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How To Get More Pocket Space In Animal Crossing

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How to expand your pockets & get more inventory space – Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Leave Fruit On The Ground

When you shake a tree, the fruit drops to the ground and you can then pick it up and add it to your inventory. As soon as the tree is free of fruit, its three-hour respawn timer begins. However, you dont have to pick up the fruit off the ground right away, or really, ever. You can leave it in place as long as you like, essentially storing it on the ground, and saving those inventory slots.

The ground-fruit wont disappear if you leave the island or close the app. If someone requests that fruit, just head to the tree location and pick it up off the ground. You can only store one trees worth of fruit at a time, however: shaking a full tree when there is fruit on the ground wont do anything.

Storage In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

New Horizons makes managing your inventory a lot easier by providing you with a storage space, which is separate from both your inventory and house. This means that you happily store all that furniture that you’re not quite sure what to do with yet.

You can only access this storage space by pressing the right button on the D-Pad when you’re inside your house.

Aside from the ‘Everything’ tab, which allows you to see everything you currently have in your storage, there are nine different categories within your storage space:

  • Housewares
  • Creatures
  • Other – includes tools, materials and musical instruments

In the bottom left-hand corner of your storage screen, you’ll find a small counter that records exactly how many items you have in your storage compared to your storage limit.

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Inventory Space Upgrade #: Pocket Organization Guide

You can obtain your first inventory upgrade very quickly if you know where to look. Head into the Resident Services tent and access the Automatic Bells Dispenser , otherwise known as the machine in the corner. Theres an option to buy a Pocket Organization Guide for 5,000 Nook Miles. This may seem a bit steep, but its well worth the investment. After you purchase the upgrade, youll instantly have 10 more inventory slots, bringing your total to 30.

How To Increase Storage In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to expand your pockets &  get more inventory space ...

To get more storage in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will need to upgrade your house this can be done by speaking to Tom Nook over at resident services and choosing the expand my home dialogue option. However, you will need at least 500k bells to be able to expand your storage space you will also need a fully upgraded house that includes the following below.

  • Basement
  • One upstairs room
  • Fully paid off home debt

Once you have all of the above built and paid off, you will then be able to speak to Tom Nook and choose the dialogue option to unlock more storage space. If you select the expand my home option, your house’s previous max storage space of 1600 will increase by 800 to 2400. That said if you have the required amount to pay for the expansion, pay for it, and you will have to wait one in-game day for the upgrade to appear on your house.

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However, your house storage is not the only thing you can upgrade you can also upgrade your inventory space. To do this, you must purchase an item called a Pocket Organization Guide for 5k miles you can buy this item at the Nook Stop in residential services.

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How To Increase Your Inventory Space In Animal Crossing New Horizons

First thing you will need to do to get more pocket space, is to pay off your first 5000 Nook Mile debt. Doing this will unlock the ability for you to spend your Nook Miles at the Nook Stop in the Nook Tent. Next thing you will need to do is save up another 5000 points, because that is how much is costs. When you save up 5000 more Nook Miles, head to the Nook Stop and select Redeem Nook Miles. The item that costs 5000 is called Pocket Organization Guide and it does what it says, organizes your pockets so you can hold more stuff. This upgrade will give you 10 more slots of inventory space which is a huge upgrade early on. I advise getting this before you use the airport to visit the resource islands or else you are wasting a trip without the extra space. More space means more items to bring back which means more cash and more miles.

How To Increase Your Inventory Space In Animal Crossing New Horizons Part 2

After you upgrade your Resident Services Tent into a proper building, you can buy a second upgrade for 6000 Nook Miles from the terminal. The upgrade to the Service center happens automatically after you bring three new villagers to your island for Tom Nook. Just remember that they have to move in and unpack for Nook to start the upgrade. Speak with Nook and he will say we dont have anything to do and the next day he will close down his tent. When it opens back up, it is a nice new building and you can get another pocket upgrade.

Check back soon for more Animal Crossing New Horizons guides.

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Managing Your Inventory Space

While you cant upgrade your inventory in any further ways beyond all of the upgrades already listed above, there are a few other ways to help manage your inventory space effectively to keep things under control.

Keep Upgrading Your House for Storage Space

Once youve upgraded from a tent into a full-fledged house, you can start storing almost every type of item in your homes built-in storage space. To access the house storage space, simply press the right button on the Left Joy-Con or Pro Controller D-Pad.

Whats even better is that the maximum amount of space for items in your house storage will increase alongside the physical size of your home every time you start a new loan with Tom Nook. So if youre running out of storage space, be sure to keep upgrading your house as often as you can.

Check Nook Shopping Catalog & Sell Re-Orderable Items

Every time you pick up any kind of furniture or clothing item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, its added to your characters saved catalog. Then when you visit the Nook Shopping menu at the Nook Stop terminal, you can re-order many of those items at any item and receive them in your mailbox.

Generally special items obtained in unusual methods like from visiting characters such as Gulliver or Saharah and crafted items are excluded from catalog ordering, but most other items are available to order.

Remember, You Can Just Place Items Outside

Craft Before You Sell

POCKET UPGRADE on Day1! (More Inventory Space!) (Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide)

If you happen to be getting close to your maximum on a specific crafting material, head into the craft menu and create something. Its always better to actually use your crafting materials for making a piece of furniture or an amenity rather than sell them. Even very rare crafting materials like Sparkle Stones only sell for 100 Bells apiece, and all crafting components are much harder to come by than money.

When preparing for crafting, dont overly focus on one specific item. You might be trying to save up Preserves for a piece of furniture for a campers request, but meanwhile your inventory is overflowing with Steel. Head into the craft menu and make something that requires mostly Steel . Youll likely get the Steel back by the time youve collected enough Preserves.

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How To Expand Item Inventory

Tired of dropping bugs and fish out of your pockets just for a little extra space? Learn how to expand your inventory in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with this page! Soon you’ll have double the space to store your items. The bottom of this guide also includes tips and suggestions for inventory management.

Need help getting more Nook Miles? Visit the Nook Miles page for tips!

Buy The Pocket Organization Guide

Purchase the Pocket Organization Guide from the Nook Stop in Resident Services for 5,000 miles. This increases your inventory permanently by 10 spaces.

Upgrade with Ultimate Pocket Stuffing

Another pocket upgrade called Ultimate Pocket Stuffing will be available for 8,000 Miles. This might take some saving up, so be sure to get your Miles ready when you want to purchase this item.

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How To Increase Animal Crossing: New Horizons Pocket Inventory Space

Along with storing items in your home, you can increase your pocket inventory space, to hold more items on your person, too. Youll need to spend Nook Miles to increase your pocket inventory size by buying the Pocket Organization Guide and Ultimate Pocket Stuffing from the Nook Stop Terminal inside Resident Services. Follow these steps to increase your Animal Crossing: New Horizons pocket space:

  • Buy the Pocket Organization Guide | 5,000 Nook Miles, which increases your pocket inventory space to 30 slots
  • Upgrade your Resident Services into the Town Hall Building, find out how with our guide
  • Buy the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing upgrade | 8,000 Nook Miles, which increases your pocket inventory space to 40 slots

Now get out there and store as many items as you can find and buy.

How To Upgrade & Increase Your House Storage Space

How to Get More Pocket Space Storage in Animal Crossing ...

Each time you pay off your debt with Tom Nook at Resident Services and upgrade your house, the storage space available in the home expands. This space starts off small at just 80 slots, but will soon become your primary method of storage!

Follow the list below of every houses item storage space to track your current progression, and how many slots you can look forward to unlocking in the next upgrade of your house:

  • 80 Slots
  • 2400 Slots

Final Home Storage Upgrade 2400 Slots

After fully expanding your house to the largest size and paying off the final debt of 2,498,000 Bells, you can purchase a bonus Home Storage Upgrade expansion from Tom Nook for 500,000 Bells. Just select the Expand my storage option when speaking to him.

This upgrade expands your house item storage space by another 800 slots resulting in a massive 2400 slots of total space to store your items. It was introduced in .

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How To Get More Storage In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

To get more storage space for your home, youll need to upgrade it. That means paying off your home loan to Nook completely, then requesting a home expansion. Aside from the obvious benefit of adding more rooms to your home and making them larger, each new level of home increases your storage limit by a set amount.

  • House built 80 storage spaces
  • First house upgrade 120 storage spaces
  • Second house upgrade 240 storage spaces
  • Third house upgrade 320 storage spaces
  • Fourth house upgrade 400 storage spaces
  • Fifth house upgrade 800 storage spaces
  • Sixth house upgrade 1,600 storage spaces
  • Now, personally, 1,600 storage spaces suits me just fine, but if youre really going whole-hog on this, you can get one more upgrade, as of the games winter update. Just go talk to Nook at Resident Services, and hell tell you about his expanded storage program. Talk to him at his desk, say about my home, and click expand my storage. Oh, and youll need to cough up 500,000 Bells. Hey, at least its cheaper than the last home loan. Pay Nooks fee, and hell expand your storage to 2,400 slots. That should be more than enough for whatever you need to store .

    When You Start Your Animal Crossing:

    How to organize pocket animal crossing. You can speed up crafting by spamming the a button. (this benefit also works for members of the happy. Learn how to add more slots to your pockets with the pocket organization guide, and organize and store your items.

    The player can use the album feature to organize photos. How to move items in your animal crossing: New horizons players will be able to deck out their island homes with official joe biden yard signs as part of the campaigns broader initiative to organize voters online this fall.

    It allows you to rearrange stuff so that the tool you constantly use are placed in a more convenient manner. New horizons switch guide on inventory! You can organize items in your pocket by holding down the a button to drag them around the slots.

    In this guide will explain how to optimize and organize your pocket space, and how to expand storage. At the start of the game, the player is asked to choose a theme for their camp, determining the initial starting look of your camp. Even those who weren’t bubbling with excitement for the release have become attached.

    This is a guide on how to get more inventory space in the game animal crossing: One of the features of resident service is the nook stop. If you are planning to play animal crossing a lot through the online mode, maybe consider picking a spot that is close to the airport.

    Animal Crossing Pocket Camp phone sized reference sheet

    Animal crossing cabin ideas Dr. Office animalcrossing

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    Get More Inventory Space

    Find out how to get more inventory space in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    There are a lot of things to collect in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and if youre going to stock up on goods to sale, youre going to need more pocket space. By default, you can hold up to 20 separate items in New Horizons. However, this number can be increased down the line. Heres everything you need to know to upgrade your inventory space and hold more stuff.

    How To Get More Inventory Space In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons EXPAND POCKETS CONFIRMED (Bigger Pockets, Hold More Items & Tools)

    Here’s how to increase your pocket space so you can carry way more stuff in AC: New Horizons.

    One of the major features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is crafting, and there are quite a few resources you can use to DIY. Because of that, you might find your pockets fill up really quickly, which can be a challenge early on as you’re pulling weeds, catching fish and bugs, picking fruit, and accumulating random items along the way. Luckily, you can expand your inventory space twice, increasing your pocket capacity by double what you had at the start. Here’s how to expand your inventory space.

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    How To Get More Pocket Space Storage In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    William StantonRead more December 23, 2020

    With all the new crafting loot available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, your inventory can fill up quite fast. Even with the improved default storage space from the previous game , youll most certainly go over the 20 item limit in your pocket space throughout the game.

    Fortunately, the game allows you to get more pocket storage space. This article will teach you how to get more storage and other storage tips you might want to explore later.

    At the start of the game, your pocket can hold 20 items . If you want to upgrade that capacity to 30 items, youll need to purchase a Pocket Organization Guide. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Go into the Resident Services Tent .
  • Head over to the Nook Stop terminal, otherwise known as that machine in the corner.
  • When you use the machine, youll get the store to purchase new items for Nook Miles.
  • The Pocket Organization Guide is on the menu, and it costs 5000 Miles.
  • After you purchase the item, your pocket storage will automatically increase to 30 items.
  • While the price may look steep, its undoubtedly well worth the investment.

    Ultimate Pocket Stuffing Guide

    The second pocket upgrade comes a bit later. After you’ve upgraded Resident Services to a building , you’ll get an expanded Nook Miles catalogue. This includes the important Ultimate Pocket Stuffing upgrade that gives you one final row in your pocket!

    The Ultimate Pocket Stuffing upgrade costs 8,000 Nook Miles and will leave you with a total of 40 inventory slots.

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    How To Improve Your Storage Room In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Your storage space at New Horizons will automatically expand each time you upgrade your home.

    Of course, when you arrive on the island you will be living in a store and you will not have access to the storage room. Luckily, you will find that it is very easy to get the first home upgrade and you will soon be living under one roof.

    Below you will see how much space you will have with each extension of your home:

    • House built 80 holes
    • First house improvement 120 holes
    • Second house improvement 240 holes
    • Third house improvement 320 holes
    • Etc.

    Always keep an eye on the space counter so you dont run out of space.


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