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How To Get Good At Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Framed Photos: Complete Tasks For Them


Ah, yes, the dreaded villager favors. While it can be a bit of a pain, you should do what villagers ask you to do because it provides a big boost to your reputation with them. As with gift-giving, you also have a chance of getting a reward for your efforts on top of a strengthened relationship.

These tasks can vary widely. Villagers may ask you to get them some fruit, catch a bug or fish, take an item they have to another villager, and more. When possible, try and go above and beyond for them; for example, if a villager asks you for fruit, bring them a non-native fruit instead of the one that regularly grows on your island. If they ask for a fish or bug, bring them a rare one. This extra effort will be noticed and appreciated, and your reputation with the villager will soar even higher. Just make sure you don’t open any wrapped items they ask you to deliver, as they will consider this rude and will become unhappy with you.

Don’t Play At The Same Time Every Day

The cool thing about Animal Crossing is that it’s a pretty casual game that can be integrated into anyone’s routine. However, the problem with that is that players tend to sign into the game at the same time every single day, and this prevents them from enjoying all the benefits and special features.

Not all creatures and characters are on the island all day all the time, which is why players should try to show up to their island twice a day, once during day time and once during night time. Otherwise, they might miss rare bugs like tarantulas and special characters like Wisp and Celeste.

Design Yards For Houses

An excellent way you can give some character to the area around houses on your island is to design yards for them. The various types of DIY fences and hedges you can make are great for setting the boundaries, and there’s plenty of awesome DIY projects like tables, chairs, birdhouses, clotheslines, and more that you can use to give a house’s exterior some flavor. Flowers look awesome in yards, too!

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You Only Need To Eat One Piece Of Fruit To Get Its Effects

You can eat the various fruits that you’ll find in and around your island, and doing so will give you magical powers. Well, not exactly, but it will make you more powerful. Using your shovel while hopped up on fruit, for example, will mean you can uproot entire trees and relocate them without damaging them. Using your shovel on a rock while under the influence of fruit will cause the rock to completely smash – handy for getting the last resources out of a rock on a deserted island, less so on your own island where you want the resources to replenish every day. So be aware, that while you can eat up to 10 pieces of fruit in a row, you only need one piece of fruit in your system for every one super-powered action you want to achieve. Eating too much fruit may mean you ruin elements of your island without meaning to, and it takes a while for the effects of any consumed fruit to wear off. Thankfully, you’ll see the X/10 fruit counter drop as the effects wear off, and it’ll disappear entirely from the top left of the screen when you’re completely free of side effects.

Items Bought From The Nook Stop Will Arrive The Next Day

Animal Crossing players are returning to the perfect ...

It can become quite an obsession buying items using your Nook Miles or through the Nook Shopping channel at the Nook Stop terminal, but be aware that anything you buy that’s listed on Nook Shopping or as ‘Delivery: Mail’ in Nook Miles Rewards will arrive in your mailbox the next day. Yes, that means you’ll have to wait until the next real-world day to get access to those cute new rain boots you bought. We’re sad too.;

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Pay Off Your Moving Costs Asap To Unlock New Options

On your first full day on your new island, Tom Nook gives you a rather large bill to cover all of your moving costs. Thankfully, you can pay it in Nook Miles – and a fairly reasonable 5,000 Nook Miles at that – and we’d advise making it the first thing you do on the island. Once you’ve paid off Mr. Nook, you’ll unlock a whole load of new options. Firstly, you’ll be able to take out a new loan, which will automatically let you upgrade from a tent to a house. It’s a loan of 98,000 bells, but your new home will be built by the next morning, and then you can start repayment. This unlocks the ability to hoard items in your home’s in-built storage, which is very handy indeed.;

But, that’s not all. You’ll also unlock the Nook Miles Rewards at the Nook Stop terminal in Residents’ Services, which opens up a whole load of items, recipes and more.;

Plus, once you’ve taken out your new home loan, you’ll unlock Nook Miles+, which are a selection of five straightforward tasks that constantly replenish as a way of earning Nook Miles more quickly and easily. For example, these range from catching five fish or selling 10 shells, to chatting to three neighbours or planting one tree.;

So many perks, so little time!

Dont Sweat Where To Put Buildings

Unlike other games in the Animal Crossing franchise, New Horizons notably allows you to decide where other villagers set down their houses Early on, without the Pole Vault or the Ladder, finding the right location is either going to be difficult or perhaps impossible.;

Dont worry, though. With time, its possible to relocate just about any building on the island To do so requires paying a hefty sum of Bells, 50,000 to be exact. Still, thats not exactly a difficult amount of Bells to get considering how much easier it is to make money this time around.;

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Building Your Museum And Collection

If youve unlocked the Critterpedia app, the first thing you might notice is the great number of blank spots for fish and bugs. There are tons of common critters to catch, as well as rare ones, but they will come with time. You will quite literally need time, too. Some critters are only available in certain seasons and, even more specifically, at certain times. Check out our guide for Bugs and for Fish to see all the ones weve found so far along with their sale price.

Bug Catching Tips:

  • You can approach bugs slowly by holding down A and moving toward your target.
  • Regardless of how slow you move, some bugs will notice you. When they do, stand still and move again only after they look away!
  • Some bugs will only appear on very specific places, like on flowers, on rocks by the ocean or on a tree stump.
  • Bugs may not sell for much, but you will eventually meet a visitor who will buy them at a premium.

Fishing Tips:

As far as fossils go, every crack in the ground you see is a fossil. Be sure to dig it up and always get it assessed before even thinking about selling it! Blathers can only do one at a time at first, but thatll change quickly.

Don’t Splurge On Nook Miles Rewards

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Our Best Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Now that players are well aware of how villagers work and how they can be invited over, it’s even more important to actually save up those Nook Mile points for Nook Miles tickets. Each ticket is 2000 Nook Miles, so grinding for a bunch of them is a long process that’s very tedious.

As such, it’s better to start saving up for those tickets early on. Don’t spend on anything that won’t progress the game or unlock more features, such as the clothing items or all the island decoration items. Focus on getting all the necessities, and after that just buy tickets exclusively to get those awesome rare villagers.

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Look Out For Balloons And Bottles To Get Free Stuff

There are two regular items that will arrive on your island that you should look out for. Once or twice a day you can find little bottles that wash up on the beach. These will always contain a letter from a random source, and a crafting recipe. They’re random, so there’s no way to know what kind of recipe you’ll get, but if you already have the recipe in your list, you can always sell it for a few Bells or gift it to another islander.;

Another great source of new items, recipes and often Bells, is the little presents that will float through the sky attached to balloons. You’ll know there’s one in the vicinity because you’ll hear a very clear whooshing wind sound. Push up on the right joystick until you can see the skyline, and give it a scan for a floating balloon, or look on the ground for a moving shadow. You’ll need the slingshot to shoot it down – the recipe for which is available at Nook’s Cranny or from Tommy in Residents’ Services – but when you do there’s a present in it for you. Just watch that there’s no danger of it falling in the river – although there’s a Nook Mile Reward for doing just that.;

Make The Most Of The Hot Item: Turn Trash Into Bells

This isnt something youll do every single day, but its one to watch out for at least. Each day, Timmy and Tommy pay double for a certain item. Its always one you have the DIY recipe for, so you can almost always put this opportunity to good use. Im not going to suggest you burn through your supply of iron ore whenever they ask for a table, but its a good way to turn any excess or common materials into a decent payday. You have a lot of trees on your island, right? So if youre not using that wood for anything else, why not turn them into a load of benches, chairs, or beds whenever theyre paying out for them?

When you start to learn some more elusive recipes, you can even double the worth of something like gold nuggets. Though you can sell these for 10,000 bells a pop, using one to craft a hot item like the Golden Gears will immediately bump up the return to anywhere over 20,000 bells. That 2x increase can really add up.

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Take Advantage Of Special Visitors

Within the first few days of your island adventure, you’ll likely come across a unique visitor — such as Gulliver, the sea gull asleep on the beach, or Wisp, the easily frightened ghost. Each of these visitors will teach you something, sell you something or send you on a short mission. These missions will earn you unique item rewards.

My personal favorite visitor so far is C.J., a beaver-blogger who loves to fish. He’ll ask you to catch special fish for him, order fish decorations for you , and pay you extra for any fish you sell him. In a single day with C.J., I ordered a handful of fish decorations to hang on my walls and made nearly 60,000 bells just angling as usual. It was a good day.

How To Store Turnips

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Isabelle to Come ...

Store Turnips In Inventory Or On Island

Turnips can be stored only in your inventory and since that has a limited amount of space, you can instead drop them around your island or house as makeshift storage.

Can’t Put Turnips In Storage

Turnips cannot be placed inside your house’s storage area. It’s best to keep them in your inventory or place them around your house/island.

Bury Turnips Underground

Turnips can also be buried and stored underground around your island, though this method of storing turnips can be time-consuming.

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How To Travel To A Deserted Island

Once your airport is open , you’ll be able to use a Nook Miles Ticket to go to a deserted island. You can purchase Nook Miles Tickets for 2,000 Nook Miles each at the Nook Stop machine in Resident Services.

Once you have a ticket, talk to Orville at the airport, select the “I wanna fly!” option, and then select “Use Nook Miles Ticket.” You’ll then be whisked away to a random island on your Mystery Tour!

These islands come in a variety of styles ranging from pretty basic to rare and lucrative; we’ve detailed all the types we’ve encountered so far below. Keep in mind that an island is generated each time you buy a Nook Miles Ticket, which means you cant keep resetting the game to try and get a different island with the same ticket.

Give Five Bugs And Fish To Tom Nook Asap

The museum running Blathers will pay for bugs and fish to fill his exhibits but won’t show up unless you summon him via Tom Nook. When Nook gives you the recipes for the net and fishing rod, he’ll nonchalantly say “I would love to see anything you manage to catch. I’m quite curious about the local fauna.” Now, don’t dismiss this as just a little enthusiasm for your fishing abilities, if you go and talk to him after you catch a fish or bug with your new tools, you’ll notice a prompt that says “I found a creature!” If you give him five creatures, he’ll suddenly get a phone call from his old pal Blathers. The next day, Blathers will appear in his little makeshift museum tent, and if you keep donating, you’ll eventually unlock the Animal Crossing: New Horizons museum proper.

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Spend Those Nook Miles And Visit Other Islands

Dont be afraid of running out of Nook Miles. They start off as an achievement system, which gives the impression that theyre limited. Tom Nook will eventually upgrade your Nook Miles plan to Nook Miles+, which adds a series of five rotating, repeatable achievements that can steadily give you Nook Miles as you play. You wont run out of Nook Miles , and you can easily grind for more using the upgrade.

This is useful in the early game when you want to collect iron nuggets to upgrade the Resident Services tent, and if you want more than just two other residents on your island. When Dodo Airlines opens, you can spend 2,000 Nook Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket. This ticket takes you to a new, smaller deserted island randomly generated in the game. The island has fresh rocks you can hit with your shovel to collect iron nuggets. Each rock can only be hit three times a day, so youre limited on your own island with how many nuggets you can possibly get in a day. Going to new islands will get those nuggets pouring in.

The other deserted islands also have different fruits you can collect, which help diversify your own islands flora. You can get more wood, sticks, and flowers on the island, too. You can even meet new characters that you can invite to your island. Youll discover a new animal friend if you find a campfire on the deserted island. Talking to them twice lets you invite them to your own island, growing the community.

Remember That When And Where Matters For Everything

TOP 9 Ways To GET MORE Stuff in Animal Crossing New Horizons!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a real-time calendar game. And thats not just a cute trick it has an impact on everything you do. For example, the fish you can catch in March are different from the fish you can catch in August. And some critters are more active in the morning than they are at night.

But its not just about time. Also think about where youre spending your time on your island. Dont just always go to the river to fish. You can catch different kinds of fish in the isolate ponds or in the ocean.

So dont fall into a routine. Throw some variety into your New Horizons life.

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Talk To Friends Visiting Your Island Through Your Irl Phone

Trying to communicate in Animal Crossing via chat on the Switch is a living nightmare. Which is why you should definitely download the Nintendo Switch Online app and connect it to your game via Nook Link .

Now, you’ll be able to text like you normally would and have it pop up above your head as speech in the game.

Game Mechanics And Concepts

The developers made sure to make the game not only welcoming new players but to also retain core concepts from the previous games to keep older fans of the series happy. A crafting system was implemented to allow the player to keep the player from running out of things to do after the in-game stores close. She mentioned how the D.I.Y. crafting system would keep players in theme with the game by interacting and using the natural environment to their advantage. Kyogoku took note of players who began playing Animal Crossing games via mobile apps, such as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, by implementing the Nook Miles feature which would show the player what kinds of activities and concepts they can achieve by rewarding them to do so. The Nook Miles system also rewards the player for doing common tasks and collecting materials that would sell for cheap to keep the player from only tediously searching out expensive materials. Furniture and clothing accessibility and customization were emphasized for multiplayer so players could show pride in their islands.

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