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How To Get Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager List

How To Get Sanrio Amiibo Cards (Animal Crossing)

Get to know the new villagers and whos returning in Animal Crossing: New Horizons before it launches.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is on the way, and Nintendo has confirmed that it will have Amiibo support for both Amiibo figures and cards. Wait, Amiibo cards? If youre not a big Animal Crossing fan, you may not have even known that Amiibo arent just the collectable figurines. Welcome to a whole new world, friend. The Animal Crossing series has tens of Amiibo cards used to bring characters into your parks, so in this guide well explain what Animal Crossing Amiibo cards are, and how theyll work in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Marina: Amibo Series 3 Card 234

If you love pink and cute decor then you’ll love Marina, the pink octopus. She has a normal personality type and is very kind in interactions. She’s adorable and lovable and makes a great villager.

Her home may be overloaded with vibrant colors inside but the outside is cute without being in your face, meaning it won’t look out of place with its pale walls and cute brown roof.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Might Receive Another Series Of Amiibo Cards

The release of New Horizons has brought forward 8 new villagers and special characters. However, these characters do not have their own amiibo cards for the game, which is definitely not ideal.

Reports from within the community already pointed out that Nintendo is restocking amiibo cards in the NA. region. And the studio has already released the amiibo cards and made them compatible with New Horizons, which definitely added more depth to the roster of characters.

It is quite possible that a portion of the community wasnt able to get their hands on these cards and this restocking will help them enhance their roster. Even though these cards havent been around for a long time, the concept is still quite amusing.

These things are easy to produce and offer a direct opportunity to get any character that you like. However, amiibo cards for characters like Raymond, Judy, Audi, Renee, and more arent even available in the series. And unlike the Sanrio collection that cannot be traded, these villagers are quite hard to get your hands on.

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Undoubtedly, the addition of amiibo cards related to these characters will give players what they want while granting Nintendo a lucrative sales boost.

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Nintendo Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Series 2 3 4 For Nintendo Wii U And 3ds 1

Nintendo Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 2, 3, 4 for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, 1-Pack Includes 18 Cards Total: 25% off and Free Shipping on every order

buzz? Are there improved product options other than the Nintendo Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 2, 3, 4 for Nintendo Wii U and 3DS, 1-Pack Includes 18 Cards Total ?Is this just another over-priced junky product?

If youre curious :

Harvs Island And The Amiibo Photoshoots

Animal Crossing amiibo Cards Series 4

The first way you can utilise your Animal Crossing amiibo collection with New Horizons is through a dog character known as Harvey or Harv to his friends, of which there are few. Youll find him loitering around the Resident Services tent in the early days of island life. Youll recognise him because hes dressed like a hippy. He tells you that you can visit his island handily named Harvs Island whenever you want. Just head over to the airport and you can ask to visit Harvs Island.

Its here that you discover Harvs Island is actually called Photopia, and Harv is actually a photographer and has a photography studio here on the island. Head inside the building and you can use your amiibo and amiibo cards to summon rather strange zombie-like versions of characters to pose for photoshoots.

Its quite limited, but if you want to have a little fun with old favourites, its easy to do and travelling to and from Harvs Island is free it wont cost bells or Nook Miles. Plus, from the next calendar day, youll unlock a purchasable poster version of anyone you invite to Photopiain in the Special Goods section of Nook Shopping from the Nook Stop terminal, which you can then hang on the wall of your home.

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How To Use Animal Crossing Amiibo In New Horizons

If you’re like me, then you have an adorable set of Animal Crossing amiibo figures as well as Animal Crossing amiibo cards sitting around your house somewhere. Each figure or card can bring a specific villager to the game either for a photoshoot or so that you can invite them to become a permanent resident. What’s more, using amiibo cards, you can invite one of the 390+ villagers to your island to recruit them.

If you’ve been playing for a while and still haven’t found out how to use amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can only use them once amiibo functionality has been unlocked. On this page, we’ll explain how to unlock amiibo functionality, what amiibo do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and also explain how to use them.

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What Can You Do With Amiibo Cards

In the base Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, players can scan amiibo cards to invite villagers to live on their islands once the campground has been unlocked. Additionally, Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards can be scanned at Harvey’s island for photoshoots. When on your own island, you can also scan amiibo cards at Brewster’s The Roost cafe to invite a villager of your choosing for a drink.

If players purchase the Happy Home Paradise DLC, they’ll be able to scan amiibo cards and figures to bring specific villagers to the game as a client. Then you’ll be able to create a dream home for that specific villager. Up to two villagers can even share a vacation home together. So, if you’ve been shipping anybody or think they’d just be good friends, you can create their ideal getaway.

What Do The Animal Crossing Amiibo And Amiibo Cards Unlock In New Horizons

How To Use amiibo Cards To Get Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Essentially, the main feature of amiibo in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to unlock those islanders in the new Photopia mode where they can be used as models in your own photoshoots.

As for the Animal Crossing amiibo cards, they will actually allow those characters you scan to be invited as residents to your island. Its quite a way to grow the population especially with the hundreds of amiibo cards that are available to collect!

For more info, our pals over at Eurogamer have a comprehensive guide on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons amiibo support. Wed encourage you to check that out for a more detailed breakdown of how and where theyre used in-game.

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Invite Your Amiibo Accessories* To Bring The Party To Life

Tap in compatible Animal Crossing amiibo accessories* and set off on a board game adventure for up to 4 players! Check out dynamic boards themed after the months of the year in the core Animal Crossing series, and enjoy events like Bunny Day and fishing contests. Or try escaping a desert island! And tap Animal Crossing amiibo to bring the party to life.

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival is a brand-new way to play with your favorite Animal Crossing characters. Your amiibo are front-and-center in this party game, and youâll get to use them with fun content. Bring to life an expansive and dynamic board game where the board is based on the months of the year like the core Animal Crossing series. Or use your amiibo to strategize your way off a desert islandâand more. The goal? Make your villager the happiest in town and party hard with your friends.

*amiibo required. Game, system and amiibo accessories sold separately. Compatibility and functionality of amiibo may vary per game. Visit for specific details on how each amiibo works.

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Where To Get Sanrio Amiibo Cards

The Sanrio amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: New Horizons launch this Friday, March 21. Rather than a set of cards that are randomized and will require you to buy multiple packs to collect them all, this is simply a set of six cards that will be the same six in every pack. This is good for limited the number people buy, though that certainly wont stop scalpers.

Unlike with the previous Animal Crossing amiibo cards that you could find at multiple retailers, the Sanrio amiibo cards instead are exclusive to Target. You might think that shouldnt be too bad and youll just grab a pack online to get shipped to you or go to the store and find them on the shelf on Friday, but that is not the case.

Target has revealed via their weekly ad that the Sanrio amiibo cards will be available exclusively with Online Pickup or Drive Up. Specifically, they stated they will go up for Online Pickup or Drive Up at 8 am CT, which will be 9 am ET or 6 am PT. This means you will have to go on the website when they go up and place and order for store pickup and then can either go inside to the pickup area and get it or do pickup in your car outside of the store as well. While you can order it online for store pickup, you will not be able to order it online to be shipped to your house for some reason. They are also not supposed to have any stock on the shelves either, though I guess well see if that truly happens depending on stock numbers.


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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Use Amiibo And Amiibo Cards

We take you through New Horizons’ amiibo support and what they do in the game.

Guideby Joel Franey, Guides Writer

One of the many ways you can customize your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons is to use real-world amiibo to enhance your experience and unlock new in-game rewards. Here we’ll cover all compatible amiibo in New Horizons and how to use them.

On this page:

The Amiibo Figures Vs The Amiibo Cards

Europe: packaging for the Animal Crossing amiibo, New 3DS ...

There are over 400 Animal Crossing amiibo that you can use if you count the 18 NFC figures and the hundreds of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. Both the figures and the cards feature NFC chips and get scanned the same way using your Nintendo Switch. However, in New Horizons, the amiibo cards are more useful since they allow you to invite new villagers to your island. The amiibo figures are fun to collect, but they can only be used to invite the unique characters they depict to photoshoot sessions while you’re on Harvey’s Island.

If you have your heart set on inviting a specific villager to your island, you might want to scour eBay for a particular Animal Crossing amiibo card as many sellers will let you buy them individually. But be warned. Some of the more popular villagers’ amiibo cards are incredibly pricey.

A full list of Animal Crossing amiibo cards can be found on Animal Crossing’s official website.

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All Series 5 Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards

The new set of Series 5 Animal Crossing amiibo cards is finally releasing, bringing with it 48 new cards total. This series includes Raymond, a fan-favorite character who until now didn’t have an amiibo card. Additionally, a number of new villagers are also included along with updated cards for familiar characters to match what they look like in New Horizons. In the U.S., cards are sold in six packs, however, in some other regions they’re sold in three packs. Here are all 48, their names, and their numbers.

Villagers With Sanrio Decorations: Hello Kitty And Friends

The Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards were only just recently released in the United States for the first time. However, there werent enough packages to go around. Their listing price is only supposed to be $6, but scarcity has inflated that price drastically. This pack gives you six cards that each unlock a unique villager along with Sanrio-themed decorations.

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Where To Buy All The Animal Crossing Amiibo And Amiibo Cards

By James Pickard9th March 2021 Reddit

One excellent feature of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the ability to add extra items or villagers to your island through the use of Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards. All of these trinkets and collectables are compatible with the latest entry in the quaint life sim, so if you want to unlock everything the game has to offer youll want to know where you can buy them all.

Nintendo is doing its best to keep up with demand but the difficulty right now is tracking them all down. Given their popularity, its no surprise that specific amiibo and the Animal Crossing amiibo cards regularly fall out of stock. Know that its a vast collection that Tom Nook would be proud of hoarding, so getting everything could take some time.

Perhaps youve already gathered a few of these from previous games, but if youre looking to complete your collection for cheap then weve gathered up all the places you can buy all the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo cards. For other related bits and bobs, you can also check out our page dedicated to all the best Animal Crossing gifts. Why not decorate your home or person with more cute goodies?

Get Your Hands On The Animal Crossing Sanrio Amiibo Cards

Make your own Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards SANRIO !!!!

The Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo cards were originally released in 2016 for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but they are now being re-released again so players have a chance to grab them for themselves. For Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they will unlock a range of related items for each character / Sanrio property, and give you the option to add that villager to your island.

They officially go on sale again on March 26. In the US, the Animal Crossing Sanrio amiibo Cards will be released exclusively at Target for $5.99. It doesn’t look like there will be pre-orders so make sure to be prompt on March 26 if you want to scoop up the set.

In the UK, it’s not been 100% confirmed, but we’d recommend signing up for stock alerts via the Nintendo Official UK Store. As of the time of writing , they’re still listed as Out of Stock, but keep an eye on this page come March 26.

They are also available via eBay, but obviously are hideously overpriced considering their original sale price.

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Goldie: Amiibo Series 4 Card 317

Goldie is a very happy dog and makes an adorable addition to any island. Her normal personality makes her easy to get along with and she loves natural wood furnishings. She’s often found in PJs and is very relatable.

You’ll find Goldie to be kind and friendly with a cheery disposition. If you’re looking for an adorable dog to add to your island, Goldie is perfect.

What Amiibo Can I Use

There are numerous amiibo and amiibo cards that can be used with New Horizons, but only those that are associated with Animal Crossing characters. This means that Little Mac will have to be as useless as ever, unfortunately. Instead, the full list of amiibo that you can use are as follows:

  • Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards
  • Animal Crossing amiibo figures
  • Super Smash Bros. Isabelle amiibo figure
  • Super Smash Bros. Villager amiibo figure
  • Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome amiibos
  • Animal Crossing Sanrio Collaboration Pack amiibo cards

Joel Franey/USgamer, Nintendo

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Rodney: Amiibo Series 2 Card 146

Rodney is our favorite smug hamster. He’s polite, kind, and easy to get along with, and he knows it. He’s mostly quite chilled out and tends to get on well with others, usually causing you no issues.

We’ve always adored Rodney’s home and in New Horizons it’s just as cool. He still embraces the arcade idea while also utilizing the awesome diner wallpaper we love so much.


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