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How To Get Marshal Animal Crossing

Who Is Marshal In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Marshal Moves In! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 27

Here are some other fun facts about Marshal that you might want to know before you run into him in a dark enclave on a mystery island somewhere:

  • His favorite song is Space K.K.

Because Marshal is a Smug villager, he’s going to pretty much be amenable to every other kind of villager except for those who are cranky. Don’t be fooled by Marshal’s perpetual frown – he’s not a cranky villager, and will have a much better time around villager types who are lazy, normal, and even peppy. He’s going to talk himself up a lot but also be very sociable, so if you need some glue to hold your social scene together on the island then can we recommend him? If nothing else, surely his good looks will tide everyone over. He has a naturally ornate style, so we reckon that having birthday parties at his place would be stellar.

Now that you’ve gotten a little bit more familiar with , you’ll be able to make the difficult choice of adding him to your island if he ever rocks up to your campsite or if you find him sneaking around getting up to no good on another mystery island. However, Marshal is a squirrel with fine tastes so they’re not going to want to move somewhere squalid. If you need a bit of help with sprucing up how your island looks, you can always check out our guide on flower breeding right here and we’ve also got a very helpful visual aid in the form of a video if you learn better that way. Check it out below.

Get Marshal Via Nook Miles Tickets

Nook Miles Tickets will allow you to venture to faraway islands that sometimes contain new villagers. In order to come across these new villagers, youll need an empty home on your island. This means that youll need to get a villager to move out. After doing so, Nook Miles trips will allow you to come across new potential islanders you can ask to live on your island. If Marshal is on one of these islands, then you can convince him to live with you.

  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Rating9.5PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Rating5.5PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Rating7
  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Rating8
  • PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X12-07-2021
  • Nintendo Switch / PC / PS4 / Xbox One12-31-2021

Get Marshal At Your Campsite

If youre lucky, Marshal will pop up randomly at your campsite. Even if you have the full number of villagers in your island, youll still be able to convince him to stay.

Often, youll be asked to play a game of chance in order to convince a camper to live on your island. Even if you lose the game of chance, keep on playing until you win . After doing so, Marshal will join your island.

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Most Popular Furniture & Housewares

Upgrading, personalising and reinventing your island home is by far one of the most popular activities within Animal Crossing particularly among older players. But of the hundreds of furniture and houseware items within New Horizons, which are the most sought-after?

Large statement items like the Rocket, Lighthouse, Robot Hero, Moon, and Pool, are a clear trend within the list suggesting players are getting into some heavy theming on their islands. The joy of Animal Crossing is being able to incorporate crazy items into the overall design of your home bring a touch of enchantment to your personalisation efforts.

That said, value, size and rarity doesnt always equal popularity. Players also seek out more simple, everyday furniture and items with which to decorate their interiors , from dressers and panels to cushions, lighting and dressers.

So, there you have it a complete breakdown of some of the most popular characters, activities and customisable options within the wonderful world of Animal Crossing. With its animals, species, flora, and commitment to promoting the value of conservation, this is a must play game for animal and nature lovers alike and one were proud to endorse here at Blue Planet Aquarium.

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Why Animal Crossing’s Marshal Is So Popular

Who is Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers are fun to collect, and Marshal the squirrel’s simple style might be the perfect fit for any island town.

Selecting the right villagers for an island community in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an important task for many fans. Whether the towns fill up with the first villagers who spawn on Mystery Islands or with a carefully planned selection of different personalities and styles, the perfect mixture is entirely up to each player’s personal preferences. However, there are a few Animal Crossing villagers that are more popular than others, including a somewhat plain-looking squirrel named Marshall.

Marshal is a Smug-personality villager. This personality type was added for the first time in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and has noticeable traits that make its villagers an asset to a town’s population. Usually, Smug villagers are overly polite, kind, and get along with most other personality types. This makes them a good addition for an Animal Crossing island with many peppy or jock personalities, who can occasionally have conflicts with others. Smug villagers have a tendency to appear aloof and self-centered, however. Still, they oftentimes seem cool and laid back, which can make them appealing to many players.

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Most Popular Animal Crossing Villagers

With a collection of 391 unique villagers throughout the New Horizons world, including 35 animal species and 8 personality traits, there are a massive range of options when it comes to who you allow to live on your island in Animal Crossing. But which of these characters are sought-after? And which have won ours heart the most? Lets take a look.

Squirrel villager Marshall was far and away the most popular character, trumping the next most popular villager by 81,000 avg. monthly searches. And, while a handful of the most popular villagers are male, 60% of the most sought-after characters are female including Coco and Marina, who each rack up some 150,000+ Google searches every month.

In terms of the most popular animal species within the game, cats were the most popular, followed by deer . Octopus, dogs and ducks were next each accounting for 10% of the top list.

Interestingly, of the different character traits within the game, normal and lazy personalities ranked highest, suggesting that players prefer a laid back vibe when it comes to their island neighbours. Other personalities that made the top 20 include smug, snooty and peppy.

Who Is Marshal Meet The Most Popular Villager

Meet Marshal, the no.1 villager overall. Garnering over 246,00 average monthly searches in Google, this sassy squirrels Amiibo card is regularly sold on eBay for anywhere between £40-85 despite packs originally retailing for just £3.49.

This, mixed with hype generated around him online, have made him a hugely popular villager among Animal Crossings player community. But why is Marshal so sought-after? Well, there are a number of reasons:

  • His cute appearance
  • A charming, if sassy, way of talking his off-kilter comments have spawned numerous fan memes
  • He chatters away to himself, even when the player is nearby
  • His keen interest in fashion, and the fact he will pay the player regular compliments
  • The first and only squirrel in the Animal Crossing series with a smug personality type

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Who Are Villagers In Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, players can meet various villagers and several things for the player to consider when living on this island. There are almost 390 villagers in the game, and they have a unique feature quality. Each villager in the game has their appearances, clothes, decoration preferences, personality voices, and many more.

How Can I Get Marshal In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

A DATE WITH MARSHAL? | Getting too attached to villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Recent articles

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marshal villager is currently the most popular villager in the game. The squirrel resident has actually topped the Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager tier list, being one of the most desired animals in the game and regularly being exchanged for millions of Bells. If youre wondering how to get Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then youll be able to pursue this goal using numerous techniques.

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How To Get Cooking Ingredients Acnh

Home » Animal Crossing New Horizons » How to Get Cooking Ingredients ACNH

The latest update to ACNH saw many things added to the game. In addition to systems such as collecting Gyroid Fragments, permanent ladders, and bulding a shopping plaza on Harvs Island, just to name a few, cooking has also made it into Animal Crossing New Horizons. Of course, in order to be able to cook, you will first need to get some cooking ingredients first. Luckily, this 2.0 update has added plenty of these as well. To help you get to cooking as soon as you can, our How to Get Cooking Ingredients ACNH guide will tell you all about where to get the freshest and tastiest ingredients for cooking in the game.

Where Does He Live

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marshal lives in a café-themed home. His home is decorated with items from the Café set and Ironwood Set. His house has an open frame kitchen, where there is a kettle on top and a mini-fridge right beside it. He also has this cute little coffee grinder, coffee cup, stovetop espresso maker. No matter when you enter his house, you always find cream and sugar to add in your coffee.

Along with an ironwood cupboard, and low ironwood table, he also has an iron worktable. He seems to prefer modern wood flooring against a blue delicate-bloom wallpaper. He occasionally changes the location of the items in his house as well.

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Who Is The Marshal In Animal Crossing New Horizons

We will be discussing every detail we have about Marshal in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Continue reading to learn everything.

Where is he located?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Marshal lives at a cafe-themed house. His home is decorated using items from the Ironwood Set and Cafe Set. His open-frame kitchen has a kettle and mini-fridge on the top. This cute little coffee grinder, coffee maker, and stovetop espresso machine are also his. You will always find cream and sugar in his home, no matter what time of day it is.

  • He also has an ironworktable and a low-ironwood table.
  • prefers modern wood flooring to a blue delicate-bloom wallpaper.
  • He also changes the locations of items in his home from time to time.

Is he as cool as he seems?

What is his appearance?

The brass-colored fringes on Marshal, an off-white squirrel, make him stand out and seem extraordinary. We are not sure if his lavender ears and pink blush are cosmetic or natural. Ask him next time you see him. His tail, paws, and swirls are brass-colored. He is seen here wearing a puffy vest from New Horizons, despite making quite a fashion statement with his denim jacket. On rainy days, he never leaves his house without his mint umbrella.

A Few Lesser-known Facts About Marshal


Animal Crossing’s Popular Marshal Has A Cute Design & A Nice Home


The inside of Marshal’s Animal Crossing home looks like a cute café. With a table and sofa to lounge on in the corner, a sink, an espresso machine, and a coffee sign tucked in by the window, Marshal’s home is a welcoming place to visit. He also plays the piano, adding to his cool, creative persona, and often seems lost in his own thoughts. For fans of art and coffee shops, Marshal is a coveted selection for an Animal Crossing community.

Marshal is likely beloved for his reliability and easily understandable style, though it appears he won’t beat Raymond the cat in Animal Crossing popularity contests. Players who hope to snag Marshal for their towns and who don’t want to wait for him to randomly appear on a Mystery Island will need to spend more than 800,000 Bells to secure him on Nookazon. While it’s a steep price, it is a fast way to bring the squirrel home and ensure the town will get to enjoy his presence for a while. Animal Crossing: New Horizons villager hunting can take up a lot of time, and snatching popular villagers like Marshal can be a struggle, but his company is well worth the cost for many fans.

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Get Marshal Amiibo Cards

Another way to get Marshal is to invest in amiibo cards. You can purchase these amiibo cards from Amazon, and theyll provide you with a set of six randomized villagers and NPCs. You can then go to Resident Services to scan them, and get the villagers on the cards to visit your campsite. If youre lucky, Marshal will be one of the villagers you pull from the pack.

Marshal can be found in the series 3 Animal Crossing amiibo cards, and hes also available to purchase separately. However, purchasing him separately can be brutally expensive, so you may want to risk your luck by investing in random packs instead.

Animal Crossing Rare Villagers List

The list has been produced by observing multiple game sessions and every characters rarity. The list goes as

  • Maple
  • Aurora
  • Raymond: If the Animal Crossing Rare Villagers in the game had royalty, no doubt Raymond would be the king. He is the most popular villager in the game. If a player has Raymond on the island, they have a golden opportunity to build a bank.

    Marshal is another similar character to Raymond with Smug Personalitys features with a neutral color scheme and has a unique face. As with Raymond, players can make tons of money by trading with Raymond with other players, but Marshal is nevertheless then a penny.

    Audie: Audie is an interesting character in this game she has racked up 3500 hours on an Animal Crossing: New Leaf save, and she is very popular for various reasons. She has incredible house decorations and inside her home is like a tiki bar.

    Ankha: Ankha is the coolest themed villagers in the game, and she influences Egypt. Ankhas house also follows Egypts trends with design and furniture, and she is in high demand in the Animal Crossing market.

    Coco: Coco is the unique villager in the Animal Crossing Roaster, and it is effortless to see you should look for her. Coco seems to be a normal personality in appearance, which means that she is very friendly approachable all-time in the gameplay.

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    Gifts For Marshal: Cool Or Elegant Items

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    checkered sweater vest tops
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    colorful striped sweater tops
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    dirty tank top tops
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    dynamic tank top tops
    Edo-period merchant outfit tops
    neon shades accessory
    printed fleece sweater tops
    ripped doctor’s coat tops
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    rose-print jacket tops
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    school uniform with necktie tops
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    short-sleeved uniform top tops
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    suit with stand-up collar dressup
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    zen hair clip headwear

    Most Popular Clothing & Accessories

    I made Marshal his own Coffee Shop in Animal Crossing..

    Clothing and customisation is a big part of Animal Crossings appeal for many players. As weve already established, shopping for new items is one of the games most popular activities, while players can also discover clothing items in hidden locations as they explore the world. But which items of clothing and accessories are the most popular?

    It seems Animal Crossing players have a taste for bling, with the Crown and Royal Crown being the most sought-after items in New Horizons. Elsewhere, the Gold Armour suit also proved popular, though this can only be crafted using 8 of the games Gold Nuggets.

    Judging by these showy dress-up options, its fair to say that, perhaps, many players arent happy with their role as humble Resident Representatives, but wish to become the ruling monarchs of their own private islands. Well, if you cant give it a go in a video game, then when can you?

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