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How Do Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Work

Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards What Do They Do

How To Use Amiibo Cards In Animal Crossing New Horizons

To start using the amiibo cards, you only need to design a couple of houses in Happy Home Designer. Once youve done two, youll be prompted to tap in an amiibo card if youve got any, and that character will then be transported into your clients home.

As the game progresses, amiibo cards will give you more gameplay options than just getting a party started.

The Nooks Homes office will get an amiibo phone, which lets you get new clients by tapping in an amiibo card. If you bag a shiny card , thats for a character that you can only get via amiibo cards.

Non-shiny card character you might find wandering around the Happy Home Designer world, but those shiny ones are card exclusives.

Theres also a cool feature if you have friends playing with amiibo cards, you can share their furniture. Visit a client on a friends game by tapping your amiibo card on their screen. Do it twice, and your character will remember all of their furniture.All you then need to do is use the amiibo phone in your own game to update that characters record and all that remembered furniture when then become available to use.

Its a great way to get new items for your game and encourages socialising with your amiibo cards.

How To Use Amiibo In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There you have it. As long as you have either the Animal Crossing amiibo figurines or the amiibo cards, you’ll be able to invite characters into your game by merely scanning the NFC chips. Remember that the cards are more useful when it comes to getting the villagers you want to live on your island, although the figurines are just too cute to pass up.

Enjoy your game! I hope you’re able to get all of the villagers you want to come to your island.

A Concise Guide To The Different Amiibo Functions In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf received a big update that added amiibo support and overhauled a few of the games systems. Theres a bunch of different compatible amiibo that all do different things so it can all be a bit confusing, so the aim of this guide is to serve as a sort of primer to this new feature. Well hopefully have some more detailed videos on the way, but with new amiibo releasing this week I thought itd be best to get something out ASAP to clear up a lot of confusion Ive been seeing.

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How To Invite Villagers To The Campsite Using Amiibo

Now that you’ve unlocked the ability to use amiibo cards, it’s time to learn how to scan them in and convince campers to move into your island. You’re going to have to scan a villager’s card multiple days in a row if you want them to become a resident of your island. Here are the steps needed to acquire a new villager using amiibo cards.

  • Interact with the kiosk at Resident Services.
  • Select invite a Camper.

  • Select Yes, I do!
  • Scan the amiibo card you want to use. If you’re playing your Switch in handheld mode, hover the card over the joystick on the right Joy-Con when New Horizons prompts you to use your amiibo. If you’re using the Pro Controller, scan the cards over the Nintendo logo in the top middle of the controller when the game prompts you to use your amiibo.

  • The kiosk will identify the character on the card. Now select Yes!
  • After scanning your card, a cutscene will play, showing the invited camper. When you leave Resident Services, the villager you invited will be at your campsite. Run to your campsite and enter the tent.

  • Talk with the villager a couple of times until they ask you to craft something for them.
  • Agree to their request. They might even give you a new recipe in the processes.

  • This villager will leave your island by the end of the night, so be sure to craft the requested item and give it to the camper before they’re gone.
  • The camper is closer to being persuaded, but they won’t be ready to move in just yet. The following day repeat steps 1 – 9.

  • Connect The Amiibo Card

    Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards HANDMADE Made to Order Free ...

    Have your amiibo card ready in your hand and choose the Invite Camper option at the kiosk in Resident Services. Read through the prompts and select Continue when you are ready.

    When prompted, hold the amiibo card slightly above your right joy-con controller. This takes only a matter of seconds to register with the Nintendo Switch.

    The kiosk will then verify the amiibo card villagers name and ask you once again if youd like to invite the villager to your islands campsite. Select Yes! to continue. Your screen will flash white, and the amiibo card character will appear on your screen. This is where you can choose to invite them to your campsite.

    Once theyve accepted their invitation, the amiibo character will immediately appear at your islands campsite, unless theres already a visitor present. If a random visitor is already present at the campsite, then the amiibo character will appear at your campsite the next day.

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    Here’s What Amiibo Unlock In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    As of now there are two rewards for scanning your amiibo collection in New Horizons. The most exciting reason to take advantage of the feature is that it allows you to bring new villagers to your island. You’ll first have to build a campground, then go through the process of scanning the amiibo at Resident Services. This will send the associated character to your newly built campground.


    Of course, that doesnt mean they will stay on your island, but you can at least bring up the proposition. If they like what you’ve done with the place, they might be inclined to make it their home.

    Amiibo can also be used with Photopia a unique feature that lets you take staged photos with different villagers. By scanning in your collection, these characters will be available for use with Photopia. You can give them different props to hold, tell them how to act, and even give them costumes to wear.

    It’s possible that amiibo outside of the Animal Crossing world will work with this feature, but nothing has been confirmed by Nintendo. If you’ve built up an extensive amiibo collection over the years be sure to test them all out you never know what you’ll find.

    Invite Your Amiibo Accessories* To Bring The Party To Life

    Tap in compatible Animal Crossing amiibo accessories* and set off on a board game adventure for up to 4 players! Check out dynamic boards themed after the months of the year in the core Animal Crossing series, and enjoy events like Bunny Day and fishing contests. Or try escaping a desert island! And tap Animal Crossing amiibo to bring the party to life.

    Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a brand-new way to play with your favorite Animal Crossing characters. Your amiibo are front-and-center in this party game, and youâll get to use them with fun content. Bring to life an expansive and dynamic board game where the board is based on the months of the year like the core Animal Crossing series. Or use your amiibo to strategize your way off a desert islandâand more. The goal? Make your villager the happiest in town and party hard with your friends.

    *amiibo required. Game, system and amiibo accessories sold separately. Compatibility and functionality of amiibo may vary per game. Visit for specific details on how each amiibo works.

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    Unlocking & Purchasing Posters Of Amiibo Characters At Nook Stop

    Can you get anything from the amiibo that can’t be invited to the photo shoots? As we mentioned, most scannable Animal Crossing-specific amiibo – even some that are un-invitable to photo shoots or your campground – will unlock unique posters of themselves for purchase via Nook Shopping at the Nook Stop kiosk .

    For example – our beloved Sanrio amiibo cards can still unlock some of the cutest posters of the bunch at your kiosk when scanned at Harvey’s Island. Yes, we plastered them all over the walls of our house.

    Using Amiibo Cards At Campsite


    We have jotted down all the steps of how to use amiibo cards at the campsite and listed them for you. Continue to read below to find out!

    • Go to Resident Services and talk to the Kiosk. You will get the option for invite a camper, click on it. Then choose Yes! I do.
    • Scan the amiibo card of your choice. The character on the card will appear in the game. Remember that you can only have one camper in a day.
    • The Kiosk will show the character which is present on the card for the purpose of confirmation. Press Yes!
    • A small scenario will be displayed on your screen showing the newly invited animal. Once you have left resident services, go to your campsite. From there, enter the tent. Here you will find the amiibo character.
    • Talk to him for some time after which they will ask you to craft something for them. Accept his request and start crafting that item so that you can give it to him. This is because the camper will leave your island by the end of the night.
    • Obviously once you have given that item to the villager, he will be quite impressed and persuaded to move to your island. However, these animal characters dont just move in that quickly. You will have to repeat all the steps mentioned above 2-3 more times or even more time than that. The main purpose of the repetition of the steps is to convince the characters to live in your village and surely after looking at your effort they will agree.

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    Using Amiibo At Harvs Island:

    Listed below are the steps for how to use Amiibos at Photopia:

    • First, go to the airport and tell Orville you want to fly. Moreover, tell him you want to visit Harvs Island.
    • Next, confirm the time for take off.
    • Then when you are at photopia, enter Harveys house. There are six rooms in this house for you to get pictures taken in. You can make changes in the room by placing any furniture or even changing the lighting according to your choice for the picture. In addition to this you can create a whole scene for clicking pictures.
    • To use an Amiibo click the down button present on the left side of your Switch. Place your Amiibo Card over the NFC reader . The character you have scanned will appear in the room. Sadly though only 10 characters can be present in a room at once.
    • These villagers can also have an emotion of your choice. All you have to do is hang around them and press ZR. This will make a number of emotions available for you to choose from.
    • Pressing A for some time while being around a villager will allow you to pick him up and place him anywhere in the room. In this way you can decide where you want which villager for the picture. To select a number of villagers for moving, press the R button and highlight all the villages you wish to move.
    • Press A quickly while hanging around an animal character. This will cause him to rotate by 45 degrees.
    • To remove an animal character, hover over them. After this, press Y.

    What Are Amiibo Cards For Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Introduced for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Amiibo cards are a cheaper alternative to the figurines, allowing both Nintendo produce and players to collect many more of them. How many you ask? Nintendo has produced 400 Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards so far in four series. Each featuring different characters as well as outfits for favorites like Isabelle.

    You can view the entire collection on Nintendos animal-crossing website by clicking here. Wed list them all out but honestly, you dont want to scroll for 20 pages. Just know that if you like a specific villager, theyre probably included. The website also lists which games the Amiibo card is compatible for, with most showing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, and Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. At the time of writing, the website has not been updated for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    Setting Up Photo Shoots With Amiibo Models On Harvey’s Island

    Which amiibo can you invite to photo shoots on Harv’s Island? Most of the general and “Welcome Amiibo” Animal Crossing-specific cards and figures can be invited to your photo shoots – with the following exceptions :

    • Non-Animal Crossing-specific amiibo
    • Villager from Smash
    • Sanrio “Welcome Amiibo” cards
    • Some special character figures and cards

    How many amiibo can you invite at once to a photo shoot? Feel free to scan up to 10 of your amiibo into the picture party!

    What can you do with the amiibo once they’ve arrived at the shoot? Although we have yet to set up many photo shoots, it’s clear there is a lot of creative freedom here. From dressing up the characters, to positioning them on sets, to giving them emotions, we’re sure we’ll see some fantastic photos from players in the future. Unfortunately, these models are essentially ghosts of their characters, and cannot be interacted with directly by your player.

    From Harv’s Island, you can also unlock posters of each of the scannable amiibo – even some of those characters who can’t come to the shoots – and purchase them for display in your home. And let us tell you – the designs are awesome, we want them all.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager List

    Nintendo Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Series 3ï¼201 to 300 ...

    Get to know the new villagers and who’s returning in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before it launches.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is on the way, and Nintendo has confirmed that it will have Amiibo support for both Amiibo figures and cards. Wait, Amiibo cards? If youre not a big Animal Crossing fan, you may not have even known that Amiibo arent just the collectable figurines. Welcome to a whole new world, friend. The Animal Crossing series has tens of Amiibo cards used to bring characters into your parks, so in this guide well explain what Animal Crossing Amiibo cards are, and how theyll work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    Harv’s Island And The Amiibo Photoshoots

    The first way you can utilise your Animal Crossing amiibo collection with New Horizons is through a dog character known as Harvey – or Harv to his friends, of which there are few. You’ll find him loitering around the Resident Services tent in the early days of island life. You’ll recognise him because he’s dressed like a hippy. He tells you that you can visit his island – handily named Harv’s Island – whenever you want. Just head over to the airport and you can ask to visit Harv’s Island.;

    It’s here that you discover Harv’s Island is actually called Photopia, and Harv is actually a photographer and has a photography studio here on the island. Head inside the building and you can use your amiibo and amiibo cards to summon rather strange zombie-like versions of characters to pose for photoshoots.;

    It’s quite limited, but if you want to have a little fun with old favourites, it’s easy to do and travelling to and from Harv’s Island is free – it won’t cost bells or Nook Miles. Plus, from the next calendar day, you’ll unlock a purchasable poster version of anyone you invite to Photopiain in the ‘Special Goods’ section of Nook Shopping from the Nook Stop terminal, which you can then hang on the wall of your home.;

    The Amiibo Figures Vs The Amiibo Cards

    There are over 400 Animal Crossing amiibo that you can use if you count the 18 NFC figures and the hundreds of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Both the figures and the cards feature NFC chips and get scanned the same way using your Nintendo Switch. However, in New Horizons, the amiibo cards are more useful since they allow you to invite new villagers to your island. The amiibo figures are fun to collect, but they can only be used to invite the unique characters they depict to photoshoot sessions while you’re on Harvey’s Island.

    If you have your heart set on inviting a specific villager to your island, you might want to scour eBay for a particular Animal Crossing amiibo card as many sellers will let you buy them individually. But be warned. Some of the more popular villagers’ amiibo cards are incredibly pricey.

    A full list of Animal Crossing amiibo cards can be found on Animal Crossing’s official website.

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    Receive Posters Of Guests

    Youll be able to order posters of characters whose amiibos youve scanned in the game. This can be done at the Nook Port terminal. However, youll still need to pay bells for these posters theyre not free.

    Unlocked After Visiting Harvey

    Posters will only become available after youve done a photoshoot on Harveys Island. Theyll be added to the Nook Shopping interface at that point.

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    When Will Animal Crossing: New Horizons Get Zelda Characters

    Make your own Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards SANRIO !!!!

    In every previous Animal Crossing installment, there have been nods to the Legend of Zelda series. Either through items or sneaky dialogue. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, players could even find the Master Sword that came complete with sound effects. However, the Legend of;Zelda amiibo;currently dont work for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but this doesnt necessarily mean a crossover wont happen eventually.

    In March of 2021 Nintendo released a set of Super; items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons as part of the 35th anniversary celebration for the Super; series. Players can order these Super-themed items from the Nook Shopping app on their in-game phone, and stock up on 1-Up Mushrooms or dress up as Princess Peach. However, another huge Nintendo franchise The Legend of Zelda is also celebrating its 35th;anniversary this year, even though Nintendo has yet to pay it much mind.

    Released on February 21st, 1986, The Legend of Zelda turned 35 this year, and fans were disappointed by Nintendos lack of fanfare. So far, the only release in this series set for 2021 is a remake of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which is set for July.;Though it is strange that Nintendo didnt release Legend of Zelda items for the 35th anniversary, it seems only a matter of time before Animal Crossing: New Horizons will see a Legend of Zelda update.

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