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How To Get Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing Fast

How To Farm Even More Iron

Getting Iron Nuggets – Animal Crossing New Horizons – Quick Tip

Your home island will have only six rocks on it at a time, and one of those will be a Bell Rock that produces no resources. Rocks, like trees, produce a limited number of resources each day. That puts a cap on the amount of Iron Nuggets you can get from rocks on your island each day.

Animal Crossing relies on the time and date of your Nintendo Switch to manage in-game time. If youre impatient, you can skip to the next calendar day by changing the clock on your Switch. This setting is found on your Switch in System Settings> System> Date and Time.

However, you can get even more iron by visiting other deserted islands.

  • Visit Resident Services and use the Nook Stop to redeem 2,000 Nook Miles for a Nook Miles Ticket.

  • Take the Nook Miles Ticket to the Airport and redeem it for a trip to another deserted island.

  • Strike the rock to obtain resources.

  • The only limit on the number of islands you can visit is the amount of Nook Miles you have available, so this is a great way to rack up Iron Nuggets if you have lots of Nook Miles to spare.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Iron Nuggets How To Get Thirty For New Shop

    There are two things you can do to get thirty iron nuggets for the new shop in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you have to hit rocks that you find around the island repeatedly with the shovel. Just make sure not to use a fruit buff while doing so, or youll break the rocks without getting all the possible nuggets. Check out our How to Remove Fruit Buff guide for more info on that.

    Once you exhaust all the rocks on your island, you can also spend Nook Miles to purchase a Nook Miles Ticket at the Residential Services. Take the ticket to the airport, and youll fly to one of the randomly generated, smaller islands. These islands have extra rocks that you can hit and get more resources. Incidentally, these islands also have people that you can recruit as villagers, which is how you eventually get Ladders. Either way you do it, gathering thirty iron nuggets is gonna take a while, so be patient.

    How To Quickly Get Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Ways to quickly get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons so you can build the Resident Services shop sooner rather than later.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons has landed on the Nintendo Switch to record sales in the United Kingdom. This means plenty of people are escaping to their own virtual resort of paradise during these difficult times, and this also means that theres plenty of people who are cursing the supposed infrequency of iron nuggets. If youre struggling to get 30 of these in order to build the Resident Services shop, here youll find a guide for how to get them relatively quick.

    However, before you can even think about getting plenty of iron nuggets relatively quick, you will need to have first crafted the flimsy axe and then upgraded it. In addition, it also helps for you to have progressed far enough to craft the vaulting pole so you can leap over your own islands tunnels of water to find more rocks.

    Provided you have an axe ready and have been given the quest to build a Resident Services shop by one of the Nooks, below youll find how to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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    What To Do If You Cant Find More Iron Nuggets

    If youve exhausted all of the rocks around your island, talked to all of your villagers, and you cannot travel to anymore Mystery Tour islands, then you have a couple options left that could help you. None of them are particularly great though, this is the last resort!

    Time Travel To The Next Day

    By changing your Nintendo Switchs built-in clock under System Settings to the next day and re-loading Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can advance forward to the next in-game day, which will refresh the resources of the rocks on your island. We only recommend this as a last resort, but if you really need those Iron Nuggets, its an option.

    Visit A Friends Island or Trade With Friends

    Another option is to visit a friends island either online or with local wireless and try to find any of their rocks with untapped resources. You should also ask around to your friends with New Horizons to see if have any extra Iron Nuggets, or even offer to pay them for their materials if they find any.

    Its perhaps a little sneaky, but not all of your friends may know that you need Iron Nuggets to craft the tools and not realize their full value yet. Were not responsible for any broken friendships after the fact though!!

    Get From Balloon Presents

    How To Get Iron Nuggets Fast In Animal Crossing: New Horizons
    Blue Balloons have a higher chance of dropping crafting materials.

    You can sometimes get Iron Nuggets from the Presents dropped by shooting down balloons. You need a Slingshot to shoot down the balloons, and they can be pretty rare, so shoot them down whenever you see or hear them!

    Hitting the rocks found on your island with a shovel or axe yields Iron Nuggets.

  • Face a rock with a shovel or axe equipped.

  • Swing the shovel or axe at the rock. It will bounce off, pushing you back slightly, and a resource will appear nearby.

  • Continue striking the rock until no additional resources appear.

  • The resource that appears when you strike a rock is random. Iron Nuggets are a possibility, but youll also see Stone, Clay, Bells, Gold Nuggets, and even bugs.

    Some rocks on your island are Bell Rocks that only produce Bells when struck. While great for racking up a fortune, theyre useless for obtaining Iron Nuggets. Theres no way to identify a Bell Rock before you hit it.

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    How To Maximize Iron From A Rock

    Hitting a rock with a shovel or axe is the simple way to obtain resources, but its not the most efficient option. The number of resources generated also depends on two factors. How fast you hit the rock, and if theres enough room for resources to spawn.

    Heres how to maximize the resources you obtain.

  • Clear all objects immediately adjacent to the rock. This includes items not placed by players, like weeds and flowers.

  • Stand at a diagonal to the rock and dig two holes behind your character, as shown in the screenshot below. These stop your character from moving back after striking the stone.

  • Strike the rock as quickly as possible until it stops producing resources. You can obtain a maximum of eight resources.

  • Iron Nugget Diy Recipes

    Theres quite a few things you can create with Iron Nuggets, but one of the most important is upgrades to your tools! While these arent the highest grade you can get, you will be likely using these the most since Golden Tools are hard to come by and still break! Heres a look at the tool recipes:

    • Axe 1x Flimsy Axe, 3x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget
    • Fishing Rod 1x Flimsy Fishing Rod, 1x Iron Nugget
    • Net 1x Flimsy Net, 1x Iron Nugget
    • Shovel 1x Flimsy Shovel, 1x Iron Nugget

    You will also need Iron Nuggets to create DIY Workbenches, and Ironwood furniture which is some of the better looking stuff you can get in the game! One particularly awesome thing you will eventually be able to craft is the Robot Hero! This is a huge robotic statue that could be displayed somewhere prominently on your island. This thing would require you to gather 90 Iron Nuggets! Heres the recipe:

    • Robot Hero 1x Rocket, 1x Gold Armor, 30x Rusted Part, 90x Iron Nugget, 10x Gold Nugget

    So, if you want to get this large conversation piece on your island, you will need to do some farming.

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    Gathering Iron Nuggets On The Other Islands With Mystery Tours

    Once you’ve exhausted all of the ores on your own island, the next best thing is to use some of those hard-earned Nook Miles tickets to visit the other islands with Mystery Tours. Fortunately, if you’re willing to hustle for Nook Miles, you’ll likely be able to keep yourself in good supply of iron nuggets almost indefinitely – but it’ll cost you .

    When you’re on the islands, be sure to use all of the same tips we provided above for your own island’s rocks, and you can’t go wrong – with one key difference: you can smash all of the rocks here!

    Breaking Rocks In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    How to get UNLIMITED Iron Nuggets on Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Playthrough #2)

    A bit of important housekeeping: if you eat a fruit and then hit a rock, it will shatter, leaving behind a single stone. This is useful for landscaping and clearing space, but not so useful if you want to use that rock again the next day.

    Each time you eat a fruit it’ll fill up an on-screen counter that maxes out at ten: this is the number of super-strength, fruit-powered actions like smashing rocks that you can perform, so keep that in mind.

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    Getting Iron Nuggets For Free

    When you get a quest to build the Nooks Cranny from Timmy, youll need 30 iron nuggets in addition to other materials. Villagers on the island will help you by providing you with free iron nuggets while this quest is in progress. Make sure to go to each villager and get your free iron nuggets, as this is a one-time quest and cant be repeated later.

    While this isnt a way to get iron nuggets continuously, every bit helps when youre starting out.

    How To Get Iron Nuggets Fast And Efficient In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    3/6/2021 5:26:28 PM

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the iron nugget is an important resource for tools, furniture and island upgrading. How to get iron nuggets fast? This guide explained the best way to get iron nuggets in Animal Crossing. If you need to buy cheap ACNH bells, go to

    How To Get Iron Nuggets Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, the most common way to get iron nugget resources is to use rocks or spades to hit stones on the ground. We call them mining. The amount of ore that players can extract from a stone follows two principles: How much space is there around the stone? And whether the players can knock the stones fast enough?

    No. 1 Tip To Get Iron Nugget

    Players can see the basic terrain unit in zomori as a 1×1 square. The maximum number of iron nuggets that can be generated by stones is eight, that is, eight open spaces around the ores. If the player is digging a stone and a circle of space around the stones is occupied by weeds, flowers, objects or trees, the number of iron nuggets generated will be reduced.

    No. 2 Tip To Get Iron Nugget

    Although the player’s mining speed is fixed, every time the player knocks a stone, the character will step back a little. After one or two knocks, the player can’t reach the stone and has to move forward to continue to knock. This slows down the mining speed and reduces the number of resources that can be collected.

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    Where To Farm Iron Nuggets

    Players can farm iron nuggets by striking rocks using specific tools, such as the stone pickaxe or a flimsy ax. The number of iron nuggets farmed from a single rock depends on the kind of tool used.

    But all rocks on the Animal Crossing island can yield iron nuggets. Players need to find a rock and strike it several times to get as many nuggets as possible. However, be careful not to break the rocks in the process. If done correctly, players can get a maximum of five to seven nuggets from a single rock.

    Where To Find Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Iron Nuggets

    Iron Nuggets can be found inside of rocks which players should have plenty of on their island. Players will need to use either a shovel or an axe to hit a rock which will make rocks, clay, iron, or gold nuggets pop out of the rock. It is recommended to use your shovel because its reach is longer than the axe.

    Rocks are randomly placed around the island and can only be used once per day to harvest materials. This can make gathering 30 iron a bit difficult, but luckily players can buy Nook Miles Tickets from the Nook Stop to travel to other deserted islands for resources. Every deserted island has at least a few rocks on them, and usually, these rocks are more likely to give a player better items.

    Nook Miles Tickets cost 2,000 Nook Miles each and can only be used once so make sure when you go to collect as many resources as possible. These islands are randomly generated and players can stay here as long as they like, but once they leave they will never return to that island.

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    Visit The Islands Of Other Friends And Family Members

    And, when all else fails, consider visiting the islands of others you know. Maybe they’d be willing to trade, maybe they have rocks on parts of their islands that they’re unable to access yet on cliffs or across bridges for those of us with younger siblings and family members who haven’t progressed quite as far in the game yet, this has proven to be a quick and easy way to get more items. Just be sure to practise good visitor etiquette when visiting others!

    Good luck gathering all of the crafting ingredients you need for island life – and let us know if you think of any other tips in the comments below!

    Use Axe Or Shovel To Hit Rocks

    You can gather ore by hitting the rocks on the island with your axe or shovel. You can hit any rock for a limited number of times, usually up to 8 times, & the materials that will drop are random.

    Dig Holes Behind Yourself

    If you dig 2 holes behind yourself in a formation like the one in the above picture, you’ll be able to get 8 hits off quickly without being knocked backwards!

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    In Order To Get Nooks Cranny You Need:

    • 30 wood
    • 30 hardwood
    • and 30 iron nuggets

    I was able to meet the three wood requirements almost instantly, but noticed an incredibly steep curve with the 30 iron nuggets. I thought I might be alone, but I quickly had friends asking me where to get iron nuggets. Similarly, heading onto Twitter resulted in a bunch of people commenting on the exact same issue.

    Animal Crossing: How To Get Iron Nugget Quickly

    How To Get More IRON NUGGETS!!! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    In Animal Crossing, Iron Nugget is a material we must collect when building a store, and we need 30 pieces at a time. Players who are playing this game know that You will encounter up to two big rocks on the island every day, so how can you quickly complete these 30 pieces of Iron Nugget?

    There are other villagers on the uninhabited island besides yourself. Talk to these villagers and they will give you Iron Nugget, and several pieces at a time. This is a way to obtain Iron Nugget. But this is limited after all, so the remaining Iron Nugget needs to be stoned by ourselves.

    If you want to obtain Iron Nugget, you can get it by hitting the stone with an ax. However, if you want to obtain Iron Nugget efficiently, you need to pay attention to the following points:

    1. After we find the rocks on the island, we need to clean up the weeds nearby. If these weeds are not cleaned up, they will occupy their place when the Iron Nugget is knocked down.

    2. When we knock on Iron Nugget, we must remember not to knock after eating. It is enough to knock on the stone in zero states. This is because we will break the stone easily after eating the stone. Naturally, Iron Nugget cannot be obtained. If you have eaten something before, cut down the tree first to consume it.

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    How To Farm Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    To increase the odds of obtaining Iron Nuggets, players should use the “Rock Trick” to farm this resource.

    The “Rock Trick” enables players to strike rocks up to eight times before it “dries” up as opposed to three. To do this, players can’t have any staminathe number at the top left corner that goes up when eatingbecause the rocks will break after one strike.

    Secondly, players should use their shovel to dig one or two holes behind their character so that they are between the hole and the rock. Once that’s done, push the A button with your shovel or axe to strike the rock as many times as resources pop out.

    More likely than not, you’ll get more than two Iron Nuggets at once. It should be noted this can only be done on your own island or a deserted one that’s accessed via the Nook Miles Ticket. You can’t use shovels on your friend’s island.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now for Nintendo Switch.

    Have you had luck using the “Rock Trick” to farm Iron Nuggets? Let us know in the comments section.


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