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How To Get More Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing

Where To Farm Iron Nuggets

How To Get More IRON NUGGETS!!! – Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Players can farm iron nuggets by striking rocks using specific tools, such as the stone pickaxe or a flimsy ax. The number of iron nuggets farmed from a single rock depends on the kind of tool used.

But all rocks on the Animal Crossing island can yield iron nuggets. Players need to find a rock and strike it several times to get as many nuggets as possible. However, be careful not to break the rocks in the process. If done correctly, players can get a maximum of five to seven nuggets from a single rock.

The Best Source Is Rocks On Mystery Tours

The best way to get Iron Nuggets is by hitting rocks on the islands you visit on Mystery Tours, the tours you can go on by using the Nook Miles tickets.

Remember to bring axes or shovels to hit the rocks with!

Get Iron Nuggets from Rocks on Mystery Tours

You can only get Materials from the Rocks on your island once per day, but you always have a chance to find them on Mystery Tour Islands.

Mystery Tour islands will give you fresh rocks every time you go, so you can get as many materials as you want in a day.

Dig holes behind you to get all 8 materials

If you dig two holes behind you when farming the various materials from rocks, you can avoid being bounced back too far, allowing you to hit the rock 8 times repeatedly to get the maximum number of materials.

Gold Nugget

You can find a variety of materials from hitting rocks, such as Clay, Stone, and Iron Nuggets, but all of them have a random chance of dropping.

Iron Nuggets are somewhat uncommon, but you should be able to get at least one or two from Rocks most of the time.

Don’t hit a rock after eating Fruit

If you eat a Fruit, you’ll gain a point of Stamina, which will cause you to break a rock when you hit it with a Shovel.

Stamina won’t decrease until a day has passed, so try picking up a tree with the Shovel or sitting in a piece of furniture to decrease your Stamina.

Get From Balloon Presents

Blue Balloons have a higher chance of dropping crafting materials.

You can sometimes get Iron Nuggets from the Presents dropped by shooting down balloons. You need a Slingshot to shoot down the balloons, and they can be pretty rare, so shoot them down whenever you see or hear them!

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How To Get Iron

Hitting the rocks found on your island with a shovel or axe yields Iron Nuggets.

  • Face a rock with a shovel or axe equipped.

  • Swing the shovel or axe at the rock. It will bounce off, pushing you back slightly, and a resource will appear nearby.

  • Continue striking the rock until no additional resources appear.

  • The resource that appears when you strike a rock is random. Iron Nuggets are a possibility, but youll also see Stone, Clay, Bells, Gold Nuggets, and even bugs.

    Some rocks on your island are Bell Rocks that only produce Bells when struck. While great for racking up a fortune, theyre useless for obtaining Iron Nuggets. Theres no way to identify a Bell Rock before you hit it.

    Iron Nugget Diy Recipes

    Animal Crossing Players Desperately Need 30 Iron Nuggets ...

    There’s quite a few things you can create with Iron Nuggets, but one of the most important is upgrades to your tools! While these aren’t the highest grade you can get, you will be likely using these the most since Golden Tools are hard to come by and still break! Here’s a look at the tool recipes:

    • Axe – 1x Flimsy Axe, 3x Wood, 1x Iron Nugget
    • Fishing Rod – 1x Flimsy Fishing Rod, 1x Iron Nugget
    • Net – 1x Flimsy Net, 1x Iron Nugget
    • Shovel – 1x Flimsy Shovel, 1x Iron Nugget

    You will also need Iron Nuggets to create DIY Workbenches, and Ironwood furniture which is some of the better looking stuff you can get in the game! One particularly awesome thing you will eventually be able to craft is the Robot Hero! This is a huge robotic statue that could be displayed somewhere prominently on your island. This thing would require you to gather 90 Iron Nuggets! Here’s the recipe:

    • Robot Hero – 1x Rocket, 1x Gold Armor, 30x Rusted Part, 90x Iron Nugget, 10x Gold Nugget

    So, if you want to get this large conversation piece on your island, you will need to do some farming.

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    How To Find Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    In order to find iron nuggets, you’ll need to start hitting some rocks. Take your flimsy axe or flimsy shovel and find a rock on your island. Rather than the bigger, darker rocks that make up the coastal landscape of your island, you’ll want to locate the small, silvery rocks.

    Stand close and then hit it with your shovel or axe. Out will pop one of four resources – and maybe even a bug if you’re lucky. You can get stone, clay, iron nuggets or even money from hitting rocks in this way. Usually, you’ll get at least three items from a single rock per calendar day, so make sure to hit each of the rocks on your island multiple times per day.

    However, you can also utilise Nook Miles Tickets to get yourself additional iron nuggets in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After you’ve paid off your Moving Fee of 5,000 Miles with Tom Nook, you’ll open up the Nook Miles Rewards section of the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services. For 2,000 Miles, you can buy a Nook Miles Ticket, which you can trade-in at the airport for a jaunt to another deserted island.

    Uses Of Iron Nuggets And Gold Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

    Iron Nuggets are used in a variety of furniture DIY recipes, from a Mini DIY workbench to Frying Pan.

    More importantly, however, Iron Nuggets are a crucial material in multiple tool DIY recipes. For this reason, it’s a good idea to keep a number of Iron Nuggets stored in your house storage for when your tools break.

    Since there is only a finite number of stones on your island, you don’t want to run out and leave yourself toolless for a day.

    Gold Nuggets are used to create Golden Tools once you’ve discovered or earned a Golden Tool recipe. There are also a number of furniture DIY recipes, such as the Aries Rocking Chair, that require Gold Nuggets.

    Finally, Gold Nuggets are worth 8,000 bells, which is great if you’re in need of some quick bells. We recommend, however, that, due to their rarity, you save any Gold Nugget you find.

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    How To Get Iron Nuggets

    Getting iron nuggets is simple: hit rocks and the precious unrefined metal will drop. You can hit rocks with an Axe or Shovel, but a shovel is recommended because you already have to use your axe to hit trees and all tools are breakable. This means you want to spread the workload, among your tools as best you can.

    There are only a few rocks on your island and during the first few days, and some parts of your island are inaccessible until you get the Vaulting Pole to cross rivers and the Ladder to reach higher areas.

    Find Iron Nuggets To Make Better Tools

    Animal Crossing New Horizon Tips & Tricks: Get more Iron Nuggets

    Iron is an essential resource in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Its used to craft the most durable, standard version of several tools, its a component in many desirable DIY recipes, and youll need a lot of it to finish upgrading Nooks Cranny.

    Unlike many common resources, however, Iron can be difficult to find.

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    Animal Crossing Iron Nuggets: How To Get Them In New Horizons

    The easiest way to get iron nuggets in New Horizons is also the most random. Grab your Flimsy Axe and start whacking some rocks with it. You get four item drops per rock this way.

    Unfortunately, it’s completely random whether you’ll get any iron nuggets at all. It doesn’t seem too random, though. I’ve gotten at least one iron nugget each time I try, assuming it isn’t a Bell rock.

    Either way, it’s basically the only way to get iron nuggets in your first few days on the island because you can’t buy iron nuggets. Just make sure you don’t eat any fruit before you start hitting the rocks. Eating fruit in New Horizons powers you up, which means you’ll break the rock instead.

    Breaking rocks does result in items appearing, but it’s more random. Worse still, the rock is gone for good, which means you can’t farm iron nuggets from it again the next day.

    How To Mine Iron Nuggets

    Initially, iron nuggets are scarce, as you cant access some parts of the islands containing nugget-bearing rocks. Obtaining nuggets will get easier as you unlock more features, such as a vaulting pole and a ladder. But you should be able to start your supply of nuggets fairly early.

    Five of the six rocks on the starting island can be mined for ore. This ore will sometimes be iron nuggets, but it may also be other items, such as stone or clay, or even gold nuggets. All you need to do is hit the rock with a shovel or an ax to mine the ore.

    The sixth rock on your island will always drop bells, so if you need iron nuggets, theres no reason to mine that rock.

    To mine iron nuggets efficiently, you must not consume any fruit before hitting the rock. If you have eaten the fruit, youll break the rock and wait for it to respawn the next day.

    When you hit a rock to mine it, your character will instinctively move backward in recoil. This slows down your mining speed. To increase your mining speed, you can use a simple trick. While standing next to and turning towards a rock, use the shovel to dig two holes behind you. When youre mining the rock, your character wont recoil if there are holes or trees behind them, so including an obstacle means you can mine much faster.

    You should mine all of your rocks every day to maximize the number of resources you get.

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    In Order To Get Nooks Cranny You Need:

    • 30 wood
    • 30 hardwood
    • and 30 iron nuggets

    I was able to meet the three wood requirements almost instantly, but noticed an incredibly steep curve with the 30 iron nuggets. I thought I might be alone, but I quickly had friends asking me where to get iron nuggets. Similarly, heading onto Twitter resulted in a bunch of people commenting on the exact same issue.

    How To Build Second Shop In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    How To Get Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    To build a second shop in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you first have to progress far enough through the game. Eventually, Timmy will offer a proposal: you gather enough resources for the second shop and donate it to him. In return, youll get rewards for your troubles. As far as resources go, youll have to gather thirty of each of these: regular wood, softwood, hardwood, and iron nuggets.

    When you get thirty of any of the resources, go back to Timmy and donate them. The rewards you can get include olive desert-tile flooring, rush tatami flooring, and a yellow-striped wall. Now, getting all of that different wood can be a grind, but that part is relatively easy. Getting thirty iron nuggets, however, is a whole different matter. So, lets try and break down what you have to do for those.

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    How To Farm Iron Nuggets

    To farm Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing New Horizons you’ll need to make sure you are using a Stone Axe and that you haven’t eaten any fruit. This will ensure multiple drops per rock that you hit. On occasion, we managed to get 7 Iron Nuggets per rock in this way. Once you have exhausted your own island, buy a Nook Miles Ticket , and head to another island. By doing this each day you can visit as many islands as you want, granted you can afford to. Each island will have some rocks to hit and therefore Iron Nuggets to collect. Something to keep in mind is that once you hit a rock, an invisible timer will star. The rock will only give out items for a certain time, so hit it as fast as you can to get the maximum yield of iron nuggets.

    Jake Green/USG

    Where To Find Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Iron Nuggets can be found inside of rocks which players should have plenty of on their island. Players will need to use either a shovel or an axe to hit a rock which will make rocks, clay, iron, or gold nuggets pop out of the rock. It is recommended to use your shovel because its reach is longer than the axe.

    Rocks are randomly placed around the island and can only be used once per day to harvest materials. This can make gathering 30 iron a bit difficult, but luckily players can buy Nook Miles Tickets from the Nook Stop to travel to other deserted islands for resources. Every deserted island has at least a few rocks on them, and usually, these rocks are more likely to give a player better items.

    Nook Miles Tickets cost 2,000 Nook Miles each and can only be used once so make sure when you go to collect as many resources as possible. These islands are randomly generated and players can stay here as long as they like, but once they leave they will never return to that island.

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    How To Get The Shovel In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    • Donate five fish or bugs to Tom Nook on day one of your adventure.
    • Locate a place for Blathers, the museum owner, to set up shop.
    • On day two, visit Blathers to hear about fossils and receive the DIY recipe for shovels.
    • Craft an axe out of wood and stones found on the ground.
    • Hit trees with the axe until you receive five hardwood.
    • Craft the shovel with this hardwood.

    Phew! Once thats out of the way, youre free to use the shovel. While its primary function is to dig up fossils and help you plant trees, the shovel has another important use it can help you discover iron nuggets.

    Mine With Greater Efficiency

    Animal Crossing New Horizons | How To Get Iron Nuggets

    When you hit a rock, your character will be shocked by the boulderâs inflexibility, causing them to instinctually jump back after every hit. You can stop this. Turn away from the rock youâre about to mine and use your shovel to dig two holes behind your character. This should act as a barrier to stop your character from jumping back, allowing for a more consistent hitting flow.

    One of the boulders on your island will release a deluge of bells every day. The more you hit the bells boulder in the timeframe, the more bells will be released. This technique can be used to get more hits within the brief timeframe, thus making you far richer. Who knows what you can do with all that affluence?

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    Why You Need Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Iron Nuggets are used in a variety of ways. They are used to strengthen certain tools like an axe and shovel.

    The following tools use Iron Nuggets in crafting:

    • Net
    • Axe
    • Shovel

    The Shovel is unlocked once you bring Blathersthe museum curatoronto your island after showing Tom Nook five different species of bugs or fish.

    The other four tools and their DIY Recipes are unlocked once players purchase the Pretty Good Tools for 3,000 Nook Miles. These tools will give players more time to fish, water their plants, chop wood and catch bugs before they break.

    Later on, you’ll be given the opportunity to make the shop even larger, giving players more items to purchase. Players will be tasked to obtain and donate 30 pieces of softwood, wood, hardwood and iron nuggets.

    While the various woods can be found by hitting trees on your island with an axe, iron nuggets are only obtained by striking large rocks, and even then iron nuggets aren’t guaranteed.

    Small stones and clay are also found in these rocks so players will need to constantly try and knock them out when possible.

    How To Get Iron Nuggets In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons iron nuggets are a valuable resource for crafting all kinds of items, from better tools to furniture and more. Getting better tools is an important part of everyday life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and for that you’re going to need iron nuggets. Crafting is a huge part of the new Switch exclusive, and as you start to upgrade your tools, like your axe, shovel or even fishing rod, you’ll notice that you’ll start needing access to iron nuggets.

    These clumpy little clusters are going to be the backbone in your progress of upgrading from a set of flimsy tools to the mid-range toolset, which has the simple naming scheme of: axe, fishing rod, shovel and so on. Does it need to say more?

    Well, in order to craft any of these better tools, you’ll first need one flimsy version, and one iron nugget.

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