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How To Change Your Appearance In Animal Crossing

Face Paint In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

How To Change Your Appearance In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Face Paint is a new form of customisation introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and allows you to wear any of the patterns you’ve created on your face.

These are the patterns that are usually used for your island’s flag, items of clothing or for general decoration about your island.

The pattern will be divided into three different sections the top half of the pattern sitting on your forehead, while the bottom half is divided between your two cheeks. This, as you can imagine, has the potential to create some terrifying results.

You can create your own patterns either by using the Custom Design Pro Editor on your Nook Phone, which costs 800 Nook Miles, or by visiting the Able Sisters once they open their shop.

How To Make Your Character Look Different In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf provides a number of opportunities that you can take advantage of in order to customize your characters appearance. Your character can don new clothes, accessories, and shoes. Tired of your characters hair and color? Get a spanking new hairstyle and a makeover. All you have to do is unlock a few features in the game.

Unlocking Even More Character Customization Options

More character customization options can be purchased using the Nook Miles currency. You simply have to head to the Nook Stop terminal at Resident Services and access the Redeem Nook Miles menu. Here you will see additional packs of hairstyle and hair color that can be unlocked in exchange for Nook Miles.

Following are the hairstyle and hair color options that you can buy later on:

  • Top 8 Pop Hairstyles Costs 2,400 Nook Miles
  • Top 8 Cool Hairstyles Costs 2,400 Nook Miles
  • Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors Costs 3,000 Nook Miles

The winter update during November 2020 added six new obtainable hairstyles as part of the Top 6 Stylish Hairstyles pack. It costs 1,800 Nook Miles.

Besides, the Halloween update during September 2020 introduced four new purchasable skin tones and six new eye colors. The first pack is called Body-Paint Costume Tips and comes for 2,400 Nook Miles. The latter one is known as Exploring New Eye Colors and it also costs 2,400 Nook Miles.

Last but not least, not playing the game for about a month will unlock the bedhead hairstyle. Time traveling is a convenient way to add this hairstyle to your customization catalog.

Meanwhile, you can check out all the character customization options and styles available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the video by GameXplain embedded above.

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How To Change Your Appearance


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has officially released and players can now create their very own camper. Just like other installments in this famed Nintendo series, Pocket Camp allows users to customize their campers gender, hair, eyes, and their clothing. When you first boot up Animal Crossing Pocket Camp the game will let you set up a basic design for your character. Once this is completed you will be told that you can change your appearance at a later date before the game begins. Keep in mind you cannot change your characters name once its selected so make it count.

If you want to change your appearance then youll need to finish the opening tutorial and missions first. These include giving yourself a name, picking a camp theme, and then completing a quest for a specific townsfolk. After Isabella cuts you lose and gifts you with some Daily Rewards, you can then open up the settings menu in the bottom right corner. Click the icon that is made up of four squares to pull up the More Options menu. From here you can select the wrench icon to open up the Settings sub-menu of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Change Your Appearance With A Mirror In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to change your appearance in Animal Crossing: New ...

To mix up your appearance, you’ll first need to find a mirror. These aren’t passed out as rewards for any particular task, but there are plenty of ways to acquire one. For example, we’ve stumbled upon DIY recipes for them in Message Bottles on the beach, purchased them from Nook Stop, and you can even find them in presents floating across the sky. As you explore your deserted island be sure to keep your eyes peeled, as you never know where the next cool item will come from.

Once you’ve snagged a mirror, simply place the item in the world and interact with it. This will open the character editor that you used at the beginning of the game, allowing you free reign to change up your looks. You can even unlock more options by purchasing certain packs at the Nook Stop in Resident Services including the “Top 8 Cool Hairstyles” pack.

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How To Change Your Outfit In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

From dresses to metal helmets, you’ll quickly find yourself amassing a large collection of clothing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which you’ll no doubt want to wear.

You can keep your clothes in your inventory, but the easiest way to change your outfit is to use a wardrobe.

To build a basic wardrobe, you’ll need both its DIY recipe and:

Next place your new wardrobe either in your house or around your island and then open it up to change your clothes.

Any wardrobe you own will let you change any and all of your clothing items.

You can also change your outfit by visiting the Able Sisters and using their fitting room to try on any of the clothes they’re currently selling.

This will allow you to both check out your new style and, if you decide to buy the clothes, wear them.

How To Get Villagers To Move Out In Animal Crossing

If you have 10 residents already, you will be able to select one villager to leave your island. The villager youve selected will leave on the next day. Villagers which you invite to your campsite via amiibo will not immediately join your island. Youll need to do small tasks for them a total of 3 times before they agree to move in!

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How To Change Your Appearance: Face / Hair / Eyes

Your characters appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is pretty important since youll see it everyday and your friends will online, so how do you change it if you dont like your initial choices anymore?

Unlike past Animal Crossing games, where your hair could only be modified with a special Shampoodle building and your other features could never be changed, Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you to change every single aspect of your appearance at any point in the game.

So if youre reading this before creating your character, wondering how careful you need to be just in case something cant be changed later, dont worry! Everything is modifiable later!

How To Change Character Appearance Gender & More In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How To Change Your Hairstyle and Appearance In Animal Crossing New Horizons

In previous Animal Crossing titles, you were able to pick what gender your character was and then had to take a quiz that would randomly determine the facial features of your character.

It was kind of cute, but you either had to start the game over or deal with it if you got a look you didnt like. Also, the only way to change skin color was to tan excessively, so the new method takes less work.

You can customize your character at the very beginning of the game when Timmy and Tommy ask to take a picture of you. The options are gender, skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, nose/mouth, and cheeks.

To change your gender and appearance anytime after, you will need to own a piece of furniture that contains a mirror, or vanity. Once you own furniture like that, set it up in your house, select it with the A button, and choose Change it up!

You will be presented with the same exact appearance menu form the start of the game and can then change the same options as above. Although, if you would like new hairstyles and colors, those will have to be purchased at the Nook Stop with Nook Miles.

So in short, heres how to change character appearance, gender, and more:

  • Own a piece of furniture with a mirror, or vanity, on it.
  • Place it in your house.
  • Tap the A button on the furniture.
  • When it asks you if you would like to change your look, select Change it up!
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    How To Get New Hair Styles And Customization Options

    While you’ll start with a fairly limited suite of character customization options, there are opportunities to purchase more. The Nook Miles Store will allow you to trade Nook Miles for new packs of hair styles, colors, and other options. Generally, new character packs will cost around 2,000-3,000 Nook Miles. You’ll get around 300 per challenge you complete, so they’re not too pricey.

    There will be more customization options unlocked as you play. We’ll be sure to update this page once we see more of what the game has to offer. For now, there’s plenty of personalization available, so that you can make the Animal Crossing New Horizons Islander of your dreams.

    If you’re looking for more on Animal Crossing New Horizons be sure to check out Caty’s article on the new terraforming features. You can also read Hirun’s write-up on how cloud saves work.

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    Wondering what Rage does or how to balance your Willpower in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem? Here are the basics.

    Making your debut appearance on a deserted island, looks are everything. Those bugs and apples will judge you for a poor haircut, after all. But once youve created your initial characted in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, can you then change your looks to keep your style up to date with the seasons? The good news is yes! In this guide, well take you through how to change appearance in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so that all your arriving residents are impressed with your regular haircuts.

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    Customize Your Clothing At A Wardrobe

    While you can change your clothing on the fly by simply equipping the item from your inventory, later in the game you’ll be able to get your hands on a wardrobe to make the process a bit more engaging. Interact with the wardrobe and you’ll open a menu that lets you try on different clothes, previewing what the final product looks like before putting them on. When you eventually bring the Able Sisters to your island, you’ll be able to do the same thing at their shop with the added benefit of checking out products in different colors.

    There aren’t many decisions in Animal Crossing that are permanent, including your own appearance. So kick back, relax, and explore the island slowly. Before you know it, you’ll stumble upon a mirror and the ability to change your looks on demand.

    How To Change Your Face In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    You have to use any mirror but worry, how to have a mirror? Well, you have to craft it yourself thanks to the plan contained in the first bottle in the sea that you find on the beach. While this plan necessarily makes it possible to make a mirror, the model in question and the materials required may change. But once built and installed in your home, they all allow you to change your appearance if you face them and briefly press A.

    The difference with the start of the game is that you can also apply custom designs as makeup. Being able to change your appearance at this time of the game is all the more practical since it is possible to unlock new hairstyles and new colors and it will therefore be necessary to go through a mirror to enjoy them. You can find more tips with our Animal Crossing New Horizons guide.

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    How To Change Your Appearance In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows you more control within the Animal Crossing series than ever before. You get control over the terrain and environment of an entire island, creating different levels, waterfalls, and rivers almost anywhere you want. This control is not limited to just your surroundings but also allows you to shape how you look.

    You are able to change the way your character looks at any point. Initially, youll be limited in your options, but over time, youll have the chance to purchase additional hairstyles, hair colors, and eye colors. And updating your look is extremely simple.

    Further reading

    How To Change Hair Color In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    The first thing you’ll want to do when you load into Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is to get the tutorial finished and progress to the point where you’re asked to download the complete Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp game via update.

    After you’ve bypassed this point, the rest is easy!

    Looking at the main interface, which appears whenever you’re walking around in the world, you’ll see a button on the bottom right of your screen that contains four little “windows” inside of it.

    Tap on that button. On the next page, tap “Settings.”

    On the following page, tap Edit Character.” Next, tap on the button marked with a palette icon and scroll down to see a range of available hair colors. Choose the one you want and tap “Proceed” when you’re ready to get back out into the world!

    The TL DR is:

    • Tap the button with four squares in the bottom right of the screen
    • Tap Edit Character
    • Tap the palette icon
    • Choose your hair color and hairstyle
    • Tap “Proceed” to confirm

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    Will There Be A Beauty Salon

    In previous games in the series, you could edit your player’s hairstyle, hair color, and eye color in Shampoodle’s, a beauty salon managed by Harriet the Poodle.

    From there, you could also wear your Mii’s head as makeup.

    It could be possible that it is included in the list of facilities that you can build on the island. This will be updated if new information is released.

    How To Make A Full

    How To Change Your Appearance and Hair Style In Animal Crossing New Horizons!!!

    Making a full-length mirror requires one Iron Nugget and five pieces of Wood. Both of these can be acquired by using the axe, so make that first and head out onto the island. To get wood, simply hit a tree with the flimsy axe. You can strike a tree up to three times and it will drop either Wood, Softwood, or Hardwood. Iron Nuggets are a little rarer, so approach a large rock and begin bashing it with the axe. Similar to the tree, this wont destroy the rock, but you will break your axe after subsequent blows if its flimsy.

    Now return to the DIY station and craft your full-length mirror. Once placed in your home, you can freely alter your Villagers appearance any time you wish. This is a handy item to build, so if youre looking for something to do then this is a nice starter goal.

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    When To Use Animal Crossing New Horizons On Switch

    This feature is helpful when just one player wants to continue playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on a new Nintendo Switch or when multiple residents other than the island resident representative will be using the new Nintendo Switch.

    The island, all progress and customizations, your animal neighbors, the island resident representative, and any other residents that have been created on the island will be transferred.

    To change your appearance you will need to build a full-length mirror and then interact with it. Doing so will send you to the character customization menu where you can freely edit your character. Once youve decided on your new look, just hit the Plus button to confirm your choice before returning to the game.

    Haircuts Setup In Animal Crossing

    As for hairstyles, when you start playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, youll have a choice of eight options and eight different hair colors. If you dont like any of them or just want to change your hair, youll need to buy some new ones.

    Both hairstyles and hair dyes can be bought at Nook Miles, located at Nook Stop in Residential Services. All you have to do is earn the required amount of Nook Miles and then exchange them for your desired hairstyle or flower collection. Then go to the nearest mirror to change your look.

    Below are listed which hairstyles collections you can buy and how much Nook Miles you need to spend:

    Best 8 Pop hairstyles 2400 Nook Miles Best 8 Cool Hair 2400 Nook Miles Best 8 Stylish Hair Colors 3000 Nook Miles

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    How To Change Clothing

    If you want to change your clothes, you will need a whole different type of furniture! What we need is a chest, and the one you can create relatively early is the wooden chest. To craft it you will need a wooden branch and 12 softwoods. Now that you have a chest, go back to your tent or house and set it down somewhere. Interact with him and select Change yourself. From there, there are several options for you to choose from when it comes to dressing. You can get more clothes by purchasing them with Nook miles or bells.

    Heres what there is to know right now, about appearances in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We will update this guide if new things appear.

    If you would like more information on Animal Crossing: New Horizons or join an active community to share pleasant moments with other players, we invite you to join the Animal Crossing: New Horizons France Community Discord.


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