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How To Get A Slingshot In Animal Crossing

How To Get Floating Presents In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

HOW TO GET Golden Slingshot in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Floating presents appear randomly sailing past your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, so dont miss your chance to get them. All you need to pop that balloon and send that gift down to earth is a slingshot! You can buy a Slingshot from Resident Services for 900 bells, or you can get the blueprint for it for 300 bells. However to build the slingshot youll need 5 hardwood, which is pretty hard to get. First youll need to craft yourself an axe and then smash some trees around your island until one of them gives you some hardwood instead of softwood.

Whether you buy the slingshot outright or craft it to save some bells, youll then have to shoot down the balloon. The best way to shoot down the balloon is to see which way its drifting over your island and then stand directly under it. The balloons shadow on the ground should help, stand just in front of it and use the slingshot to shoot directly upwards. If you get it right down comes a present just for you!

Watch out though, because presents can fall into rivers, lakes, ponds or the sea and be lost forever! So be careful when trying to get floating presents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. For any other help with your new island life, check out some of our other guides.

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How To Shoot Down Balloons In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You might’ve noticed some flying presents on your island, here is how to get them

n New Horizons, it is incredibly frustrating when you see alluring presents gliding through the sky suspended by a balloon that you can’t quite get to.

You might be wondering how to get your hands on whatever is inside, but to do that you need to complete a few starter tasks.

As you play Animal Crossing each day you’ll have new things to do by the behest of Tom Nook, who lives in the Resident Services building.

The item you need to pop the balloons is a slingshot and it is sold by Timmy in the Resident Services tent at the start of the game for 900 bells, along with the DIY recipe.

If however, it isn’t appearing for you, make sure that you’ve attended the campfire orientation with Tom Nook where he discusses a DIY workshop with you, which enables you to craft your own items.

After this, you should be able to purchase recipes and tools from Timmy.

If you decide to buy a slingshot, be warned that it will eventually break. So it makes more sense financially to buy the recipe itself to craft as many as you like!

All you need to craft one is four hardwood, which can be claimed by hitting trees with an axe.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Make A Slingshot

by Eli McLean·March 20, 2020

When you first settle your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons you may have noticed packages floating on balloons in the sky above. These balloons can be shot down with a Slingshot so you can get at the packages they are carrying. Of course at the start of the game you wont have a Slingshot. To help you get this tool use our how to make a Slingshot guide below.

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Where To Find And Craft Slingshot In Acnh

The slingshot is a great tool to get to pop balloons and you can craft it yourself without much effort. To get the slingshot you will have to complete a few things beforehand to get the slingshot.

When you start your adventure in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need to complete the DIY workshop tutorial, as soon as you do this, you will get the recipe for it.

Once you have the recipe, you will need to gather the resources and all you need is 5 pieces of Hardwood, for this you will have to hit a bunch of trees with your axe or shove.

Once you have all the material, go to the Resident Service Center and go to the crafting bench. This will grant you your slingshot.

Now with your slingshot you will need to go out and look for balloons with gifts attached to them, equip the slingshot and press A to fire on to the balloon. The trick to hitting it depends on your position, so make sure that you find the sweet spot.

Also, make sure that the balloon isnt above any water body as once the gift drops down in the water there wont be any way you can get it back.

The gift depends on what color the balloon is, check out below for more detailed information.

Red Balloon will almost get you furniture, like the kitchen sink and other things that you can use to decorate your house with.

Yellow balloon will get you Bells and or Clothing, this is random and you cannot guess unless you open it up to check out for yourself.

Can The Slingshot Break

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The Slingshot will last considerably longer than the rest of your tools in Animal Crossing New Horizons. This is likely because you are actually using it less than the others, only pulling it out to shoot down any balloons you see floating by. Even after shooting down every balloon we came across, our first Slingshot didn’t break for a week spent in game. The Slingshot is not invincible however, and will break after repeated use.

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Ready To Take Your Shot In Animal Crossing Its Easy

Without the slingshot in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all those colorful balloons floating overhead will remain unpopped forever. Plus, the items they carry will be lost, too. Fortunately, acquiring a slingshot is easy, and even if you havent played much of the game and only have a few bells to spare.

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Are There Unbreakable Tools In New Horizons

There are not currently any unbreakable tools that you can acquire or craft in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, you can craft tools of higher durability, which will cause them to last much longer than other tools. Like previous entries in the Animal Crossing series, you can acquire Golden Tools.

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Balloon Presents You Can Get

Balloon Presents can contain improved slingshots , balloonfurniture and hat , or if you have obtained all of the balloon furniture andthe hat, you can get random furniture, including new Welcome Amiibo items.The random items that you get might depend on your item luck, which is partlyinfluenced by FengShui, especially your red Feng Shui. If Katrinatells your fortune and tells you which lucky item to wear, this may help improve item luck as well. You can buy her 10000 Bell lucky item and wear it to guarantee good luck.

Improved Slingshots

  • Silver Slingshot This will randomly float past after you have shot down 16 balloon presentswith the regular slingshot. You can get more than one.
  • Golden Slingshot This will randomly float past after you have shot down 16 balloon presentswith the silver slingshot. It might be possible to get more than one.

Balloon Furniture and Hat

There is a furniture set of balloon furniture that can only be obtained by shooting down balloon presents. You can also get a balloon hat from a balloon present.The following is a list of all of the balloon furniture.

  • Balloon TV

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How To Get A Slingshot

Animal Crossing New Horizons slingshot – How to get the slingshot to shoot down balloons

To get the Slingshot, you need to obtain the recipe, which is only sold by Timmy for 300 Bells .

While it cannot be upgraded, it will eventually break after many uses. You can use this item to fire upward at passing presents tied to balloons. Don’t forget, you can also hold down the A button to ready your shot – and let go to release the projectile at the target above.

While the Golden Slingshot still remains a mystery, many believe that it is tied to the Nook Miles achievement, It’s Raining Treasure, which requires a total of 300 Balloons to be shot down.

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Crafting To Get The Slingshot In Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you want to craft the Slingshot, then youll still need to go to Resident Services. Speak to Timmy again and hit R, but this time scroll down until you see some DIY recipes. You can buy the Slingshot recipe here for 300 Bells.

The Slingshot can be crafted with five hardwood, which can be collected from trees. Go to any DIY workbench with the wood and craft the Slingshot.

Slingshot In Animal Crossing New Horizons

So, if you’re someone who needs to collect every single tool in the game or if you’re someone who’s been wondering what all those strange-looking balloons mean in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then we’re definitely of the mind that the slingshot is for you. This is a useful thing to have in your arsenal, just like a Shovel or an Axe , and it is one you’re going to need if you’re as much of an interior design fanatic as some of us on Team Prima are. Slingshots are super handy because you’re going to need them to shoot down the balloons carrying presents that will float over your island every once in a while.

Now, the hard part might be getting a slingshot in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It’s not simply as easy as just having Tom Nook conjure one out of nowhere, but it’s actually pretty easy for you to make so long as you’ve got the foresight to talk to the Nook siblings. We think it’s a little creepy that they call their father, Tom, the supreme leader, but everyone has a different parenting style. You can purchase the DIY recipe to make the Slingshot from one of the Nook kids for 300 Bells, which is pretty handy the earlier on that you pick it up. You also have the option of buying it at the 900 Bell retail price from another person’s town, or your own, if the item itself is in stock.

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How To Get The Slingshot Recipe

The Slingshot recipe is available after you complete the DIY workshop with Tom Nook. This tutorial is available after the prologue when everyone is celebrating around the campfire. Once you complete the workshop, speak with Timmy Nook and examine his inventory. Tap the Right Trigger to open the Miscellaneous tab. Scroll down until you see some orange cards with a dark leaf on them. These are recipes, so highlight the Slingshot one and purchase it.

This recipe only costs 300 Bells, so if youre strapped for cash just go fishing and sell what you catch. To craft the Slingshot youll need 5 pieces of Hardwood. Hardwood is obtained by hitting trees with the Flimsy Axe. Each tree can be hit three times and it has a chance to drop this item. Once you have the materials, go back to the bench and craft your brand new Slingshot.

Now you can shoot down those floating presents that drift by your island!

How To Get Tools In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Slingshot in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Forget about a table that looks like an orange, tools are the most important items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You need an axe to chop down trees, a fishing rod to catch fish and a shovel to dig up fossils, among many other important jobs.

Without the right tools you wouldnt be able to easily earn Bells or donate items to the museum either.

New Horizons has, however, changed how you initially find each tool. Rather than simply buying your tools from Tom Nook, you have the ability to craft each one using the materials you gather from across your island.

To create a tool you need to find its DIY recipe, which will allow you to craft it at any DIY workbench.

How to get DIY tool recipes

In the beginning, youll only be able to craft flimsy tools. You can get these on the first day by donating insects or fish to Tom Nook, who will give them to you.

To get better tools, you need to get the DIY For Beginners pack from Timmy, which costs 480 bells. Its worth noting most of these require the flimsy tool as part of its construction we recommend buying these from Timmy to save on materials.

There are then more tools which are gated by progress. The Shovel and Vaulting Pole require Blathers and the museum to appear on the island, while the Ladder is given to you after Tom Nook asks you to help set up new Villager plots.

You can, however, be able to buy flimsy tools from Residential Services and Nooks Cranny once it opens.

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Ready To Take Your Shot In Animal Crossing It’s Easy

Without the slingshot in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, all those colorful balloons floating overhead will remain unpopped forever. Plus, the items they carry will be lost, too. Fortunately, acquiring a slingshot is easy, and even if you haven’t played much of the game and only have a few bells to spare.

You Can Use Terraforming And A Bug Net If Youre In A Pinch

My favorite video game clips are the ones where players show off a mechanic, feature, or trick thats either obscure, entertainingly unnecessary, or just plain easily overlooked by most people. If the idea is hiding in plain sight, even better! I want to feel silly for not even considering doing it before.

One recent-to-me example: you can use a bug net to pop balloons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

When you donât have a slingshot from r/AnimalCrossing

You could be a normal player and just use a slingshot, of course. Or, if you want to live a little after spending countless hours with this game, you can load up the Island Designer app on your phone, plop down a cliff, climb up it with your ladder, and knock down the floating present with your humble net.

As impractical as this is, more than anything, I appreciate Reddit user ItzStarr86 demonstrating an alternate use for the terraforming tools. Theyre great in theory but theyre too finicky for me.

Realistically, Im never going to use this trick, but I love that I can a cute a-ha moment.

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How To Get Golden Tools

These are really long term options, so don’t expect to get them right away! Obtaining each of these will take quite a bit of time, so make sure this is something you really want to accomplish before attempting to get them. You also might not even want to use the golden tools. They will break after a certain amount of uses, and crafting them is quite costly because gold nuggets are pretty rare!

Animal Crossing New Horizons Animal Crossing Wild World

How to get GOLDEN SLINGSHOT Tool in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Check out resident services guide here! Each tree can be hit three times and it has a chance to drop this item.

Animal crossing new leaf part 114 best day ever. 15 more packages have to be shot down with the silver slingshot in order for the golden.

Animal crossing new leaf part 118 before the works. After purchasing, just learn the recipe and youll be able to craft it at any workshop.

Animal crossing new leaf part 141 new hydrant. As you wander about your island you might see a present attached to a balloon float by.

Animal crossing new leaf part 216 50000 points. Assuming youre early in the game and havent yet built nooks cranny, just visit timmy in resident services.

Fancy by donzdesigns animal crossing new leaf picnic. How to get the golden slingshot.

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How To Get A Golden Slingshot In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

Unlocking the DIY recipe for the Golden Slingshot involves shooting down any balloons you see floating across your island.

To earn the Golden Slingshot you need to shoot down 300 balloons, completing the Its Raining Treasure Nook Miles achievement. Once youve done this, the next balloon that ventures across your island will be gold and shooting it down will reward you with the Golden Slingshot DIY recipe.

To craft a Golden Slingshot youll need:

New to Animal Crossing? Our Animal Crossing New Horizons tips can help with the basics.From the off, theres fish and bugs to catch, flowers and fruit to grow with Leif selling seeds, villagers to add or remove and tools such as the new ladder and vaulting pole to collect.Once you have settled in, youll want to be making as many Bells as possible, start collecting K.K. Slider songs and work on your island star rating, increase your HHA ranking, incorporate Feng Shui into your room design and acquiring kitchen furniture. You can also buy fake art from Redd, use the Dream Suite and island backup.

How To Get Slingshots In Animal Crossing New Horizons

3/1/2021 5:37:48 PM

Youve probably seen balloons scooting across the sky, but without the slingshot you wont be able to shoot them down. So we are going to walk through how to actually get the slingshot and where to buy ACNH Switch slingshots, we also present DIY recipe for slingshot and materials needed for manufacturing slingshots in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

ACNH Slingshots Obtaining Methods How To Get Slingshots & Shoot Down Balloons

Essentially, what youre looking to do is to wait for island services to open. Then head on over and talk to Timmy. When you head in here for the first time youll see that theres only a couple of items. However, what you might not have noticed is theres a little tab on the right-hand side whereby you press the R button and that will take you on across to the other items that are for sale. One of those things is the schematic for the slingshot, so just buy it and then learn it and then you can head on over to the crafting table and you should have a slingshot in there. Another fast way to get slingshot is directly buying from Goldkk with cheap price and fast delivery.

You need to be shooting directly upwards to be able to get the balloon and so you need to be in line with it, so track it across the screen and then press A when youre in line with it and that will bring down the present and bring down the balloon.

Thats how to get the slingshot and how to bring down balloons in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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