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How To Get More Money On Animal Crossing New Leaf

How Do I Know If Tom Nook Will Buy My Town Or Not Beforehand

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – How To Get 400k Bells Quickly

Nintendo of America tweeted out a handy guide for players to refer to, which will help determine of Tom Nook will appear to buy your town or not. Your towns Prestige Level is tied to the size of the town tree in your town plaza.

Tom Nook may only offer to buy your town in #ACNL if it is level three or higher check your town tree before you talk to Isabelle!

How To Make Mega Bells

Fishing on the island can be a really lucrative way to earn money. Many sharks in the ocean can be sold for a very good price. Remember to fish at night though as these underwater creatures can only be found late at night.

  • The whale shark can be sold for 13,000 bells.
  • The hammerhead shark can be sold for 8,000 bells.
  • The saw shark can be sold for 12,000 bells.
  • The ocean sunfish can be sold for 4,000 bells.
  • The shark can be sold for a whopping 15,000 bells.

Fill And Empty Your Pockets

The easiest way to make money is to start pocketing items. You can pluck flowers or shake trees for fruit, but the aforementioned shovel, fishing pole, net, and wetsuit are key here. Using these, you can add fossils, fish, insects, and sea creatures to your inventory.

With your pockets full, head to the Re-Tail shop in your town. Here, you can sell any item in your inventory. They offer prices different from the Nook brothers’ store, so be sure to check which outlet give you the best prices when selling your items. Check the sign out front to see what the day’s special item is: if you can sell it, you’ll earn far more Bells.

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Buy Fortune Cookies With Play Coins And Sell Your Prizes

The Nooklings Store on Main Street offers fortune cookies, most of which contain a prize ticket for a Nintendo-related item . These items are fun to collect if youre a fan of Nintendo tchotchkes, but they are also valuable, so consider selling off your Nintendo toys as you win them.

Fortune cookies are purchased with Play Coins, which you earn by walking around with your Nintendo 3DS. In other words, you can put the system into sleep mode and carry it with you while running errands to get as many Play Coins as you need.

You can also sell gifts that your animal pals give to you.

Earning Bells In Town

How to Get More Money from the Money Rock in Animal ...
  • 1Find the ore rock and the money rock. When you continue on your profile for New Leaf, there is always a money rock and an ore rock.
  • Hit all of the rocks in town with your shovel or axe. Try to memorize where each rock is, so you can easily find the fake ore rock. One of the existing rocks in town will be the money rock. You will know you have hit the money rock if the rock moves when you hit it and bells come out.
  • If you happen to be lucky, the money rock will give you ore instead of bells which you can sell for more. This will only happen if you have a silver or golden shovel.
  • Emeralds, amethysts, sapphires and rubies are worth 2,000 bells. Silver nuggets are worth 3,000 bells. Gold nuggets are worth 4,000 bells.
  • 2Collect all of the fruit in your town. Sell the fruit to Reese.
  • You can carry more fruit by planting an orchard. Find a big space and plant as many fruit trees as possible. When you harvest, drag the same types of fruit into one space in your inventory. The fruit will stack up. The stack will hold up to nine fruits.
  • 3Shake all of the non-fruit trees in town. Chances are that you might shake a tree and have some bells fall out! However, You can also shake out a beehive. To avoid being stung, use your net to catch a bee, or run into the nearest building. When you come out retrieve the beehive and sell it to Re-Tail.
  • These trees can also produce furniture.
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    Earning Bells Is One Of The Most Important Things To Do In Animal Crossing New Leaf There Are Many Ways To Get Bells


    The easiest way to earn Bells is selling. The player can earn over 10,000,000 bells by selling turnips, furniture, wallpapers, flooring, clothing, ore , bugs, fish, shells, diving, fruit, tools, and fossils. Any item can be sold for bells except for rotten fruit, fake art, and lost items. Also, Re-Tail gives more bells than the Nooklings, so keep that in mind.


    Sometimes when the player shakes trees that don’t have fruit growing on them, 100 Bells will often fall from the tree. Beehives and certain furniture can also fall out of trees.


    Another easy way to earn Bells is probably the most dangerous. When one goes to another player’s town , he/she should drop all the money on the ground and tells the other person to end session. At the 2nd rotation of the spinning thing, the player should flick the wireless switch. If the other person doesn’t receive an error, then the glitch worked. Then the player should go back to that town and pick up all his/her money. The player should have twice the Bells now. On rare occasions if it doesn’t work, all the Bells could disappear from the other person’s town.



    Where Do I Get More Mannequins

    I got a mannequin in the latest for putting clothes on it and such. Can you get another one? If so how? I tried to check if you can get another one by asking Sable but I got nothing.

    There are 4 mannequins that you can get in the game and the requirements are as follows:

    • Purchase 51 items of clothing at Able Sisters and Mabel will give this to you
    • Befriend Sable and she’ll give you this after talking to her frequently
    • Purchase at least one item on 31 different days from Labelle
    • Receive from Gracie

    Note that if you accidentally sell one of these, you can never get it back! Each character gets 4, so you’d presumably be able to start another resident to unlock another should you accidentally sell one.

    However, you cannot trade mannequins between players in any way, so if you were indeed to accidentally delete one, you’d only have access to the mannequin on your other resident. Mannequins cannot be dropped and when attempting to attach one to a letter, I could not, as you can see below:

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    How To: Make Lots Of Bells

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf has many daily grinds that can provide decent income around your town. Here is how you can make lots of bells!

    • Sell duplicate fossils you find in the ground
    • Meow coupons can be sold for a tidy profit of about 3000 bells per coupon.
    • Dream Suites can be utilized every day for 5000 bells.
    • Selling your native fruit in your town will earn you 100 bells.
    • Selling your perfect native fruit in your town will earn you 600 bells.
    • Selling your non-native fruit in your town will earn you 500 bells.
    • Selling your perfect native fruit in another town will earn you 3,000 bells.
    • The sign outside of the retail store will list anything Reese will buy for extra bells than usual.)

    How To Sell Stuff In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Animal crossing new leaf money glitch!!!

    The fastest way to make money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is to sell items at Re-tail. Re-Tail is the towns recycling shop/flea market. You can sell most of the items you collect at Re-Tail for a higher price than what youd get at the Nooklings store. Re-Tail is also more convenient to visit, given that its in your town whereas the Nooklings store is on Main Street. That said, the owner will charge you a small fee to get rid of garbage, including tires, shoes, and Crazy Redds fake paintings .

    Theres a little chalkboard outside of Re-Tail that lists up to six items that will earn you twice as many bells if you bring them in, so check it out daily.

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    Your Town Layout Isnt That Important

    When starting the game, youll be asked to pick your town layout from some mapped options. The thing is, this layout doesnt have a huge affect on your experience. They all have the standard beaches, rivers, and trees.

    On the other hand, having the bridge located more towards the center of your town could prove to be useful as its easier to reach things without having to traverse through your entire town, with butterflies being the prime example. Ultimately, just pick a layout that looks interesting to you. What you do in town is more important than how its designed.

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    Giant Clam Shell Music Boxes

    While crafting hadnt yet become a prominent feature in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, an early version existed through the ability of Cyrus to make select items when given the right materials. By far the best of these special crafted items were the Music Boxes!

    Check out the amazing video below with music box recordings of every K.K. Slider song compiled:

    Wed love to see these custom music boxes make their way to New Horizons, whether that be through the DIY Crafting system or the return of Cyrus beyond just the Wedding Season event.

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    And Learn The Extra Pockets Trick

    You can carry 16 items at a time, but with the essentials on hand, your carrying capacity is greatly reduced. Fortunately, wearing and holding some items will free up some much needed inventory space. Also, by attaching items to letters, it’s possible to hold even more, so fill your pockets with letters before you head out.

    Equipping the shovel, fishing pole, or net removes the item from you inventory and puts it in your hands, freeing up an item slot. Even when you go inside a building and watch your character put the tool away, it won’t go back into your inventory . Wearing the wetsuit also removes it from your inventory. Wear it while holding a tool, and you’ll have two extra inventory slots to play with.

    Play The Stalk Market

    How to Get Bells from Rocks in Animal Crossing New Leaf: 6 ...

    Animal Crossing has a stalk market thats based around turnips. Every Sunday morning, you can buy turnips from a boar named Joan. Then, throughout the week you can talk to Reese and Re-Tail and find out what your turnips are selling for. The price changes twice daily: once when Re-Tail opens for the day, and again at noon.

    You must sell your turnips by the next Sunday morning, or else theyll spoil. “Buy low, sell high” is the best strategy, but that can be harder than it sounds. You can find numerous Animal Crossing stalk market guides online to help you cash in.

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    Customize Your Town To The Last Pixel With Qr Codes

    New Leafs QR codes open up endless creative possibilities. You can use QR codes to customize everything from your towns pavement to your own bedsheets.The sewing machine that reads QR codes is in the Able Sisters shop. It wont be available when you first start the game, but once you settle in and spend a little money in the towns shops, Sable will let you use it.

    Your Conversation With Rover The Cat Determines Your Avatars Look

    For a game thats supposed to be all about you,Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers little in avatar customization options, especially early in the experience. When you start the game, you have a conversation on the train with a cat named Rover, and the answers you provide to Rovers questions determine your avatars gender, eye shape, hairstyle, and hair color.

    While you cant change your avatars eye shape, you can change his or her hair color and style once you unlock the Shampoodle hair salon.

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    How To Use A Fortune Cookie

    After you buy a fortune cookie, you should eat it. You can do this by dragging the fortune cookie to your person in your inventory screen, or by tapping the fortune cookie and choosing “Eat”.When you eat the cookie, you will discover a slip of paper inside. You’ll read the fortune and see the number.With a fortune in your inventory, talk to Timmy or Tommy. You will have an option to give him the fortune. He will take it and give you an item depending on the number on the fortune. The list of prizes is below.

    How To Unlock All Locations

    Animal Crossing New Leaf: How to make more than 2,000,000 bells a day.

    Complete the following tasks to unlock each location:

    Location Requirements
    Able Sisters Purchase 5,000 bells worth of clothes from Mabel at Nook’s Cranny, then keep talking to her whenever she’s in town.
    Museum Donate 15 fish, bug, and fossil specimens to Blathers.
    Museum Upgrade Buy Redd’s painting for 4,980 bells when he comes to town and give it to Blathers.
    Nook’s Cranny Give Timmy 30 pieces of regular wood, hardwood, softwood, and iron nuggets.
    Nook’s Cranny Upgrade Spend 200,000 bells at Nook’s Cranny and play the game for at least 30 days.
    Resident Services Building Build houses for three villagers.

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    What Is The Cafeteria At Animal Crossing New Leaf

    The cafeteria is a building where everyone can take a break, hang out, and rest. It receives the name of El Alpiste, an establishment that is run by Figaro, one of the most beloved characters in the entire franchise.

    All the players are very delighted with the coffee that this server sells, which it costs nothing more and nothing less than 200 berries.

    Years Of New Leaf: Eight Features We Want Back In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Its hard to believe, but today marks eight years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf first launched on the Nintendo 3DS in North America all the way back on June 9th, 2013! Isnt that just incredible?

    With over 12.93 million copies now sold worldwide, New Leaf was the most successful game in the series until Animal Crossing: New Horizons conducted a hostile takeover with record numbers. Its safe to say millions of current Animal Crossing fans were introduced to the series through New Leaf.

    Animal Crossing World began its journey as a blog covering Animal Crossing 3DS as it was originally called, so this birthday always means a lot to us. To celebrate, lets go over eight of our favorite features from Animal Crossing: New Leaf that we wish to return in New Horizons someday.

    Editors Note: Todays article is a republishing of last years 7 Years of New Leaf post, with an additional 8th feature added to celebrate the 8th birthday.

    While theres plenty of major features that are missing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons wed like to see return, most of the main ones have been covered relentlessly already by others and apply to the series as a whole.

    So in this article, were going to focus on features that were unique to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that we want back, including some smaller ones that have been forgotten by many or are unknown to some!

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    How To Open The New Shops

    To get started, head over to Harv’s Island, which can be accessed by going to the airport on your island and saying you want to fly. Once you’re there, Wilbur will point out that Harvey appears to be AWOL, but follow the newly installed path to the right of the house and you’ll encounter both Harvey and Harriet. Harvey will explain his ambitions to open a shopping plaza in this new area and the need for, ahem, some capital.

    That money will come from you, of course, and each of the shops costs 100,000 bells to open. A series of Lloid gyroids are scattered around the area, each at the site of one of the potential shops you can open. Eventually, you’ll be able to open them all, but once you donate the requisite 100,000 to the one you want to open first, you won’t be able to donate any further on that day. That chosen shop will then open the following day.

    Find Plant And Harvest Foreign Fruit

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Your town has its own local fruit, and each piece generally sells for 100 bells. However, you can also procure non-local fruit, which typically goes for 500 bells per piece. If you get even a single piece of non-local fruit, make sure you plant it. Then, plant the fruit of that tree, and in time youll have an orchard worth thousands of bells.

    Fruit trees can be harvested every three days once theyre fully grown. The easiest way to grab foreign fruit is to visit a friends town via Nintendo StreetPass. Your animal citizens may also give you pieces of fruit as a gift, plus you can get a basket of non-local fruit if you complete all of the tasks that Isabelle assigns to you in City Hall. If all else fails, travel to your towns Island, grab some tropical fruit, and plant it. Avoid planting your trees too close to buildings, rocks, or other trees, or else they wont grow.

    Fruit that grows on palm trees, like coconuts and bananas, must be planted close to the beach in order to flourish.

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