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Can You Win Animal Crossing

Find The Secret Money Rock

Animal Crossing will NEVER be the same!

Every day, you should go around your island and hit every rock with your shovel, because one of them has a stash of bells hidden inside. The amount varies, but hitting the rock numerous times in quick succession can net you the most.

How To Unlock Everything In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons is quite different from other Animal Crossing games, as you wont have everything handed to you. Instead, youll have to unlock everything from tools, to new villagers, buildings, and many new features. This page will list the process of unlocking all the major elements of New Horizons.

You can quickly see how to unlock almost everything in the video below, or continue on to see how to unlock individual features in more detail

You Can Has Pet Turtles :

Not only can you catch a snapping turtle , but you can actually KEEP THEM AS PETS!! Well, OK, only kinda. I’m not sure the turtles know or even like being viewed as your “pet.” But if you display them in your house or around your village, they just stand there with no water tank, hanging out, being cutie little lugs.

Hot tip: Press A near your snapping turtle to get some, uh, love I guess!


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We Discover A Method The Captain Uses To Decide Which Islands To Take You To In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Many players who rebooted their island for update 2.0 have been finding that the Captain has been taking them to fairly common locations, blaming that to chance. However, there is something else: the game restricts certain special islands depending on the age of our character.

This is how we have been able to find out thanks to our friend Joseph, who has discovered that, if for example, we have not passed a certain date within the game world, we will not be able to access the island that was related to it. To illustrate it in some way, you will not be able to access the winter island if you have not lived on February 24 within the title at some time. This, of course, can be easily solved by taking a temporary trip or waiting.

We leave you with a list of the rare islands available in the Captains trips and the dates that you have had to have lived within the game to be able to access them :

  • Winter Island February 24
  • Cherry Petal Island April 10
  • Bamboo Island May 31
  • Star Shard Island June 15
  • Seashells Island August 31
  • Autumn Leaves Island November 25
  • Setitas Island November 30

The Point System In Bug Off

26 " Animal Crossing: New Horizons"  Tips And Tricks

The Bug Off challenge comes with random rewards and mighty bug-related relics called trophies. Each random prize from the Bug Off challenge requires 10 points to redeem, and youll get the trophies at 100, 200, and 300 points. Your goal is to accumulate as many bugs you can to reach the final trophy worth 300 points and win the Bugg off in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To start a round of the Bug Off, simply go and talk to Flick. Each round will cost you 500 bells to start, though it is always free for first-timers. You get 1 point for every bug you catch and youll get a bonus 2 points for catching more than 3 bugs in a round. Upon reaching 10 points, you get to redeem the points for a random prize from Flick. Choosing to keep the points and getting 100, 200, or 300 will get you the trophies for the Bug Off challenge.

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How To Get Maximum Heart Crystals

After going to Harvs island, Reese and Cyrus will explain that every day we can take a photo of them. In return, they will reward us with heart crystals. However, depending on the result of the photography and the evaluation of Reese we can win more or fewer heart crystals.

The way to earn more is to get as close as possible to the theme that Reese indicates. Every day she will present us with a new artistic concept, so the prize will depend on our decoration skills. Depending on this, you can win between 5 and 11 heart crystals, which you can exchange for more furniture with which to continue decorating your home.

House And Store Upgrades

Home Upgrades

Expand your house by paying off your mortgage. This is what it will cost you, and the expansions will be built in this order:

Normal house: 19,800 BellsFirst expansion: 120,000 Bells Larger First FloorSecond expansion: 248,000 Bells Largest First FloorThird expansion: 368,000 Bells Second FloorFinal expansion: 598,000 Bells Basement

Nooks Store Upgrades

Nook will make his store bigger and better the more you shop at it.Nooks Cranny: Available from the beginning.Nook n Go: Spend 25,000 Bells in merchandise .Nookway: Spend 90,000 Bells in merchandise .Nookingtons: Spend 250,000 Bells in merchandise .

Restock Items at Nooks Store

If the store is getting empty and you want more items to shop today, just save the game and quit. Then, select Others before restarting it. Go back one day, save and quit, then repeat the process and go forward one day so youre on the same day when you started. Nooks store will be full of merchandise all over again.

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That’s One Smart Phone

“Nothing makes a smartphone manufacturer happier than a user who gets the most out of the device. At least, that’s how Nook Inc. feels about the NookPhone. So we’re giving you miles just for using your phone!”

  • How to Complete – Essentially an extension of the previous Nook Mileage, you’ll need to use your NookPhone Apps over a long period of time, and pull up your phone at least 1,000 times over the course of life on your island..
  • Nook Miles Earned – 1,000
  • Passport Title Earned

Dive For Treasure: Pearls And Sea Creatures

How To WIN The Card Game At The Campsite And Swap Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Ever since the first Animal Crossing, weve been stuck on shore, running back and forth, hoping a fishs shadow would show up. Now, thanks to the summer swimming update, you can leave the shore behind and go diving after sea creatures. How the tables have turned, little fishies.

These creatures vary in sale value in Nooks Cranny, but even the least valuable creature is worth slightly more than a sea bass, which gives you good odds of making a solid profit compared to fishing. The only negative is that you cant sell them to C.J. for more bells, as well discuss below. Still, it adds some satisfying variety from the status quo of non-stop fishing, which will make it less like work as you build your fortune.

Best of all, occasionally bubbles in the water will draw you to a valuable pearl instead of a creature. These net you 10,000 bells each if sold, or can be used to make the mermaid DIY set before being sold for slightly more money.

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Get Inventory And Tool Upgrades

There are two vital upgrades you can get by spending additional Nook Miles after you pay off your tent. Go to the kiosk in the Resident Services tent after your package is paid off and buy the Better Tools DIY book and the Pocket Organization Guide as soon as theyre available. The former provides recipes for upgrading your tools beyond flimsy, and the latter adds an entire row to your inventory space.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: What The Donation Box Is And How To Use

We tell you exactly how to create the donation box in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and also how to make donations to other users.

With the arrival of the great update for Animal Crossing New Horizons, we not only have new recipes and ingredients, but also new functionalities when it comes to decorating the interiors of our houses, in addition to those stores that will fill our island a little more, But there is one element that is going unnoticed that could earn you quite a few bells.

And is that if you are an important user of the community or a very friendly person, it is likely that you can get a lot of additional bells thanks to the so-called donation box.

While creating the donation box in Animal Crossing New Horizons is tremendously simple, it will be much more difficult for you to attract donations from other visitors, but if you are a good user and have a splendid island, you already have a lot of livestock.

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Get Your Favorite Villager’s Photoframe Item

Villagers are able to gift players with a special memento of their shared friendship a photo of themselves. These adorable little furnishing items can be hung on the walls or displayed atop furniture.

These items are hard to source, even more so than in earlier Animal Crossing titles. Players must have a really high friendship level with the villager, most easily done by gifting them rare or exotic items in wrapping paper daily. Even then, the chance of them gifting players a photo in return is low.

Cornering The Stalk Market


“The powers that be have been tracking your turnip transaction… and let’s just say you’ve harvested your share of profits! Enjoy a few Nook Miles for helping contribute to the island’s economy.”

  • How to Complete – After buying a batch of Turnips from Daisy Mae on Sunday, try and sell them back at Nook’s Cranny for a bigger profit than you sold them for – or ask friends if they have better prices on their island. The more profit you make, the easier it will be to earn more Nook Miles.
  • Reward Ranks – 1,000 Bells earned from Turnips, 10,000 Bells earned from Turnips, 100,000 Bells earned from Turnips, 1,000,000 Bells earned from Turnips, 10,000,000 Bells earned from Turnips
  • Nook Miles Earned – 300, 500, 1,000, 2,000
  • Passport Titles Earned – , , ,

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How To Win The Fishing Tourney

Like I said, its less an actual tournament and more of a catch as much as you can style event. The other villagers on your island will be fishing everywhere you look, but youre less competing with them and more just doing your own thing and hoping you hit certain thresholds. So you dont need to worry about catching bigger or more fish than the competition. Instead you just need to catch as many fish as possible.

How many do you need? We explain in full here along with all the prizes youll earn along the way. In short, you want 300 points by the end of the day. That would take a few hours of fishing though, so we already gave some tips on how to prepare before the fishing tourney even begins. If its started though, we also want to help you out byexplaining how to win the whole thing, which means catching hundreds of fish during each tourney session.

After speaking with C.J. and starting up the tourney youll get a free three minute fishing session in which you can earn points. After that each new one costs 500 Bells, but since C.J. buys all the fish you catch at 150% the normal price, you should be making money the whole time anyway. As we explained in that guide, you should have some extra fishing rods and bait prepared. If you dont, you can take a break from the actual tourney to get some ready, if you want. Otherwise youll just want to do round after round, breaking to craft fishing rods in between.


Come Home To The Roost

“The Roost, located on the second floor of the museum, is quite picky about the coffee they serve, yes, yes! Do stop in to enjoy a cup and earn some dark-roasted miles.”

  • How to Complete – Once you have a 3-Star Island and above and your museum’s art wing complete, talk to Blathers and he’ll tell you he wants Brewster to open up his cafe in the museum. Find Brewster on an island tour with Kapp’n, convince him to do it and return to Blathers. Then drink coffee daily for 200 Bells a cup.
  • Reward Ranks – Drink coffee 5 times, 10, 20, 30, 50
  • Nook Miles Earned – Coming soon
  • Passport Titles Earned – , , , ,

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Use The Stalk Market Carefully

Animal Crossing fans will know that Joan arrives now and again to sell her batch of turnips to you. In New Horizons, you will want to continue to keep an eye out Sunday mornings but instead of Joan, her granddaughter Daisy Mae takes her place. By Monday, you can sell turnips that youve bought, but be warned: there is a risk of losing significant amounts of money too. On Sundays, turnip prices dont change Daisy Mae will have a standard fee thats between 90 to 110 bells per turnip. You can buy a batch and keep an eye on the fluctuating prices at Nooks Cranny through the week, and eventually, you may encounter a day where your turnips can be sold at a profit. Be warned, though: turnips go rotten after a week.

How To Unlock The Museum

You can win an AC Switch on this Island! Animal Crossing Cribs Ep.1 ft Koramora

The Museum is a facility that allows you to donate bugs, fish, and fossils to an expansive exhibit space that players can tour and explore, alone or with friends. Even Villagers may sometimes appear in the Museum to check out the exhibits alongside you.

Before you can have a Museum, you must first find a way to get Blathers to join you on the island. On your first real day on the island, speak to Tom Nook about his DIY Workshop to learn how to craft a Net and Fishing Rod. Next, bring Tom Nook five different bugs and/or fish as you find them. We recommend giving him the five most common bugs or fish that you find.

Once youve given away five critters, Tom Nook will get a call from Blathers, who wishes to join you. Place down a lot for Blathers tent somewhere on the island, and wait for the next day for Blathers to arrive.

Once Blathers is on your island, he will require an additional 15 bugs, fish, or identified fossils to gain a permit to build an actual museum. In the meantime, use the recipes for the Shovel and Vaulting Pole to gain access to fossils, which will appear daily in groups of 3-5 in random spots. Combine these with more unique fish and bugs until you have given 15 specimens to Blathers. Once this is done, he will begin construction on the Museum, which will take one day, and then become fully available to explore.

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Greedy Gardening: Plant A Money Tree

Im sure by now youve noticed a glowing patch of grass somewhere else on your island every day. Dig it up, and you get 1,000 bells. It may not sound like much pocket money, but take another look. That patch is still glowing when you extract the cash, right? Well, toss a bag of cash back in there, and youll sprout a money tree in five or six days with sacks of bells hanging from it like fruit.

These wont regrow like fruit, and youll only get 3,000 bells per day if you throw back in what you get. But play it smart. Instead of that chump change, dump a sack of 10,000 bells in the hole, and youll boost the payout to 30,000 per tree. Make it a daily chore, and youll gain a net 140,000 bells per week.

However, players have been trying a new trick that seems to be working out. Although most players wont try it, some gamblers will bury 99,000 bells in a hole. For a long time, players thought this risk wasnt worth it. But if you wait until a day when, during the morning announcements, Isabelle mentions that her astrology said she will be lucky, then its time to bury 99,000 bells. Its the only way youll be able to yield 297,000 bells from the money tree.

Heres How To Win The Card Game In Acnh

If youre not familiar with the card game in question, its really pretty simple . Whenever you have a campsite visitor, theres a chance that they could move to your island and become a full-time resident. But in order to make that happen, its going to take some real legwork on your end. Well, thumbwork, anyway.

When you talk to your campsite visitor, theyll eventually start offering to play a card game with you. At first, theyll offer you certain prizes usually something theyre wearing or an object they brought along with them. In order to play the game, you have to guess the random card they pull. Theyll tell you ahead of time whether youll need to guess the color or the suit .

But heres the thing: It honestly feels kind of impossible to win this game. Weve lost count of the number of times weve guessed incorrectly and lost out on the prize item. Eventually, the stakes become even higher: Theyll offer to move to your island if you can win the card game. Obviously, if theyre a desirable neighbor, you dont want to lose.

Weve got good news and bad news when it comes to winning the card game in ACNH. First, the bad news: Theres no proven strategy for winning the game. It really is just a game of chance. Sorry!

Gotta love how the music instantly changed once i won the card game lmao#AnimalCrossing#ACNH#NintendoSwitch

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