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How To Get Money In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Everybody Needs A Hobby

How to get unlimited money in Animal Crossing New Leaf useing the powersave pro for 3DS

This one’s probably the easiest way to make a decent living in the early days – although even then it requires a small financial investment to get you started. You’ve probably noticed your town is crawling with fish and insects from the world over, as well as having more fossilised remains than London’s Natural History Museum buried beneath the ground. After buying yourself a fishing rod/butterfly net/shovel from the Nook kids’ store, you can start pocketing the village’s wildlife, before carting them off to Re-Tail in exchange for cold, hard cash. Of course, there’s also the town’s museum to fill with fossils, insects and fish, but they’re not as needy as you, right? After all, they’re not the ones kipping in a tiny tent and not allowed to buy wallpaper.

Fossils are a little bit more complex – keep your eyes peeled for little star-shaped cracks on the ground, of which there can be up to half a dozen a day. It’s a bit of a trek, but you’ll want to cart them all over to Blathers the owl at the museum and have him assess them to tell you what each fossil is – identified fossils are worth far more than those left unidentified, which will net you a pitiful 100 Bells. To put it into perspective, your average mammoth skull is worth about 3,000 Bells, which makes the extra traipse well worth it.

Can You Cheat In Animal Crossing New Leaf

Are There Cheats in Animal Crossing New Leaf? Firstly, we should point out that strictly speaking, there technically arent any cheats in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Instead, what there actually are is a litany of secrets and tricks that the game hides from you, that youre going to need to figure out.

Giant Clam Shell Music Boxes

While crafting hadnt yet become a prominent feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, an early version existed through the ability of Cyrus to make select items when given the right materials. By far the best of these special crafted items were the Music Boxes!

Check out the amazing video below with music box recordings of every K.K. Slider song compiled:

Wed love to see these custom music boxes make their way to New Horizons, whether that be through the DIY Crafting system or the return of Cyrus beyond just the Wedding Season event.

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Hit Rocks With Your Shovel

If youve ever played an Animal Crossing game before, youll recognise the randomly placed rocks around your island. Although, this time, there isnt one that instantly breaks. You need to eat fruit for that.

When youve approached the rock with your shovel, dig two holes nearby like in the image above to stop your character from backing away too far. Most of the rocks will only release clay, stones or iron, which are all still useful. However, one rock will release up to 16,000 Bells that you can pocket immediately. Its probably important to note that youll want to make sure that your shovel has enough life left in it before you do this; the most annoying thing is having your shovel disintegrate into dust when you havent released all the Bells.

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Animal crossing new leaf money tree cheat and with it ...

In addition to fruit, you’ll find that there are coins and items hidden in the trees around your island. Simply go up to the trunk and press the A button on your Switch, and then your character will shake a tree lodging anything in the treetops loose. If you’re lucky, something rare will fall out. If nothing else, you can always gather up all of those fruits and sell them at Resident Services.

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Rock Out With Your Spade Out

Smashing rocks with your spade is an easy way to potentially make some bells. Before you start smashing away, be sure to set up at least one hole behind you to stop the recoil. If you find a rock that drops money, keep hitting it until it stops dropping money. There’s also a chance to find valuable gems in these rocks. It’s possible to make an easy 16,100 in free bells every day.

Unlock The Qr Machine

There’s a QR machine in the Able Sisters shop, but it isn’t unlocked straight away. You need to talk to Sable, who runs the Able Sisters shop, literally every day, until she’s counted as your friend. At this point, she’ll open up the QR machine for you to use whenever you want.

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How To Get Unlimited Bells In Animal Crossing New Leaf

This is a glitch method within the game that can earn you unlimited bells. Before you begin this method, you will need 100,000 in your ATM. Save and then quit the game and go into system settings. Change the date 20 years from when you attempt this method. Go back into the game and check your mailbox where there should be mail.;

  • After doing the above instructions, a letter from the post office will send you 99,999 bells in interest.
  • You can do this as many times as you want as long as you change your system settings date to 20 years!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: How To Get Millions Of Bells In Minutes

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Make 500K In An Hour

Its a bit of a slower method but selling Infinite Fruit is a very lucrative way to earn millions of bells in your New Leaf game. Although it is a hacked item and was only available to earlier versions of the game, you can find the basket of Infinite Fruit in a giveaway town or another player.

  • Acquire a free unlimited basket of perfect infinite fruit.
  • Grab 1 fruit at a time and fill up your inventory. Keep doing this until your entire inventory is filled with the fruit in batches of 9.
  • Sell these fruits to Reese who will give you over 200,000 bells.
  • This method can be done unlimited times as long as you have the basket of Infinite Fruit.

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Make The Most Of The Hot Item: Turn Trash Into Bells

This isnt something youll do every single day, but its one to watch out for at least. Each day, Timmy and Tommy pay double for a certain item. Its always one you have the DIY recipe for, so you can almost always put this opportunity to good use. Im not going to suggest you burn through your supply of iron ore whenever they ask for a table, but its a good way to turn any excess or common materials into a decent payday. You have a lot of trees on your island, right? So if youre not using that wood for anything else, why not turn them into a load of benches, chairs, or beds whenever theyre paying out for them?

When you start to learn some more elusive recipes, you can even double the worth of something like gold nuggets. Though you can sell these for 10,000 bells a pop, using one to craft a hot item like the Golden Gears will immediately bump up the return to anywhere over 20,000 bells. That 2x increase can really add up.

Can You Be Black In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

There were no options to have black skin colour or any black hairstyles. For a while, the only way to create a character with a darker skin tone in Animal Crossing: New Leaf was to use a tanning mechanic.

in addition, How do you get old villagers back in New Leaf?

The only way to get the villager back is for them to decide to move from the new town. Once theyre packed in boxes, you can ask them to come back to your town. This will only work if youve moved out 16 other villagers in the meantime.

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Getting a Tan

The player can get a darker tan in the summer . If a player has the darkest tan , it will stay Level 5 and wont get any darker.

in the same way Can I customize my character in Animal Crossing New Leaf? The Animal Crossing series has always felt very personalized, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf is now different. Starting a new game will put you in the place as the mayor of your very own town, but its not just the town you can customize. Its possible to give your character different faces, clothes, and hairstyles.

Can you change your gender in Animal Crossing?

To change your gender and appearance anytime after, you will need to own a piece of furniture that contains a mirror, or vanity. Once you own furniture like that, set it up in your house, select it with the A button, and choose Change it up!

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Visit The Mystery Island

How to make quick money animal crossing new leaf

The mystery island is similar to the paradise island from New Leaf, however in New Horizons it is randomly generated. Its an easy place to get some coconuts to plant on your beach for starters, even if they do only sell for 250 Bells a pop. Better than nothing.

There are also rocks to hit and more trees to shake, as well as some potentially rare bugs and fish to catch. Before April, the popular money-making technique was to clear absolutely everything from the island , with the empty spaces allowing tarantulas to spawn, which sell for 8,000 Bells each. However, since the beginning of April, giant water beetles are now frequent spawners, although they still get you 2,000 Bells each. Still worth a trip over there to see what you can find.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Easy Money Trick

Heres an easy trick to earn some fast and easy bells in Animal Crossing: New Leaf providing youre not a total dunce when it comes to fishing and bug catching of course! Also called bug or shark farming this trick involves collecting items from Tortimer Island and selling them at Re-Tail.

Before you start youll need to unlock Tortimer Island. Its also a good idea to enact the Bell Ordinance in your town hall as this gives you a 20% boost with stuff you sell.

Years Of New Leaf: Eight Features We Want Back In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Its hard to believe, but today marks eight years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf first launched on the Nintendo 3DS in North America all the way back on June 9th, 2013! Isnt that just incredible?

With over 12.93 million copies now sold worldwide, New Leaf was the most successful game in the series until Animal Crossing: New Horizons conducted a hostile takeover with record numbers. Its safe to say millions of current Animal Crossing fans were introduced to the series through New Leaf.

Animal Crossing World began its journey as a blog covering Animal Crossing 3DS as it was originally called, so this birthday always means a lot to us. To celebrate, lets go over eight of our favorite features from Animal Crossing: New Leaf that we wish to return in New Horizons someday.

Editors Note: Todays article is a republishing of last years 7 Years of New Leaf post, with an additional 8th feature added to celebrate the 8th birthday.

While theres plenty of major features that are missing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons wed like to see return, most of the main ones have been covered relentlessly already by others and apply to the series as a whole.

So in this article, were going to focus on features that were unique to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that we want back, including some smaller ones that have been forgotten by many or are unknown to some!

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Your Town Layout Isn’t That Important

When starting the game, you’ll be asked to pick your town layout from some mapped options. The thing is, this layout doesn’t have a huge affect on your experience. They all have the standard beaches, rivers, and trees.

On the other hand, having the bridge located more towards the center of your town could prove to be useful as it’s easier to reach things without having to traverse through your entire town, with butterflies being the prime example. Ultimately, just pick a layout that looks interesting to you. What you do in town is more important than how it’s designed.

Activate The Bell Boom Ordinance

Animal Crossing New Leaf – How To Get Easy Bells

The Bell Boom ordinance improves the economy of your town. Whilst this means stuff you sell earns more bells it also means stuff you buy costs more so consider your buying/selling ratio before enacting it. Obviously, as this trick is all about selling things from the island, it makes sense to have a 20% boost in purchase prices.

Before you can change ordinances youll need to get your approval rating up to 100%. You can sit in the mayors chair at the back of the town hall at any time and Isabelle will let you know your current rating. You can raise your rating by selling things at the recycle shop, pulling up weeds, playing each day, donating to the museum and so on basically just play the game. Once your approval rating is 100% youll be able to change ordinances for your town. It costs 20,000 bells a pop but its worth it. ;To change your ordinance to the Bell Boom ;ordinance just do the following:

  • Go sit in your mayor chair;
  • Tell Isabelle you want to change ordinances;
  • Select A wealthy town; and
  • Fork over 20,000 bells.
  • You dont have to do this step but its advisable.

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    Ds Animal Crossing: How To Sell Turnips And Make A Million Of Bells

    Although New Leaf may be an older game, there are still avid players in the community. This method of turnip selling may not be as profitable as it used to be but it can still be a good way to make some cash in your game.

    • Find the Turnip lady from 6 AM until noon around your town on Sundays.
    • Turnip prices will differ each Sunday from around 80 to 120 bells.
    • You can make at least 6 million bells for spending about 700,000 bells to start with.

    The Kapp’n’s Song Skip

    If you opt to sail the high seas with Kapp’n in Animal Crossing New Leaf, the character will begin singing a little tune to you. If it’s say, your third or fourth time hearing the tune, you might be a little tired of it by now. Simply tap A or B, and you’ll skip Kapp’n’s song, and go straight to the island destination.

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    How To Sell Stuff In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    The fastest way to make money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is to sell items at Re-tail. Re-Tail is the towns recycling shop/flea market. You can sell most of the items you collect at Re-Tail for a higher price than what youd get at the Nooklings store. Re-Tail is also more convenient to visit, given that its in your town whereas the Nooklings store is on Main Street. That said, the owner will charge you a small fee to get rid of garbage, including tires, shoes, and Crazy Redds fake paintings .;

    Theres a little chalkboard outside of Re-Tail that lists up to six items that will earn you twice as many bells if you bring them in, so check it out daily.

    Animal Crossing New Leaf Get Rich Quick 16100 Bells In 10 Minutes

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Money rocks can be found around your town once a day and if you are super lucky, you may be able to earn 16,100 bells due to a positioning technique!

    • Dig holes behind your avatar standing between the rock and the holes to prevent missing hitting the rock.
    • Position yourself diagonally and hit the rock with a shovel 8 times quickly.
    • This method if done correctly can earn you 16,100 a day in less than 10 minutes!

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