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How To Get Clay In Animal Crossing

Where To Find Iron & Gold Nuggets Clay And Stone

How to GET ALL Stone, Iron & Clay from a ROCK | Guide ⺠Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Somewhat surprisingly, all four of these crafting materials come from the same source. In order to get them, youll have to mine stones. As you may have already guessed, youll need tools to do so, but those tools are not what youd expect. Instead of a pickaxe, youll need either an axe or a shovel neither very well suited to mining stone in reality, but hey, its video game land. Youll get a DIY recipe for a flimsy axe from Tom Nook after you bring him some creatures. We got it after bringing him a tiger butterfly, so its either that one or a certain number of total creatures.

Once you have the tool, approach any rock and start swinging. If youre using an axe, youll need to eat a fruit in order to regain some strength before the game allows you to. Using an axe will drop one material and break the rock, while the shovel drops more and preserves the rock, which lowers the respawn time. Itll drop either a stone, a piece of clay or an iron or gold nugget. Each has its own unique icon, and the name will pop-up when you approach it, so youll know for certain what it is. Only a few pieces will drop from each rock, so youll have to wring the whole island dry. They restock after a while, so once youve exhausted all the rocky outcrops on the island, youll have to give it a rest until tomorrow. Either that, or move the time in your consoles settings a day forward.

Clay Recipe List For Animal Crossing New Horizons

List of DIY Recipes that use Clays to craft, we also included how to get each Clay Recipe.

Nook Stop
Cherry-blossom branches
Island residentMessage in a bottle
Shell table
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kitsMessage in a bottle
Wave breaker Nook Stop
Aroma pot
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits
Hyacinth lamp
Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits
Shell lamp
10x cherry2x clay Tom Nook after receiving first three housing kits, if the native fruit is cherriesMessage in a bottle
Iron wall lamp
A villager after being stung
Jingle wall
Nook Stop
Ocarina DIY for Beginners
Zen fence x10 Nook Stop

How To Farm Iron Nuggets

To farm Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons you’ll need to make sure you are using a Stone Axe and that you haven’t eaten any fruit. This will ensure multiple drops per rock that you hit. On occasion, we managed to get 7 Iron Nuggets per rock in this way. Once you have exhausted your own island, buy a Nook Miles Ticket , and head to another island. By doing this each day you can visit as many islands as you want, granted you can afford to. Each island will have some rocks to hit and therefore Iron Nuggets to collect. Something to keep in mind is that once you hit a rock, an invisible timer will star. The rock will only give out items for a certain time, so hit it as fast as you can to get the maximum yield of iron nuggets.

Jake Green/USG

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How To Get Iron Nuggets For Crafting Tools & Nooks Cranny

One of the most essential crafting materials in the first days of your new deserted island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is undoubtedly the Iron Nuggets resource item.

Youll need this important crafting material in order to be able to craft the regular set of Tools, which are far more durable than your initial Flimsy Tools, and build the Nooks Cranny building among other things.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Where To Find Iron Gold Clay And Stones

How to Get Gold &  Iron Nuggets, Clay &  Stone in Animal ...

Camille “Effylia” Bouin

In New Horizons on Nintendo Switch, you can find minerals in different places on your island. In this guide, we explain all the tips and all the places to find a maximum of iron, gold, clay and stone!

Iron nuggets , gold nuggets , pieces of clay and stones are necessary resources for crafting the various items available in Animal Crossing New Horizons DIY recipes. On your island, resources may become less present if you have broken the rocks or because you have not had the desired resources. In any case, the content of the rocks on your island is updated daily.

First of all, be aware that the type of resources available per rock is completely random, therefore, you will never be sure to have iron or other nuggets as you are looking for. That is why we are going to list the different ways to have quick and easy access to minerals.

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What To Do If You Cant Find More Iron Nuggets

If youve exhausted all of the rocks around your island, talked to all of your villagers, and you cannot travel to anymore Mystery Tour islands, then you have a couple options left that could help you. None of them are particularly great though, this is the last resort!

Time Travel To The Next Day

By changing your Nintendo Switchs built-in clock under System Settings to the next day and re-loading Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can advance forward to the next in-game day, which will refresh the resources of the rocks on your island. We only recommend this as a last resort, but if you really need those Iron Nuggets, its an option.

Visit A Friends Island or Trade With Friends

Another option is to visit a friends island either online or with local wireless and try to find any of their rocks with untapped resources. You should also ask around to your friends with New Horizons to see if have any extra Iron Nuggets, or even offer to pay them for their materials if they find any.

Its perhaps a little sneaky, but not all of your friends may know that you need Iron Nuggets to craft the tools and not realize their full value yet. Were not responsible for any broken friendships after the fact though!!

Where To Get Iron Nuggets

To get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons you’ll need to hit large rocks with a Stone Axe. You can hit these rocks a number of times, and there’s a chance that either Bells, Iron Nuggets, Stones or Clay will be released. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get an Iron Nugget every time, though this is definitely the best way to get them early on. Try to hit the stones without breaking them. More info on that in this guide.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Clay

Animal Crossing New Horizons will throw you onto a deserted island with not much for you to work with, which is why youll be using Tom Nooks workbench to craft new items like axes and shovels in the Resident Services building. If youre needing a certain material to craft a specific item, heres everything you need to know about how to get clay in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Clay Recipes List

Animal Crossing New Horizons how to get clay for the Ocarina

In this guide we shall be discussing everything there is to know about clay in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We will discuss the process of obtaining clay, the tools required to get it, where to get it and what can you do with it. Lets get started with Animal Crossing New Horizons Clay Recipes List.

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The Power To Crush Stone

You will be getting all of these important materials from stones. Stones are, well, stones. They appear on your island, and you can whack them to have materials pop out – oh, they might also have bugs pop out, too.

You can actually crush and destroy stones in this game. Simply eat a fruit, and you’ll be given the power to unearth trees with a shovel, or crush rocks. But you should avoid doing this at first, at least.

Hit a rock with a shovel after eating fruit, and it’ll break, revealing a single piece of material. Hit it without eating a fruit though, and you’ll be able to hit it multiple times within a few seconds to get multiple materials. Plus, if you break all your rocks, you won’t be able to harvest them day after day.

How To Get Clay In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons requires players to craft various things to progress in the game. To do so, they need to acquire certain items. While some of these need to be crafted, others can be acquired across the island. This can be challenging if players are not aware of how they can get a hold of these items.

One of the most commonly used substances for making DIY items is Clay. This article dives deep into how players can acquire clay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Iron Nuggets

Iron Nuggets are one of the most important resources you can collect in AC New Horizons. Here’s how to get it, and some info on the best ways to farm Iron Nuggets.

Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

You’ll need Iron Nuggets to craft a number of vital items in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Everything from premium tools to specific furniture items require them in order to be built, and there’s a very limited amount on your island at first. You won’t really know where to get Iron Nuggets to begin with, so we’ll show you exactly where to go.

On this page:

Mystery Tour Islands Have 3 Rocks

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Clay

The islands you go to on Mystery Tours will always have 3 rocks where you can get materials, as opposed to the 1 or 2 on your own island, so the chance of getting nuggets is better.

Also, once you’ve hit a rock on your island, you won’t be able to get new materials from it until next day, but Mystery Tour islands will give you fresh rocks every time you go, so you can get as many materials as you want in a day.

Dig holes behind you to get the most materials

If you dig two holes behind you when you gather the various stones from rocks, you can avoid being bounced back too far, allowing you to hit the rock repeatedly to yield the maximum number of materials.

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How To Get Iron Nuggets Clay And Gold Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons


In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there are various materials youll need for crafting furniture and tools, such as Iron Nuggets, Clay, and Gold Nuggets.

All three materials could be found by hitting a rock with an axe or a shovel. Iron Nuggets and Clay are one of the common drops from rocks and they respawn on a daily basis.

Heres a video showing how it works:

Gold Nuggets, on the other hand, are very rare and hard to come by. So if you receive one you should keep them safely until you need them for crafting or selling it for a lot of bells.

What do you think?

Two Holes Eight Nuggets

All you need to get what you want from stones is two holes dug out with your shovel. Basically, once you first hit the stone, a timer starts ticking down. With each hit you can get more materials, but if you get pushed back, you will have to walk forward to hit the stone, and this will cost you materials.

All you need to do is dig a hole directly behind you, and another hole next to that. Then wedge yourself up against the rock and the hole, slightly on the side where you have the other hole.

When in the right position you will get wedged between the two holes when knocked back, and you can keep hitting the rock up to eight times, getting material for each hit. This is much better than getting three or four materials each time.

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How To Get Sticks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

The final major basic ingredient you’ll need is sticks. You can find sticks at the base of a bunch of trees in the morning, every morning, and the same will be true whenever you spend Tickets to visit another island. However, you can also get sticks another way: simply grab a tree and shake it, just like when you’re trying to get fruit down. If you’re lucky sticks will drop out – anywhere between one and four. Pick ’em up and you can use them for crafting.

For the record, chopping trees with an axe will not yield sticks – only wood.

How To Get Iron Nuggets And Clay In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to get lots of Iron Nuggets, Rock & Clay in Animal Crossing New Horizons. A Guide by DansGaming

There are a ton of vital ingredients for crafting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. And getting them in large supply isnt abundantly clear to new players. Thats why were creating a bunch of these guides to teach you how to farm for various resources in the newest Switch sensation. With that said, heres a quick primer on the best ways to get Iron Nuggets and Clay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

These items are used to craft new tools but, are also vital for story progression as well. You will need to farm them to build bridges and other ways to explore new areas of your island, for example. To get Iron Nuggets and Clay in this game, you will need either a Shovel or an Axe.

The base Shovel works a bit better than the Flimsy one, and is pretty easy to get, but there is a better option. Get an Upgrade Shovel, which you can get the DIY recipe for from the Resident Service ATM. This item has a bit better durability, but also a higher chance to spawn Iron Nuggets and Clay in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

You then need to head around your island looking for rocks, they stand out against the grasses and flowers of your island pretty obviously. The rocks are just gray slabs, just walk up and smack them a few times to get the drops.

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How To Get More Rocks In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

One of the more interesting things introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the activity of crafting various items. Players are required to make different utility items that they can make use of for doing other activities in the game.

Naturally, to craft items in Animal Crossing, players will need to obtain some raw materials. These can be obtained from various sources, such as the Nook Store, or other objects present on their Animal Crossing island.

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One such very useful element in the game is rocks. Players can obtain a lot of materials from rocks in the game. Naturally, it is only normal for them to desire more and more rocks on their island. Here’s how players can get more rocks on their Animal Crossing island.

How To Get Clay Easy In Animal Crossing

How To Get Clay Easy In Animal Crossing, The best way to get Clay is by hitting rocks on the islands you visit on Mystery Tours, the tours you can go on by using the Nook Miles tickets. Clay has a pretty high chance of dropping. Remember to bring axes or shovels to hit the rocks.

The best place to get the most clay is from rocks on the Mystery Island Tours in Animal Crossing. … The only other option for players is to find clay in Balloon Presents, but it will be a much lower drop rate for clay. If gamers are not interested in crafting with clay, they could always sell it.

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How To Get Wood Chop Down Trees And Remove Tree Stumps

The other main ingredient for almost every crafting recipe in Animal Crossing New Horizons is good ol’ wood. You need it in all these crafty games – from Minecraft to Stardew Valley and now Animal Crossing, if you’re gonna get crafty you’ve gotta get wood. Simple as.

Anyway, wood comes in three varieties in Animal Crossing: wood, softwood and hardwood. You get all three by chopping trees – each tree will yield you up to three pieces of wood a day, and which type of wood drops each time is entirely random. This is the case for all types of tree in the game, regardless of what they look like or what fruit they bear. Beware, however, as if you chop a tree three times with a tool that isn’t of the flimsy variety, it’ll chop down the whole tree.

You don’t want to chop down trees too much as it’ll deplete the amount of fruit you can get, and fruit is itself a valuable crafting recipe component and a great thing to sell to earn lots of money. If you do chop down a tree, you can remove the tree stump simply by aiming at it and using your shovel. We highly suggest you replant fruit in order to replenish your tree stock.

If you’ve a sharper tool, we recommend simply hitting each tree twice. A well-stocked island should have plenty of trees to hit anyway.


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