing – Have You Played More Than Us?

Villagers are able to gift players with a special memento of their shared friendship a photo of themselves. These adorable little furnishing items can be hung on the walls or displayed atop furniture.

These items are hard to source, even more so than in earlier Animal Crossing titles. Players must have a really high friendship level with the villager, most easily done by gifting them rare or exotic items in wrapping paper daily. Even then, the chance of them gifting players a photo in return is low.

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You Can Has Pet Turtles :

Not only can you catch a snapping turtle , but you can actually KEEP THEM AS PETS!! Well, OK, only kinda. I’m not sure the turtles know or even like being viewed as your “pet.” But if you display them in your house or around your village, they just stand there with no water tank, hanging out, being cutie little lugs.

Hot tip: Press A near your snapping turtle to get some, uh, love I guess!


The Quiet Revolution Of Animal Crossing

In the midst of a pandemic, its delightful to imagine doing whatever you like without worrying about making a living.

Many years ago, when my son was 5, he got upside down on a long-term loan in Animal Crossing, Nintendos 2002 video game about running away from home to lead a prosaic life in an adorable animal village. The problem was familiar, although perhaps not to a kindergartner: He had spent his income on the trappings of consumer lifefurniture, garments, accessories, even video games. But now he had no room for all that stuff, he explained to me. He also had no cash to pay off the mortgage, which the local real-estate tycoon, a raccoon named Tom Nook, had forced him to take out upon arrival. Until the note was paid, my son reasoned, he wouldnt be able to take out another loanto fund a home expansion that would finally make room for all his purchases. What should I do? he asked.

For years, I spun this story as an example of games special ability to teach complexity. What the hell kind of video game consigns you to a mortgage when you boot it up? But Animal Crossing had taught my young son about the trap of long-term debt before he ever had a bank account.

Instead, Animal Crossing is a political hypothesis about how a different kind of world might workone with no losers. Millions of people already have spent hours in the game stewing on that idea since the coronavirus crisis began.

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