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How To Add Best Friends On Animal Crossing

Add A Friend On Your Switch Account

How to get the Best Friends app in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for your Nook Phone

In order to be best friends in Animal Crossing, you also have to be listed as friends on your Nintendo system. There are a few different ways to become friends. Here are the two most common ways, both require you to each have your own copy of the game and your own Switch console.

How To Add Friends In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Your virtual island experience does not have to be a solitary one…

There is so much to do solo in Animal Crossing New Horizons that you may have not even got around to considering adding friends in the game the new Mario update and the search for young spring bamboo being just two of the things keeping us busy.

But the game does allow you to add friends and bring them over to your island so that you can show off all the progress that you have made, or visit them to feel an insane amount of jealousy over what they have done with theirs.

As for how to do it, well make sure that you have a Nintendo Online subscription first, and then follow this handy guide!

How To Add A Best Friend In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf has a Best Friend system. Its sort of like a filtered 3DS friend list, where you have the power in choosing who can be your best friends. In order to become someones best friend in the game, both players will be required to add each other as best friends. This tutorial explains how to add a best friend in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

How To Add A Best Friend in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Follow the simple steps below to accomplish the task :

  • Open Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS.
  • Visit someones town or have someone visit your town.
  • On the 3DS bottom touchscreen, tap on the bottom-left green button.
  • Select the players name who you want to add as a best friend.
  • Add the person and make sure that the person adds you back.
  • If the person successfully added you back, a notice should be displayed saying something like the following, John from Town Name has now been added as a best friend. Of course, I have just substituted a players name and his/her town with John and Town Name.

    What are the benefits of adding a best friend?

    What good would this feature be if there were no benefits? Yes, there are benefits to the games Best Friend feature. For a start, whenever one of your in-game best friends play the game while connected to Wi-Fi, a notice will be displayed on your screen saying, John is online. Of course, I used a random name John. Substitute it for someone on your 3DS friend list and imagine how cool this feature is.

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    How To Visit Friends’ Islands

    If you’d rather go to a friend’s island, talk to Orville and instead tell him you’d like to fly and that you want to visit someone. He’ll again ask you to choose between local play and online play, and you can then either search for a friend–to see if anyone on your Switch friends list has opened their gates to friends–or search via a Dodo Code you’ve received from someone else. Like with inviting friends, you’ll need to coordinate using whatever methods you usually use to talk to your friends and make sure their gates are open.

    How Can I Receive Monthly Benefits From The Pocket Camp Club

    How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing

    This benefit will be distributed once per calendar month only. You can accept this benefit by tapping the Present icon during the period between 11:00 p.m. PT on the last of the month and 11:00 p.m. PT on the last of the following month. Please be aware of when you joined this subscription plan. If you joined the plan near the end of the distribution period, you will have a shorter amount of time to receive the benefit. If you have not received your monthly benefit and log in after your plans validity period has ended, the Present icon will not display.

    You can receive your benefits when you tap the Present icon right after joining.

    From the second month on of your continued subscription for a plan, your benefits will be distributed at the set base date of 11:00 p.m. PT on the day following the day you joined.


    If you joined at 11:00 p.m. PT on 5/15- Your first set of benefits distributed right after joining.- Your base date will be set for the 16th of everymonth at 11:00 p.m. PT.- Your next distribution period for benefitswill begin on 6/16 at 11:00 p.m. PT

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    How To Add Friends And Best Friends

    Once you have access to the Best Friends List app, the only way to add either friends or Best Friends to the app is by playing with them online first. There’s currently no way to import your Nintendo Switch friends list into the in-game app.

    Once you’ve played with someone online–either by visiting their island or inviting them to yours–they’ll be added to your in-game friends list in the Best Friends App. From there, you can request to add them as a Best Friend or, if they’ve requested you first, accept their request. We’ve outlined how to play with friends online below.

    How To Make Someone Your Best Friend In Animal Crossing

    Now that we have explained why players want to become best friends in Animal Crossing, here’s how they can do so.

    Typically, players can only start inviting or visiting other players only after the second day of their Animal Crossing journey. Furthermore, players can only become friends with other players after they visit each other’s islands.

    To become best friends, players must first go to the Airport and inform Orville that they would like to invite someone to their island. Now, players have the option to choose whether they want to keep their island open for anybody to enter or secure entry with a secure code, which other players will have to enter to access your island.

    After players enter your island, they will show up on your friend list after you play with them. Once this happens, you can open up your NookPhone and select the Best Friends app. There, you can select the player you want to become best friends with and send them a request. Once they accept the request, you can enjoy each other’s company on either one of your islands!

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    Generate A Dodo Code To Invite New Friends

    Starting on Day 2, you will need to go to the Dodo Airlines airport and speak with Orville. Click on the I want visitors option. Once you get here, you will have the option to invite visitors for either local or online play. Choose online play. If you already have some friends on the Nintendo Switch who play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have the option of opening the gate to your friends only, allowing them to visit.

    Image credits: Nintendo via Polygon

    For Nintendo Switch friends, you can click on All my friends. As for inviting people who are not on the Nintendo Switch friends list, you will need to invite them using a Dodo code. To do so, click on the Invite via Dodo Code option. Orville will ask you whom you are looking to invite using the code. Choose The more the merrier.

    However, this doesnt mean that anybody can just visit your island as you will actually need to share the code on social media. It will request confirmation. Click on Yeah, invite anyone. Once confirmed, the gate will be open and you will be given a temporary five-character Dodo Code to invite new friends.

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    What Can You Do With Friends

    Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Invite And Add Friends | NEW 2020!

    When a friend is visiting or you’re visiting their island, you can simply play Animal Crossing together as you normally would . You can exchange items by dropping them on the ground, trade fruit, visit each other’s stores, and talk to each other’s villagers, among other things.

    When you aren’t playing together on one island, you can still communicate with friends in a few ways. You can send messages to Best Friends using the Best Friends List app . You can also send letters to any of your friends as long as you’ve played with them online before. You’re limited to two letters per friend per day, but this is a good way to send items to friends if you don’t have time to visit each other’s islands. Finally, you can buy and send friends gifts directly through the Nook Shopping option at the Nook Stop machine in Resident Services–you can even use a special gift card. Both letters and Nook Shopping gifts will arrive in your friend’s mailbox almost immediately, provided they’re connected to the internet.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons News And Guides

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    Best Friend Or Friend

    There is a distinct difference between friends and best friends Animal Crossing: New Horizons. While friends may arrive on the island, only the Best Friends will be able to use tools that can destroy the island, such as a shovel or an ax. You can access the Best Friends app from your NookPhone. It should appear on its own after playing online for the first time.

    Although friends can be featured on NookPhone, Best Friends stands out because players can interact more with best friends than friends. When a player is a best friend, you will be able to see when they are online and send them in-game messages, letters and gifts. Note that you cannot import a friends list from your contacts or any other source. You can only add other players by adding them to the game.

    To add someone to your Best Friends list, you will need to access the Best Friends app. When another player is visiting your island or searching for another players island, open the Best Friends app. The second persons name should populate the first screen, which will allow you to add the person to your best friend list.

    Every time you visit another players island you will get a nook. It is a way to encourage community building within the game. So be sure to get out there and visit those islands!

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    Tell Your Friends About Your Dodo Code

    Anyone with whom you share this code will be able to join your town. They wont be able to cut down all of your trees, but you should be cautious about who you share it with.

    Your pals can now use your Dodo Code to visit an online town by going to the airport in their town and informing them that they wish to visit an online town. Theres no need to actively invite them, and you may keep playing normally until they arrive.

    Send A Best Friend Request To A Friend

    How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing

    Open up the Best Friends List app to see your friends, then select a person to request to be best friends with.

    Wait for Confirmation

    Once the player accepts your request, you are now best friends! Check your Best Friend Inbox and Outbox to see the active Best Friend requests you’ve sent and received.

    You can remove Best Friends status anytime

    Remove your best friend status anytime by selecting their name and choosing Quit being Best Friends.

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    How To Use The Dodo Code

    To use a Dodo code, you simply have to visit the Dodo Airlines Airport on the second day and speak to Orville. Then, when asked whether to invite visitors locally or online, you want to select online play.

    If you already have Nintendo Switch friends who played Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will then be given the option to open your gate for them. Once youve done that, they can be allowed to come over your island.

    Should you wish to invite others who are not your Nintendo Switch friends, you can use the Dodo Code. Just click on Invite via Dodo Code option and when Orville asks you who to invite, just select The more the merrier.

    Selecting this option wont automatically mean that anyone can then discover your island and visit. You still need to share your Dodo Code to Animal Crossing New Horizons community via social media sites of your choosing to spread the word around.

    If you want to open your island to strangers, make sure that you click on Yeah, invite anyone option. Once thats finished, your islands gate will be opened.

    What You Need To Invite Friends To Your Island Or Visit An Island

    Although Animal Crossing New Horizons can be played offline, youre going to miss a big part of what makes the game really fun, and that is playing with your friends. If youre content with thriving in your own island alone , then you can go ahead and do it.

    However, if you plan on going online and enjoying the game with family members, friends, and even strangers, youll need to have an active Nintendo Online subscription. To get that, youll have to use the Nintendo Switch eShop. Depending on your choice, you can either use an individual subscription or a family subscription.

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    How To Add Best Friends In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Adding best friends is easy, though you have to wait for a bit when you start your adventure on your new island. You have to wait at least a day before you can begin adding new friends. Once the time period has ended you will have to go to the Airport and talk to Orville.

    From there you can either invite someone using local or online play. If you select the option that you want to play with other online, you will unlock the Best Friends app on your Nook Phone.

    Use this app on your phone to add friends that you meet in the game and you can also add random players that you encounter in the game.

    You can even add them as a best friend in the game, this will give them access to build things and edit on your island and you can do the same on their island too. Talk to Orville and you can set up a temporary code that you can give to your friend.

    Once your friend adds in the code, you will see a small animation take place and you will see each other on your friends list.

    Once you are friends, open up your Nook Phone and select the Best Friends App. You will see all the people you have added as friends, from that list select the player you wish to become best friends within Animal Crossing New Horizons. To do this select the Ask to Be Best Friends.

    As soon as your friends accept this, you will have become best friends in the game.

    Check out other guides on Animal Crossing New Horizons in case you are stuck on any part of the game.

    Add A Friend Using A Friend Code

    How to get the Best Friends App on your Nook Phone | Animal Crossing New Horizons

    If you and your friend aren’t in the same house or even in the same state, you’ll want to use a friend code.

  • While on the Switch’s Home Menu, select your profile picture in the upper left corner.
  • Scroll down to Add Friend. You’ll notice that your friend code is shown on the bottom right side of the screen.

  • Now that you’re all connected on the Switch system, it’s time to jump into Animal Crossing.

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    Friends Vs Best Friends

    New Horizons distinguishes between “friends,” meaning your Nintendo Switch friends, and “Best Friends,” which are friends you add in-game via the Best Friends List app on your NookPhone. To unlock the Best Friends List app, you have to play online with at least one other person .

    While you can play with friends and Best Friends in largely the same ways, there are a few differences. Most importantly, Best Friends can use all their tools on your island, while friends aren’t allowed to use destructive tools .

    You can also view whether your Best Friends are online or not via the app and send them in-game messages provided they’re online. You can still view the friends you’ve played with via the same app, but it won’t tell you whether they’re online, and you can’t send them any messages.

    How Do You Become Best Friends On Animal Crossing

    To add someone to your Best Friend list, head into the Nook Phone, navigate to the friend app, and then click on their name. You should see the option to Become best friends. Once they accept the invite, youll be best friends, and can then message them, send them mail, and do other things on their island.

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