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How To Find Fossils Animal Crossing

How To Donate Fossils To Blathers In The Museum

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to find fossils

Once themuseum is established, and you can start donating more items at once toBlathers, the method of donating fossils changes slightly.

  • First,you need to enter the museum and talk to Blathers . If its during thedaytime, youll wake them up as owls are nocturnal.
  • Next,assuming that you have fossils in your inventory, you need to ask Blathers toAssess fossils.
  • Inyour inventory, select all of the fossils depicted by the purple rock with awhite ammonoid shell by pressing A on them, and then press + to confirm.
  • Now,Blathers will assess them, tell you that you have found some rare fossils, andthat theyd like you to donate them to put on display in the museum.
  • Atthis point, youll be returned to the conversation menu and will be able to gointo the Make a donation section to donate the fossils to Blathers museum.
  • Usingthe same process as before, you select all of the fossils which you want to beput on show in the museum and then press confirm.
  • Asyou progress, you may notice that some of the fossils in your inventory cantbe selected. This is because the museum already has those fossils in place. Blatherswont take any duplicates.
  • Allof the bold skull items are needed by Blathers. If you happen to have two ofthe same on your person and accidentally select them both to be donated,Blathers will only take one.
  • Onceyouve pressed confirm, Blathers will thank you for the donation, and thespecimens that you donated will immediately be put on show in the museum.

I’ve Dug Up A Blue Fossil

Well, you could sell it immediately in its unassessed form if you wanted to, although we wouldn’t recommend it. If you want to get more than a paltry 100 Bells for a fossil, you’ll want to get it assessed by Blathers.

Fortunately, the owl at the museum is not only a knowledgeable ichthyologist and entomologist, but also an expert in the field of palaeontology. Simply ask him to assess your fossils and he’ll identify them for you. Pro tip! Wait until you’ve dug up a batch of fossils and get them all assessed at the same time to avoid unnecessary blathering from the lovable, long-winded owl.

Once the fossils are assessed, you have three options. You can donate them to the museum, sell them to Timmy and Tommy at Nook’s Cranny for a good price, or keep the pieces and assemble your own displays at home or around your island.

Fossils come as single pieces or part of a set. For example, the Coprolite is an individual fossil, whereas the Brachiosaurus is made up of four separate fossils . Each one comes with its own mount for display, and can really pep up a dull kitchen or bathroom, provided you’ve got the space to house them.

How To Check Fossils You Already Have

If youre unsure whether or not youve found the same fossil twice, you can pull up the Nook Shopping catalog to see what fossils youve already collected.

You can open up the catalog either at the Nook Stop kiosk in Resident Services or via the app on your NookPhone. To unlock the Nook Shopping app, youll have to have purchased 100 items directly from the catalog.

Once you have it installed, select the section containing wallpaper, flooring, and more. The and more in question is actually fossils, amongst other miscellaneous items. Scroll over to the fossils tab, and youll see a list of every fossil youve ever cataloged.

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How To Find Fossils In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To find fossils in New Horizons, you first need to equip yourself with a shovel. Once you’ve brought or crafted this tool, it’s time to explore the island until you find a crack in the ground shaped like an X.

Just like in any good pirate story, the treasure lies beneath the X and by using your shovel on the crack, you’ll unearth a fossil.

You won’t, however, know what type of fossil you’ve found, until you’ve had it assessed.

There will be at least four fossil cracks for you to find every day and, if you don’t collect them, then two more cracks will appear the following day, bringing the maximum amount of fossils you can find on your island at one time to six.

If you do dig up the four fossils, then a new set of four will appear after 5am, which is the island reset time for every island.

You can also find fossils on the Mystery Island tours, which can purchase tickets for at the Nook Stop in Residential Services using Nook Miles.

Whether or not you find a fossil on a Mystery Island is completely random and, if you do, you will only be able to find the one. For this reason, we don’t recommend using Mystery Island tours exclusively for fossil hunting – you’re better off saving your Nook Miles and focusing on the fossils found on your island.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Fossils

Fossils are easy to find in New Horizons once you have even a flimsy shovel. Any time you spot a star-shaped crater on the ground, you can dig there to find a Fossil. You can find up to four Fossils per day at home, which is randomized daily, and you can always find at least two Fossil digsites whenever you visit a Mystery Island. If you like, you can speed up your first steps into Fossil collecting by “time-traveling” forward and collecting all the newly-respawned digsites on your island every day.

There are a total of 74 individual Fossils available from digsites in New Horizons. There are another 35 full-size dinosaur skeletons, like;T. rexes and triceratops, that you can put back together if you find all the right parts.

Once you’ve established a Museum on your island, you can ask Blathers to assess any Fossils you’ve got in your possession. Once he’s had a look, he’ll ask you to donate any new Fossils you’ve found to the Museum, for storage and display in your official collection. You can find your donated Fossils after that by walking down the steps in the middle of the Museum.

If you’re looking for a little more convenience than that, however, you can actually turn to Nook Shopping. If you tab over to the wallpaper and flooring section of the catalog, whether you’re using the Shopping machine in Resident Services or the app on your NookPhone, it also includes a handy alphabetical list of all the Fossils you’ve found so far.

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Welcome To Island Life

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The joyful game the world needs

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a happy and pleasant life sim that’s filled with personality and charm. There’s plenty to do and plenty to see, and as you build yourself an island paradise, you can make lasting friendships with your animal villagers.

How To Use Fossils

In addition to filling up your museum, fossils can be used in a couple of different ways. Assessed fossils can be sold at Nooks Cranny for 1,000 Bells and up depending on the rarity.

Since four to five fossils will spawn on your island each day, youre looking at a minimum of 5,000 Bells but more likely somewhere in the 15,000-20,000 Bells range.

This can make it tough to know when you should give fossils to the museum or when to keep them for your own personal gain.

In our experience, we found a good practice is to donate any fossils your museum doesnt have and sell the remaining duplicates. The more you play, the less frequently youll find new fossils, allowing you to make more money.

Lastly, fossils can also be used as decorations anywhere on your island. Placing down a fossil works just like any other piece of furniture and can be done from your Pockets menu. Bigger fossils will multiple parts will require you to have each piece in order to display them fully.

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Where To Get A Shovel In Animal Crossing New Horizons

You can either wait or fast forward time via the system clock on your switch. Once Blathers arrives, speak to him and he will talk about digging up fossils on the island. he will then give you a DIY recipe for your first shovel, which is flimsy but you gotta do what ya gotta do. With that you can start digging up all sorts of items and hit rocks for cash if you want. You can get an upgraded tool down the line, but for now just use that to get some fossils for Blathers on your island. Also be sure to bring one with you when you go to resource islands, sometimes fossils are there as well.

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How To Find Fossils In New Horizons

How to find, assess, and donate FOSSILS in Animal Crossing, New Horizons

To find all of the fossils on your island each day, for the most part, youll only need the Vaulting Pole and a Flimsy Shovel. While they break quite quickly when used to farm iron nuggets from rocks, the Flimsy Shovel actually holds up rather well when used for digging.

Each fossilis found in the X- mark on the floor, which you can see below:

To dig outthe fossil, all you need to do is stand over the X-mark, equip your shovel by pressingleft or right on the d-pad, face the X-mark, and then press A. Youll dig up afossil every time.

You can findthese fossil-hiding X-marks on the grass of your island every day, so be sureto use the Vaulting Pole to access all areas and dig them all up.

Fossils arecompletely randomised each day, so you dont have to worry about certainfossils only appearing in certain seasons. You could dig up any fossil at anytime.

You can alsofind a glimmer dig spot on the floor each day. If you dig where the sparkle is,youll find 1,000 Bells.

If you use your collected Nook Miles to visit Mystery Islands, as detailed in this guide, you can find at least two more fossil digs on each island that you visit. However, each Nook Miles Ticket costs 2,000 Nook Miles to purchase.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons Fossil Farming

Fossils are items are that buried all around the Island. To get Fossils you need to dig the star-shaped cracked on the ground. Look for blue circular rocks with shell and star shapes. Fossils were a part of New Leaf and the player was stuck with limited cracks per day. For the time being, it seems thats also the case in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Fossils can be used to display at the museum or sold for in the shops for in-game currencies.

To find Fossils you first need to equip a Shovel and look for the star-shaped cracks on the ground. Keep digging the crack until you are able to find a fossil. Cracks appear daily and at random locations on the map. Animal Crossing New Horizons farming revolves around finding all four cracks on your main Island. You need to find all 4 cracks on the island that spawn each date. Since you can time travel, it is possible to respawn the fossils by changing the date on your Switch. However, this is yet to be confirmed. Another method to farm Fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Visit other Islands but there are two cracks per day on them. Farming Fossils from other Islands would consume Nook Miles. You can keep visiting other Islands to farm Fossils in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Thats how the farming of fossils works in the new Animal Crossing. If you need more help with the game check out the Animal Crossing New Horizons Wiki.

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Other Uses For Fossils In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

Since you’re going to have a lot of fossils that you can’t donate to the Museum in New Horizons, it’s a good idea to know what you can use them for.

The first is obvious – you can sell your spare fossils at Nook’s Cranny and, depending on which fossils you’ve found, you can earn a minimum of 4,000 Bells a day.

Secondly, you can use fossils to decorate both your house and island.

Even if you don’t have a complete fossil set, you can mix and match the larger fossil to create your own dinosaurs.

Finally, if you have any spare unassessed fossil, you can use them in the DIY recipe for the Fossil doorplate.

To make the Fossil doorplate you need:

  • x1 Unassessed fossil

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How To Find More Fossils And Fill The Museum Faster

As you canonly collect up to four fossils each day, completing the fossil section ofBlathers museum can take a very long time especially as you can dig upduplicates.

However, if you use the time travel method, you can jump forward a day at a time, dig up fossils, give them to Blathers, and keep repeating until you have completed all 35 of the displays.

Its one ofthe lengthier jobs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but finding all of thefossils for Blathers museum is undoubtedly very rewarding.

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How To Get Fossils

How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing? New Fossil List ...

When it comes to actually retrieving these prehistoric marvels, youre going to want to first have a shovel. This can be crafted at a workbench or Tom Nooks DIY bench for five hardwood and one iron nugget.

When you have it, youre going to want to look for mounds in your island that look like something is buried beneath them.

Then, you need to stand facing these mounds and use your shovel on them by pressing A.

Your character will dig and theres a chance you can end up with a fossil! Theres also a chance to get a pitfall or some bells.

When it comes to finding out what these fossils are exactly, youre going to want to head over to the museum. There, you will be greeted by Blathers.

You can hand over to him the fossils you dug up and hell tell you what they are.

From there, you can donate them to the museum to add them to the collection if they dont already have them, or you can sell them for a good chunk of bells!

Oh, and new to the series is that you can actually place them around your island, too! Your very own Jurassic Park.

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Where To Find Fossils

Up to this point in the game, you will not have come across any fossils quite yet. That is because they are not found on the main area of your island. Instead, you have to wait until Blathers gives you the recipe for the Vaulting Pole and the Flimsy Shovel.

Once you have those recipes, head to your DIY workbench and create both items. If you dont have all the supplies, just take an axe and hack away at the trees around the area to get the needed materials.

After you have the Vaulting Pole and Flimsy Shovel in hand, head towards the river with the Vaulting Pole in hand and press A to make your way across the water. Now that you are across. Go explore this new area and look for marks in the ground that look different.

This is literally a case of X marks the spot, as the locations for fossils are Xs in the ground. Now stand next to the X and equip your Flimsy Shovel and use A to dig. This will dig up the fossil found in the spot, which you can take back to Blathers for him to assess.

The number of fossils available at a time is not too many, so grab what you can and then come back each day for more to add to the collection for Blathers. They will be in different spots after this, so scour the entire island to see what you can find.


How To Assess Fossils In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

After you’ve collected a couple of fossils in New Horizons, it’s time to discover exactly what you’ve excavated.

To do this you need to head to the Museum and to Blathers. Next select the option ‘Assess fossils’ and choose which fossil that you wish to have appraised.

Blathers will then tell you exactly which fossils you’ve found, transforming the fossils in your inventory into their named form. He will also tell you whether or not the Museum currently has the fossils in their collection.

If you do have a fossil the Museum is missing, then you can donate it by selecting ‘Make a donation’ when you talk to Blathers again.

The fossils you receive are randomly selected, so there’s no guarantee that you will receive a certain fossil. Instead, you need to keep collecting fossils and having them assessed, until you get lucky.

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How To Find Fossils In Animal Crossing New Fossil List

How to find Fossils in Animal Crossing? Finding Fossils in Animal Crossing is a headache so we have given a list below we have a full guide on How to Find Fossils in Animal Crossing. Fossils can be used to sell or donate, fossils can help you fetch a good amount of money, so have a look at the guide.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, fossils play an important role, these are skeletal which once live on your island, and creatures like bugs, fish, paintings, and sea creatures all these can be donated to museums as well.

We have a simple and quick guide on How to Find Fossils in Animal crossing, have a look.


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