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How Do You Add Friends On Animal Crossing

Use The Dodo Code To Invite Friends

Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Invite And Add Friends | NEW 2020!

The Dodo Code is a nifty way to invite players who arent on your Nintendo Switch friends listOrville will give you a temporary five-character code to share with other playersno strings attached.

Using this feature for the first time will also unlock the Best Friends List on your Nook Phone .

Players who visit your island with a Dodo Code wont be able to cut down your trees or take anything off the island .

When youre finished playing, ask Orville to close the gate and the players will be asked to leave the island.

Having A Best Friend Is Great

Best friends in life are some of the strongest bonds we create and the same goes for Animal Crossing New Horizons, though you can make as many friends as you like, having a best friend gives you more options and you can your bestie can progress together. If you want to add a best friend in Animal Crossing New Horizons, this guide will show you how to do that.

Having a best friend is great and all, but it is advisable that you keep adding people as best friends only those you trust and know. Lets see how you can add best friends in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Find & Add New Human Friends To Pocket Camp

First, we’ll discuss a few different ways to make your real-life friends that are also playing Pocket Camp your in-game human friends. Then, we’ll talk about how you can make new in-game human friends to help your experience grow even more.

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Accept Reject Or Cancel Human Friend Requests

From the Add Friends menu, you can also view pending sent and received friend requests. By tapping Friend Requests Sent, and then tapping on a person who you sent a request to, you can cancel the request if need be. Tap Friend Requests Received to view those that people have sent to you, where you can add them as a friend with Add friend! or deny their request with Never mind.

Using Postal Services At Dodo Airlines

Add More Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Friends Here by ...

Mail between villagers in the Animal Crossing franchise has always been a big deal, and now you can send customized mail to the people on your friends list.

When first visiting the Dodo airport, Orville will fill you in on the postal services he offers. Off to his right, youll see a rack of envelopes that you can send to friends for 200 Bells.

You can also attach presents. Certain cards that correspond to specific events or seasons are available for a limited time.

Whether you want to play with friends in the comfort of your home or if you want to swing open the gates and open your island to the public, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has got you covered.

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Send A Best Friend Request To A Friend

Open up the Best Friends List app to see your friends, then select a person to request to be best friends with.

Wait for Confirmation

Once the player accepts your request, you are now best friends! Check your Best Friend Inbox and Outbox to see the active Best Friend requests you’ve sent and received.

You can remove Best Friends status anytime

Remove your best friend status anytime by selecting their name and choosing Quit being Best Friends.

How To Invite Friends To Your Island

In order to invite friends to your island, you have to speak to Orville at the airport and tell him you want visitors. You have a few options when doing this: You can choose whether to connect to local players or those playing online, and you can allow either all your friends or only your Best Friends to visit. Orville will then open your gates so your friends can come, and when you don’t want visitors anymore, you can ask Orville to close the gates.

You can also choose to invite players via a Dodo Code. Choosing this option will allow you to invite people who aren’t on your friends list at all in addition to friends and Best Friends. Orville will give you a random five-character code, which you can then give to anyone you want to invite . This helps you control who comes to your island. The Dodo Code will expire when you close your gates.

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Difference Between Best Friend And Friend In Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you are new to Animal Crossing New Horizons, you may discover that there are two types of friends that you can have Friend and Best Friend. The difference between the two is important and must not be overlooked. Friends can visit your island and take a look around but they can basically do nothing much that will make you regret later on.;

Best Friends have more freedom when visiting and they can potentially cause havoc if youre not careful. They have access to a shovel or axe so they can basically destroy things. If you dont trust a person, dont make him or her your Best Friend.;

To unlock Best Friend is easy as you only need to play online once to make the Best Friend app available in the NookPhone.

How To Make Someone A Best Friend In Animal Crossing

How to get the Best Friends app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for your Nook Phone

This is important. When we said that people who come to your island cant go around and mess things up, they can if they are best friends so it is wise to make sure that you really do trust this person before you make them a virtual bestie.

But if you are sure a person can be trusted, you will need to add them as a Nintendo Switch friend first and if that is done, when you are both on the same island, yours or theirs, open up your Nook phone and look for an app called Best Friends List. Simply find the friend, choose the invite to be a best friend and thats it, besties for life.

Youll now be able to manage them whenever they are online and not only that, but Orville can send out a mass invite to all your BFFs at once!

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Best Friends Or Friends

There is a distinctive difference between friends and Best Friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While friends can come visit the island, only Best Friends will be able to use tools that can destroy the island, items such as the shovel or the axe. You can access the Best Friend app from your NookPhone. It should appear automatically after you play online for the first time.

Once youve found a best friend in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that player can travel back and forth to your island. They can borrow tools and also destroy your community with their ax or shovel. You arent limited to one best friend; You can classify anyone who has visited your space before as a best friend on the Bestfriend app in the NookPhone.;

If youd like to add a friend, the method is even easier. All you have to do is meet with that player while playing the game. If you choose to upgrade them to a best friend, you can check out whenever theyre online, send them messages in the game, or give them fun gifts.;

To keep track and manage your Best Friend list, check out your NookPhone. To connect with a friend, you just need to be in the same place at the same time within the game. After landing on the same island, their name should appear on your phone. Then you can choose to add them to your Best Friend list.;

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Benefits Of Being Best Friends

Becoming friends is easy. All you need to do is have someone show up on your island or visit someone else’s island, then that player will show up in your friends list. However, it takes a little more work to make someone a best friend, and for a good reason.

To protect your island and its resources, your friends cannot use some of their tools while visiting you. However, this changes if you become best friends in the game. You’ll be able to run around together, harvesting everything you can find. Just keep in mind that some players aren’t as considerate as others.

You want to be very careful about becoming best friends with just anybody. One of the worst things that can happen is discovering that all your fruits have been plucked from the trees, and all your flowers have been harvested, leaving you with nothing to do – or worse, with no Bells to earn. Only become best friends with someone you trust.

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How To Play Local Multiplayer In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Physically meet up with some friends who all also own a Nintendo Switch and a personal copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons.
  • After saying hello to one another, decide which among you will be the host. The host needs to go to Dodo Airlines, informing Orville that they want visitors via local play.
  • Players who intend to join need to go to Dodo Airlines, speak to Orville, and select I wanna fly,I wanna visit someone, and finally Local Play. Your local pals island should pop up as a destination. Those looking to travel should do so one by one. If too many people attempt to join at once, the system will possibly overload, thus canceling your flight.
  • People may also enter a one-time Dodo code to join.
  • Once youre in, you may unite to take on the world.
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    How To Unlock Multiplayer In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I wanna chill for a bit and do my island ~

    Traditional multiplayer is unlocked by hitting Day 2 of gameplay, which happens as the day changes for you in real life after first starting the game. This will unlock Dodo Airlines, the games multiplayer hub. There youll be able to enjoy both online and local multiplayer. Unlike Party Play, both modes may be enjoyed with up to eight players. Similar to party play, there are some limitations to what players that join can do â theyll be unable to use the hosts Resident Services and most wont have access to their Axe or Shovel tools unless the player is denoted as a Best Friend.

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    What Is A Dodo Code

    The Dodo Code is a more effective way of inviting players to ones island. It offers you more control over invitees although it can also be abused. Its not unheard of that many people who invite people over their island complaining that some of their items were stolen, flowers were crushed, among many other unsavory things.

    If you are careful though, its a sure way of enjoying the game even more.

    How Can I Receive Monthly Benefits From The Pocket Camp Club

    This benefit will be distributed once per calendar month only. You can accept this benefit by tapping the Present icon during the period between 11:00 p.m. PT on the last of the month and 11:00 p.m. PT on the last of the following month. Please be aware of when you joined this subscription plan. If you joined the plan near the end of the distribution period, you will have a shorter amount of time to receive the benefit. If you have not received your monthly benefit and log in after your plan’s validity period has ended, the Present icon will not display.

    You can receive your benefits when you tap the Present icon right after joining.

    From the second month on of your continued subscription for a plan, your benefits will be distributed at the set “base date” of 11:00 p.m. PT on the day following the day you joined.


    If you joined at 11:00 p.m. PT on 5/15…- Your first set of benefits distributed right after joining.- Your “base date” will be set for the 15th of everymonth at 11:00 p.m. PT.- Your next distribution period for benefitswill begin on 6/16 at 11:00 p.m. PT

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    How To Add People As Best

    The only way to get the Best-Friends List App, which allows you to add people as Best Friends is to play Online.

    When you go to Dodo Airlines and ask to visit someone far-away, Online or ask for visitors far-away, Online.Orville will add the Best-Friends List App and the Chat Log app to your phone.

  • Become friends on the Nintendo Switch.
  • Play together online once.
  • Use the Best-Friends List app to send them a Best-Friend request.
  • They must accept you in order for you to become Best Friends.
  • You can also manage/remove best friends from this app. Plus message them all at once.
  • When Can You Invite Friends To Your Animal Crossing Island

    How To Play Online With Friends In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Once youve signed up for a Nintendo Online subscription, you can then go ahead and start the game. At first, you wont be able to add friends on; Animal Crossing New Horizons right away and youll need to wait for one full day after youve created your island. This is because the airport wont be operational within the first 24 hours.

    If you want to hurry this up and youre desperate to add friends, you can use a cheat to time travel. This is done by changing the Nintendo Switch time and date manually on your console. So, for example, if you started playing the game at 12 in the morning of August 1st, you simply have to move the date and time forward for at least 24 hours to trick the game into thinking that the 24-hour period had lapsed.

    Once airport is up and running, you should be able to visit your friends islands or invite them over to yours.

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    How To Add Friends In Animal Crossing

    Once;a person has been to your island, you can easily invite;them in the future and make them your best friends. To do this, you will need to open your;Nook Phone, and you will be able to find a new app called ‘Best Friends List’. The app will have a;page called ‘Friends’ that displays a list of people that you have;recently played with. From the list, you can tap on the names to;send them an invitation to become;Best Friends.

    Image credits: Nintendo via Polygon

    As a person accepts your Best Friend invite, you will;be able to send them a message with the help of;the in-game keyboard once;they come online. This will make setting up multiplayer sessions much easier.

    And once you have a huge list of Best Friends, Orville can help you with sending out invitations in a batch, which is much simpler and easier than relying on;the Dodo Codes.

    Best Friend Or Friend

    There is a distinct difference between friends and best friends Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While friends may arrive on the island, only the Best Friends will be able to use tools that can destroy the island, such as a shovel or an ax. You can access the Best Friends app from your NookPhone. It should appear on its own after playing online for the first time.

    Although friends can be featured on NookPhone, Best Friends stands out because players can interact more with best friends than friends. When a player is a best friend, you will be able to see when they are online and send them in-game messages, letters and gifts. Note that you cannot import a friends list from your contacts or any other source. You can only add other players by adding them to the game.

    To add someone to your Best Friends list, you will need to access the Best Friends app. When another player is visiting your island or searching for another players island, open the Best Friends app. The second persons name should populate the first screen, which will allow you to add the person to your best friend list.

    Every time you visit another players island you will get a nook. It is a way to encourage community building within the game. So be sure to get out there and visit those islands!

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    How To Play With Friends On Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Go and sea the world.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is at its best when youve linked up with a few friends. Heres how to visit their islands and invite them round.

    Animal Crossing islands are ideal retreats for solitude and escape. You might fancy showing off your designs and beautiful island to friends though! Heres how to connect with fellow Animal Crossing: New Horizons players.

    What You Need To Invite Friends To Your Island Or Visit An Island


    Although Animal Crossing New Horizons can be played offline, youre going to miss a big part of what makes the game really fun, and that is playing with your friends. If youre content with thriving in your own island alone , then you can go ahead and do it.

    However, if you plan on going online and enjoying the game with family members, friends, and even strangers, youll need to have an active Nintendo Online subscription. To get that, youll have to use the Nintendo Switch eShop. Depending on your choice, you can either use an individual subscription or a family subscription.

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