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How To Get Sharks To Spawn In Animal Crossing

How Much Are Sharks Worth

Animal Crossing New Horizons: SHARK SEASON & New Mystery Island (How To Find RARE Sharks) Details

Each shark will net you a fairly large amount if sold to Timmy and Tommy. The Hammerhead can be sold for 8,000 Bells, the Saw Shark for 12,000 Bells, the Whale Shark for 13,000 Bells, and the Great White Shark will nab you the most at 15,000 Bells, and remember to take off 20% if you’re placing them in the drop-off box. Make sure you donate one of each to the Museum, though!

If You Fancy Yourself Lucky And You Think You’ve Got The Chops Why Not Check Out This Guide On How To Catch A Shark In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

by Ginny Woo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons isn’t just about catching esoteric things like Wisp spirits or picking up transmitter parts for a comatose seagull who fell overboard out of what we reckon is drunkenness. No, it’s all about making money, actually, and some of the most lucrative ways to make money involve selling local flora and fauna. Enter our guide on how to catch a shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to make those big bucks.

Saw Shark Location Time Of Day & Size

All of the sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be found in the sea, and the Sea Shark is no different. Just like most of the other sharks, the Saw Shark is a nightly creature and will only appear from 4PM-9AM each day.

The Saw Shark is of a similar size to all of the other sharks in the game, but dont forget to look out for a fin that appears out of the water to distinguish the Saw Shark from all of the other fish.

This may be obvious to some, but you can always craft bait to increase the chances of a spawn.

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Where Can I Catch A Shark

  • Ive a request from Agent.S to catch a shark which she wanted but how am I suppose to catch a shark ?And anws , where can I get a net to catch bugs ?! Cant seems to find it at all .

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    ahdaph 8 years ago

  • So I take the train to get to another island ? The problem is I cant find a net . And I catch a shark by net or fishing pole ?
  • ahdaph 8 years ago
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    Saw Shark Bells Price

    When does a Great White Shark spawn in Animal Crossing New ...

    The Saw Shark in New Horizons will fetch you 12,000 Bells when sold to Nooks Cranny due to its rarity and size. This makes it one of the most valuable fish in the whole game, though it is not the most valuable shark there is.

    You can also hold onto it until C.J. comes to your island, who will buy it for 20% more than usual for 14,400 Bells.

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    From Our New Horizons Wiki

    Just when you think its safe to fish in the water in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along come a load of different sharks.

    From , there are four different species of shark up for grabs in New Horizons in the northern hemisphere, all of them less likely to spawn than a normal fish. They are all rare fish with one of them, the Great White Shark, being among the most valuable and rarest fish in the whole game.

    All of the sharks are of a similar size, which is equivalent to a Sea Bass, and they all have fins that stick out of the water to help distinguish them from the rest of the fish. In addition, all of them apart from one spawn during the later hours of the day.

    With there being eighty different fish to catch in New Horizons, you will need to hunt down these sharks to complete your Critterpedia. Heres everything you need to know.


    10,000 Bells

    The Hammerhead Shark is the goofiest and least valuable of all of the sharks in New Horizons, but it seems to be around the same rarity. It goes for a decent amount of Bells at Nooks Cranny, though if you want to keep hold of one, it will fit snugly into a normal size display tank.

    So, heres the thing about all of the sharks: they are a nightmare to catch. Not only do they not spawn that often at all due to their rarity, they are also really keen on not hanging around on your hook. Its going to take you hours upon hours of hard work and dedication to catch them.


    Shark/beetle Hunting On The Island


    Don’t run just walk and you’ll get moreCut all the trees except palm treesAlso dig up the stumps, bushes and take put flowerIt will be much easy catching bugs- – – Post Merge – – –

    Being green, easy it is not

    MorningStar said:I disagree with the part about cutting down the trees in the center. If I see Fruit Beetles, I’ll chase them off, but believe me, you’ll want those trees there if you’re at all into hunting Oak Silk Moths or Rainbow Stags.


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    Hammerhead Shark Critterpedia Information

    The rare Hammerhead Shark is a fish you can catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Like other rare fish getting the Hammerhead Shark to spawn is largely up to chance. Here is Critterpedia information to help you catch the Hammerhead Shark:

    • Northern Hemisphere Spawn: June September.
    • Southern Hemisphere Spawn: December March.
    • Catchable Hours: 4 PM 9 AM.
    • Shadow Size: Finned.
    • Location: Sea.
    • Price: 12,000 Bells.

    So we know that the Hammerhead Shark is catchable in the Sea located around both your island and the mystery islands you visit during the evenings when spawnable. This Sea also includes the Pier as well which is where I caught one of these big boys. Before heading out to fish for this rare fish you will want to stock up on plenty of Fish Bait.

    How To Catch Great White Shark In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Catch a Whale Shark

    You catch a Great White Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons by following the below steps:

    • Approach the sea of your Animal Crossing New Horizons beach between the hours of 16:00 and 09:00
    • Use fish bait to attract different fish and shadow sizes
    • Find a fish with a large shadow size and fin
    • Throw your finishing line and only press A when a bite is taken as opposed to nibbles
    • Reel in the sucker and see what you got

    Its possible that you could be extremely lucky and get a Great White Shark on your first go, but you may need to be patient as its shadow is largely the same as other sharks.

    Once you have captured Nintendos Jaws, ensure that you donate it to Blathers for your Museum as its very cool to have.

    • NEW HORIZONS: Every fish and bug leaving Animal Crossing in June

    However, any others you capture can be sold to the Nooks for 15,000 bells.

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    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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    How To Catch Rare Fish

    Lets start by explaining some of the mechanics surrounding fish rarity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fish are split into various spawn pools, of sorts. Theres fish that spawn in the river, ocean, or ponds. And even among these they can be split into further subsets, such as fish that spawn in the high rivers above the cliffs, and those that spawn in the river mouth. On the ocean side, some fish only spawn near the pier, while others appear when it rains. And all of these can change based on the time of day, with with some appearing all day, others showing up from 9am to 4pm, and the rest only spawning from 4pm to 9am. Weather is a factor too, with rain or snow bringing out rare fish quite often, check out this guide for more info.

    Most of the rare fish are found in the ocean, but rarity can be relative. If you do all your fishing in the ocean then you need to mix it up. Ponds offer fish like koi and goldfish that cant be found elsewhere. And the river offers rare fish like the arowana, though only from December to March. So, of course, you need to be fishing all the time. Spread out your fishing hours, so youre getting fish from all across the schedule. And youll need to fish throughout the year to make sure you dont miss any that are seasonal. Variety is the key, but also dedication.


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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons has sharks deep within its waters. This guide will provide tips and tricks on what is required to capture them.

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    Sharks are an interesting case, as some of them only appear in specific hemispheres during certain times of the year. At the start of the game, the player has the option between the southern and northern hemispheres. Here is the month layout for sharks in each hemisphere.

    • Southern Hemisphere – December to March
    • Northern Hemisphere – June to September.

    Sharks will only appear during these time periods. Players can change the date on their Nintendo Switch to reach these times. Here are tips and tricks for catching sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    Catching Sharks In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Catching the Great White Shark!! Animal Crossing: New ...

    For starters, sharks are unique because they have fins that peek out of the water. Here are the types of sharks players can encounter.

    • Great White Shark
    • Saw Shark
    • Whale Shark

    These specifically spawn only in the beach area, so don’t waste time searching for them in rivers or ponds. Using Manila Clams to create Fish Bait to bring out fish instead of having to run around for them to spawn. Throw the line and make sure to time it when the lure goes deep into the water. Keep searching up and down the beach until the shark begins to spawn.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is designed so that players don’t complete every objective as soon as the game begins. It is a game that is meant to be played over a long period of time. The change of hemispheres is one way to bring players back to catch the more rare fish. Sharks also sell for high value at Nook’s Cranny. Also, if the player has a friend they could visit where their island takes place during another time period, it’s another effective way to farm for sharks. Finding sharks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is always a rewarding experience.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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    How To Catch A Hammerhead Shark In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    • The Hammerhead Shark is available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as of June 1 in the Northern Hemisphere.
    • You can catch a Hammerhead Shark from 4 p.m. until 9 a.m. in the sea.
    • To catch a Hammerhead Shark, look for a large fish shadow with a fin on top.
    • The Hammerhead Shark sells for 8,000 Bells.

    If youre like us, you probably want to complete your shark collection in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Not only can you catch a Great White Shark in the Northern Hemisphere starting on June 1, you can catch other sharks like the Whale Shark and Hammerhead Shark. If youre wondering whether the process of catching these sharks is the same, the answer is yes and no.

    First, sharks like the Whale Shark can be caught all day, whereas the Great White Shark and Hammerhead Shark can only be caught from 4 p.m. until 9 a.m. in the sea. To catch a Hammerhead Shark, youll need to look for a large fish shadow with a fin on top.

    The large finned fish shadow is the same for other sharks like the Whale Shark, so theres no guarantee when you spot one that itll be a Hammerhead Shark. The key to catching a Hammerhead Shark is to try and catch all finned fish shadows. Even if you dont catch a Hammerhead Shark right away, you still have the opportunity to catch others like the Great White Shark. Its a win/win.

    Now that you know how to catch a Hammerhead Shark in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides including:

    What Kind Of Sharks Are Available In Animal Crossing

    Players in the Northern Hemisphere will be able to spot larger fish than usual with fins sticking out of ocean water. There are six fin fish that can be found in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    They are:

  • Saw Shark
  • Ocean Sunfish
  • As expected, these sharks spawn at different times. Selling these will get players a hefty profit, considering catching hold of them is a rather uphill task.

    Suckerfish and Whale Shark can be found all day, and both will be available from June to September. Suckerfish sells for a mere 1,500 bells compared to the astounding 13,000 bells that selling the Whale Shark gets the players.

    Ocean Sunfish, Hammerhead Shark, Saw Shark and Great White Shark are also available from June to September and can be found from 4 PM to 9 AM . Selling these will get the players 4,000, 8,000, 12,000 and 15,000 bells, respectively.

    Now that the summer season is here and the sharks are beginning to spawn, it is possible that players will stumble across the shark island or the fin island while traveling to mystery islands.

    All fish available on this island have fins, implying that most of them are sharks. Fin Island, like all other mystery islands, is pretty lucrative. The players can catch these sharks and can leave with a hefty sum of bells.

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    How To Catch The Great White Shark

    Note: Rare fish are rare spawns which means some may get it soon while others may take a little longer. Dont give up.

    The location to catch the rare Great White Shark in Animal Crossing New Horizons is the Sea. The Sea location is any of the water surrounding your island or mystery islands you visit. On the beach look into the Sea for shadows with fins. If they dont spawn you can scare away the other fishes and use bait to force other fish types to spawn in.

    Infinite Fish Bait: If you feel like using a bit of an exploit to preserve your Fish Bait I have one for you. Craft about 5 7 Fish Bait and then save and exit your game. Head back into the game and go to the fishing spot. Here you have about 2.5 Minutes to fish before the game autosaves. Before the autosave triggers simply kill the game via the Nintendo Switch homescreen to have essentially infinite Fish Bait. Repeat this process until youve caught the fish you desire.

    If your island proves to be a bit of a lackluster catching zone you may want to take a trip to a mystery island. Mystery islands have higher fish spawn rates so you are able to cycle through fish in the Sea location much faster. There is also a rare mystery island spawn that is high on shark spawns you can attempt to visit as well.

    Focus your time trying to catch the finned shadows you see appear in the Sea and eventually you will catch the Great White Shark. This is one of a few rare fish players can catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    How To Fish For A Shark

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Catch All Sharks

    For the most part, catching a shark should be quite similar to catching traditional fish. However, sharks will be more elusive and challenging to nab. You need to buy or craft a fishing rod first.

    Go to any edge of your island and face the ocean. Make sure that you aren’t sprinting otherwise, the sound of your footsteps may scare fish away. Sharks are far rarer than regular fish, so it may take some time to patrol the ocean around your island and find one to catch. It may help to throw out fish bait that you craft with manila clams.

    As usual, you will search for the shadow outline of a fish. Look for a bigger creature with a shark fin sticking out of the water. Cast your line with the “A” button so that the bobber lands in front of the shark. The shark will lightly nibble on the bobber when it bites and your controller vibrates more intensely, hit “A” again to reel in the shark.

    Your villager will catch the shark and proudly display your catch to the camera with fanfare.

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