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How To Collect Art Animal Crossing

How To Buy Art From Redd

How to collect all of the art in Animal Crossing New Horizons

While Jolly Redd joins the cast of special visitors who can visit your island at random, he won’t show up right away. First, you have to donate at least 60 items to the museum, according to . Once you’ve done that, the next time you talk to Blathers, he’ll tell you he’d like to expand the museum to include an art wing. The day after that, Redd will arrive in his Treasure Trawler boat.

The first time Jolly Redd visits your island, he will wander around the way Saharah, Flick, and some other visitors do and sell you a piece of art sight-unseen. This piece of art should be legitimate, and you can donate it to Blathers in order to trigger the museum upgrade. The second time he visits, you’ll have to talk to him in order to get permission to enter his boat, which will be docked at the “secret” beach on the north side of your island; after that, on the days he visits, you can simply enter his boat without speaking to him first. An icon representing his boat will appear on your map on the days Redd visits.

How To Unlock & Find Redd

Once Blathers has mentioned the possibility of displaying art in the Museum, its possible for Redd to arrive on your island with his Treasure Trawler the next day. This can occur after at least 60 different bugs, fish, or fossils have been donated.

Redd will be walking around your island where you can meet him for the first time and purchase a piece of artwork from him for 4,980 Bells, which will always be real and genuine. Make sure to donate this art piece to Blathers ASAP to begin the process of expanding your Museum.

After the Museum has been fully expanded to include an Art Exhibit section for displaying all of your paintings and statues, Redd will begin to appear on your island randomly as a special visitor just like Saharah, Gulliver, and others.

On subsequent visits to your island, Redd can be found with his Treasure Trawler ship docked on the north secret beach, Enter his boat to browse a selection of paintings, statues, and furniture including both fake forgeries and real genuines.

Redd was added in the Version 1.2 Update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on April 23rd, 2020.

How Many Real / Fake Items Does Redd Sell

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf only one in four of the items Redd sold was the real McCoy. However, in New Horizons the ratio swings from just one fake to nothing but fakes. Once again, did some digging and discovered the following percentage chances:

10% 4 fake / 0 real

Ninji also discovered that for each genuine item Redd is selling, there’s a 20% chance that it’s not already part of your museum collection.

Assuming that data is correct, it seems that finding only genuine artworks is impossible. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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How To Spot Redd’s Fake Art Paintings And Statues

If – like me – you haven’t had the luxury of whiling away the years on an art history degree, then the subtle discrepancies in the fake art pieces can be difficult to spot – especially the paintings.

To tell Redd’s fakes from the real deal, you’re looking for tiny differences in the Animal Crossing version to the real-life work. This can take the form of things that are missing, things that are added, things that have changed size, or things that have changed color from the original.

One tip is to use the zoomed-in view you get of a piece before you buy to thoroughly inspect it.

It is possible for Redd’s inventory to be all fake, the rotten scoundrel. If this happens, you can either buy one of the counterfeits to display in your own home or leave the trawler in a huff.

As your collection increases, it’s also possible for Redd’s stock to be made up entirely of repeats of items you already own, even if they’re all genuine. Redd can be frustrating that way.

The differences between the authentic and fake paintings – as well as the statues – were reported on the r/AnimalCrossing subreddit by u/Acadiaa.

We’ve listed all of the errors which out them as fakes, as well as adding pictures of the real art, so you can make comparisons with what Redd’s stocking. Not every work of art has a fake, so we’ve included those too just to make things easier and set your mind at rest before you buy.

Refer to the lists below for a full run-down of what you need to know.

These include:

How To Tell Which Of Redds Artworks Are Real And Which Are Fake

ColourPop x Animal Crossing Collection

All of Redds artworks are based off of real world paintings and sculptures. But the tricky fox may try to sell you a forgery that looks very similar to the genuine article. Each fake will have a visible difference from the real version.

Redd has really stepped up his game this time around and his art is pretty hard to differentiate from the real versions. Keep in mind that the differences between the real and fakes are not the same as they were in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and are much harder to spot.

In the list below, well include descriptions of how you can tell the difference between a real piece of art and a forgery. Well keep updating as we find more.

Update : While we used the painting textures from the game to list the paintings below, it appears that there have been reports of multiple types of fake paintings that were not in the textures we used. That being said, make sure to inspect the paintings carefully and compare them to the real paintings below before you make any purchases. We will continue investigating and update this guide as we find more information.

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Where To Find Redd In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Like the other Animal Crossing: New Horizons visitors like Kicks, CJ and Flick and now Leif, Redd will appear on your island at random during the week. However, he won’t appear in the plaza like everyone else, but he’ll dock up at your ‘secret beach’ at the top of your island.;

The very first time Redd arrives he’ll actually pop over to your Plaza. You’ll know that he’s arrived as Isabelle will mention a ‘suspicious character’, and you’ll see Redd’s logo at the top of your map at your secret beach.

He’ll then appear on your plaza if you wander down there. The first time he appears you won’t be able to head onto his ship, but only buy directly from him at the plaza. Thankfully, this piece is the real deal.;

After that, he’ll appear again at random walking around your island. He’ll tell you about his collection, and invite you to come visit his vessel. After that, you’ll be able to visit him on his ship and buy an assortment of art items directly.;

All Paintings Needed To Complete The Museum In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are 30 total paintings for players to collect, and 14 of those are always authentic and should be an instant buy;when players see them in Redd’s boat. Here is every painting players will need to purchase and donate to complete the Art Gallery in the Museum:

  • Academic Painting
  • Valiant Statue
  • Warrior Statue

Like paintings, players will want to consult guides to learn how to tell the real from the fake sculptures to avoid purchasing any of the worthless forgeries.

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How To Find Art And Paintings To Donate

The most notable thing in the new update is the paintings and art displayed in the gallery, and those sold by Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler, suggesting that at least one way players might satiate Blathers is by purchasing art from Redd and sending it to him. However, recent datamining has confirmed that like in past games, Redd will be selling forgeries, which have small distinctions from the real thing . If this mechanic is carried over in its entirety, forgeries will not be able to be donated to Blathers, meaning that you’ll have to study the artwork carefully before you commit to buying it.

It’s also possible that there will be other ways to obtain valuable artwork, based on mechanics in past games. These all seem to be likely contenders when it comes to finding art:

  • Occasionally sold from Nook’s Cranny.
  • Gifts from villagers
  • May be found from digging up buried items, similar to fossils.

How To Get Art And Unlock Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler

Animal Crossing New Horizons money Glitch : How to Collect All Redd Art and Make Millions of Bells!

Redd wasn’t included in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at launch, but he was added with the game’s first major update last April. If you’re new to the game and haven’t yet unlocked Redd’s visits, here’s how to do so.

In order for Redd to begin visiting your island, you’ll need a museum with an art wing. To unlock the Museum building, you’ll first need to donate five critters to Tom Nook when he asks for them .

Tom Nook then gets in touch with his old pal Blathers, who’ll set up a base camp from which to study your island’s natural history. Give Blathers a further 15 critters after he asks for them and he’ll decide to make your island his new home, and begin construction on a museum.

Once the museum is built, donating a further 40 critters and/or fossils to Blathers will lead him to make the following announcement: a new fine art wing is being planned. There’s no time limit on any of this, by the way, so don’t stress if it takes you a little while to find 60 unique donations.

After announcing his plan for the new exhibit, Blathers will ask you to keep an eye out for art to put on display, and to bring him any you find.

Now wait until the next day and look around your island. You should find a new visitor the sneaky orange fox, Redd. Hes managed to drop his crazy moniker from previous games, but hes no less wily.

That means itll be closed for a full day while renovations take place.

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What To Do With Redds Fake Items

If someone happened to persuade you into purchasing one of Redds copies, the truth is there isnt much you can do with them. Blathers understands that showcasing replicas in his reputable institution is a big no-no. The Nooklings would willingly purchase weeds rather than step into the dangerous world of the black market.

You have the opportunity to either hide and store any undesired products in your home warehouse to collect digital dust, publicize them inside if you are one of the few who actually relish Redds novel takes on fine art, or throw them in your trash never to be seen again.

Dont get your hopes up; you wont be receiving your cash back if you fall for Redds schemes, but his fakes arent entirely stripped of appeal.

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If you havent Instad yourself yawning next to Ducreuxs Self-Portrait, Yawning, have you really seen it?

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Complete List Of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Art

Can you spot the fakes? Here’s a guide to obtaining genuine paintings from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler in #AnimalCrossing: New Horizons!

Thanks to Reddit users Accadia, we have what we think is the full list of art Redd has for sale, and over on Reddit they;have linked out images for side-by-side comparisons too.;

Thankfully there are some that have no fake version and are safe to buy from the off, which are all marked below.

  • Academic Painting;
  • Calm Painting
  • Common Painting
  • Detailed Painting
  • Dynamic Painting
  • Familiar Statue
  • Famous Painting
  • Flowery Painting
  • Gallant Statue
  • Glowing Painting
  • Graceful Painting
  • Great Statue
  • Informative Statue
  • Moody Painting
  • Motherly Statue
  • Mysterious Painting
  • Mystic Statue
  • Nice Painting
  • Perfect Painting
  • Proper Painting
  • Quaint Painting
  • Sinking Painting
  • Solemn Painting
  • Twinkling Painting
  • Valiant Statue
  • Warm Painting
  • Warrior Statue
  • Wistful Painting
  • Worthy Painting

Throw It Out In A Trash Can

Animal Crossing Fan Art on Behance

Dispose of fake art by throwing them in a trash can. Press A and select the forgery to dispose it.

Some fake art have animations!

Certain forgeries have special animations, so we recommend using them as decorations instead of disposing them!

Cannot be sold at Nook’s Cranny

Fake Art can’t be sold at Nook’s Cranny. In fact, attempting to sell them is a good way to find out if it’s fake!

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When & How Often Does Redd Appear

Jolly Redd can be appear at your islands north secret beach in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on weekdays Monday through Friday beginning at 5AM.

But how often does Redd show up? Each week, five random special visitors that can visit on weekdays are selected to appear during that week on your island. These include Redd, Gulliver, Saharah, Leif, Kicks, Flick, and more.

If Redd isnt selected in this set of five weekday visitors during one week, then hes guaranteed to appear during the next week. This should ensure you spot him at least once every two weeks, if not more often.

While Redd used to feel extraordinarily rare appearing on most islands only once every two or three weeks for many players, some changes were made in the Version 1.3 Summer Update making him more common. In previous versions, special characters Kicks, Saharah, and Leif would visit your islandÂ;every single week taking up precious opportunities for Redd to appear.

Special thanks to Diam and Nintendo Wire for images used in this guide.

Redd Art Paintings: Real Genuine Vs Fake Forgery Guide

Not an expert at distinguishing between real and fake art? Thats where our guide comes in! Browse the sections below to find the painting youre looking to purchase from Jolly Redd and compare what youre seeing in-game to what you see displayed in this guide.

Plus, as an added bonus, not every panting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons actually has a fake version! So for some paintings, you wont even have to compare because well tell you if the artwork only comes in real genuine versions. Additionally, a complete list of these always real art pieces are included at the end of the guide.

Academic Painting: Real vs Fake?

The fake version of the Academic Painting has a large coffee stain in the top right of the art piece. This is missing from the real version.

Full Size Versions: Real Academic Painting, Fake Academic Painting

Amazing Painting: Real vs Fake?

The fake version of the Amazing Painting removes the large black hat from the person featured in the middle. This large hat is only present in the real version.

Full Size Versions: Real Amazing Painting, Fake Amazing Painting

Basic Painting: Real vs Fake?

The fake version of the Basic Painting changes the persons forehead hair line to be completely covered in hair. Their forehead has far less hair in the real version.

Full Size Versions: Real Basic Painting, Fake Basic Painting

Calm Painting: Real vs Fake?

Common Painting: Real vs Fake?

Detailed Painting: Real vs Fake?

Dynamic Painting: Real vs Fake?

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How To Open The Gallery In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With the arrival of Redd comes the ability to expand the Museum to accommodate an Art Gallery. If you speak to Blathers after the 1.2 update, he will mention the ability to collect works for art.

The only place to get art, and thus start expanding the Museum, is by meeting Redd.

Once you’ve met Redd for the first time and acquired your first work of art, donate it to the Museum. This works the same way it does with Fossils – it has to be analysed and then donated.

Following this first donation, the Museum will close for one day, so you’ll need to hang onto any fossils or other donations until he reopens. Once it does, the Art Gallery wing of the Museum will be available.

You will find it at the upper floor of the museum, opposite of where you first enter through the front entrance.

As with other areas of the Museum, at first most of the wing will be empty, and requires you to generously donate further pieces to fill it out, from paintings to statues.

This requires more visits to Redd, so whenever he appears on your island, be sure to pay a visit and acquire a new item to give to Blathers.


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