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How To Fish Animal Crossing New Leaf

Fishing Tourney Dates And Types

Animal Crossing New Leaf how to fish

There are two different types of Fishing Tourney events that can take place, depending on the month of the year. Either you will need to catch any type of fish in the game, or you will need to catch only one specific type of fish requested by Chip. Different prizes will be rewarded depending on the tourney type too.

Consult the table below to see when the Fishing Tourney happens and what type of tourney it will be:

Tourney Date
Chip asks for one of: Horse Mackerel, Pond Smelt, or Sea Bass
Chip asks for any fish
Chip asks for one of: Crucian Carp, Horse Mackerel, or Loach
Chip asks for any fish
May Chip asks for one of: Carp, Black Bass, or Sea Bass
Chip asks for any fish
Chip asks for one of: Carp, Crucian Carp, Black Bass
Chip asks for any fish

Learn How To Identify Crazy Redds Art Forgeries From The Real Deal

Once a week, a fox named Crazy Redd will set up shop in your town square. Reds a crooked art dealer whose wares are often forgeries, but its necessary to talk shop with him if you want to fill out your museums art wing.

Most of the stuff Redd peddles is based on famous sculptures and paintings, like Michelangelos David and Da Vincis Lady With an Ermine. Redds fake works have something obviously wrong with them: In Lady With an Ermine, for example, the lady will be holding a cat instead of an ermine. Redds legit works, however, will look OK.

Needless to say, Blathers will not put fake paintings or sculptures in the museum. If youre not up on your art history, has a handy cheat sheet.

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Hit Rocks With Your Shovel For Big Rewards

The rocks in your town are for more than just getting in your way. If you whack them with your shovel , you can find bugs and valuable ore. Once a day, you can even find a money rock, which pays out cash in increasing denominations each time you hit it. The rock is only active for a few seconds, so you need to hit it as quickly as possible. Recoil will slow you down, but you can perform better with practice. You can also try digging holes and placing yourself between the holes and the rock so recoil wont affect you.

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Fish To Catch In April

As mentioned above, fish will come and go out of season in Animal Crossing. For players in the Northern Hemisphere, April sees the arrival of a bunch of new fish and aquatic life, including the elusive Snapping Turtle. This is also the last month to catch the rare and valuable Blue Marlin and Tuna, which both go out of season in May, so hit up that pier while you still have the chance!

Players in the Southern Hemisphere will see the arrival of two new fish and will have to work diligently to catch the over half a dozen that will be going out of season after the month is up. See a more comprehensive list of whatâs coming and going in April in our guides below.

How Do I Get A Better Fishing Rod In Animal Crossing


Head over to Tom Nooks tent and use the Automatic Bell Dispenser machine in the corner. Then select the option to redeem Nook Miles. One of the options, Pretty Good Tools Recipes, costs 3,000 Nook Miles. This recipe pack will include upgrades for your Axe, Shovel, Net, Watering Can, and Fishing Rod.

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How To Win: Fishing Tourney Strategy And Tips

The best and most optimal way to play the Fishing Tourney is to set as many new fish size records as possible throughout the day. Every time you set a new record, Chip will reward you with a new piece of furniture, so being strategic with your fish submissions will lead to the best results.

In order to be strategic, pay attention and try to remember the fish size that is displayed in the text window after catching a fish! This size is exactly what Chip uses to measure your fish when you submit it.

Knowing that information, try to be smart about which fish you submit to Chip and what order you do so in. By trying to give him smaller sized fish first, followed by larger sized fish later after you have already broken or set smaller records, your prizes will be maximized! Whereas if you end up submitting one of your largest fish of the day right off the bat, your potential prizes will be greatly reduced.

It’s good to know that you can also place fish in your house’s drawer storage, or simply move them around your pocket inventory. This can be used to attempt to organize the fish into tiers of fish size for submitting to Chip later in the most strategic order.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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occupation_bob8 years ago#4First, do not close your eyes. The human brain works faster when using two different signals to accomplish the same thing.Stare at the bobber, and listen for the plop sound. Put as much pressure on the A button as you can without actually pressing it down, and when you hear/see it, press it as fast as you can.If you tense up too much, you can anticipate it a little whenever you see the fish actually going to your lure.*click*Its like my Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattata.*click*

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sickbullet8 years ago#5You dont need to button mash it, just be fast with your first hit and close your eyes and listen for it going under, I find Sharks easy Knife Jaws are harder.ACNH: DA-4094-8415-6797

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Want Cool Nintendo Kitsch Buy Fortune Cookies With Play Coins

If you need some added incentive to take your Nintendo 3DS out for a walk, keep in mind that the Nooklings sell fortune cookies for two Play Coins each. Most of the fortunes inside these treats can be exchanged for Nintendo-related clothes and items. Occasionally, your ticket wont be a winner, but dont despair: Tommy or Timmy will give you a consolation prize. Who needs a Master Sword when you can have an ironing board?

Alternate Your Fishing Catching And Diving

How to Catch the Rarest fish in Animal Crossing: New Leaf!!!

Its important to fish, catch, and dive at different times and in different spots. Some fish only swim near waterfalls some only swim at the beach. Fish at different spots to reel up new species.

Likewise, different fish, bugs, and deep sea items can only be found at certain times. Try going out at night to find different creatures lurking about. Be sure to go out when the seasons change too, as some species can only be found in during certain seasons.

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Dont Mess Around Too Much With The In

When you first start playing New Leaf, youll be asked to set the current time and date. Since the game moves in real-time, this all has a bearing on when stores will be open, etc. You can change the date and time every time you start up New Leaf, but you shouldnt do anything drastic: Time paradoxes can cause problems and glitches. Moreover, if you buy and sell turnips , changing the clock will cause your turnips to rot instantly and become worthless.

If your real-life follows a weird schedule and the Night Owl or Early Bird ordinances arent providing decent opportunities to visit New Leafs stores, then you might consider adjusting the game clock accordingly. Just dont go ripping back and forth through time.

Th Century To The Present

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The two new , the United States and the Soviet Union, became locked in a fifty-year-long Cold War, centred on . At the same time , which had already started after World War I, gradually resulted in the independence of most of the European colonies in Asia and Africa.

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How Can I Improve My Fishing Ability

At the very beginning of the game, I didnât have much trouble catching any fish: put the bobber in the water, wait for the fish to bite hard enough for the bobber to dip under the surface, press A. Not too complicated. However, in the few days since, Iâve had noticeably worse luck with my fishing: the fish will quite often escape when I attempt to reel it in, despite the fact that as far as I can tell, Iâm not doing anything different. When Iâm depending on fishing for my income to some extent, it can be a little frustrating.

Am I doing something wrong, or do fish just sometimes escape, even when you use the proper timing? Is there anything I can do to increase my success rate with fishing?

Fishing in Animal Crossing can be tricky sometimes, even for seasoned players. This is because it has gone through some subtle iterations, so the best âmethodâ of fishing may not be the same across different AC games, and is often hotly debated online.

A more reliable technique is to note the â5 bite limitâ of fish in Animal Crossing. They wonât ever bite more than five times. If youâre waiting for the fifth bite, then it may be better to have your eyes open to hold down A just as soon as the fish touches the bobber.

Silver Fishing Rod:

Catch at least 30 different types of fish and upgrade the museum to have a second floor. Then you can purchase this from the museumâs second floor.

Gold Fishing Rod:

Unlock And Upgrade Buildings And Amenities

10 Things I am Looking Forward to in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

There are several amenities and shops for island residents to unlock and upgrade as you play. To get the most out of your island getaway experience you’ll want to add the following buildings and characters to your deserted island.

  • How to Unlock the Museum and Blathers
  • How to Unlock Isabelle and the Town Hall
  • How to Upgrade Nook’s Cranny
  • How to Unlock The Able Sisters’ Clothing Shop
  • How to Unlock The Roost – How to Get Brewster and Invite amiibo Characters for Coffee – NEW

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List Of States And Territories

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How Do You Cross Water In Animal Crossing

To cross rivers in Animal Crossing New Horizons you will need a vaulting pole. Weve included steps on getting the recipe and crafting one above. You can also use bridges to cross rivers, more info can be found in our bridges guide. Once you have the vaulting pole just equip it and press A to jump over rivers.

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How To Catch Fish In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Before you can learn how to catch a fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, youll first need to craft yourself a Flimsy Fishing Rod. If you havent done this yet, be sure to read through our guide where we explain how to craft a Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

With your Fishing Rod crafted, open your inventory and select the Fishing Rod, then select the option to Hold it. With your Fishing Rod in hand, head over to a watery area and look for the shadow of a fish. You can use fishing bait if there are no fish near you, so learn how to craft it. Cast your line in front of the fish by pressing the A button and wait for the fish to start nibbling. The line has to be in front of the fish or it wonât notice it.

If the fish doesnt notice, you can reel your line back by pressing A again, then try moving and casting it in a different spot. With your line cast, youll need to wait for the fish to take notice and approach the line. This is where things get a little tricky. Youll need to make sure the fish isnt just testing the line first by bumping into it and backing away.

It can take a few tries to get the timing right, but once you do, youll be on your way towards becoming a fishing expert in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

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Best Tools And Best Gear

FISH GUIDE – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Image: Nintendo Life

You’re not going to get very far in New Horizons unless you have the best gear and tools. You can buy tools from various sellers in the game using Bells but you can also craft them yourself using components scattered around the island. Make sure you unlock the tool ring early on as it makes switching between tools a little bit easier, and be sure to upgrade your axe and shovel as soon as possible the more advanced the tool, the longer you’ll be able to use it before it breaks.

  • How to Get the Tool Ring
  • How to Get the Ladder
  • How to Cut Down and Move Trees
  • How to Upgrade your Axe
  • How to Upgrade your Shovel
  • How to Get the Vaulting Pole and Cross Rivers
  • How to Get the Star Wand
  • How to Get Golden Tools

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Special Days And Events

Throughout the year special holidays and events take place in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to coincide with real-world festivals and holidays.

  • Festivale – Pavé, Rainbow Feathers, Reactions, Clothing and Valentine’s Day Gifts
  • Bunny Day Date, Start Time, Egg Collecting and Crafting Explained
  • Nature Day Event – Leif the Sloth, Bushes, Shrubs and Nature Day
  • May Day Event – May Day Tours and a returning “Special Visitor”
  • International Museum Day Event – The Stamp Rally and Event Rewards
  • Wedding Season Event – Cyrus and Reese’s Wedding Rewards and Heart Crystals on Harv’s Island
  • Bug-Off – Event Date, Start Time, Flick and Rewards Explained
  • Fishing Tourney – Event Date, Start Time, C.J. and Rewards Explained
  • Fireworks Show – Event Date, Start Time, Redd’s Raffle Items List and Custom Fireworks Explained
  • Fall Update – Complete Autumn Events Guide
  • Halloween Event Guide – How to Get Candy, Lollipops and Prizes from Jack
  • Turkey Day – Franklin, Thanksgiving DIY Recipes, Secret Ingredients and Rewards
  • Christmas Toy Day Event Guide – Jingle’s Magic Bag and Toy Day Set
  • New Year’s Eve Guide – Tom Nook New Year’s Items List


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