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How To Climb In Animal Crossing

How To Remove Items From 4th Cliff If You Cant Access It

Animal Crossing New Horizons how to climb up the high cliff – How to get the ladder

Its worth being aware that Nintendo could choose to fix this cliff glitch at any time in the future. One issue that might come to mind is what happens when it is fixed or youre unable to access the 4th level for any other reason. Naturally, you might worry about whether any scenery or items placed up there will be stuck forever.

Well, weve got some good news you can use the Request cleanup feature of the Island Designer app on your NookPhone to easily remove any trees or items up on the cliffs near you! Then once everything has been removed, you can remove sections of the 4th level cliff using terraforming as normal.

However, its worth noting that flowers appear to be unaffected by the clean-up feature. So there still is some risk to using this glitch with flowers in the possible case where Nintendo fixes it in an inelegant manner.

Generally speaking, most glitches like this fixed by Nintendo in the past have been handled in a respectful manner that ensures nobody has their island irreversibly affected, but we cant predict the future for sure. Always make use of glitches at your own risk.

Wed like to give a special thanks to Glarglaflarg on Reddit who appears to be the first person to discover this version of the glitch on Version 1.3 of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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How To Climb To 4th Level Cliff Glitch In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Have you ever wanted to explore the forbidden lands of that highest 4th level peak on your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island when terraforming? Good news you can do just that with a handy glitch!

First discovered during last Summer after the Version 1.3 Update, this incredible glitch has somehow remained available and unscathed by Nintendo in every version up to and including the latest Version 1.9 Update released in March.

Its a bit of a miracle given how many other helpful glitches allowing for more expansive design options have been shut down and removed by the developers over time, while this one stays intact.

Thanks to the glitch, its possible to climb up to the very top of your islands cliffs and avoid that pesky Its dangerous to climb any higher! error message getting in your way. It turns out to not be quite so dangerous after all, eh?

And once youve reached the forbidden land on the 4th level, you can fully decorate the area with trees, bushes, flowers, and even placed furniture items too. Although keep in mind you may have to sacrifice some of these later if the glitch is fixed in a future update.

Without further ado, lets explain exactly how you can explore the highest 4th level cliffs of your Animal Crossing: New Horizons island in Version 1.9 with this helpful glitch!

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Wait For Tom Nook To Offer You A Bridge Construction Kit

Before any of these fresh faces can move to your island though, Tom Nook will need to give you the green light. You’ll know that the process is starting when he offers you the recipe for a bridge construction kit. You’ll need to gather the resources to actually build it – four log stakes, four bits of clay, and four stone lumps – and when you’ve done that you can pick a spot to open up the island. That will give you more space to put down the holding lots for your new residents.;

How To Get To Get A Ladder In Animal Crossing: New Horizons To Reach Higher Ground

How to Climb in Animal Crossing

When you start out, you won’t immediately be able to explore the whole island

f you’re only a few days into owning Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you might be curious about how you gain access to elevated bits of land.

From the start, you’re stifled quite heavily, but this is normal with Animal Crossing, and you’ll quickly find that patience is a virtue here.

Since Animal Crossing uses the Switch’s internal clock and date, each real-world day is the same as an in-game day.

This means it runs in realtime and the more you play, the more your island and the game opens up. Just make sure that you’re checking in with Tom Nook at the Residential Services building, because this is where the lovable raccoon will provide you with the tools to explore your island more.

To get the ladder, you first need to have unlocked the Nook’s Cranny shop and be tasked with placing new Villager houses around your island for them to move into.

Building the shop is its own task, which you’ll need 30 pieces of each type of wood material and 30 iron nuggets.

Once this is done and the shop is set up, you should next be tasked with placing three plots of land for three interested villagers.

After finding a spot for the second house, you’ll get a call from Tom Nook who will send you a recipe for a ladder directly to your Nook Phone.

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How To Climb Onto The Fourth Tier Of Cliffs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To pull off this glitch you will need one thing: a small 1×1 item. There are several that work, but the easiest way to get this is to simply pick a flower to then place as an item. Next, terraform a 2×2 square into the fourth tier of cliffs you are hoping to scale. This empty space should be surrounded by cliffs on three sides. Then, fill one corner of the 2×2 square at the bottom and round it off. The side you pick does not matter. From here, place the flower in the center of the 2×2 square, and pull it as far as you can towards the cliffside behind you. Once completed, it should look similar to the image below.

Now comes the tricky part. Walk directly forward towards the flower, then as quick as you can turn around and press A to build a cliff in the empty space below you. If done correctly, you should build a cliff connecting to the rounded off corner, and since the flower is behind you and there is no space for your character to go, you will glitch up onto the fourth tier of cliffs!

– This article was updated on May 25th, 2021


How To Get The Ladder

You’ll have to complete a few other tasks on your island before you can get the ladder, and the earliest you can get it is the third day you’ve been playing. First, you have to have completed Nook’s Cranny; see our full Nook’s Cranny unlock guide for the details. We also recommend starting the museum unlock process so you have access to the vaulting pole, as parts of your cliffs may be blocked off by rivers.


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On the day Nook’s Cranny opens, go to the Resident Services tent. Tom Nook will ask you to select locations for three house plots, and as part of this, he’ll give you the ladder DIY recipe.

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How To Climb In Animal Crossing

By Jack O’Dwyer | Mar 22, 2020

Climbing in Animal Crossing isn’t as simple as you would think. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players need to work to unlock the rest of their island. Whether this is from building bridges and other structures to simply vaulting themselves over the rivers and streams of their new home, it takes some dedication. One such obstacle like this are the cliffs around the island.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to get around these cliffs. The easiest of which, of course. is simply to climb.

What fruit did you start with on your island? #ACNH#AnimalCrossing

â Nintendo of America

Previously Available Mystery Islands

How To Get A Ladder In Animal Crossing New Horizons

These two islands were removed with the 1.2.0 Earth Day update.

Hybrid Flower Island 2%
A small island consisting of a pond surrounded by hybrid flowers of a single type. The only insects that spawn here are insects that appear near flowers such as butterflies, moths, and honeybees.
Big Fish and Hybrid Flower Island 3%
Requires the Resident Services building upgrade. A 3-layer island with a selection of fruit-bearing trees, cedar trees, and palm trees. The highest-most level is a small waterfall with one outlet to the second level. There is a small outlet to the left and then finally flows to a small outlet at the bottom left. There are only size 4+ fish here making getting rare size 6 fish easier. The island also has rare hybrid flowers and only spawns bugs that appear on flowers such as mantis and ladybugs.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Ladder

First of all, we will discuss the materials needed to build this ladder:

Material RequiredIn order to build the ladder, these items are needed:

  • Wood ×5
  • Softwood ×5
  • Hardwood ×5
  • Now that you can have the materials required to build the ladder, you can make it using the recipe you get. This recipe can only be received after you have paid off your house loan which is 98,000 bells and after that you have help in the expansion of Tommys shop.

    If your story progresses further you can use this ladder to climb cliffs. The steps to unlock it are written below:

    Start off by giving Tom Nook 5000 miles and then pay off your house loan of 98,000 bells. Once you are no longer in debt, help in the expansion of Tommys shop with the following items:

    • Wood x30
    • Softwood x30
    • Iron Nugget x30

    Wait a day after you have done the former step, then speak with Tom Nook and ask, What Should I do? and you will get the DIY recipe to build a bridge.

    After you have built the bridge, Tom Nook will give you the recipe for the ladder.

    Gathering Wood and Iron NuggetsYou can gather wood or softwood from trees by using an Axe. You will get these materials randomly so keep cutting down the trees until your requirements are fulfilled, but only in the game because we have to protect trees in real life. Protect the environment people.

    Take Your Animal Crossing Design Skills To New Heights

    Mountain climbers, welcome! Have you ever wanted to scale the highest peaks of your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Well, with this glitch, now you can. Terraforming was a huge new addition to the latest installment of Animal Crossing for the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to build cliffs high into the sky. However, usually it is impossible to climb to the fourth tier of cliffs the game prompting you,its dangerous to climb any higher. But you love danger, dont you? Heres how to climb onto the fourth tier of cliffs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    How To Get Into Bed

    Soon after placing your tent wherever you want to on the island, which serves as your living quarters for now, you will be given a Camping Cot to set in your tent. As we described in another guide, there is only really one point in the game where you really have to go to sleep, which is when Tom Nook tells you to early on. This causes you to sync up with the real world time and then sleeping from there on does nothing really other than you wanting to have your character go to sleep and watch them sleep.

    The one thing that can be a bit confusing though if you arent paying attention to all of the instructions when Tom Nook gives them is how to get into bed. Going up to the bed and press A to interact with it does nothing by try and grab the bed to move it and pressing Y adds it back to your inventory.

    To actually get into the bed itself to have your Villager take a rest, you need to walk up beside the bed and have hold the analog stick in the direction going towards the bed. After a few seconds, your Villager will hop up on the bed and lay down. While no time will pass since it flows with real time, your Villager will lay there and close his or her eyes. Once you are ready to get up, just move the analog stick in the opposite direction to get right back up.


    Animal Crossing New Horizons Ladder: How To Climb Up Ledges By Crafting A Ladder

    How to Get the Ladder and Climb Cliffs in Animal Crossing ...

    When you first arrive on your deserted island getaway in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there’ll be areas of the island you simply can’t access. You’ll need various items, including a ladder, to explore it all.

    The higher levels of your island will be something of a tease when you first see them. There they are, with trees, fruit, rarer flowers and plenty of weeds to pull up – frustratingly out of your reach. The game forces the vaulting pole which lets you cross rivers into your hands pretty early – within the first hour or two – but the ladder, the item needed to mount the ledges to the higher levels of your island, remains out of reach for longer. That’s why we’re here – to explain how you can get it a little faster to fully explore, if you need to.

    The ladder is an item you can craft, but in Animal Crossing: New Horizons you can’t just build crafting items from imagination. You have to unlock the recipe, and Tom Nook is holding the ladder recipe back from you. Grr. Here’s how to make him cough it up.

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    What Can You Find On Your Island’s Cliffs

    The clifftop areas of your island are home to new flora and fauna. You’ll find wildflowers growing there, which will attract new bugs like mantises and bees. You’ll find Fossils and buried Bells too.

    There’s plenty more on Animal Crossing to be found right here on USG. Be sure to head here for Caty’s thoughts on the latest game. For a breakdown of the new clothing option you can read Mat’s writeup.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players Discover ‘4th Level’ Glitch Workaround

    • 0

    One of the more popular glitches you can perform in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ‘climbing the fourth level’ trick which, as you can probably guess, allows you to build and climb onto a fourth tier of ground. Usually, players can only walk around on three levels, using terraforming to craft them and ladders, slopes or steps to navigate them.

    Tricks to reach a forbidden fourth level have been around for some time, but the most popular methods of doing so were recently patched out in the Version 1.3 update. It doesn’t seem to matter how hard Nintendo tries to stop players from getting up there, though, because fans have found another way which still works at the time of writing.

    The folks over at Animal Crossing World have detailed exactly how to pull off the new trick – you’ll need a bit of patience to pull off the ultra-precise terraforming shapes, as well as some expertly-timed button presses. If you do want to give it a go, bear in mind that while you can fully decorate the fourth level, it’s very possible that Nintendo might patch out this new method, forcing you to lose access to any items or plants you put up there.

    Here’s the final result:

    Image: Animal Crossing World

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    How The ‘animal Crossing New Horizons’ Glitch Was Discovered

    While some of us do not know where the glitch originated, it seems that its discovery was dated earlier this May, according to the recent article written by Kotaku.;Elsewhere, someone from TikTok, YouTube, and other sites could have pulled it out.

    For you to demonstrate the glitch, there is a requirement first–a flat object. Here are some things that you can enjoy while using this glitch:

    • Put your chosen object near the edge of the rounded corner. Just imagine you are placing a puzzle piece.
    • You can make use of a ladder to climb up to the object.
    • After that, you can now walk into the pool .
    • You can now hang out with your friends as if it is a pool party.

    Moreover, the players also find aesthetically pleasing photography in the form of breath-taking screenshots and clips. Somehow, the “Animal Crossing New Horizons” glitch has been part of the game as a whole new level of interaction with other in-game objects–and it is what the players want to be given justice.

    At the moment, we do not know if the glitch has already reached Nintendo, but if you are someone who has been enjoying it for a while, would you allow it to be removed from the game?

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