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How To Get Floating Gifts In Animal Crossing

How Can I Tell If There’s A Balloon Nearby

How to Get Floating Balloon Presents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Obviously, scanning the horizon is one way to know if there’s a balloon nearby, but the easiest way to to listen for them. A balloon is accompanied by the whistling sound of the breeze it’s being carried on. If youre wearing headphones or have a nice surround system connected to your TV, youll actually be able to hear the direction that the balloons are coming from, too, which makes hunting them down quickly a bit easier.

Balloon Spawn Times And Patterns

Regular Balloons Spawn Every 5 Minutes

Regular balloons, which appear in colors of red, green, yellow, and blue, appear every 5 minutes in multiples of 5. For example, a balloon will spawn at 7:00, another one will appear at 7:05, then 7:10, and so on.

Balloons during events such as Bunny Day will appear more frequently, spawning each minute, and they move faster than regular balloons.

Balloon Type

Is It Just Me Or Do Balloons Never Spawn When I Have Friends Visiting My Island

If you were hoping to do some balloon farming with your friends, unfortunately youre be out of luck as balloons don’t appear to spawn when your gate is open for online play. Were not sure why is this case as balloon hunting and racing to recover the prize could be a fun activity for you and your friends, but Nintendo presumably has its reasons. Perhaps we can expect balloon competitions in a future update.

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How To Build The Slingshot

Ax in hand you have to go to cut down a few trees, you need five rigid boards . Hopefully it won’t take long. Once you have the five rigid boards in your inventory it is time to go through the DIY bench and show that you are a handyman.

From now on remember to always carry the slingshot in your pocket in case you see a balloon go by with a gift attached. In addition, some events, such as the Egg Hunt, require the slingshot as you have to explode the balloons to obtain certain materials.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Horizons: how to get pop the floating ...

In New Leaf, presents can be caught by a net or shovel near the beach, once the balloon flies low enough. When shot down, they will contain items from the Balloon Series. They can also contain the Balloon Hat. They fly lower than in previous games and may fly to the south for a period of time if their path is obstructed by a building. Like in Wild World, they appear when the current time ends in a “4” . Balloons spawn at alternating sides of the town , and take approximately five minutes to cross the town.

The silver and golden slingshots can be obtained once 16 presents have been shot down. The silver slingshot can be obtained more than once, however the golden slingshot cannot.

Balloons also appear during Bunny Day, and contain sky eggs. The eggs can be opened and contain either a prize ticket, a grand prize ticket or candy. Prize tickets can be taken to Zipper T. Bunny for pieces of Egg Series furniture, while grand prize tickets can be exchanged for Zipper’s picture.

The player can earn bronze, silver and gold badges from Phineas for shooting 30, 100 and 200 balloons respectively. Balloons shot during Bunny Day do not count towards this total.

In the Welcome amiibo update, once all items in the Balloon Series are obtained, balloons can carry standard furniture items. Before, the only items found in balloons were the Balloon Series and Balloon Hat.

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Present Contents Depend On The Balloon Color

Balloon Color
Golden Slingshot Recipe

This is based on the contents of the balloon presents that our walkthrough team gets.

You will generally get items of a category depending on the color of the balloon. Though not always guaranteed, there is a higher rate of getting items of that category with the given balloon color.

The exception to this is the Golden Balloon, which will always give you the Golden Slingshot Recipe.

Seasonal DIY Recipes are Only Available through Balloons

During events such as Cherry-Blossom Festival, there are seasonal DIY recipes that are only available for a limited time. You will receive 1 free recipe of that series during the island-wide broadcast, but the rest of the recipes can only be obtained from balloons.


The table above is a compilation of our finding from opening each color balloon.

DIY Recipes are more difficult to collect, so we suggest raising your Overall Luck to increase the probability of getting them from balloons.

Shooting Down Presents In Animal Crossing New Horizons

As you explore your deserted island in Animal Crossing New Horizons you may occasionally notice a present with a balloon attached floating overhead. To make that gift yours all you need to do is shoot it out of the sky and pick toss it into your pocket.

You wont be able to do this until you get a slingshot, which can be crafted if you have five hardwood. If youre having a tough time gathering this material, then check out our guide on how to get hardwood in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Once you have your slingshot ready to go, then youll have to hunt down a balloon. Theyre not incredibly common, but you should always have your slingshot at the ready to grab one of these presents.

After you finally track down a balloon present youll want to line up the shot so youre standing directly beneath your target. Then, press the A button to take your shot. Make sure the present isnt floating over any bodies of water or else youll lose the present.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to shoot down presents in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Craft a slingshot

    Youre going to need five hardwood to make this tool.

  • Find a balloon present

    They can be found floating in the sky above your island at any time of day during any time of the year.

  • Line up your shot and fire

    Stand under the present and press A to fire at the balloon. Make sure its not floating over water or youll lose the present.

  • Thats all there is to know about how to shoot down presents in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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    How To Get The Slingshot

    If you have advanced enough in the game you can surely visit Mini Nook, a store where they sell projects and all kinds of items. Well, once in the store you just have to go to the window on the left , you will see that you can buy a slingshot for 900 berries. It would be the fastest way, but also the most expensive.

    You also have the option to buy the slingshot project , it is worth 300 berries. His thing is to buy said project, so you learn to build a slingshot and save yourself a few berries. Then, of course, you need the materials to build the slingshot.

    How To Get Floating Gifts In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    How to get Floating Present | Animal Crossing New Horizon

    Have you ever set a balloon with a letter tied to it loose into the wind? Ive heard you shouldnt do that, cause then they pop over residential areas or the ocean, and thats considered littering. I suppose if you happen to see a balloon flying by with something tied to it, you should do the responsible thing and pop it yourself before it lands somewhere unwanted. Heres how to get floating gifts in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Balloon, mister!

    While youre bumming around on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may occasionally hear a distinct whistle on the wind. Follow the sound of the whistle and watch the sky, and youll see a colorful balloon float by with a large, distinctive present tied to it. These apparently-lightweight presents float by islands all the time, and theyre full of fun and helpful goodies like crafting materials, Bells, clothes, and DIY recipes. To actually get the present, though, youll need to pop the balloon.

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    How To Pop Balloons

    Once you’ve got your slingshot, all you need to do is wait for a present to float on by and shoot at it.

    Equipping the slingshot in your hand will let you use it with the A button, which you can hold in anticipation or press to instantly fire in a straight line.

    The slingshot only shoots directly up in the sky, so you have to be behind the present before firing to hit it.

    How To Get The Golden Slingshot

    There is one other type of balloon, and it’s ultra-rare. This golden balloon contains a special DIY recipe for a golden slingshot. It’s one of several golden tools you can acquire in the game, and while it still breaks, it lasts a lot longer than your average slingshot.

    It appears that the golden balloon doesn’t appear until after you’ve popped over 300 other balloons. Once you unlock that Nook Miles reward, keep your eyes on the skies! We recommend looking for the golden balloon as soon as you hit the 300 balloon milestone, so read on for details on how to find and farm balloons.

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    How To Heal In Doom Eternal

    Learn how to heal and get armor in Doom Eternal so you can keep yourself in the fight.

    If you’ve seen a floating present in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, drifting past your island high above you, it may seem like a cruel prank.

    But really it’s someone trying to give you a little gift, you just need to know how to get balloon presents down to the ground and enjoy your prize. Here’s how to get your hands on floating presents in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    How To Quickly Get Balloon Presents Every 5 Minutes

    How to Get Floating Balloon Presents in Animal Crossing ...

    Balloon Presents tend to blow in on a timer every 5-20 minutes, but there is a way to reset this timer to ensure that the balloon appears every 5 minutes. As of Patch 1.1.4, this method still seems to work more often than not.

    According to , you can force balloon presents to appear by entering certain buildings and beginning a conversation to ensure that the player is not marked as inactive, and then leave by a certain time to ensure the balloon will spawn shortly thereafter.

    According to the tests, the balloon presents will always spawn in the sea out of view on times ending in;:_4 and;:_9, and will then reach the island by;:_5 and;:10. In order to ensure these balloons spawn, you need to enter and leave certain buildings – like Nook’s Cranny or the Museum – by;:_3 and;:_8. In this time, speak to Timmy about buying and item, and then back out and exit .

    If you leave soon after, and wait until the time hits;:_4 or;:_9, you can then head to the beach and begin to patrol up and down until you see the balloon present or hear the gusting that marks its approach. Shoot it down, and then get ready for the next balloon spawn, and repeat the process!

    Note that this may not have a 100% success rate, but it has been found to work most times.

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    What Happens If You Open A Present For Another Villager Animal Crossing

    Sometimes a villager will ask the player to deliver a present or a letter to another villager, but if the players pockets or letter slots are full, this favor cannot be done. If the player opens the present or read the letter before it is delivered to the villager, the villager might ask why it was not wrapped.

    Animal Crossing’s Best Rewards

    These rewards in Animal Crossing are notable testaments to a player’s time and hard work in New Horizons. Here’s the best rewards and how to get them.

    There are certain desirable items in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons that can only be obtained after the player has completed a specific task or series of steps to receive these exclusive rewards. Here are some of the best;Animal Crossing rewards a;New Horizons player can receive in the island simulator, and how to get them.

    These;Animal Crossing rewards differ from items that can be purchased from Nook’s Cranny in New Horizons, even if they are worth a lot of bells. They require notable achievements and usually a good amount of time spent earning them. Additionally, they will not include sought-after seasonal or event items, although these can also take time and effort to get.

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    The Animal Crossing;rewards on this list are obtainable through hard work and dedication, and they serve as a recognition that the player has achieved a great deal. However, like almost any item in;New Horizons, these rewards can be gifted or traded by another player who has already earned them. Still, the feeling of accomplishing a particularly trying chore by oneself is a huge honor, and the following awards symbolize the completion of these feats.

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    Wild World And City Folk

    In;Wild World, presents go across the town at the north end. The player does not need to stand directly under the present in order for it to be knocked out of the sky. However, the present can only be knocked out of the sky by using a slingshot. There are a variety of different items in presents, and it is not limited to only common or rare items.In City Folk, the presents are the sole source for the Super Mario themed items, but common items can be shot down as well. The Mario items are all from the classic Super Mario Bros. game for the NES, and they are all 8-bit. Sometimes, a Golden Slingshot appear after opening a balloon present.

    In City Folk, Phineas states that balloons come from the sky. This statement, however, cannot be proven. Usually, presents appear just above the player, but in Wild World, they appear on the top screen. And if a Balloon is popped over water, the player will be shocked while the present falls in the water, the player not receiving any gift.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Floating Gifts

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf – How to get floating presents

    Sailing Away

    Animal Crossing New Horizons;had an incredible year in 2020, selling over 26 million units since its release in March.

    Now, with the New Year in full swing, New Horizons is releasing a brand new January Update very soon.

    One aspect of the game that has been within New Horizons since it released has been floating gifts.

    These pleasant packages can be found on your island all over the map, and players may be wondering how to obtain them.

    Here’s how!;

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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    i miss the good’ol days of waiting for the present to get stuck in a tree.

    Really? Cause I’m pretty sure having the present miss all the trees was not fun at all. Nostalgia FTL

    Does Feng Shui Inside Your House Affect The Balloon Spawn Rate

    While chatting with friends, the possibility that the Feng Shui of your home influences balloon output was bought up. In past games Feng Shui could affect your overall luck and the theory is that this might affect balloon spawn rates in New Horizons. Unfortunately, it would take significantly more research on this subject to confirm if this is the case, so right now we can only wonder.

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    How To Get Balloon Presents In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Seen the floating balloons in the sky, wandering if you can shoot them down? This guide on How To Get Balloon Presents In Animal Crossing New Horizons tells you everything you need to know to shoot down the floating present boxes and burst those balloons.

    When you are exploring your island you will sometimes see balloons floating in the sky above and attached, a wonderful present box. These boxes do not land, and will continue to float across the landscape until they go out of view. If you leave the game, enter a building, or otherwise travel to another location, they will vanish and not be there when you return. As such, you will need the appropriate tools with you at all times if you hope to pop the balloons and get the present.


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