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How To Get Rid Of Animal Crossing Villagers

How To Invite New Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to Get Rid of Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Now that you’ve set aside some land for housing on your island in New Horizons, it’s time to invite some new villagers.

You can choose not to interfere and, if you do so, the plot of land will eventually be brought by a randomly selected villager after a couple of days. You can discover who brought the plot of land by reading the sold sign.

If you’d rather exercise some control over who moves onto your island, then there are three ways, which don’t involve amiibo cards, to invite villagers to your island in New Horizons:

Inviting villagers from Mystery Islands

If you have a free plot of land on your island, then a randomly selected villager will appear on any Mystery Island you visit. They will continue to appear, until this plot is sold and, if you have no land for sale, then every Mystery Island you visit will be uninhabited.

To go on a Mystery Island tour, you must first purchase a Nook Miles Ticket, which costs 2,000 Nook Miles, from the Nook Step in Residential Services. Take this ticket to the airport and you’ll be flown to a randomly selected island, which will contain one villager if you have a plot of land for sale.

If you like the villager inhabiting the Mystery Island, then start talking to them. Eventually you’ll be given the option to encourage or discourage them from moving to your island. If you really don’t want that villager moving to your home at all, then we suggest ignoring them entirely.

The campsite

Inviting villagers from your friends island

How To Kick Out Villagers With Time Travel

This method requires you to time-travel. If you do not wish to do so, then read the other methods below instead.

1 Choose which villager you want to move out.
2 Skip the time 15 days ahead.
3 Check if there’s a villager with a thought bubble above their head.
4 If there isn’t any villagers with thought bubbles, repeat from step 2.
5 Check if the villager with the thought bubble is the one you want to move.
6 If not, set back the time to 4:59 AM then save the game.
7 Watch the daily broadcast at 5 AM then skip the time to 1 PM*.
8 Check which villager has the thought bubble again.
9 If it’s the right one, talk to them and encourage them to leave. If not, repeat from step 6.
10 They will be in boxes the next day, and will leave the island the day after that.

You don’t necessarily need to skip to 1 PM, but we recommend it as it’s the time most villagers are outside.

Keep in mind that this method may take anywhere from minutes to hours, as the villager who gets the thought bubble will be random.

Step 6 can be any time

The point of step 6 is to reset the game and get to the broadcast as fast as possible.

If you’re not sure you can reset it within a minute, you can set it to 4:58 or 4:57 to make sure you make it in time.

Based on Video Guide

The above guide is based on a video shared by Mogahiko’s Game Facts Channel , with permission directly granted by the content creator.

It’s fully in Japanese, but if you would like to see the original video guide,

Use An Amiibo Or Amiibo Card

There is a 100% guaranteed, absolutely safe to get the villager you want: use Amiibo or Amiibo cards.

Naturally, this presents a problem. You have to actually have an Amiibo or Amiibo card associated with the villager that you want to bring into the game.

At the time this article was written, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for less than two months, and the Amiibo cards have been more or less sold out for that entire time. If you’re going to go for this method, you should expect to pay a premium on eBay, Amazon, or elsewhere.

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How To Improve Your Chances To Remove A Certain Villager

Friendship for villagers matters a lot, so if players want to remove someone, then they should always target their relationship with them. They can do this by improving their friendship with everyone else, by talking to them constantly. Once the level is high enough, fans can send them gifts, letters, and many more items to strengthen their bond.

They can also ruin the friendship with the villager they want to move out by hitting them with tools. They can also deteriorate it by ignoring their task after accepting it from the NPC. Other than that, players can also gift them garbage items like tires, weeds, or rotten turnips.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons And Frustrating Villagers


Animal Crossing: New Horizons actually makes removing these tedious neighbors difficult. Unlike previous games, there is no foolproof way to kick a villager out off of the island. Removing villagers actually takes time and dedication on the part of the player. Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes the statement that, if you want to remove a villager, then the player has to really want to get rid of them. There are a few ways that can help influence the neighbor to leave.

One important thing to remember is that everyone’s tastes are different. A villager that one player hates may be the love of another player. It’s important to keep that in mind when players talk about which neighbors they hate.

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Animal Crossing: How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Villagers In New Horizons

The Animal Crossing island is a pretty happening place. The game offers 397 villagers who can become a part of the player’s community. Each villager in the game has a distinct personality and serves a different purpose. While some villagers are extremely useful during events, others just surface to have a conversation to make Animal Crossing more interactive.

Even though there are so many different villagers, players can only select 10 villagers to live on the island at any given time. More importantly, the villagers that make the final cut have to be kept away from the ones they have a rocky relationship with.

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As each new title also introduces some new characters, getting rid of some villagers can be a pretty tedious task. The following is a list of ways in which the players can get rid of the villagers they no longer want on their island. It is important to keep in mind, however, that players need to be quite motivated to get rid of villagers as this process requires a bit of effort.

Sending And Ignoring Letters

One method that is popular with players is using letters to explain to villagers why they need to move out. The first step would be to send mean letters to villagers. By sending mean letters, the villager gets the hint constantly from the island representative that they need to move away.

In addition to sending mean letters, players need to ignore letters coming in from that villager. This can prove to be tricky because sometimes the unwanted villager will send the player gifts. It can be hard to ignore these notes from heathen villagers, but the payoff will be well worth it in the long run.

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Randomly Swap With A Villager When At Max

In order to recruit new villagers that arrive at your Campsite, you’ll need to have an empty spot available for them. If you’re at the limit of villagers on your island, one villager will be selected at random to be replaced with the new recruit.

You Can Refuse A Trade

Although the villager selected will be random, you will still have the final say in whether you want to swap the two villagers. Even if you refuse this particular trade, you’ll still have the option to try to recruit the villager again later.

Once The Replacement Villager Is Decided, It Can’t Be Changed

The new villager you’re trying to recruit will suggest one specific villager to kick out, and once this villager has been decided, it can’t be changed! You can bypass this, however, by shutting down the game before the dialogue finishes. Animal Crossing autosaves at the end of conversations, so if you press the Home button and close the game, you’ll be able to try this over and over.

When you see the name of the villager they want to kick out , shut down and reset the game!

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Rid Of Villagers You Don’t Like

How to Get Rid of Villagers in Animal Crossing | Animal Crossing Tips

Getting rid of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is especially tricky. Here are some tips and tricks to get rid of those horrible villagers.

The delightful world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons gives players a chance to have the most adorable neighbors. Every villager in the game is a different animal with a different personality. These animals will give players different ideas for how to improve the island, share items, and maintain a positive attitude that keeps players intrigued by the game. However, much like any other neighborhood, there are some neighbors that make players frown.

Veterans to the game will be able to tell you who is their favorite neighbor. Although each addition to the series has introduced new neighbors, there are a few staple neighbors in the game that players know and love. However, that also means there are villagers that some players just despise. Whether it be because the animal is not as cute as players wanted or because the villagers’ attitude is frustrating, players have the option to remove villagers from their island.

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How To Get Rid Of Rocks In Animal Crossing

If Animal Crossing: New Horizons is your first experience of Nintendo’s sedate life-sim series, you may be struggling to find materials you need to craft essential tools. Hitting rocks is one way to gather valuable resources like iron nuggets, clay, stones, several bugs and even Bells.

If you get the timing right, it’s possible to maximise the number of goodies that pop out of the rock, although each strike with an axe or a shovel will propel you backwards meaning you’re ever more likely to miss the rock completely – and therefore miss out on materials!

However, there is a way to 100% guarantee getting every last resource from rocks. Veterans of the Animal Crossing series will no doubt have tried the time-honoured trick which enables you to bag the maximum number of resources from hitting rocks. It involves having something behind you that prevents each strike pushing you away from the stone.

Here we’ll show you the quickest way to harvest resources from rocks around your Animal Crossing island.

Stop Interacting With Them

One of the sure-fire ways to remove a villager is to just completely ignore their existence. Although this can prove to be tricky, it’s one of the few ways to guarantee a neighbor moves out. By not speaking with the villager, the villager starts to feel as if they have no friends on the island. Even if the scorned villager chases the player down, just keep running and ignore them.

While not speaking with the villager, make sure to keep an eye on them. Eventually, the villager will be seen walking around with a cloud above their head. This is the moment a player should interact with the neighbor. This cloud represents the villager contemplating something, oftentimes it will be whether or not the villager should leave the island. This is the players’ opportunity to encourage the neighbor to find new prospects on another island.

However, not every cloud represents a villager thinking about leaving. Sometimes, the villager will give the player an item in an attempt to garner friendship. If this is the case, players should follow up on the conversation by hitting the villager with the bug net. This will discourage and enrage the villager, which will help encourage the poor animal to leave the island.

This approach also requires that players constantly interact with the other villagers on the island. Really drive home to that villager that they are unwelcome by speaking with all the neighbors’ players love while simultaneously ignoring the villager that needs to move out.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Why Your Villagers Want To Leave And How To Invite More

The islands of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are populated by wholesome villagers who just want to be your friend. In total, the game houses over 390 villagers but with only ten villagers allowed on your island at once, you likely wont see every villager the game has to offer. To combat this, the game features a rotating system of villagers and a friendship-based system that compels some villagers to leave your island. Heres how it works.

In , reputable Animal Crossing data miner Ninji detailed how the moving out system works. First, it operates on the prerequisite that you have at least six villagers living on your island. From there, the game uses a volume-based formula to determine the likelihood of a villager asking to move out.

on a given day, the % chance of somebody asking to move is given by + c, where v is the amount of villagers you have, and c is the MoveOutTalkCount, the amount of days since you last told a villager to leave or stay

theres a couple of conditions on that

Ninji ???????????????????????????????????????????? May 26, 2020

How To Get Rid Of Villagers


Thankfully, its nothing as grim as the picture above would lead you to believe. You cant just whack a villager on the head and bury their lifeless body in that one spot you know where the ground is soft, wrapped in a carpet youve painstakingly crafted yourself.

Instead, what youll want to do is go to resident services and talk to Isabelle. One of the options she offers is to discuss a resident. Pick that and make a complaint. After a while, this will make the landlords evict said villager, and youll be free to invite another in their stead. If youre impatient, you can try making several complaints in a row.

If you have no idea who Isabell is, you probably havent progressed through the story enough. She appears after a certain point and takes over Resident Services after youve upgraded it.

While youre waiting for security to throw out the poor bastard, you can kill time by trading turnips on the Stalk Market, trading fruit using Dodo codes, or catching wasps and selling them for profit. Although why anyone would buy wasps is entirely beyond me, the Nooks seem to be happy with buying suspicious amounts of the aggressive little critters. Those people are up to something.

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Using The Campsite And Amiibo Cards

If you’ve built the campsite and have Animal Crossing amiibo cards you can invite specific villagers to your island and hopefully convince them to move in. Thing is, if you already have 10 occupied houses on your island, then you’ll have to choose which of your current residents gets the boot to make way for the camper you’ve just invited.

Visiting campers can be really hard to convince, though. You’ll likely need to invite them to your island at least three times and craft souvenirs for them each day they visit. Make sure to check in with them multiple times each day to see if they’re willing to move in permanently. I had to invite Flora three days in a row and craft her some furniture each day, before she became interested in staying. But, then I was able to choose which of my villagers I kicked off of my island to make way for her.

Move Out Triggers And Selection Process

  • These conditions must be met on any given day:
  • Have at least 6 villagers
  • 5 days have passed since the last time you have answered yes or no to a villager move out prompt
  • 15 days have passed since the last villager moved out
  • If the above conditions are met, on the given day, there is a + c percent chance a villager will think of moving out, where v is the amount of animal villagers on your island, and c is the amount of days since you have answered “yes” or “no” to a move-out prompt. If you have 10 villagers, the chances can range from 50% to 80%.
  • EXCLUSIONS: Your most recent villager, the last villager you said no to during a move out thought, a villager with their birthday in the next 7 days, or a villager who was scheduled to move are excluded from asking to move out.

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    How To Get Rid Of Villagers In Anch With An Amiibo Card

    An amiibo card is a character card you can purchase separately from the Animal Crossing website’s amiibo page. These cards work using near field technology , so you can hold them up to your Switch controller to activate them.

    If you have an amiibo card, you can use it to invite other characters to come live on your island. Once your island is full , you can invite others using amiibo cards, which will prompt an existing islander to want to move.

    The downfall to using this method is the character you invite to move to the island will choose who they want to move off the island. It won’t always be the same person you want to move off the island. If that happens, it can always discourage the villager from moving.

    If you don’t have an amiibo card, you can also invite random strangers who come to camp on your island . Once campers start arriving, talk to them. You may need to talk to someone several times before you get the opportunity to invite them to move to the island.


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