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How To Get More Money On Animal Crossing

Hold Off On Expanding Your House

How To Make Money FAST In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In the early hours of the game, Tom Nook will request 5,000 Nook Miles from you to receive a tent and then 98,000 bells to convert it into a house. Once thats done, its best to hold off on expanding your home so you can save money to help finish off quests and subsequently unlock other features more quickly. Of course, this decision is entirely yours, but for those that want the entire palette of game mechanics and features, saving up early on can help make that easier.

Digging Up And Selling Fossils

Fossils are another convenient way to earn money in New Horizons. Consider selling the three to five fossils you can find each day instead of donating them to the Museum, as they could be worth thousands of Bells each. Its important to remember to have the dug-up fossils accessed by Blathers first, before taking them to sell at Nooks Cranny.

Apart from fossils, you can find a variety of things on your island that can be sold for some quick bucks. These things include fruit, seashells, items and materials that fall by shaking trees, and even weeds. Although these items arent of high worth, selling them can come in handy, especially during the early days of playing the game.

Money Tree In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

For those who feel money doesn’t grow on trees, they haven’t played Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet.

Money trees are a sure-shot way of making bells in the game. Bells serve as the title’s in-game currency and enable players to upgrade their islands to get the anticipated 5-star rating.

Money trees in Animal Crossing look like any other regular tree, but they’re trees that grow bells. Growing a money tree is pretty easy, and the return is pretty great. It is important to note that a tree drops bells only once, implying that the players have to repeat the activity again the next day.

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How To Unlock All Locations

Complete the following tasks to unlock each location:

Location Requirements
Able Sisters Purchase 5,000 bells worth of clothes from Mabel at Nook’s Cranny, then keep talking to her whenever she’s in town.
Museum Donate 15 fish, bug, and fossil specimens to Blathers.
Museum Upgrade Buy Redd’s painting for 4,980 bells when he comes to town and give it to Blathers.
Nook’s Cranny Give Timmy 30 pieces of regular wood, hardwood, softwood, and iron nuggets.
Nook’s Cranny Upgrade Spend 200,000 bells at Nook’s Cranny and play the game for at least 30 days.
Resident Services Building Build houses for three villagers.

Catching And Selling Rare Fish In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Get Money on Animal Crossing: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Catching a variety of fish is a very effective way of generating income quickly. These fish can be caught throughout the day and the trick is to know which ones are worth the most.

For instance, the barred knifejaw, available March through November, sells for 5,000 Bells each. Meanwhile, the coelacanth, which appears on rainy days, goes for a whopping 15,000 Bells. Memorizing the shadow sizes of different fish is good practice because it gives you a clear idea about which ones to target at one glance.

Keep in mind that some fish are exclusive to particular seasons, time of day, and bodies of water. If you are finding it troublesome to locate fish, grab some manila clams.

Manila clams are widely common and you can find them all over the beach area using a shovel. After grabbing one, use a simple DIY recipe to turn it into fish bait. Doing this will make fish appear wherever you scatter the bait.

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How To Combine Time Traveling With Money Trees In New Horizons

To plant any money tree, players must find the glowing yellow beam that pops up once per day on their island. Digging up will reward each player with 1,000 bells, but then planting 10,000 bells in its place will make a money tree appear in time. Instead of putting down 10,000 bells to make a standard money tree, for the sake of this trick, plant 99,000 bells.

Next, save Animal Crossing: New Horizons and close the game out.

From the Home Menu, go to the “System Settings” screen and go to “Time and Date”

Then go to “Synchronized Clock via Internet” and turn it off.

Finally, change the date to 40 years in the future.

When players boot the game back up, they’ll be able to earn hundreds of thousands of bells from the tree, though there will be downsides to time traveling in AC:NH. Players will lose turnips, any Nook mileage bonuses will be gone, the island can be infested with weeds, the house can get covered with cockroaches, and more. On top of that, some just consider the method to be cheating.

Some players time travel to see what the different seasons look like in New Horizons. Others like to see if today’s turnip prices are better or worse than tomorrow’s. This new trick of making hundreds of thousands of bells by planting money trees and jumping decades in the future is definitely a quick money-maker, as long as players understand the risk of time travel in the game.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Sell Hot Items To Nook’s Cranny At High Prices

Certain Items sell at double the normal price each day. The Hot Items change each day, and can be crafted. Crafting Hot Items and selling them in Nook’s Cranny is a reliable way to make Bells each day.

Best Furniture to Craft and Sell

4200 Bells

Buy and Sell Bell Vouchers

Redeem Bell Vouchers from the Nook Stop Terminal, then sell them at Nook’s Cranny for 3000 Bells each.

This is a very poor use of your Nook Miles though and we don’t recommend this method. Focus on gathering extra materials at Mystery Islands or looking for Tarantula Islands instead!

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Fish And Bugs That Sell For Lots Of Bells

As mentioned above, certain fish and bugs can bring in a lot of Bells. Below is a list of the most valuable known critters.

If you want to really make the most of what youre catching and dont mind waiting, sell the fish to C.J. and the bugs to Flick when theyre in town. They pay a premium rate.

Fish that Sell for the Most Bells in ACNH

  • Koi
  • Oarfish
  • Coelacanth

For prices for even more fish, please visit the Fish Critterpedia list. This list will be updated as we come across more high-selling fish.

Bugs that Sell for the Most Bells in ACNH

  • Tarantula
  • Wasp
  • Hermit Crab

For more on Bug prices and image, visit the Bugs page. You’ve really gotta live your life on the edge to make money off them, huh?

Greedy Gardening: Plant A Money Tree

Animal Crossing New Horizons | Top 3 Ways to Make Easy Money Early

Im sure by now youve noticed a glowing patch of grass somewhere else on your island every day. Dig it up, and you get 1,000 bells. It may not sound like much pocket money, but take another look. That patch is still glowing when you extract the cash, right? Well, toss a bag of cash back in there, and youll sprout a money tree in five or six days with sacks of bells hanging from it like fruit.

These wont regrow like fruit, and youll only get 3,000 bells per day if you throw back in what you get. But play it smart. Instead of that chump change, dump a sack of 10,000 bells in the hole, and youll boost the payout to 30,000 per tree. Make it a daily chore, and youll gain a net 140,000 bells per week.

However, players have been trying a new trick that seems to be working out. Although most players wont try it, some gamblers will bury 99,000 bells in a hole. For a long time, players thought this risk wasnt worth it. But if you wait until a day when, during the morning announcements, Isabelle mentions that her astrology said she will be lucky, then its time to bury 99,000 bells. Its the only way youll be able to yield 297,000 bells from the money tree.

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Convert Nook Miles Into Bells

This wasnt a feature I touched much, but if you have Nook Miles to spare, you can always convert them into bells at the Resident Services kiosk in the town center. The kiosk will print out a voucher, which you can bring to Nooks Cranny in exchange for 3,000 bells. Now, if only you could convert bells into Nook Miles, too.

How To Make Millions With Animal Crossing Money Trees

Money trees are always good for a little extra cash. As your island continues to grow though, your ambitions become bigger like terraforming your entire village and youll need every last bell in the bank.

The problem is, money trees have a risk factor to them. Planting 10k bells is the safest choice, because you will always get 30k in return. Some Animal Crossing fans live on the braver side, though, burying up to 99k. They often lose their bells.

There is a solution though time travel. Mucking around with your Switchs date settings is a surefire way to guarantee your 99k bells get turned into 297k:

  • Find a rare glowing dig spot for your money tree.
  • Bury 99,000 bells, and confirm a sapling has sprouted.
  • Go to the home screen and close Animal Crossing.
  • Head over to System Settings and select date and time. Turn off the synchronize clock via the internet option here.
  • Set your time and date to 40 years in the future, e.g. If you are doing this on May 13, 2021, make sure you go to May 13, 2061.
  • Open Animal Crossing back up and check your tree. It should have a guaranteed 297,000 bells waiting for you!

If youre going to avoid the time travel glitches, we recommend only planting 10k for each of the money trees you uncover. Its the safest way to avoid losing cash, and 20k profit for just finding a rare digging patch aint bad either!

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How To Plant A Money Tree In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Players need to find a glowing spot on their islands. At least one glowing spot will spawn on the island once a day. It might take a little while to spot it but the return outweighs the effort that players put in.

Animal Crossing players will be able to dig the spot using a shovel upon locating it. The initial investment yields 1,000 bells.

However, each tree gives a different return depending on the amount of bells that are planted. For instance, if players choose to plant 2,000 bells, the return will be bags of 2,000 bells each. Sadly, planting more than 10,000 bells doesn’t guarantee more than 30,000 bells.

Once players are done planting the bells, they need to wait for a few days to shake the trees with bags of bells.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Easy Ways To Make Money Quick In The Game

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Ultimate money making guide ...

Designing the ideal island paradise in Animal Crossing: New Horizons not only requires proper planning and implementation but also involves shelling out large amounts of Bells, the in-game currency. Using Bells, one can pay off their loans from Nook Inc., upgrade their house, unlock bridges and slopes, and purchase a variety of items to decorate their island.

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There are many methods when it comes to earning Bells in the game. While some methods are a bit elaborate and tedious, other activities are faster and easier to complete. In this article, we list some of the best ways to make more money conveniently in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, as highlighted by GameXplain on YouTube.

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Earn Nook Miles From Tasks

Once youve unlocked the Nook Phone and the Nook Miles+ app, youll always have access to a list of tasks you can perform to earn Nook Miles. The first five tasks each day provide a big bonus, so make sure to do those at the very least. Completed tasks are replaced with new ones, though, so you can keep on earning.

How To Make A Villager Leave Your Island

Complaining to Isabelle about a particular villager will not get them to leave. The only way to do that is to make them feel unwelcome. Don’t start conversations with unwanted villagers instead, whack them with your net and run into them to rile their anger. Wait until you see a thought bubble above their head, then talk to them and encourage their desire to leave. The next morning, the villager will depart, leaving behind an empty lot.

Villagers will not leave if there are less than 5 other villagers currently on your island.

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Explore Deserted Islands On Mystery Tours

Using a Nook Miles Ticket, which costs 2,000 Nook Miles, you can visit a random deserted island on a “mystery tour.” There are a lot of benefits to this, but some of these islands are especially good for making money. You could find an island covered in money rocks, an island covered in rare flowers that attract rare butterflies, or even an island crawling with tarantulas. We recommend emptying your pockets of everything except the essentials before you leave for an island so you can carry as much home with you as possible and have an even bigger payout.

Catch Bugs During Evening Hours

Animal Crossing New Horizons How To Make Money Quick Part 2 | Animal Crossing New Horizons Tips

You can randomly find rare bugs and fish while you play, but I found catching bugs in the evening to be an efficient money maker.

Playing at night in past Animal Crossing games comes with significant restrictions. Shops are closed unless you have a town ordinance in place to keep them available into the late hours, and there are generally fewer things to do with your time. Shops close in New Horizons too, but there are still plenty of other activities to do.

If you want to make the most of your time, catching bugs in the evening hours can be immensely profitable. At least during the current season in the northern hemisphere , you can catch a number of expensive critters. Tarantulas in particular arent all that rare they roam your town and its outskirts at night fairly regularly, and they can be sold for 8,000 bells each. Pro tip: Tarantulas may seem difficult to catch at first, but if you spot one in the distance, you can approach it slowly by holding down A with your net in hand. From there, the tarantula will lift its front legs to charge. Thats the sign to stop. Then just move closer, inch by inch. When its legs go down and youre finally close enough, trap it with your net.

As for other insects, emperor butterflies can be found during early mornings and all through the night, particularly near cliffs and flowers. Man-faced stink bugs are also worthwhile, which go for 1,000, but theyre so common that you can find a number at a time.

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Hold On To Your Perfect Fruit

Occasionally you’ll stumble upon a perfect fruit, which presumably tastes very good. These perfect fruits can be sold for insane prices, but you’ll want to hold on to your perfect native fruit until you visit a friend’s island where it’s considered exotic. Selling a perfect exotic fruit could net you up to 3,000 Bells in one go, so make sure you don’t waste them.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Money Tree

Forget fruit, the savviest islanders grow cold, hard cash. Heres how to grow a money tree and bolster your bells in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Unlike typical topiary, you can only plant money trees in specific spots on your island – but luckily theyre quite common. Once youve planted a money tree, you can move it to better fit your aesthetic.

If its still a nursery tree, you can dig it up with a shovel. Or if its already fully grown, youll first need to eat fruit to give you fruit power – then dig it up.

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Sell The Hot Item Of The Day

Nooks Cranny is the first shop to appear on your island. There you can sell various items to store owners Timmy and Tommy. Every day, a rotating hot item will be listed outside the shop . Whatever is listed there can be sold for double its normal asking price, so this is an easy way to make a quick buck. New Horizonss new crafting ability helps a fair bit, too: As long as you gather the needed materials and have learned the DIY recipe, you should be able to construct the hot item at a workbench. One of the most profitable hot items I saw in rotation thus far was the gong, which when doubled, netted me 10,000 bells per piece. Keeping a stock of common items like wood, iron and weeds in your houses storage can help if a hot item needs those materials to be built.


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