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How Do You Get Star Fragments In Animal Crossing

What To Craft With Star Fragments

HOW TO GET Star Fragments in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Star fragments can be used to craft a variety of different items, including the Magic Wand. This recipe can be found from Celeste, a wandering villager that can often be seen on your island during meteor showers. Be sure to talk with them whenever theyre around, as they like to hand out unique DIY recipes that involve star fragments.

The Magic Wand is the main reason players like to collect star fragments, as it lets them change outfits on the fly. Outfits are saved in a fashion similar to the tool ring, giving quick access to several different styles. Youll have to assign the outfits while near a dresser or closet and youll need to keep the Magic Wand in your inventory but its a fun feature to play around with.

Beyond the Magic Wand, there are some cool pieces of Zodiac furniture that can be crafted, such as the Leo sculpture, Aries rocking chair, and Scorpio lamp. Each one requires a corresponding Zodiac star fragment, which gives you a good reason to keep stargazing throughout the entire year.

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Animal Crossing Star Fragments: How To Get Them

Getting Star Fragments is pretty simple. All you need to do is wish on a star. To do that, just tilt the right stick up, wait for a star to come loose from the firmament, and press “A” as it races across the sky.

When you’ll actually get a meteor shower isn’t completely certain. It only happens on clear nights, but it doesn’t seem to happen every clear night. Sometimes, your island neighbors give you a clue by mentioning how the weather is perfect for shooting stars.

Also, if Celeste is in your town, it’s a guarantee a meteor shower is going on .

Either way, it’s much easier to tell if you’ve got the volume up, as you’ll hear a little twinkling sound each time a star comes on the scene.

Equally important, you aren’t limited with how many stars you can wish on. You can only wish once on each star, but if you’re looking to really rack up the number of Star Fragments you get, wish on every one you see.

The day after you wish on stars , head out and walk up and down the beaches. You’ll find Star Fragments proportional to the number of stars you wished on. What kind they are, however, is another story.

Crafting With Star Fragments

If you’re wondering what to do with star fragments in Animal Crossing, know that you’ll eventually want to use them for crafting. If you’ve come across a lot in your time playing, it’s best to hoard them!

Star fragments are rare so be sure to keep them in a safe spot for crafting. You’ll learn new star recipes from Celeste as you see her , or you might get lucky and receive one from a balloon present or even a villager.

Once you craft a piece of the zodiac furniture, you can also bring those to Celeste and she’ll tell you a story.

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Find It On The Beach The Day After Wishing On Shooting Stars

After seeing and wishing upon shooting stars in ACNH, you’ll be able to find Star Fragments on the beach the very next day.

Shooting Stars are a bit more inconsistent on regular clear nights which is why we recommend finding Meteor Showers.

Meteor Showers have Shooting Stars falling constantly throughout the night which makes the best source of these rare crafting items!

Make 20 wishes and invite guests if possible to maximize the number of star fragments you can get!

Check out our guide below to find out how to make wishes on Shooting Stars!

How Do I Use The Star Wand In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to get Star Fragments for the Star Wand in Animal ...

Before you can use the wand, you’ll need to register outfits to it. To do this, head to the nearest wardrobe . Unlike the other tools, you are able to hold the Star Wand while standing inside your house.

Approach the wardrobe while holding the wand and press ‘A’. You’ll be taken to a menu where you can construct outfits and assign them to slots while your character poses like the catwalk model they are.

As you’ll find out, using the wand to change into the outfit doesn’t mean your clothes magically teleport to you – instead, it’s considered a ‘transformation’ and the clothes you’re actually wearing beneath these ‘magical’ clothes will still be there. A small point, but one important enough for Nintendo to highlight. Essentially this means that while you can remove and sell the clothes your wearing , this won’t be possible with Wand outfits unless you have the physical item on your person.

After naming your outfit you’ll have the option to edit the icon representing it, but that has no effect on the outfit itself.

And that’s it! When you’re finished assigning outfits, head outside on your normal business. From now on, equipping and using the wand will bring up an Outfit Ring similar to your Tool Ring and you can switch outfits instantaneously. Fabulous, darling!

To remove all Wand outfits simply select the one you’re wearing again and you’ll return the whatever you are wearing underneath.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Star Fragments

You’ll need Star Fragments to build wands in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here’s where to get Star Fragments.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

While out exploring the many islands of Animal Crossing New Horizons you may come across a recipe for one of the wand items. To make them you’ll need Star Fragments, an extremely rare resource. At first, you’ll have absolutely no idea as to where you can get Star Fragments, but don’t fret, we’re here to help. In this guide you’ll find info on how to get Star Fragments, what they’re used for, and more.

On this page:

Constellation Fragments In New Horizons

Which constellation star fragment you receive in New Horizons depends on which zodiac sign is currently active. It’s important to note that the zodiac remains the same for both the northern and southern hemisphere.

This means that if Capricorn is the active zodiac sign, then there’s a chance you’ll receive a Capricorn fragment from wishing on a star.

Resist the temptation to sell these constellation star fragments, because Celeste will give you DIY recipes that require these rare materials.

Here are dates for when each zodiac sign is active:

  • Capricorn – December 22nd to January 19th
  • Aquarius – January 20th to February 18th
  • Pisces – February 19th to March 20th
  • Aries – March 21st to April 19th
  • Taurus – April 20th to May 20th
  • Gemini – May 21st to June 20th
  • Cancer – June 21st to July 22nd
  • Leo – July 23rd to August 22nd
  • Virgo – August 23rd to September 22nd
  • Libra – September 23rd to October 22nd
  • Scorpio – October 23rd to November 21st
  • Sagittarius – November 22nd to December 21st

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Why Should You Watch For Shooting Stars In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Aside from being pretty, there’s an excellent reason to watch the meteor showers:Star Fragments. By wishing on a shooting star , you can make sure those meteors land on your island. When you wake up the next day, you will find Star Fragments washed up on the shore, just like seashells. Depending on how many shooting stars you wished upon, you can find a lot of these Star Fragments. They come in multiple different varieties and are a rare crafting material. Since this is the only way to get Star Fragments and meteor showers are relatively uncommon, you’ll want to make the most of the nights when you have the chance. During any meteor shower, you can earn several normal Star Fragments and a couple Large Star Fragments.

You can also earn a few Zodiac Fragments based on the date of the shower itself:

  • Aquarius Fragment: January 20 until February 18
  • Pisces Fragment: Feb 19 until March 20
  • Aries Fragment: March 21 until April 19
  • Taurus Fragment: April 20 until May 20
  • Gemini Fragment: May 21 until June 20
  • Cancer Fragment: June 21 until July 22
  • Leo Fragment: July 23 until August 22
  • Virgo Fragment: August 23 until September 22
  • Libra Fragment: September 23 until October 22
  • Scorpio Fragment: October 23 until November 21
  • Sagittarius Fragment: November 22 until December 21
  • Capricorn Fragment: December 22 until January 19

In Wild World And City Folk

How to Get Star Fragments in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Meteor showers are renamed Shooting stars. If the player came across a shooting star, they could repeatedly press the A button while it fell from the sky, making a wish on the star. A few days later they would receive a letter from Wishy the Star with a piece of spotlight furniture attached. Spotlight items are normally available at Tom Nooks shop for a high price.

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What Do You Get For Wishing On A Star

When Celeste the Owl first arrives in your town, speak to her and shell give you the DIY recipe for a Magic Wand. The wand requires three Star Fragments and one Large Star Fragment. But where you do you get these Star Fragments?

On the day after youve wished on shooting stars, walk along the beaches of your island. Youll find various kinds of Star Fragments all along the beach, likely tied to the number of times that you wished on stars. So its definitely worth making a lot of wishes.

Any wishes you make on a friends island will yield zodiac fragments for your islands current date. Making a wish on a July 6 island while your island is set to May 6 will still give you Taurus Fragments, rather than Cancer Fragments.

How To Get The Magic Wand And Star Fragments In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons magic wand is a handy tool for switching between pre-selected outfits – and silly costumes – at the literal wave of a wand.

This brand new tool is powered by star fragments and lets you store and then switch between eight outfits on the fly. You can assign the outfits to the slots via any wardrobe, and then just whip out your wand to switch between them wherever you are on the island. But, in order to even make a magic wand, you’re going to need to find star fragments, which are one of the rarest resources in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

But in order to make a wand, you’re going to need at least three star fragments, which are incredibly hard to come by. However, we’ve worked it out, and here’s what you’ll need to do.

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Players Will Be Wise To Dedicate Some Time To Get Star Fragments In The World Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Nicholas Barth

There are a plethora of things that players in the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can do. One of these activities is getting star fragments to make a magic wand, which allows players to switch between outfits whenever they would like. However, players will need to perform specific actions to be able to acquire the star fragments required for the outfit wand. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get star fragments in Animal Crossing: New Horizons covered for you.

Pick Up Star Fragments The Next Morning

animal crossing new horizons star fragments find

The morning after the meteor shower, head out to the coast. Scattered along the beach you should see star fragments typically, there is one for each wish you made the previous night. They can be located anywhere along the coastline, and thats the only place theyll be found youll never find a star fragment anywhere but in the sand. These celestial objects come in a few varieties:

  • Star fragments: The most common type of fragment.
  • Large star fragments: Less common, but required in order to craft many valuable items.
  • Zodiac star fragments: Very rare, only found at certain times of the year.

Star fragments and large star fragments can appear any time of year, while Zodiac star fragments are tied to different seasons. For example, between April 20 and May 20, Taurus star fragments may appear, while Gemini star fragments will appear between May 21 and June 20. Zodiac star fragments are among the rarest objects available, but stumbling upon one gives you the option to craft some of the coolest furniture in the game.

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How To Get Star Fragments In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Long-time Animal Crossing: New Horizons players know the importance of star fragments in the game. Star fragments are crafting materials used to craft objects like wand tools and zodiac furniture.

Newer Animal Crossing: New Horizons players can learn about star fragments and how to get them from Celeste. She will take some time to appear on the island at first, but when she does, players need to strike up a conversation with her and learn about the “good fortune” from the shooting stars.

Meteor Showers And Celeste

Celeste will occasionally visit your island after 7 PM and will always appear when there’s either a meteor shower or at least the chance for a few shooting stars to appear on a clear night. The Meteor Shower event brings upon far more shooting stars than any normal night, and Isabelle will remark on it during the daily announcement, so be sure not to miss it.

When you talk to Celeste, she’ll inform you about the frequency of the falling stars and the rumors about a wand that can transform you into a whole new you. Queue the Magic Wand recipe!

If you talk to her again, she’ll also let you know that each of the constellations has a story, and sometimes more than one. If you “run across something related to a constellation,” say, like a large star fragment from a zodiac, then bring it to Celeste next time you see her and she’ll tell you its story.

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Shooting Star Wishes Star Pieces And Star Fragments

If you look up at the night sky in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’s a chance you’ll see a shooting star. Better yet, you might even have a scheduled meteor shower event!

This page will tell you all about how to make a wish on a shooting start, how to get star fragments, and what to do with all your star pieces.

When Is It Possible To Catch A Shooting Star

How to Get Star Fragments – Animal Crossing New Horizons

You’ll be able to spot shooting stars for the first time on the day when Celeste visits your island. Then, this opportunity will occur from time to time. What can I do to avoid checking the sky every day? Shooting stars make distinctive but quiet noises – if you can hear them, then that’s the moment when you can catch a few of them. The residents of our island also talk about shooting stars.

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Key To Get Additional Star Fragments

You can only get 20 Star Fragments by wishing on meteor showers. This means you have to wish 20 times in order to get maximum Star Fragments. However, you can increase this number to 40 with an insane trick. You just have to invite a friend over and wish together to get those additional 40 fragments.

Interestingly, your friend has to wish at least 100 times to get that additional 20 fragments. Every five wishes from your friend will give you one star fragment. Therefore, it is necessary to wish together and grab the extra rewards.

How To Make A Wish On The Shooting Star Animal Crossing New Horizon

There are some nights when the sky on Mysterious Island is clearer than usual. and Celeste the Owl roams your city. They are the afternoons of shooting stars, luminous meteorites to which it is possible to make a wish.

Then go to a point in the city where you can see the sky well. After a while, you should see a shooting star pass by. At this point, just press A to make a wish. The night of the shooting stars, however, is not over and as the stars travel in groups, they wander for a few minutes in search of new desires to express.

Your wishes will lead you to get Star Shards . These fragments can be collected the next morning along the beach of your island and you will find as many as expressed wishes.

What the magic wand does in Animal Crossing

The powers of the magic wand are really strange but in the Animal Crossing style. The wand allows you to change clothes instantly, just hold it in your hand. Up to 8 different outfits can be assigned to the magic wand. It may not be capable of great magic, but at least you can put your clothes on in an instant to face a sudden storm for example.

Here ends our guide on how to get magic wand in Animal Crossing New Horizon. We trust that it will be of help to you. Also here you can find other useful tips and tricks to improve your island how to kick the villagers out of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nintendo is providing the game for giveaway to one of you but all opinions are my own.

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