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How To Get An Axe In Animal Crossing New Leaf

How To Get A Golden Fishing Rod

Animal Crossing New Leaf how to use an axe

People who have played previous games in the series can likely guess what you need to do to get a Golden Fishing rod. To be able to craft a Golden Fishing rod youll have to catch every fish in the game, including rare fish like the Golden Trout and Stringfish, and fill every entry in the fishy part of your Critterpedia.

Thats 80 fish in total, and many of them are only available at certain times of the year. That means that unless youre willing to time travel by playing with the clock on your Switch, it will be several months before you can get your hands on the Golden Fishing Rod.

In order to craft the Golden Fishing Rod, youll need the following items:

  • 1x Fishing rod

How Do You Get Golden Tools In Animal Crossing

The requirement to receive the Golden Tools is greater than the silver and standard versions, requiring objectives such as catching every bug for the Golden Net. The player must keep a perfect town for two weeks. Then they must go and speak to the Wishing Well. The well will give the player the Golden Axe .

Chopping Down The Trees

  • 1Wait three to four days. In order to get tree stumps, you must chop down fully grown trees, so wait around three to four days , until they have fully grown, before chopping them down.
  • 2Chop down the trees. To chop a tree down, make sure you have an axe. They are sold at the garden shop for 500 bells. Equip the axe, face the tree, and press A
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    How To Unlock Golden Fishing Rod

    The Golden Fishing Rod D.I.Y crafting recipe can be unlocked after catching every fish creature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at least one time. Check the Fish section of your Critterpedia app on your NookPhone to keep track of which fish you have caught so far.

    How to Craft Golden Fishing Rod

    Once you have unlocked the Golden Fishing Rod crafting recipe, it can be crafted using the following materials at any workbench:

    • 1 Gold Nugget

    How To Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

    How to Get An Axe in Animal Crossing New Horizons

    In order to upgrade your Fishing Rod you will need to purchase the tool recipe pack that is available via the Nook Stop terminal.

    Here, players will be able to purchase the Pretty-Good Tools recipe pack for 3,000 Nook Miles. This pack will include the DIY recipes that are needed to craft tool upgrades such as Stone Axes, Axes, Shovels, Fishing Rods, Nets, and Watering Cans.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Golden Tools

    • 1

    So, youve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while and youre fed up of your axe, shovel and fishing rod breaking every five minutes. Youre probably wondering how to craft Golden Tools.

    On this page well look at the different methods and requirements to unlock every Golden Tool available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Be warned, though they still break.

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    How To Upgrade Your Tools

    If youre sick of using Flimsy tools, youll want to consider an upgrade. Head over to Tom Nooks tent and use the Automatic Bell Dispenser machine in the corner. Then select the option to redeem Nook Miles.

    One of the options, Pretty Good Tools Recipes, costs 3,000 Nook Miles. This recipe pack will include upgrades for your Axe, Shovel, Net, Watering Can, and Fishing Rod. These new tools will be far more durable than the Flimsy variants, but they are also more expensive to create.

    While most of these tool upgrades function the same as your Flimsy tools, some are slightly different. The Stone Axe is like just the Flimsy Axe, but more durable. But dont use the the Axe which looks like its made of metal for harvesting wood, as its capable of fully cutting trees down after a few swings.

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    How To Get Tools In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Forget about a table that looks like an orange, tools are the most important items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You need an axe to chop down trees, a fishing rod to catch fish and a shovel to dig up fossils, among many other important jobs.

    Without the right tools you wouldn’t be able to easily earn Bells or donate items to the museum either.

    New Horizons has, however, changed how you initially find each tool. Rather than simply buying your tools from Tom Nook, you have the ability to craft each one using the materials you gather from across your island.

    To create a tool you need to find its DIY recipe, which will allow you to craft it at any DIY workbench.

    How to get DIY tool recipes

    In the beginning, you’ll only be able to craft flimsy tools. You can get these on the first day by donating insects or fish to Tom Nook, who will give them to you.

    To get better tools, you need to get the ‘DIY For Beginners’ pack from Timmy, which costs 480 bells. It’s worth noting most of these require the flimsy tool as part of its construction – we recommend buying these from Timmy to save on materials.

    There are then more tools which are gated by progress. The Shovel and Vaulting Pole require Blathers and the museum to appear on the island, while the Ladder is given to you after Tom Nook asks you to help set up new Villager plots.

    You can, however, be able to buy flimsy tools from Residential Services and Nook’s Cranny once it opens.

    Find Plant And Harvest Foreign Fruit

    Animal Crossing New Leaf – Obtaining the Golden Axe!

    Your town has its own local fruit, and each piece generally sells for 100 bells. However, you can also procure non-local fruit, which typically goes for 500 bells per piece. If you get even a single piece of non-local fruit, make sure you plant it. Then, plant the fruit of that tree, and in time youll have an orchard worth thousands of bells.

    Fruit trees can be harvested every three days once theyre fully grown. The easiest way to grab foreign fruit is to visit a friends town via Nintendo StreetPass. Your animal citizens may also give you pieces of fruit as a gift, plus you can get a basket of non-local fruit if you complete all of the tasks that Isabelle assigns to you in City Hall. If all else fails, travel to your towns Island, grab some tropical fruit, and plant it. Avoid planting your trees too close to buildings, rocks, or other trees, or else they wont grow.

    Fruit that grows on palm trees, like coconuts and bananas, must be planted close to the beach in order to flourish.

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    Where To Find Tool Recipes In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

    If you want to craft a tool in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then you must first find its DIY recipe.

    To do this you must talk to Tom Nook in Residential Services and select the option for, ‘What should I do?’

    Nook will then tell you which task you should focus on next to further the development of your island. As part of these instructions he will give you the DIY recipes you need to build certain tools.

    Once you have these recipes, you can collect all the materials you need and head to the nearest DIY workbench, either one you’ve built yourself or the one in Residential Services, to craft your new tool.

    Not all tool DIY recipes, however, come from Tom Nook. Blathers, the owl who runs the museum, will give you the recipe you need to craft a Vaulting Pole and, in exchange for 3,000 Nook Miles, you can buy ‘Pretty Good Tools Recipes’ from the Nook Stop, which will allow you to upgrade your tools.

    Golden Tools And Silver Tools

    The normal tools in Animal Crossing: New Leaf are the net, fishing rod, shovel, axe, wateringcan, and slingshot. You can get silver and gold versions of all of these by performing certain tasks.Some of these silver and golden tools are more powerful than the normal version. For example, thegolden axe will never break.

    Silver Net

    The museum shop sells the silver net after you have donatedat least 30 bugs.

    To open the museum shop, you have to donate at least 20things to the museum, with at least one item from each of the four categories After you have done so, sit in your mayor’s seat and start a new building project.The museum shop will be in the list. To help raise funds to build the museum shop, go into your trainstation and give money to Lloid . After the fundraising is complete, the museum shop will openthe next day. The shop sells random items each day, so keep checking back until a silver net is forsale.

    Golden Net

    To get the golden net, you must catch all of the bug types, completing your bug picture book . Once your picture book is completed, go to a bug catching tournamentand talk to the lizard in charge to receive your golden net.

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    How To Get The Golden Bug Net

    In order to obtain the Golden Bug Net, you will need to catch and complete the Bug section of the Critterpedia. In total, there are 80 bugs to be caught in the game. Once you have caught all of the bugs donating is not required you will receive a DIY Recipe in the mail.

    For more information on catching every Bug in ACNH, check our complete Bug list below:

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons: How To Get An Axe And Stone Axe

    How to Get An Axe in Animal Crossing New Horizons
    • 0

    You’re not going to get fair in Animal Crossing: New Horizons without an axe, and the good news is that it’s one of the first tools you’ll be getting your hands on.

    To unlock the axe recipe basically the document required to craft an axe you’ll need to speak to Tom Nook in the Resident Services tent. Give him fish or bugs and he’ll give you the recipe for a flimsy axe, which is the weakest axe in the game. It won’t last long before breaking, but at least it will get you on your way. When you have the axe you can chop trees to get the wood required for crafting other items.

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    What Are Golden Tools

    Golden Tools are the highest tier tools in the game. Golden Tools are the most durable items available to craft and they look pretty, although they are not unbreakable.

    Unfortunately, unlocking the DIY recipe for every Golden Tool takes a lot of work, but not having to harvest materials like iron nuggets and wood and craft a replacement makes them indispensable items in your inventory.

    Our thanks goes out to Kyugma on YouTube for doing the sterling work required to unlock Golden Tools in record-breaking time and sharing that information well before the rest of us mere mortals managed to unlock a single Golden Tool.

    Animal Crossing: Wild World

    • Buy a Red Turnip from Joan and plant it.
    • Speak to Wendell when he comes to town and have the Red Turnip in the inventory. Talk to him and select the “Grow Up.” option. Talk to him a second time and give him the Red Turnip. He will then give you the Turban.
    • Talk to Saharah and then talk to her a second time. On the second time, give her the Turban. She will give you the Massage Chair
    • Give the Massage Chair to Tortimer, who will give a scallop in return.
    • Give the scallop to Pascal, who will give the player a Golden Axe.

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    How To Get A Golden Net

    To get the Golden Net youll have to catchevery single bugin the game. Thats 80 creepy crawlies filling your Critterpedia, many of which are absent from the game for months of the year at a time.

    This means that as well as hunting and catching the bugs, youll have to wait until they appear. This means patience, unless you want to fiddle with your Switchs clock and time travel to find the bugs you need.

    Once youve caught every bug in the game, youll earn the DIY recipe for the Golden Net. To craft the Golden net youll need the following familiar items:

    • 1x Net

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    Play The Stalk Market

    HOW TO GET ALL TOOLS – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Animal Crossing has a stalk market thats based around turnips. Every Sunday morning, you can buy turnips from a boar named Joan. Then, throughout the week you can talk to Reese and Re-Tail and find out what your turnips are selling for. The price changes twice daily: once when Re-Tail opens for the day, and again at noon.

    You must sell your turnips by the next Sunday morning, or else theyll spoil. “Buy low, sell high” is the best strategy, but that can be harder than it sounds. You can find numerous Animal Crossing stalk market guides online to help you cash in.

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    How To Unlock The Vaulting Pole And Shovel

    Once you donate five creatures to Tom Nook, hell invite his buddy Blathers the Owl to your island. The next day, when Blathers shows up in his tent, talk to him and hell give you recipes for both the Vaulting Pole and the Flimsy Shovel.

    The Vaulting Pole is useful because it allows you to cross over rivers, letting you explore the rest of your island. You can also use the Flimsy Shovel to dig up cracked spots on the ground and find Fossil Pieces .

    Note: The Vaulting Pole cant break, so you dont have to worry about getting stranded on the other side of a river.

    How To Wake Up Cyrus

    Cyrus isnt immediately awake in Animal Crossing New Leaf. But if you want to purchase some custom furniture for your home in your town, youre going to need to wake him up.

    To wake up Cyrus in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you firstly need to sell items that accumulate to 100,000 total Bells to Reese. Then, you need to make sure you have 100 total items in your catalog, and finally, it must be at least 7 days since you started this playthrough of New Leaf. Once all the criteria is filled, Cyrus will wake up.

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    Where Do You Catch Fish With A Fishing Rod

    All fish that are caught with a fishing rod are recorded in the players encyclopedia. A fishing rod is the only tool that can be used for fishing. Fish can be found as dark fish-shaped silhouettes seen swimming underneath the surface of water and vary in availability between the river, waterfalls, ponds and the ocean.

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    Animal Crossing: City Folk

    How to get an axe in Animal Crossing


    Throw an Axe in the town‘s fountain and say positive comebacks to Serena and try not to insult her. The possible outcome of the Axe could be a Silver or Golden Axe.


    Throw an Axe in the town‘s fountain and say positive comebacks to Serena and try not to insult her. The possible outcome of the Axe could be a Silver or Golden Axe.

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    In Animal Crossing How Do You Break Rocks

    You must follow the instructions below in order to shatter rocks in this game:

    Youll need an axe and a fruit if you want to smash rocks in this game. Any fruit that blooms on your island is yours to pluck. Once you acquire these two things, you must proceed as follows:

    • First, you must consume fruit following that, a new symbol will emerge in the upper left corner of your screen. It will indicate that you have eaten a tenth of an apple.
    • You must now approach the rock you want to shatter. After that, just hit A.
    • The rock will then shatter, and your gruit meter will reset to 0.

    You should not be concerned if you have inadvertently shattered a rock and are concerned about it. After a few days, the rocks will respawn on your island.

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    Animal Crossing Fishing Guide Tips Rod And Bait For New Horizons

    Nintendos latest hit is here. Heres how to fish in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is here, and youre likely already putting together your perfect town.

    Fishing is an essential part of the game and a great way to earn Bells.

    Its also necessary to complete your Museum collection!

    Heres our Fishing guide for New Horizons.

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    How To Craft An Axe In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    You can save some bells by crafting an axe instead. Timmy also sells a DIY flimsy axe recipe for about 250 bells. To craft it, however, youll need wood and a single stone. If this is your first axe though, its awfully hard to get wood without an axe to create wood.

    We recommend you simply purchase the flimsy axe outright for 800 bells when youre first starting. That way you can more quickly advance your progress and worry about efficiency later.

    And thats it! Hopefully this helps you get settled into your new Animal Crossing: New Horizons island! Much like the game itself, check back throughout the day to see whats new here on Fanbyte. We already have guides for how to move your tent and how to get across rivers using either the Pole Vault or constructing bridges. Later today well have more guides up including how to get Nooks Cranny, how to visit mystery islands, and buy and sell turnips!


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