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How To Get Floating Gift In Animal Crossing

Get Rare Items From Balloons

How to Get Floating Balloon Presents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Contents Of Balloons
Furniture/Clothes DIY Recipes

There are generally four main categories of items you can get from a balloon. Because the pool of possible items is so big, its really important that you never let a balloon present go by without shooting it down! Always pack your slingshot before heading out.

Seasonal Furniture Recipes Only Drop From Balloons

Every season brings with it some sort of events and limited-time furniture. To get these DIY Recipes, your only option is to shoot down Balloons!

Get Furniture Color Variations

The furniture sold at Nooks Cranny on every island is fixed. However, by popping balloons, youll be able to get recipes for furniture in colors that are not available in your islands store!

Does The Color Of The Balloon Matter?

There are various colors to the different balloons that float around your island, including blue, yellow, red, and green. In our experience, blue balloons often have materials, while yellow ones have bells. It seems that there is indeed a link between balloon color and items contained.

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How To Get Balloon Presents In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Seen the floating balloons in the sky, wandering if you can shoot them down? This guide on How To Get Balloon Presents In Animal Crossing New Horizons tells you everything you need to know to shoot down the floating present boxes and burst those balloons.

When you are exploring your island you will sometimes see balloons floating in the sky above and attached, a wonderful present box. These boxes do not land, and will continue to float across the landscape until they go out of view. If you leave the game, enter a building, or otherwise travel to another location, they will vanish and not be there when you return. As such, you will need the appropriate tools with you at all times if you hope to pop the balloons and get the present.

Stand Under The Balloon And Shoot

To shoot the present down, you have to stand under the balloons shadow and shoot the slingshot.If you do it correctly, you will pop the balloon and make the present fall to the ground. Thenyou can pick it up. Careful! If you shoot a balloon present down near water, thepresent might fall into the water and be lost!

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Animal Crossing Gift Balloon

In previous Animal Crossing games, balloon gifts only contained special balloon-themed items. In New Horizons, however, balloons can contain all sorts of items, including: There are four colors of. Animal Crossing: New Horizons never has a tedious moment and that’s due to the game’s relaxing pace and fun events.Another mechanic that keeps the experience fresh and players on their toes is the balloon present. Every so often, balloon presents will temptingly float across the island and players have the chance to shoot them out of the sky with slingshots

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Get Floating Balloon Presents in Animal Crossing ...
  • In order to get Gold Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will first need an axe or a shovel. From there you will need some luck and patience. Gold Nuggets can be found from any normal rock you can find on your island, or on a resource island. Hit it as many times and you can and if you are lucky, you will get one piece of Gold
  • Each gift contains a Sanrio Characters uchiwa fan. There are 16 different fans, including Pompompurin fan, Gudetama fan, and Aggretsuko fan. About Animal Crossing: Pocket Cam
  • Animal Crossing Cherry blossoms: How to find cherry blossom furniture recipes and catch cherry-blossom petals explained Tips on finding the cherry blossom recipes in New Horizons
  • Reopen Animal Crossing, start the game, and then save again. Repeat steps 1 to 3, but this time check the box that syncs your in-game clock to the internet Deck the Halls With All This Animal Crossing: Found in a balloon from the sky. Requires 3 snowflakes and 10 stone. it looks like you get the gifts from Jingle to pass out Name Material Cost Bell Cost Craft Time Availability Bunny-Balloon Cushion 5 Reissue Material 1 HH Material 3 Sparkle Stones 30 Hip Essence 50 Paper : 12,000 Bells : 8 Hour Nov. 15, 2019 – Nov. 22, 2019 Apr. 30, 2020 – May 7, 202 So if you’ve grown weary of balloon popping post-New Leaf, give it a new try. Stamps got a lot more expensive. Sending mail in Animal Crossing was a free public service. A trio of pelicans.

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    How To Get A Music Box

    The Wooden Music Box can only be obtained via crafting. We were given the DIY recipe by a villager at their workbench in their house, but it is possible that it could be obtained via a Message in a Bottlethough we haven’t been able to confirm this yet.

    Once you have the recipe, redeem it and head to a workbench, either in your Resident Services building or your own, if you have one. You need 3 Wood, 3 Softwood, and 1 Iron Nugget to craft the Wooden Music Box.

    How To Get A Slingshot In Animal Crossing

    Getting a slingshot is super easy! Assuming youre early in the game and havent yet built Nooks Cranny, just visit Timmy in Resident Services. Hell sell you a slingshot for 900 Bells! That should be enough to get you started. Going forward though, youll want to learn to craft your own to save money. Getting the DIY recipe is as easy as purchasing the DIY recipe from Timmy! Crafting a slingshot will only set you back five Hardwood.

    If you dont have this unlocked yet, make sure to attend the campfire orientation with Tom Nook. Hell then discuss the DIY workshop with you so you can craft things on your own. Once youve done that, you should be good to get crafting them yourself!

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Balloon Conclusions

    So, after wearing out our slingshot, we can now say the following:

    • Yellow Balloons are likely to give you bells
    • Blue has the chance to drop resources
    • Green appears to have no clear prioritisation
    • Red appears to favour Furniture, although more data is needed

    Before we started this guide we had plenty of ideas as to which balloons dropped which items. Was it based on their color? The cost of the item? The time of day it dropped? As you can see above, none of that really seems to be the case, although we still have theories we’d like to test. For example, one thing we’re curious about is if its possible that green or red balloons possibly give you new items that youve never had in your possession before .

    Rest assured we’ll update this guide with any new information as it surfaces, or falls from the sky. In the meantime, happy balloon hunting!

    Balloon Spawn Times And Patterns

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf – How to get floating presents

    Regular Balloons Spawn Every 5 Minutes

    Regular balloons, which appear in colors of red, green, yellow, and blue, appear every 5 minutes in multiples of 5. For example, a balloon will spawn at 7:00, another one will appear at 7:05, then 7:10, and so on.

    Balloons during events such as Bunny Day will appear more frequently, spawning each minute, and they move faster than regular balloons.

    Balloon Type

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    Shooting Down Presents In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    As you explore your deserted island in Animal Crossing New Horizons you may occasionally notice a present with a balloon attached floating overhead. To make that gift yours all you need to do is shoot it out of the sky and pick toss it into your pocket.

    You wont be able to do this until you get a slingshot, which can be crafted if you have five hardwood. If youre having a tough time gathering this material, then check out our guide on how to get hardwood in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    Once you have your slingshot ready to go, then youll have to hunt down a balloon. Theyre not incredibly common, but you should always have your slingshot at the ready to grab one of these presents.

    After you finally track down a balloon present youll want to line up the shot so youre standing directly beneath your target. Then, press the A button to take your shot. Make sure the present isnt floating over any bodies of water or else youll lose the present.

    Time needed: 30 minutes.

    How to shoot down presents in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Craft a slingshot

    Youre going to need five hardwood to make this tool.

  • Find a balloon present

    They can be found floating in the sky above your island at any time of day during any time of the year.

  • Line up your shot and fire

    Stand under the present and press A to fire at the balloon. Make sure its not floating over water or youll lose the present.

  • Thats all there is to know about how to shoot down presents in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    How To Farm Balloons

    Because balloons are a main source for seasonal DIY recipes and other handy items, there are times when you might want to grind out balloons until you get what you want. If you follow the spawn rules above, it’s easy to do as long as you’re patient.

    After you’ve determined which direction balloons spawn from on your island, we recommend waiting at the bottom of your beach until a time ending in 4 or 9. At this point, you should walk up the shore with the sky visible and look for a balloon over the ocean. If you still don’t see one when you reach the top of the beach, walk back down the shore and check as you go. If no balloon has shown up after a minute, wait a few minutes and check again at the spawn time.

    If you’re having trouble spotting balloons, try adjusting your camera using the right analog stick so you can get a better view of the sky. You’ll have to stop walking in order to view the sky this way, as your camera will reorient itself when you move, but it can be a good way to spot balloons that you can hear but can’t see.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons News And Guides

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    How Do Birthdays Work

    When a villager has their birthday, you can go and visit them in their house to celebrate with them. They will have a little party laid out in their house with birthday-themed decor and one other villager is usually there too.

    You can either go straight to the party or you can pick up a present for them before you attend. You can buy wrapping paper from Nook’s Cranny to wrap your gift in for that extra special touch. Giving them a gift will significantly increase your friendship with the villager. If it’s one you like and want to stick around for a long time then taking time to celebrate with them is worth it.

    Villager interactions like birthdays are only a small part of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There is so much for you to do on your Island and we have a few guides that can help. We have a guide onhow to get mushrooms and a guide on how to catch a shark too!

    How To Get The Balloon Presents In New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Floating Gifts

    To get the balloon presents out of the sky in Animal Crossing New Horizons you’ll need to shoot them down with a slingshot. We’ve included some more info on getting a slingshot below. Once you have one, position yourself so you can see the balloon. You’ll need to line yourself up with it, and with the slingshot equipped, press and hold A. Release A to fire the slingshot and pop the balloon. This will take some practice , but if you’re on target the balloon will pop and the present will fall to the ground.

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    In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    In New Leaf, presents can be caught by a net or shovel near the beach, once the balloon flies low enough. When shot down, they will contain items from the Balloon Series. They can also contain the Balloon Hat. They fly lower than in previous games and may fly to the south for a period of time if their path is obstructed by a building. Like in Wild World, they appear when the current time ends in a “4” . Balloons spawn at alternating sides of the town , and take approximately five minutes to cross the town.

    The silver and golden slingshots can be obtained once 16 presents have been shot down. The silver slingshot can be obtained more than once, however the golden slingshot cannot.

    Balloons also appear during Bunny Day, and contain sky eggs. The eggs can be opened and contain either a prize ticket, a grand prize ticket or candy. Prize tickets can be taken to Zipper T. Bunny for pieces of Egg Series furniture, while grand prize tickets can be exchanged for Zipper’s picture.

    The player can earn bronze, silver and gold badges from Phineas for shooting 30, 100 and 200 balloons respectively. Balloons shot during Bunny Day do not count towards this total.

    In the Welcome amiibo update, once all items in the Balloon Series are obtained, balloons can carry standard furniture items. Before, the only items found in balloons were the Balloon Series and Balloon Hat.

    How To Use The Music Box

    To add music to your Music Box, make sure you’ve got a song in your pockets, click the Box, and then hit Register. It’ll stay there forever so you don’t need to do it every time.

    You can only play music from one Music Box at a time, though you can have a stereo and a Box playing simultaneously. Take a look at our K.K. Slider Song List and Requests wiki guide for how to get songs from K.K. Slider. You can also buy them from the Nook Stop.

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    Use A Slingshot To Pop

    The only way you can bring down a floating Present is by popping it with a Slingshot. Use the A button to shoot upwards and take it out.

    How To Get The Slingshot

    You’ll only be able to get the Slingshot DIY recipe once you’ve purchase it from Timmy. Just learn the recipe and you’ll be able to craft it at any workshop!

    How To Get The Golden Slingshot

    How to get Floating Present | Animal Crossing New Horizon

    There is one other type of balloon, and it’s ultra-rare. This golden balloon contains a special DIY recipe for a golden slingshot. It’s one of several golden tools you can acquire in the game, and while it still breaks, it lasts a lot longer than your average slingshot.

    It appears that the golden balloon doesn’t appear until after you’ve popped over 300 other balloons. Once you unlock that Nook Miles reward, keep your eyes on the skies! We recommend looking for the golden balloon as soon as you hit the 300 balloon milestone, so read on for details on how to find and farm balloons.

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    How To Customize The Music Box

    The Wooden Music Box you craft is light brown by default but it can be customized at a workbench. It costs three Customization Kits to do so. You can also customize it at Reese & Cyrus’ shop if you’ve unlocked them at Harv’s Island Plaza.

    It can be changed to either white, cherry, dark, black, green, blue, or pink wood , and you can also add a lid design to it. There are seven pre-set lid designs, or you can use your own pattern or custom design for ultimate personalization.

    If you’ve come back to Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the 2.0 Update, check out our How to Get Back Into Animal Crossing – A Guide for Returning Players page to help you get back up to speed with island life.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get All Reactions And Use Them

    Interact with your friends and villagers using reactions!

    In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a wealth of things for players to do to truly make their experience as unique as possible. Players can terraform their islands, decorate them however they please, and form friendships with their villagers and other unique characters. One important part of these friendships is conveying emotions what better way to do that than using unique Reactions around your villagers and friends?

    In this guide, we’ve explained how to get new Reactions, use them, and provided you with a list of all the Reactions that there are to unlock in New Horizons.

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: What The Donation Box Is And How To Use

    Surely you have ever visited the island of some other user and have been delighted, so much so that you would have even been able to leave some kind of donation, not only because of the designs that you have been able to discover but also because they have treated you phenomenally.

    Well, after the last update of the game we can buy and create the so-called donation box. Buying it is very simple, since it is accessible at the Nook Stop terminal in resident services, and it costs only 800 nook miles.

    To make it, you only need 4 units of wood and 4 units of softwood, which you will surely have.

    Once you have made a donation box or several boxes, all you have to do is place them at strategic points on your island so that other visitors can interact with it.

    Only you will be able to collect these bells that they have left you as donations, and it would be convenient if you would check it a couple of times a day to see if you are doing things well on your island.

    In your case it is exactly the same, you will begin to visit other islands where you will see donation boxes, and it would be recommended that you leave something at some point.

    Simply walk over to one of these donation boxes, interact with it, and you will be given the option of depositing 1000 bells or doing nothing.


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