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How Do I Get Turnips In Animal Crossing

When Should I Sell Turnips

Animal Crossing New Horizons | Turnip Guide, Stalk Market & How to Get the Best Prices

When you go up to Timmy and Tommy, you wont even see the option to sell on Sundays. As a result, you can go the following Monday, though we recommend inquiring about the turnip prices for the day before committing to selling them. When the brothers declare how much theyre ready to pay for this hot item, you may decide whether or not you want to take the risk of selling it.

There is an average price of 120-170 bells for each turnip. However, some people claim to have been paid as much as 600 bells per turnip. So, whats the secret behind this? To begin, be sure to ask twice. The cost will change throughout the day. Each island has specific selling patterns, so players may better understand their particular buyers market by asking twice daily.

Daisy Mae Visiting Days and Hours

Every Sunday morning between 5 a.m. and 12 p.m., Daisy Mae comes to your island to sell turnips . Your island is full of places where she may be lurking, so be sure to explore all of it to discover her.

Expect her to cross over bridges and ramps on your island if you have them, so be on the lookout.

How Much Do Turnips Cost To Buy From Daisy Mae?

On Sunday mornings, Daisy Mae will offer you Turnips at a random price that changes each week. Turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are always sold for between 90 and 110 Bells.

Time Traveler

When To Buy Turnips From Daisy Mae

Daisy Maes turnip prices will be different each Sunday and range from 90 Bells to over 100 Bells. Regardless, you have to buy them in bundles of 10. Buying turnips under 100 bells is usually a good bet. Consider writing down how much you bought them for, or take a screenshot of the price for reference.

If youve got friends playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, be sure to check what prices they have. You can visit their town and buy turnips from Daisy Mae if theyre cheaper. There are also some apps out there, such as Turnip Prophet, that let you predict price fluctuations and major spikes.

You cannot plant turnips, so dont try to grow more!

Animal Crossing Daisy Mae Recipes Offer A Delicious New Use For Turnips

Daisy Maeâs turnips are for more than just the New Horizons Stalk Market.

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update released last week introduced a number of groundbreaking new mechanics and characters. There is a long list of new DIY cooking recipes which can be earned via DIY books, catching fish, or talking to specific NPCs and/or Villagers. Daisy Mae, the turnip-peddling boar, is also getting into all the cooking action as part of the new update, offering all Villagers a new use for those turnips â assuming you arenât using them to become a Bellionaire.

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Daisy Mae Visiting Hours Schedule

Time of Day 5:00 AM to 12:00 noon

Daisy Mae will sell Turnips from 5:00 AM to 12:00 Noon on Sundays in random locations around your island.

It’s a good idea to go looking for her early so you can buy her turnips! Daisy Mae only appears from 5:00 AM to 12:00 Noon and has a habit of wandering around your island.

Max Amount You Can Get Per Tree Is 30k

Animal Crossing New Horizons: 10 Tips On What To Do If ...

The amount of bell which grow on the tree will be 1/3 of the money youve buried. However, the maximum amount of bells that can grow on the money tree is 30,000 bells . Do not bury more than 10,000 bell. Bury 10,000 bells to maximize your profit.

Note: Conflicting Reports

There have been multiple reports of people planting bags of 99,999 bells and having a tree provide them triple returns. We have not been able to confirm this ourselves and thus dont recommend you give this a try, as it seems to be highly random.

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How To Store Turnips Animal Crossing

A new Stalk Market has been created for lovers of New Horizons. Read on to learn how to store and if you can plant them in Animal Crossing.

There are several intriguing new features in New Horizons. Its also possible for players to get money by selling their items in the games new stalk market. Despite the risks and rewards, the stalk market has a lot of drawbacks. The first option is to give up all of your Bells in the hope that youll be able to get them back later. Youll also be able to stock up on turnips at the same time. Players are left wondering how and where they may keep these items at their disposal in the game.

What Is The Stalk Market

Throughout the week, players can visit Timmy and Tommy to learn how much they are purchasing Turnips for, with the price changing every morning and afternoon. The idea of the Stalk Market is simple and is designed after the most basic principles of a real Stock Market: buy low, sell high.

Turnips can be sold every day of the week except Sunday, which is when players can stock up for the following week. The idea is to purchase Turnips and then find the best time to sell them at a profit, though in some cases the prices might plummet, meaning that there will be a loss, just like a real stock market.

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Money Tree Myth Busting: Can You Grow 99k Bell Bags

How to make a TURNIP Garden! – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Players, including some among our staff, have reported planting more than 10K and successfully growing more than 10K bell bags without any time travel cheating. This is completely random and luck based. For that reason, we do not recommend it as an efficient way to make money.

Youre better off planting 10K for a guaranteed 20K profit than planting 99K for a 69K loss.

But you can use the money tree and the time travel cheat with guaranteed results

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How Animal Crossing: New Horizons Turnips Storage Works

There’s a bit of a weird issue with Animal Crossing: New Horizons turnips storage, in that you can’t, in fact, really store them anywhere. You’re not able to whack them in your home storage whatsoever, but you can just drop them on the floor in your home – or around your home / rest of the island.

We assume that this is to prevent you from forgetting the turnips you bought just days previously, but doesn’t become a bit of an inconvenience – especially if you don’t want to waste a precious pocket slot for turnips.

And if you’re wondering whether you can plant turnips in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that’s also a negative. You cheeky things you.

It’s worth noting that turnips place around your island will be seen by Isabelle – and therefore the island rating system – as trash, so you will be unable to achieve / maintain a 5-star rating with turnips lying around.

How To Sell Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Selling turnips can be done on every day of the week bar Sunday at the Nook’s Cranny, aka the Animal Crossing: New Horizons shop. Just go over and speak to Tommy and ask him ‘Turnip prices?’ to see what today’s prices will be.

Yes, you read that right. Prices. The Nook twins will offer you two separate turnip prices a day. One before 12pm midday, and one after midday. Each day, the shop will offer a different two different prices for your turnips. The game is to take a gamble on what you think will be the highest price each week and where you can make the most profit. In total, you’ll have 12 different prices throughout the week, so it’s a complicated game to play.

It’s worth checking with your friends about their turnip prices too, as they may have better rates to make a visit extra worthwhile. Heck, you can even check the turnip exchange site to ensure you’re getting the best profit on your ‘nips each week.

And remember, if you don’t sell them by the next Sunday, they’ll be worthless. Better to make a little profit than none at all.

According to the official Animal Crossing guide book, the fluctuations in turnips prices each week follows one of four patterns:

According to that same guidebook, the statistics for each week occuring looks like this:

Current Pattern

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Animal Crossing: How To Store And Sell Turnips

In Animal Crossing, bells make the world go round. They are paramount to the game, closely mirroring how money works in the real world. Buying and selling bells helps pay off mortgages, among other things.

Players can make them by doing a lot of things, but one way of making bells is by using turnips. Turnips can be sold for varying prices on different days, with the turnip market perpetually in flux. Similar to the stock market, players can use turnips to get rich quickly.

Common Turnip Price Patterns

Animal Crossing: 10 Things Most Players Don

The good news is that you’re not totally in the dark on what to expect from prices throughout the week as there are some patterns to how the Stalk Market typically operates. By tracking your turnip prices every day and identifying possible patterns, you can vastly increase your chances of making a profit!

Similarly to past games in the series, the Turnip Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons features four different possible general patterns that your island’s Turnip prices can follow throughout the week.

Note that ‘your buy price’ in this section refers to the price that Daisy Mae was selling onyour island. If you bought at another island, the price will not be accurate as patterns are based on your own island’s buy price.

Big Spike Pattern

Your turnip prices will initially go down continuously by small amounts appearing to be a bad week, but at some point in the week a series of increasing prices will begin, in which the third increase is the largest ‘spike’ price.

The peak spike price in the Big Spike pattern can be as high as 660 Bells or as low as 180 Bells, depending on your island’s starting buy price.

Small Spike Pattern

Your turnip prices will initially go down continuously by small amounts appearing to be a bad week, but at some point in the week a series of increasing prices will begin, in which the fifth increase is the largest ‘spike’ price.

Random or Rollercoaster Pattern

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Where To Buy Turnips

Every Sunday, Daisy Mae arrives on the island and can be found between 4AM and noon. During that brief window, players can purchase turnips in stacks of ten that range in price from 90-110 Bells, but they need to find her first since she loves to tour the island.

Generally speaking, players should not worry about what the price is, because there is no alternative place to acquire turnips and the goal is to sell them for much more later on in the week, so stock up!

Turnips In Animal Crossing How To Get Rich In New Horizons

You have probably seen Daisy Mae on your island and had the opportunity to buy some turnips from her. She then explained that you can buy the turnips every Sunday and sell them during the week at Nooks Cranny. If you forget to sell them then they start rotting the next Sunday so Saturday 10 PM is your last change to sell them.

So far so good. But how can you actually get rich with turnips? Here are a few tips to get you started.

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What Time Does Daisy Mae Show Up To Sell Turnips In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Turnip seller Daisy Mae is one of several characters who will roam the island on foot, but unlike other vendors such as carpet seller Saharah, you can set your watch to Daisy Maes arrival.

Daisy Mae will appear in your village every Sunday morning, leaving at 12pm. Previous games saw Joan arrive at 6am, and its likely the same in New Horizons for any early risers out there.

Talk to Daisy Mae and she will sell you Turnips in batches of 10. The price of these Turnips will change week-to-week, and from player-to-player, so provided you are happy with the price, purchase as many as you are comfortable with.

Now you have Turnips, the aim is to sell them in the following week. But no matter what, they must be sold by the following Sunday. Otherwise, the Turnips will rot, and your investment will be lost. Remember if you get to Saturday afternoon and you sell at loss, its better to do that than lose it all.

If youve just started playing, note you must have played for at least two or three days before Daisy Mae first appears. You should receive a letter from her in the mail, advertising her services, ahead of her first visit on the coming Sunday.

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What Time Can You Buy Turnips In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons EASY Guide to Turnips

The only time you can buy turnips in Animal Crossing New Horizons is between 05:00 and 12:00 on Sundays.

Daisy Mae will visit your Animal Crossing New Horizons island between the aforementioned time, and shell come with a bunch of turnips atop her head.

Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

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When Should You Sell Your Turnips

Turnips can be bought for a fixed price every Sunday from Daisy Mae. Every day except Sunday, Nook’s Cranny will offer a certain price for Turnips. Think of them like stocks, in that the value changes each day. The key here is to check each day and try to sell the Turnips for more than you’ve paid. Generally, prices will vary from 35 Bells to as much as 200 Bells per Turnip, so check each day to make sure you’re not missing out.

Jake Green/USG

Visiting Other Towns Glitch

In Animal Crossing, if the player has turnips in their inventory and they travel on the train to a village with clock settings earlier in time than the most recent Sunday in the traveling character’s town, they will turn spoiled when arriving at the destination.

In New Leaf, this no longer occurs. This potentially allows for infinite profit, as two people can, in theory, have one game with Joan currently in town and another with a high turnip price at Re-Tail , and travel between the two with no consequence.

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Turnip Storage Pen Method

It is also possible to keep turnips in the wide outdoors, as well. Storage pens are a common sight on the islands of players who are concerned about the safety of their capital. Make or buy fencing at the Nook Stop in Resident Services to make your turnip pen. Its that simple. Make a clear area on your island using your ax and shovel for your pen once your fencing is in place. When youre done arranging your turnips in a grid, enclose the turnips with a fence.

Your turnips will not decay this way, contrary to popular opinion. This means that if you dont sell your turnips within a week, they will be rotten when Daisy Mae comes back the next week. Like ants and flies, some bugs can only spawn from rotten turnips, so its a good idea to leave a few on the ground.

The Stalk Market game in Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires you to keep your turnips secure. Make your money back by selling your turnips at a profit, and dont be afraid to scoff at the children who insist that you sell them for less than they cost to buy. If youd want more information about turnips, including how to sell them for the greatest money, check out our other turnip guide.

How To Unlock Daisy Mae

OH NO! I NEED To Get Rid Of These TURNIPS!!!

Shes cute, adorable, and now part of the family business. Learning from her grandmother Joan, Daisy Mae will be on your island on Sunday to help you grow your bells. Before shell visit, you need the following established on your island:

  • Paying off your first loan .
  • Completing Timmy and Tommys supply request to build Nooks Cranny.

At this time, players have also reported needing the bridge, the Museum, and three houses built too, but in my current playthrough I have only accomplished one . Given that all these events happen around the same time, it could be a coincidence.

Once youve completed Nooks Cranny, Timmy and Tommy will explain what new services they offer including buying turnips. Also, youll receive a letter in the mail from Daisy Mae announcing her upcoming visits.

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