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How To Get Raymond Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing New Horizons Raymond How To Get Villager

How I Got RAYMOND with 3x NOOK MILES TICKETS – Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get Raymond as a villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons, there are several things that you can do. The first one is search for him by flying to Nook Mile Islands and finding him randomly. The basic strategy here is to hoard as many Nook Miles as you can. Then, purchase a plot from Nook, put it down, and start flying like your life depends on it. Youll only have that one day to pull it off. Rinse and repeat as many times as you can and use time travel if you need to. This method does not guarantee success, of course, but its worth a shot.

The second method is to get Raymond from a friend . If you have a friend willing to let you have Raymond, what they have to do is stop talking to him for a while. Eventually, hell get the little rain cloud above his head, meaning hes upset enough from being ignored to jump ship. At that point, your job is to swoop in and have a chat with Raymond. If youve done everything correctly, Raymond will agree to move to your island.

The third way is to find some stranger to trade with . There are people willing to sell villagers for millions of Bells, tons of Nook Miles, and even for real money on eBay. I will not link to any of these, because I dont want anyone getting scammed. There are also online communities for trading villager for villager, so try and find those. And, again, stay vigilant and dont get scammed.

Animal Crossing: Raymond Is The Most Popular Villager

Raymond doesn’t seem to understand the importance of a work-life-balance, as players will find his Animal Crossing home design is an actual office. With a watercooler in the corner and a whiteboard covered in graphs behind his desk, it is unclear if the cute cat villager even sleeps, though the coffee cup on his desk might be the answer for players wondering where he keeps his bed. The wallpaper of his house even looks like closed blinds, only aiding in his very busy, analytical personality.

For fans hoping to find Raymond to entice to their island, unless they want to pay a high price to those who have already found him, they will have to go about it the long way. This involves traveling to random Animal Crossing Mystery islands via the Dodo Airlines with a Nook Miles Ticket until they find Raymond as a random encounter. This can be a long and arduous process for players, costing a good amount of Nook Miles to purchase the needed airline tickets, but for many fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the expense and time spent island hopping is more than worth the investment to invite the serious Raymond to their island home.

How To Make A Raymond Amiibo Card

Well assume youre using Tagmo on Android for this guide, but if youre using something different like NFC Tools, the idea is the same.

Its very simple. Activate NFC on your phone. Make sure you have the unfixed-info and locked-secret bins already loaded in . Open Tagmo, and press Load Tag. Search through your phones file system to bring up the Raymond amiibo bin file itll typically be in your phones Downloads folder. You should see its image show up on the main screen .

Click Write Tag, and hold up a blank NTAG215 chip to the NFC point on your phone. Hold it for a moment, and it should write to the tag. Congratulations! You made an amiibo. Theres a few things you should know about amiibo chips before you make them into cards.

  • They will forever be that character now. A amiibo is always and forever a Mario amiibo, and once its written it can never be changed. The only exception is the Powersaves for Amiibo Powertag, which isnt technically an NTAG215.
  • You absolutely cannot bend them or freeze them thatll break them. These things are moderately fragile, so dont do stupid things with them. Amiibo do have a shelf life.
  • They are identical to a real, store-bought amiibo. There is literally no difference in terms of functionality whatsoever. You are in no danger of getting your Nintendo Switch banned for using an amiibo card.
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    How To Get Raymond

    While Pokeninja is understandably overwhelmed by requests, you can always resort to the old-fashioned method.

    Mystery islands, i.e. the ones you spend Nook Miles Tokens to visit, offer up a random islander that you can convince to move to your own tropical paradise.

    With the likes of Raymond taking some time to find, expect to spend plenty of Nook Miles.

    How To Get Raymond In Animal Crossing New Horizons To Join Your Island

    How to get Raymond in Animal Crossing in 2020

    You can get Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons to join your island as a villager by luckily finding him on a mystery island:

    • Ensure that you do not have ten villagers
    • Buy a Nook Miles ticket and visit a mystery island
    • Keep visiting mystery islands until you come across the grey feline Raymond
    • Speak to him and ask him to join your island as a villager

    Unfortunately, the above method is completely random and youll need to keep buying Nook Miles tickets in order for it to eventually work.

    If youre extremely lucky you can find Raymond just dilly-dallying on your island as a visitor in which youll then be able to ask him to make his visit a permanent one. However, the odds of this happening are slim.

    Pokémon Legends Arceus: A familiar region. A new story.

    Raymond animal crossing New horizons

    taxxi May 10, 2020

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    How To Trade For Raymond In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    You can trade for Raymond in Animal Crossing New Horizons by way of a friend or on Nookazon.

    If you wish to trade with an Animal Crossing New Horizons friend, they can get Raymond to join your island by ignoring and disregarding him like hes the sole ginger kid in a family of brunettes.

    Once your desired villager becomes depressed and full of anxiety, a cloud should appear above their head which should indicate that they feel unwanted and are thinking about leaving.

    Your friend should tell you when this cloud appears so you can then visit their island to become Raymonds knight in shining armour by offering him an escape from where hes not wanted.

    Another way to trade for Raymond is on Nookazon where you can spend bells. However, the prices are absolutely bonkers with the villager costing 1,000,000.

    • NEW HORIZONS: Shooting star time and how to wish in Animal Crossing

    And, if you think that is obscene, just a photo costs 990,000 meanwhile a poster costs 100,000.

    House In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Raymonds house gives us the vibe of an office as he has chosen Office Wall for his wallpaper and Monochromatic Tile Flooring for the floors.

    Raymond has hung a wall clock and a formal paper on this wall. In the centre of the house, he has kept a den desk and chair. On the desk, you will find a Newtons Cradle and mug placed neatly. At the back of the house, there is a water cooler, white board and safe. In addition to this, there is an iron worktable placed at one corner of the house. There is a fax machine and a document stack placed on the worktable. At another corner of the house, you will find an office desk and modern office chair. This office desk brings Raymonds house together as it has a stack of documents and a desktop computer on it.

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons Raymond: How To Get Birthday And Personality

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons boasts an incredible amount of different animals that can call your town home, with the current total standing at 391. One of those villagers has quite quickly become quite popular throughout the fanbase: the glasses-wearing business cat Raymond. If hes your dream villager, this is the dream article for you: our guide all about Animal Crossing New Horizons Raymond.

    Deals To Obtain Raymond

    How To Get Raymond Or ANY VILLAGER In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    New Horizons‘ popularity has caused many online communities to sprout up that promote the trading of in-game items, resources and even villagers. Raymond is one of the most popular villagers on such sites with an average worth of 1,500,000 Bells on Nookazon. Those looking for Raymond will need luck and resources on their side. In some cases, the Smug cat has gone for thousands of Nook Miles Tickets, while others have asked for several rare villagers in exchange for Raymond.

    Unfortunately, some deals have gone south. Scams are rampant in the Animal Crossing Black Market, leaving players unsatisfied and swindled of their hard-earned Bells. Since such trades aren’t really endorsed by Nintendo, there’s not really a way to punish these players for their actions in-game. This leaves it to moderators of these online sources to take precautions against scammers.

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    Makes Sense: Raymond Is A Scam

    This theory gets rather dark. The infamous Tom Nook is making fans extremely skeptical regarding Raymond. There is a theory that Tom is holding Raymond in his captivity. Fans are even claiming that Tom has a barrier around his house so Raymond cannot escape.

    Also, this barrier prevents players from entering Tom’s home and stealing Raymond. In order for players to get Raymond to their villages, they must pay Tom a ridiculous amount of money. This then puts the players in severe debt. Tom is a pretty sketchy character, so it makes sense that he might be going that far.

    How To Get Raymond From The Campsite

    While you have the Campsite on your island, there’ll be a small daily chance that Raymond will appear as a visitor. However, there’s no way to raise this above the regular level, so it’s not really a method you can manipulate, but be sure to check whenever Isabelle announces a new visitor at the Campsite. There’s no reason it can’t be him.

    Joel Franey/USgamer, Nintendo

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    Can You Get A Raymond Amiibo

    Unfortunately at time of writing there is no amiibo or amiibo card for Raymond, as the character was added to the series in New Horizons and there has been no dedicated tie-in amiibo for that game. We’ll be sure to update you in the future if that changes, or check this guide here to see how to make use of any Animal Crossing amiibo you do have.

    Animal Crossing Raymond Character Guide

    How to get Raymond as a villager in Animal Crossing New ...

    Animal Crossing Raymond is the social simulator game and currently a character in the very famous series Animal Crossing. The game developed and created by Katsuya Eguchi and Hisashi Nogami is published by Nintendo publishers in 2014. And even though years only after its initial launch game have proven to be a massive hit amongst children.

    Animal Crossing Raymond being the only smug cat in the entire series, Raymond is the only left arrogant cat. Raymond first appeared in Animal crossing and was later added to Pocket camp to match with previously released Animal crossing: New Horizon.

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    Doesn’t Make Sense: Government Spy

    This is one of the most far-reaching theories of them all. Players feel pretty bored these days with the pandemic going on, but some feel a little too bored. Some fans believe that Raymond is an actual government spy who’s watching them through the game while they’re at home.

    They justify this theory because Raymond’s outfit is oddly professional. Furthermore, they believe that the villagers should capture him before it’s too late. See? Far-reaching. Regardless, if this is all it takes to be a government spy then a lot of people might be one.


    Animal Crossing Raymond Personality

    If you want more information about the smug personality of Raymond below is a brief description

    Raymond is a villager that comes under an arrogant personality. He will not find difficulty talking with other villagers because of his polite and lively nature. Regardless of their gender, he may be seen flirting with the player He may at a time appear self-centered when talking to himself.

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    Makes Sense: Main Antagonist

    Players are acting desperate for Raymond to visit or even join their villages. However, he might not be the character they want in their communities after all. Fans are speculating that Raymond might be the main antagonist in the game. He is rarely in sight and is always fleeing from everyone.

    In addition, he has no interest in becoming a part of anyone’s village. Raymond is going against all of the game’s morals! Fans believe that this is what a true antagonist looks like in Animal Crossing.


    Not All Villagers Are Equal

    How to get RAYMOND in ONE TRY | Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Hunting

    It seems as though the game doesn’t simply choose from the big pool of villagers. If it did, all villagers would have an equal chance of appearing on the islands. What the game does do, though, is that it rolls for the species first, and then it chooses one villager from that species that isn’t already in your town and puts them on a mystery island. Since all species have an equal chance of being chosen, this means that the more villagers there are in a species, the rarer they are! That explains why you’ve been seeing the octopus villagers over and over, despite the fact that there are only three of them in game.

    Let’s say you’re looking for Marina the Octopus. The game first chooses the species, so there is a 1 in 35 chance of the game choosing Octopus. There are only three of them in AC:NH, so the chances of Marina getting picked are 1 in 3. This means that the overall chance of a player running into Marina is , or approximately 0.95%. Raymond, on the other hand, is in the cat group with a population of 23. This means that the chances of getting Raymond on a mystery island is , or approximately 0.12%.

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Raymond

    We show you how to get Raymond, the grey cat villager, to come to your island.

    Guideby Joel Franey, Guides Writer

    With some villagers becoming more popular than others in Animal Crossing New Horizons, one of the most loved is Raymond, a grey-furred cat with different-colored eyes. We’ll show you how to get Raymond to come to your island here.

    On this page:

    Mystery Islands And Villagers: Are Some Villagers Rarer Than Others

    Anybody who’s gone on a villager hunt on Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s mystery islands knows just how hard it can be to run into their dream villager. With a pool of about 400 villagers to choose from, it’s easy to see why some players get frustrated after seeing Octavian the Octopus for the 4th time before running into Tangy the Cat. If you’re wondering why you’re seeing some villagers more than others, Bell Tree Forums users ctar17, Selkie, Sheba, and ForbiddenSecrets have worked together to find out why.

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    How To Get Raymond Acnh Easy

    Raymond is the most popular villager which ranks on the top in the highest popular tier. The tier popularity here is based on the peoples votes managed by From the votes, it was revealed that Raymond is the most popular villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Given that Raymond is the most popular, certainly a lot of players want to play him in Animal Crossing. Unfortunately, getting him as a villager is a bit hard, so it draws you to find out some great ways in order to get Raymond. Dont worry! This post will give you an easy tutorial of getting Raymond as a villager.

    Getting Raymond in Animal Crossing, Heres How!

    There are a bunch of ways that you should pick out in order to get Raymond. Here are what you should do if you want to get Raymond:

  • Visit the Mysterious Island
  • You can take advantage of the Nook Miles ticket that you can use to visit as many islands as possible, including the mysterious island. You basically have to hoard as many Nook Miles as possible, with the hope that you will get a chance to see Raymond on the island.

    Before you go out, make sure you have a plot of land sold, so the random villagers will appear on those islands. After you visit an island, check to see what villager is there, and if theres no Raymond, you can simply go back home and try again. Otherwise, if you find Raymond on the island, you just simply talk to him and ask him to visit your island.

  • Random Campsite Encounters
  • Get Raymond from Your Friend
  • Species On Your Island Does Matter Though

    How to get Raymond in Animal Crossing

    There aren’t many ways to increase your chances of running into certain villagers, but one way to do it is to have multiple villagers of your target species on your island. So, for example, there are 8 goats in the game. This means that there is chances of getting any specific goat , or approximately 0.36%. However, if you have, say, 2 goats already living on your island, the game has less goats to choose from, making your chances of finding a specific goat , or 0.47%! If you have all of the goats except one, your chances of finding that last goat shoot up to approximately 2.9%! If you want Raymond to fill your island’s 10th and final slot, your chances of finding him are best if all your other villagers are also cats.

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