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How To Get Bells Fast In Animal Crossing

What Gives You The Most Bells In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons – How to Get 1 Million Bells Fast | Bells Cheat

Animal Crossing: New Horizons These are the fish, bugs, and shells that give you the most Bells. You can make a lot of money simply by keeping an eye out for certain fish, bugs, and shells. Life is pretty awesome on Animal Crossings deserted island. Theres plenty of lush foliage, and the ocean is serene.

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How To Catch Bugs And Fish

  • To catch bugs , you’ll need a Flimsy Net or a Net . Craft one of these at a workbench and hit A near a bug to catch it.
  • To catch a fish, craft a Flimsy Fishing Rod or a Fishing Rod at a workbench and look for the shadows of fish on your island, either in the sea or the river. Press A to make the line land just in front of the fish. When it grabs on , hold A to catch it.

Be sure to donate new creatures to Tom Nook . Once that creature has been registered, feel free to sell any more to Timmy and Tommy for a quick profit!

Import Foreign Fruit To Sell It

As we hinted at further up the page, a staple of any Animal Crossing economy is the collection and sale of fruit. Fruit will sprout on trees around your island pretty much daily, and if you shake the trees or hit them with an axe you’ll they’ll fall to be collected. You can then sell these fruit to Timmy and Tommy for a profit. Simple, right?

Well, it’s not that simple. For one, every island has a ‘native’ type of fruit. This is the fruit found on your island naturally when you first fly in. This can be sold, but since they’re in abundance they’re not that valuable. You’ll get far more bells for foreign fruit imported from elsewhere. The easy way to get foreign fruit is to visit another island – either through a Nook Miles ticket, which gives you a random chance to visit a foreign fruit paradise, or through multiplayer, where you can coordinate with a friend who has differing fruit.

Once you have a foreign fruit, you can bring it back to your island to sell. Better yet, you can plant it on your island. This means in a few days a tree will sprout that will yield that fruit – providing long-term gains. I dedicated one whole corner of my island to turn it into a foreign fruit paradise, which in turn earned me many bells.

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Dive For Treasure: Pearls And Sea Creatures

Ever since the first Animal Crossing, weve been stuck on shore, running back and forth, hoping a fishs shadow would show up. Now, thanks to the summer swimming update, you can leave the shore behind and go diving after sea creatures. How the tables have turned, little fishies.

These creatures vary in sale value in Nooks Cranny, but even the least valuable creature is worth slightly more than a sea bass, which gives you good odds of making a solid profit compared to fishing. The only negative is that you cant sell them to C.J. for more bells, as well discuss below. Still, it adds some satisfying variety from the status quo of non-stop fishing, which will make it less like work as you build your fortune.

Best of all, occasionally bubbles in the water will draw you to a valuable pearl instead of a creature. These net you 10,000 bells each if sold, or can be used to make the mermaid DIY set before being sold for slightly more money.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Bells Fast

How to get bells quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons ...

Bells make the world go round, and by bells, we dont mean those things that ring and make a racket. Obviously, were talking about Animal Crossings form of currency. Youll need Bells if you want to pay off those loans from Tom Nook, buy some furniture for your house, or a gift for a fellow villager. Heres how to get Bells fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

As is always the case in Animal Crossing games, there are multiple ways you can earn Bells fast in New Horizons. Weve broken these down below.

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Sell Materials From Mystery Island Tours

Mystery Island Tours are procedurally generated trips to faraway islands that cost 2,000 Nook Miles to visit. From there, you can continue to do most of what you do on your own island but theres a chance of the island spawning unique fruit and materials. You can harvest pears and bamboo, for example, which can be sold back at your respective island home for a heftier price than your native fruit would. Plus, planting these fruits on your island will result in fruit trees in a few days time, so you can harvest from a bigger variety every day without spending the extra Nook Miles.

Additionally, if you bring your native islands fruit to a friends island via online play, you can sell your fruit for a better price. If your friends are generous, they may let you grab different fruit from their island too.

Animal Crossing: How To Get The Most Bells In One Day

Bells are arguably the most important item in Animal Crossing New Horizons, so players will want to know how to obtain the most they can per day. Bells are a staple in the Animal Crossing series, and New Horizons has a variety of old and new ways players can earn Bells each day.

Bells are the currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons, used to purchase tools, furniture, clothes, and a variety of other items in the game. Bells are also used to pay off the players debts to Tom Nook, which is essential for upgrading the players house, or to fund construction projects for the town. Thus, Bells are an extremely important item, and players are going to want to earn as many as they can per day.

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One of the easiest ways to earn Bells every day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to find the money rock. Every day, one rock on the players island will grant bags of Bells once hit with a shovel. Once players find the correct rock, they should hit as fast as possible until it stops producing Bells. Players can open these bags immediately to obtain the Bells, or plant a bag to grow a Money Tree which will grow more bags of Bells for players to collect.

Finally, players can complete favors for their Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers daily. Doing so can reward a crafting recipe, furniture item, or clothing item players can either keep or sell for more Bells.

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Find The Rewarding Rock

Whatever your layout, there are five rocks on each island. Every day four of these will provide stone, clay or iron nuggets and the other will give you bells. Learning how to hit the rock the maximum number of times in a row will yield 20,000 bells.

The key is to hit the rock eight times in a row, without stopping. Often the game scuppers you by throwing you backward. The key to avoiding this is to dig holes behind you to keep yourself in place.

Plant A 10k Bell Tree Daily

How To Get 1 MILLION BELLS FAST In Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Every day on your island, a glowing patch of ground will light up. Take out your shovel and dig in, and you’ll be rewarded with 1,000 bells. Even better yet, you can plant additional bells to grow money trees. While they can take a few days to grow, they’re an investment that guarantees three big bags of bellseven if it doesn’t guarantee to triple your investment. While you can plant a bag of up to 99,000 bells every day, the chances you’ll get that back in triplicate are only 30%. We’ve done the math and discovered that planting 10,000 bells each day ensures you’ll get 30,000 when the tree has fully grown. It’s great reward, without risking additional money.

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Focus On Nook Miles And Convert Them To Bells

One of the cool new features of New Horizons is Nook Miles, which doubles as a sort of in-game achievement system and an alternative form of currency. Among other uses, those who covet Bells can directly utilize these Miles by converting them into this more universal AC currency.

Simply pay a visit to the Resident Services kiosk to exchange 500 Nook Miles for a 3,000 Bell voucher. Shoot for these more effectively by using your trusty smartphone to flip through various tasks that reward you with Miles and check your progress. You’ll get prompts on your phone once you’ve knocked out another achievement, which will enable you to immediately cash in.

Dont Use The Drop Box Unless Absolutely Necessary

Animal Crossing is a series that progresses in real-time, meaning that when its dark outside in the real world, nighttime will also appear in your game. Right outside Nooks Cranny you can find a drop box that lets you sell wares even after the shop closes at 10 p.m. But its best not to use it at all. If youre someone who can only play at night, this is a handy feature, but every time you use it theres a handling fee: Items are bought at 80 percent of their normal trade-in value and you only receive payment the next day. This means you would get significantly less money than selling during open store hours. If youre inventory is full, you can just use your house storage to keep excess materials there that can be sold the following day.

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Play The Stalk Market To Make Big Gains

Once a week, every Sunday, an NPC animal, Daisy Mae, will be wandering your island. She’s taking over the role from her grandmother Joan, and Animal Crossing fans will be pleased to hear that despite the management change the Stalk Market is back in this game in much the same way. It’s Animal Crossing’s take on the stock market, and it’s all about turnips. ‘Cos of course it is.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, it’s pretty simple: on a Sunday you have a chance to buy Turnips from Daisy Mae at a set price. Throughout the week the price of Turnips at Nook’s Cranny will vary greatly, twice a day, to the point where selling them might net you a huge profit in bells or a loss of your hard-earned money. You simply have to keep an eye on the market by checking in with Timmy and Tommy and sell at the right time.

If you don’t sell your Turnips before the following Sunday, they go stale and become worthless. So it’s a risk-versus-reward way of making money – but it can be extremely rewarding. Molly Mae will start showing up the first Sunday after you’ve helped to have Nook’s Cranny built.

Shake Bells For Bells

Animal Crossing Guide On How To Get Bells FAST TIPS AND ...

Shaking the trees around your island sometimes causes bells to fall out. Earn a steady amount of extra bells if you spend a few minutes shaking each tree every day.

Watch Out for Wasps

When shaking trees, it’s a good idea to have your net ready as Wasp Nests may fall from the tree. If you manage to catch the Wasp, you can sell them for a high price at Nook’s Cranny or to Flick.

Remember to sell their nests for 300 Bells each!

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Play The Stalk Market: How To Use Turnips To Make Millions

Just like real-life stocks, playing the stalk market is where the big bucks are made . Turnips are the name of the game, and you can make a killing flipping these root vegetables each and every week. But its a bit of a gamble, unless you do the research and use your connections to change it from a guessing game to a science.

You have one week to sell your turnips for more than you paid. Every Sunday before noon, Daisy Mae granddaughter of Joan, the original turnip queen of Wild World and City Folk can be found wandering around your island, selling bundles of 10 turnips for an average of 90 to 110 bells. Youll need around 400,000 bells upfront to fill an upgraded inventory with turnips, but sell these to the Nook twins before they spoil the following Sunday, and you could earn yourself a very tasty profit.

The price the Nook twins will offer for your turnips changes twice each day: Before noon and after noon. That gives you twelve chances to sell from Monday a.m. through Saturday p.m. on your island or a friends island. They can offer far below what you might have paid, or several times that on any given day, so its incredibly important that you keep checking in and try your luck.

Raising Friendship Levels & Leveling Up

Jack Fennimore

Completing requests for villagers not only awards you with Bells and crafting materials but also raises their friendship meters. If the meter is filled up, your friendship level with that villager increases and you get more Bells and crafting materials.

You also gain experience by raising friendship levels. Once you level up, youll get Bells as well as other rewards like new villagers to interact with.

If you bring a villager to a campsite and have them stay there, they can award you with more Bells when you talk to them.

Bonus tip: You get bonus crafting materials after completing a villagers final request of the day.

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Stockpile Fish and Bugs: Some of my most reliable moneymakers in this game are things like Red Snappers, Orchid Mantises, Peacock Butterflies and even the lowly bitterling. You can sell these to Timmy and Tommy, and you can do alright. But every once in a while Flick will visit your island to buy bugs, and CJ will visit to buy fish.

If youre the patient type, stack all your high-value critters in your home storage and wait for significantly better returns on your investment. It could take a little while, but the other day I turned in a giant school of snapper for at least 600,000 bells. Just hold on, theyll be here soon. This is also a decent way of getting a model made, if youre into it.

Make a Tarantula farm: to figuring this one out. Tarantulas are one of the most valuable bugs in the game, but theyre rare and dangerous. If you want to, however, you can farm them. You need to use a Nook Miles ticket to go to a resource island at night, and then strip that thing bare. Chop all the trees, pull all the stumps, break all the rocks, pick all the flowers: clean that thing right up. What youre trying to do is create a situation with the maximum number of spawn points for ground creatures.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be swimming in terrifying arachnids. Be careful, move slow, and combine with a stockpiling strategy for mad bells.

If you dont have friends, try social media. Its a lot more competitive, but you can get through some time.

Farm Tarantulas And Scorpions

Animal Crossing New Horizons – How To Get Unlimited Bells FAST (Quick Tips)

Did you know that you can easily make 300,000 Bells per Nook Miles trip by farming tarantulas and scorpions ? This is a great way to quickly make Bells and pay off your debts. Check out the video guide below for more information!

This peaceful and sweet game is turning out to be a huge hit! Though making Bells is only a small part of New Horizons, it’s a necessary endeavor that’ll allow you to expand your home, build more infrastructure on your island, and net you some amazing items. Have fun!

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Best Ways To Get Bells Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Here are a few ways to get Bells fast in the game and information to help save you some time. Selling crafted items will get you more Bells and save you time.

  • Every day look for Money Rock. When you find it, you will know because every hit you land on the rock will make it drop Bells instead of resources. Hitting the Rock 8 times will make it drop over 10,000 Bells.
  • Balloon presents when you get your slingshot. Keep an eye out for them. They drop all kinds of things, from clothing to new fruit, even recipes. The best part is they drop anywhere from 10,000 Bells to 30,000 Bells.
  • Smartly manage your inventory. Some items you can put into your house storage, even better, you can display your items right in front of Nooks Cranny.
  • Dig, dig, dig the more you do, the more chances you will have to get duplicates of fossils which sell for a lot.
  • Prioritize fishing over catching bugs. You have a higher chance of finding a high-value fish. Then you do a bug.
  • Stay near the ocean while fishing at night as your walking the beach collect conch shells and other high-value shells all while you fish Recommend doing this maximize the time spent.

General Tips For Making Bells

Catching Rare Fish to make Bells

Fish that sell for a lot of Bells

  • Koi 4,000


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