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How To Catch Sharks In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Catch the Great White Shark & More in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons has sharks deep within its waters. This guide will provide tips and tricks on what is required to capture them.

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Sharks are an interesting case, as some of them only appear in specific hemispheres during certain times of the year. At the start of the game, the player has the option between the southern and northern hemispheres. Here is the month layout for sharks in each hemisphere.

  • Southern Hemisphere – December to March
  • Northern Hemisphere – June to September.

Sharks will only appear during these time periods. Players can change the date on their Nintendo Switch to reach these times. Here are tips and tricks for catching sharks in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Where To Find Sharks In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Do you own Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Did you see a shark yet? If you did not, dont worry there are sharks. The games official trailer also showed one off if I recall correctly. Theyre rarely seen in the game, sort of. Or, I should say that they are more difficult to find than a regular ol fish. If you really need to find a shark in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, keep reading.

Where To Find Sharks in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Sharks normally lurk in the ocean during gameplay. To tell if a shark is in the water, you will notice a fin moving around, above the water. Ive also seen a large fish with a shark-looking fin in the water, so there is no guarantee that the one youre looking at will be a shark. You just have to catch it to find out.

Below are locations where sharks are commonly found :

Night Time or Afternoon at the Sea

I tend to see more sharks during the afternoon or at night. Im not sure why, and I dont know if it will be the same for your game, however, this is just something that I have noticed when playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

The Island

If you have already unlocked the Island, thats good news. Every once in a while a shark appears day or night. Keep making the rounds and you will eventually run into one.

I found about 10 sharks in less than 30 minutes after following the steps above. Im not saying that I caught all. Heck, most of them got away. Some may not have even been sharks a couple might have been large fishes with shark-looking fins.

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There is no doubt that players can reap some benefits by taking the time to search out and catch these sharks in the sea surrounding their island.;

Check out one of our video guides for the popular game where we show you how to make your island tune:

Do you want to learn more about Animal Crossing: New Horizons besides how to catch a Whale Shark? If so, be sure to check out our dedicated hub;for the high-profile game or three of our most recent pieces of coverage below:

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How To Catch Whale Sharks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The;Whale Shark;is available in the Northern Hemisphere from June;until September and in the Southern Hemisphere from December to March. This means that players who live in the Southern Hemisphere;who have not caught the Whale Shark will need to either travel to a friend’s island in the Northern Hemisphere or wait for;December;to roll back around.

This fish can be found at any time of the day, meaning players can hop on whenever they feel like making an attempt to find this fish. The;Whale Shark;can be found in the sea on the player’s island or on Mystery Islands. The Whale Shark is a large fish that will show a large shadow with a dorsal fin sticking up out of the water. Players will know they are fishing up the correct size fish if they are seeing;other sharks like the Great White Shark or Saw Shark. If the shadow and fin appear to be too small, it is most likely a Suckerfish instead. Keep in mind that it is difficult to see the fin if the fish is vertical, so change the camera angle to check.

The quickest way to capture a Whale Shark is to force one to spawn using fish bait or scare tactics. Players can collect manila clams and craft them into fish bait to spawn fish in the sea. They can also visit mystery islands and scare off the fish that do not have dorsal fins until one with a dorsal fin does eventually spawn. Once players have caught their first Whale Shark, other;Whale Sharks caught can be sold to the Nook’s Cranny for 13,000 bells.

Animal Crossing: June Marks The Onset Of The Shark Season And Introduces A New Mystery Island In New Horizons

How to Catch a Whale Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons ...

Summer brings in extravagant changes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For players in the Northern Hemisphere, summer has already begun, which means that the subsequent months will be extremely exciting.

Nintendo announced via update 1.10 that a wide array of unseen events are waiting to walk the ramp, implying that there is a lot in store for ardent followers of the franchise.

Now that it’s already June, players must’ve started witnessing changes on their islands. This includes changes in the flora as well as the critters that the island houses.

While fish are available in abundance, summer marks the onset of what is known as the “shark season” in Animal Crossing.

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How To Catch Great White Shark In Animal Crossing New Horizons

You catch a Great White Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons by following the below steps:

  • Approach the sea of your Animal Crossing New Horizons beach between the hours of 16:00 and 09:00
  • Use fish bait to attract different fish and shadow sizes
  • Find a fish with a large shadow size and fin
  • Throw your finishing line and only press A when a bite is taken as opposed to nibbles
  • Reel in the sucker and see what you got

Its possible that you could be extremely lucky and get a Great White Shark on your first go, but you may need to be patient as its shadow is largely the same as other sharks.

Once you have captured Nintendos Jaws, ensure that you donate it to Blathers for your Museum as its very cool to have.

  • NEW HORIZONS: Every fish and bug leaving Animal Crossing in June

However, any others you capture can be sold to the Nooks for 15,000 bells.

Your Conversation With Rover The Cat Determines Your Avatars Look

For a game thats supposed to be all about you,Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers little in avatar customization options, especially early in the experience. When you start the game, you have a conversation on the train with a cat named Rover, and the answers you provide to Rovers questions determine your avatars gender, eye shape, hairstyle, and hair color.

While you cant change your avatars eye shape, you can change his or her hair color and style once you unlock the Shampoodle hair salon.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fish Guide

Here are all the fish you can catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

There are a lot of different ways to make money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and one of the best is by fishing for rare species. Similarly to bugs, there are tons of different types of fish that vary depending on a variety of factors, including the time of day, weather, and season. There are 80 to catch in New Horizons, and you can sell them, gift them, donate them, or display them. What you chose to do with them is up to you, but youll need to actually catch them before making that decision.

Below, we have two tablesone for the Northern Hemisphere and one for the Southern Hemispherelisting every fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where and when you can catch them, and how much you can sell them for . Weve also broken down the fundamentals of fishing in Animal Crossing, including how to craft your first fishing rod, everything that can affect how and when fish spawn, and which seasonal fish you should focus on each month.

If youre determined to fill out your museum, you should also check out our guide to Redds art and how to tell real art from the fakes. You can also look up every item in the game using the New Horizons catalog tool from our sister site GameFAQs.

Catch One Of The Mightiest Creatures Of The Sea

Animal Crossing New Horizons how to catch a shark

While it may not be advisable to attempt this in real life, players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can fish for a shark. You can donate a shark to the museum, sell one for Bells, or display it somewhere on your island. There are several different sharks in the game, and you’ll have to be attentive to catch any of them.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Catch A Great White Shark

Here’s when and where you can catch this large fish in New Horizons.

The great white shark is one of the most valuable creatures in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If youve yet to capture one, our guide is here with everything you need to know about this massive fish!

The great white shark will appear in the ocean around islands in the Northern Hemisphere from June to September. According to Prima Games, it will appear around islands in the Southern Hemisphere from December to March. The great white shark may appear at any time between 4 p.m. and 9 a.m.

Like other sharks in New Horizons , the great white shark has a shadow with a fin that sticks up out of the water. You can see what one of these shadows looks like in our short gameplay clip below. Please keep in mind that even though we captured a great white shark off of the pier in our video, the shark can appear elsewhere in the ocean as well. Its not limited to only appearing around the pier.

If you want to potentially speed up your search for a great white shark, remember that you can use Fish Bait to cause fish to instantly appear in the water. You arent guaranteed to run into a great white shark using this technique, but it may allow you to find one faster than if you werent using the bait.

Finally, great white sharks can be sold for 15,000 Bells each at Nooks Cranny. If you want to earn even more Bells for these;fish, you can hold onto them and sell them to CJ when he visits your island.

New Fish And Bugs Should Go Straight To The Museum

When you catch a fish or a bug for the first time, you should take it to the museum instead of selling it or giving it away. There are numerous rare fish in New Leaf that are difficult to catch, and you might not get lucky twice.

When you catch a critter for the first time, your avatar will say I wonder what my encyclopedia says about my new catch?

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Great White Sharks Whale Sharks And More

Theres a whole lot of fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but some are much more valuable than others. Sure, the coelacanth is seen as the rarest and most prized thanks to its introduction back in the evry first AC game on Gamecube. More recent additions rival it in terms of value, rarity, and just overall coolness. Im of course speaking of sharks which first appeared in Wild World but have only gotten more interesting since then. To break them all down, heres how to catch sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Here Are All The Fish You’ll Be Able To Find In June

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Catch Great White ...


  • Giant Snakehead: Available 9 am 4 pm in ponds. This fish has a large shadow.
  • Gar: Available 4 pm 9 am in ponds. Look for a huge shadow


  • Tilapia: Available all day in rivers. This fish has a medium shadow.
  • Piranha: Available 9 am 4 pm and 9:00 pm – 4:00 am in rivers. These snappy pests cast a small shadow.
  • Arowana: Available 4 pm 9 pm in rivers. Arowana cast a large shadow, it probably won’t be a black bass…
  • Dorado: Available 4 pm 9 pm in rivers. If you spot a very large shadow, get fishing.
  • Arapaima: Available 4 pm 9 am in rivers. This long fish casts a huge shadow.
  • Saddled Bichir: Available 9 pm 4 am in rivers. Look for a large shadow.


  • Saw Shark: Available 4 pm 9 am in the ocean. Look for an ominous finned shadow.
  • Hammerhead Shark: Available 4 pm 9 am in the ocean. This will have a finned shadow.
  • Great White Shark: Available 4 pm 9 am in the ocean. Look for a finned shadow.
  • Whale Shark: Available all day in the ocean. This will cast a finned shadow as well.
  • Suckerfish: Available all day in the ocean. Look for a finned shadow.
  • Ribbon Eel: Available all day in the ocean. Look for a narrow shadow.

Did you catch everything you needed in May?

There were some rarer fish appearing around your island’s pier, where you’d be able to catch a Giant Trevally.

A handy video posted by the official Animal Crossing Twitter account shared a glimpse into where you can find them.

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Want Cool Nintendo Kitsch Buy Fortune Cookies With Play Coins

If you need some added incentive to take your Nintendo 3DS out for a walk, keep in mind that the Nooklings sell fortune cookies for two Play Coins each. Most of the fortunes inside these treats can be exchanged for Nintendo-related clothes and items. Occasionally, your ticket wont be a winner, but dont despair: Tommy or Timmy will give you a consolation prize. Who needs a Master Sword when you can have an ironing board?

Animal Crossing: How To Catch The Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead sharks swim into island waters this summer season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s how to find and catch this valuable fish.

As the summer season begins in the Northern hemisphere in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, sharks are making their way to the ocean waters around players’ islands. Players can tell when a shark is nearby based on its shadow. The shadow will be large and will always have a visible fin. Sharks can be donated to the museum collection or sold for several thousand bells.

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The Hammerhead Shark is not the most elusive fish for players to seek, but it can be somewhat tricky to catch. Because its shadow is exactly the same as the shadows of the other Sharks, there is no way for a player to know if they’re seeing a Hammerhead or Whale shark. If a player is looking to complete their collections or make a little extra money, here’s how to find the Hammerhead Shark in the ocean and how to catch them.

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How To Catch A Shark

Everything you need to know to catch a shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Sharks are definitely some of the best-known predators in the Animal Crossing world, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players the perfect opportunity to catch and show off their very own shark. If youre struggling to catch one of the apex predators of the ocean, then we can help. Heres what you need to know to catch a shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Catching Sharks In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Catch a Whale Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

For starters, sharks are unique because they have fins that peek out of the water. Here are the types of sharks players can encounter.

  • Great White Shark
  • Saw Shark
  • Whale Shark

These specifically spawn only in the beach area, so don’t waste time searching for them in rivers or ponds. Using Manila Clams to create Fish Bait to bring out fish instead of having to run around for them to spawn. Throw the line and make sure to time it when the lure goes deep into the water. Keep searching up and down the beach until the shark begins to spawn.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is designed so that players don’t complete every objective as soon as the game begins. It is a game that is meant to be played over a long period of time. The change of hemispheres is one way to bring players back to catch the more rare fish. Sharks also sell for high value at Nook’s Cranny. Also, if the player has a friend they could visit where their island takes place during another time period, it’s another effective way to farm for sharks.;Finding sharks in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons is always a rewarding experience.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons;is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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