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How Many Levels In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Farm Those Villager Requests Multiple Times A Day

My Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – The day of Level 57

As you travel around the different recreational zones in your Camper, you will meet many different Villagers wandering around. These characters offer a bit of dialog, as well as three different requests that you can complete for them in exchange for certain rewards. Its important to complete these Villager requests since its the only way of increasing the friendship level with the corresponding character, as well as farming player experience in order to level up and unlock more crafting recipes. Moreover, these requests also give plenty of crafting materials, which youll definitely need later on.

The Villagers in Animal Crossing;stay in one place for a three hours before leaving, after which others will take their place. Make sure to talk with them and complete their requests before they leave as this is the key to getting started in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The objective here is to come back, ideally, every three hours to chat with Villagers and complete their requests. However, if you can manage to play at least twice per day, youll be fine.

The Perks Of Meeting New Villagers

In any other Animal Crossing game, Villagers are pivotal parts of your town since they give tons of flair and personality through their interactions, clothing, and the way their homes are decorated. In Pocket Camp, however, they are much more important since meeting and befriending Villagers is the main way for you to level up in this game.

Every time you interact with a Villager, you will receive friendship experience, which will contribute towards increasing your friendship level with the said Villager. Moreover, for every friendship level you obtain with any Villager, you will receive player experience. Once you get enough player experience, your level will increase, opening up new crafting recipes, as well as new Villagers for you to meet.

Keep in mind that, if youre just starting in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you will only have access to a select few Villagers with which to interact. As you increase your level, you will find more of these characters in your contacts catalog, which you can summon at any time using a Calling Card, or find them in any of the recreational zones in the map. These Villagers rotate every few hours so make sure you interact with each one before they leave.

Reaching New Heights: Level 99 And Beyond

How exactly did I end up reaching level 99? Im not entirely sure. There were definitely times when I was sitting at home preparing to make dinner, when Id look down to discover Id been mindlessly playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for twenty minutes.

Id invited new animals to my campsite and harvested dozens of flowers that served no purpose. My character was wearing overalls, flip flops, and aviators. I dont even remember changing her outfit. This game was so boring it didnt even require consciousness to play.

Every night I would lie in bed, playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp until I inevitably passed out from boredom. As someone whos suffered from insomnia for most of her life, I cant tell you how incredible it is to feel yourself lulled to sleep. This game cured me. It was compelling enough to distract me from the mundane but mindless enough to play as I was drifting off.

I heard about the players who designed their campsites to look like internment camps and small bunny prisons. I hopped on that bandwagon right awayhow could I not? But in time, I felt an attachment to my tiny digital animal friends and wanted them to feel comfortable when visiting my campsite. Does this reflect my blossoming maternal instinct as I near the ripe age of 30? Probably not.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Over time, I leveled up. I picked a lot of apples and handed them out to various cows and monkeys who most definitely didnt eat them.

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Stay On Top Of Your Stretch Goals And Timed Goals

While youre free to do whatever you want after finishing the tutorial in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you have a series of goals that you can work to complete. These tasks are called the Stretch Goals and the Timed Goals, with the former being static challenges that never change, and the latter being limited tasks that expire after some time.

These Goals are the closest that this game will come to giving you a specific objective. The daily quests, in particular, are quite important since they give some great rewards. Meanwhile, the Stretch Goals are permanent and can be completed at your leisure, and also give good prizes.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Events

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Nintendo is currently offering some very cool daily bonuses, like 20 Leaf Tickets and plenty of essences. Be sure to log-in every day to catch them all.

Brewster is another special animal to arrive in addition to Celeste. Craft the Brewsters Coop for 350 Leaf Tickets, and hes sure to come by your camp.

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Tell Nintendo The Features You Want

Wish there was a museum? Think fishing is too easy? Miss being chased by bees when you shake a tree? Hate the interface for getting to friends’ Market Boxes? Tell Nintendo the features you want most in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp using the Feedback section. If enough people ask for a feature, we may see it in a future update.

Tap the More section at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then tap Misc. Tap Customer Support. Then tap **Feedback. You can then send direct feedback to Nintendo.

Help Your Friends Enter The Quarry

Also, help your friends enter the quarry! You can see if they need help by looking in the friendship tab and clicking on the “lend a hand” button.

For every friend that you help to enter the quarry, you’ll receive 100 bells at the end of the day. Even if they don’t end up entering the quarry, and you helped, you’ll still get 20 bells!

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Beginners Guide Part : Setting Up Camp

  • What do KK Sliders questions mean? At the start of the game, players are greeted by KK Slider, a guitar-strumming doggie who asks you what your ideal vacation would look like, and you are given a few ways of responding. While in other Animal Crossing games, the way you answered KKs questions had meaning and often affected the appearance of your character. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp the question has less significance, in that it will simply determine which kind of campsite you are shown first. When you go to speak with Isabelle, however, youll be given the option to choose from four campsite themes: Sporty, Cool, Cute or Natural.

  • Which campsite theme is best? The honest answer here is whichever one you like best. All choosing a campsite theme does is sets you up with some free furniture of that theme in the beginning and determine which animal you will friend first. During the game you will be trying to friend various animals who prefer different campsite themes. In order to attract them, you place furniture and amenities in the theme they prefer. Even if you pick one theme to start with, you will be crafting items in every theme along the way so your starter campground theme has little bearing. Since there are more Cute and Sporty animals in the game than Cool or Natural, it may be a slight advantage to start with one of these campsites.

Heard About The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Gardening Update But Can’t Figure Out How To Plant Flowers Check Out Our Complete Flower Guide Including How To Water And Cross

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – How to Level Up Fast

On Monday, Nintendo released a new gardening update for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp players that allows them to not only plant flowers on their little campsite but also care for the gardens of friends via watering, cross-pollination and more. While most of us got the gardening update notification in our message box, there werent a lot of details given as to where you could plant your new flowers and what the are of having a garden. In this guide, weve put together everything you need to know about the new garden update including how to get and plant flowers, water, cross-pollinate them and more.

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May 15 201: Host The Most Invites New Animals And A New Theme

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has a new set of animals that want to join the camping fun. Not only are there now three new animal friends, but there is also a brand new theme; Modern! A new theme brings with it new craftable items, a modern desk, a massage recliner an exhibit partition, and more. Of course, a new theme also means new amenities. You can build a Modern tent, followed by a Modern House, and eventually, add a Honeycomb Library to your Campsite! The three new animals added to the game are as follows:

  • Naomi
  • Wolfgang

Remember, all of these animals are of the Modern theme.

To celebrate the addition of these animals, Nintendo is running the Host with the Most event again, which means there are timed goals that reward Modern essence when you invite two new animals to your Campsite. The Host the Most event is only five days long, ending May 20, so you’d better get out there and help some campers!

Sell Rare Items Directly From Your Inventory For Bells

My camper found a rare seashell!

Rare items are worth quite a bit of bells. Sell them directly from your inventory to get quick bells for them. Rare fish can sell from anywhere between 2,5005,000 bells, and the same goes for rare bugs and pearl-oyster shells. You’ll know you’ve picked up/caught a rare item as you’ll see a cut-scene with your character holding up the item and celebrating it.

Don’t bother selling rare items like this in the market box; players will rarely spend 6,000 bells on items they can just find themselves!

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Secret Tips For Crafting Items That Attract Animals Your Camp

Once you have built your relationship with an animal to the minimum level, you will see an option in the chat to invite them to your campground. At that time the animal will tell you its furniture requirements before he will visit. You can also access these in the Contacts tab by tapping on the animal. As soon as you meet a new animal you should immediately begin working on the furniture he or she likes. You will probably want to unlock 3 crafting areas with Leaf tickets so you can craft more items at once. ;More specific tips for crafting can be found below:

;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

  • What If An Animal I Want To Host Isnt On The Map? Sometimes youll meet an animal along the way and the later when you want to build a relationship with him, hes nowhere to be found. If this happens to you, you can summon that animal by using a calling card.

  • How To Get Calling Cards – Calling cards are mainly gotten by completing specific stretch goals. You get a set of three of them after fulfilling your first animal request

  • How To Use Calling Cards – To use a calling card, you need to visit a location where you gather resources that is away from your camp. Once there, go to the Contacts tab and tap on the animal you are trying to find. You will see an option to call that animal. Once you call the animal it will remain at the location for three hours so its a good idea to spend as much time as you can building the relationship with her and crafting her favorite items before the time runs out.

May 31 201: Digby’s Artful Retreat Comes To Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Just Added A Ton Of New ...

There’s a new garden event happening right now and it’s very post-modern. Digby needs help finding busy buzzing creatures called Bumblecubes. Your job is to collect as many of them as possible by planting seasonal Art Blossoms in your garden that will attract them. Share your Bumblecubes with friends for rewards. Collect them to earn exclusive clothing and decorations from Digby. Trade your harvested Art Blossoms to Lloid in exchange for crafting materials and essence. The event is only 10 days long, from May 31 – June 9, so you’d better get going!

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List Of Rewards Per Level

Upon levelling up, a player is given rewards. There is a general pattern for some of the level up rewards as follows:

  • The standard reward is 1,000 Bells and 10 Leaf Tickets, and this is rewarded every time a player levels up.
  • Every 5 levels, a player is also rewarded 10 Leaf Tickets and 1

Secrets Tips For Increasing Animal Friendship Levels

In order to raise friendship levels with animals in the game you must interact with them in one of two ways: chat with them or fulfill their requests. If there is a specific animal you are focused on hosting at your camp, find where he or she is hanging out at on the map and go there. Tap on the animal to chat. If there are any conversations options that are RED, these are the ones you should choose first. These options mean you either have a resource the animal wants or the conversation topic is of interest. Tapping on these items will always add points to the relationship. When youve accumulated enough points, the relationship will level up. Leveling up friendships is good not only for hosting an animal at your campsite but also for getting you valuable resources you will need to craft new items and amenities. You will also increase your manager level by leveling up animal friendships.

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Check In Periodically Throughout The Day

As mentioned above, a new in-game day starts at 1 AM .

From that time, the game goes on a cycle every three hours on the hour. New villagers and requests reset every three hours. The quarry resets after three hours. The shops reset after six hours .

Try your best to check in every three hours while you’re awake. It takes me about 15 minutes per check-in to visit each location and fulfill villager requests. You can also use Pete to deliver items quickly if you don’t have enough time to go to each location and speak to each animal.

Where To Find Your Garden Patch

Animal Crossing: POCKET CAMP | Tips to Level Up Quickly!

Planting a flower garden is actually pretty simple and the game does a great job of guiding you through it — that is, once you find the damn thing. If you arent paying attention, you may not have noticed, but to the left of your campground, a new space has been cleared where you can plant up to new flowers. To get the garden started simply go to the entrance of the garden space and have a little chat with Isabelle who is standing at the entrance. Shell give you a little blurb about gardening and then send you on to chat with Lloid, a happy little garden cactus that will teach you the ropes.

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I Got An Error Message Saying There Is An Issue With My Account Settings What Should I Do

If you try to log in with a different Apple ID than the one you were signed in to when you joined the Pocket Camp Club, there will be an issue with your account settings.To resolve this, first sign in with the Apple ID that you used to join the Pocket Camp Club. Then tap Menu > Settings > Restore Pocket Camp Club Data Settings.

If you try to log in with a different Google Account than the one you were signed in to when you joined the Pocket Camp Club, there will be an issue with your account settings.To resolve this, sign in with the Google Account that you used to join the Pocket Camp Club and then restart the app.

My First Character: Wewoo

I sat down at the GameCube and powered up Animal Crossing. I created my character, affectionately named WeWoo .

WeWoo had a triangular nose and little rosy cheeks. She had bushy red clown hair and was uncoordinated. She looked like the child of Pennywise the Clown and a scarecrow. I loved her.

I got lost in the game, introducing WeWoo to neighbors: an angry mustached bunny, a horny old elephant grandma, a mouse with no legs. I expanded her house and her wardrobe. She was the richest bitch in Tiny Town, and it was all because of me. She performed favor after favor . She collected couches of every color and size, none of which she could sit on or use in any way. I didnt care. WeWoo ruled.

I had my fun with Animal Crossing that year. Eventually, our dog peed on the GameCube, so it short circuited and had to be tossed out. My brother replaced it with an Xbox, and the rest is history.

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Create A My Nintendo Account And Reap Rewards

Create a My Nintendo account and get extra rewards!

Finally, you should create a free My Nintendo account and link it to the game. Creating one allows you to save your game’s progress on the My Nintendo cloud, so that you can log in across multiple devices, or restore a game on a new device.

But you can also get special rewards for connecting your My Nintendo account and completing regular tasks in the game. Click on the More button, then My Nintendo and have a look at the Missions tab. You can collect special points there for tasks you’ve completed in-game and then on the Rewards tab, you can trade the points for in-game items.

50 points can be traded for 20 wood, steel, cotton, paper or preserves. 100 can be traded for 5000 bells. You can trade these in as many times as you need, as long as you have points. You can also get 50 leaf tickets just for connecting for the first time!

The missions/points refresh once a week, so keep checking in and collecting points!

Those are all the tips I have for now! Do you have any tips for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp? Which tip did you find most useful? Let me know in the comments section below!


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