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How To Get The Cafe On Animal Crossing New Leaf

Animal Crossing’s Museum May Still Add Brewster’s Cafe Say Dataminers

Animal Crossing : New leaf ; How to get Roost Cafe

Dataminers suggest Brewster and his café, The Roost, are already in Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ files and could arrive in an update soon.

Newly datamined;Animal Crossing: New Horizons;game files suggest Brewster and his museum café may finally return soon. Brewster’s café in;Animal Crossing: New Horizons;has been rumored for some time, but nothing has come to fruition since release. However, a recent announcement made by Nintendo could give the theory more credibility.

The Roost first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World on the Nintendo DS. Adjacent to the museum, it allowed players to enjoy coffee prepared by the shy pigeon barista, Brewster. It was also where K.K. Slider would perform his acoustic Saturday shows. In;Animal Crossing: City Folk;, players could also opt to store their Gyroids with Brewster, and they were given the ability to work part-time at The Roost in;New Leaf.;Having been absent from the latest mainline entry since its launch over a year ago,;Brewster’s;Animal Crossing: New Horizons;absence;has not been lost on players.

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What To Do In Animal Crossing Wild World

In this Animal Crossing: Wild World strategy guide, youll find: Tips for town maintenance and the hidden depths of Feng Shui. Money-making strategies for all sorts of players. Become a millionaire! Dynamic lists of all fish and bugs in the game with details on when and where to find them. Wild World secrets! Unlock the golden tools

*rant* Anybody Else Hate The Brewster Cafe


forcedallthe mayordoesnt want to serve youI want to work hereNo thanks……reasons?againI cant be a good barista if I have things in my pockets …because reasons…thirdfinally give the customers *exactly* what they wantcared toASKthe final straw…mochamochanonodidnt ask for anyone teaspoononenoblenddidnt specifykilimanjaroALL….A bag of coffee beans.….Sell them at ReTail for the same price as a seashell.I officiallyHATE the Brewster cafe and I hate BrewsterHIMSELF even more!!!TEA


high quality


conversationswhile youredrinking coffee


…..hi..Welcome. …..bye..Thank you.

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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h2oacidic8 years ago#1So how do I work in the Cafe? I’ve unlocked the feature but he always tells me that he doesn’t need me. Am I missing something?3DS FC: 1220-6603-4336

AdeonWriter8 years ago#2Prob. Knows u tt’d
h2oacidic 8 years ago#3Meatballsoup posted…Doubtful TT’ing will stop the feature. Mind being helpful next time?3DS FC: 1220-6603-4336

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CuriCurry8 years ago#4You have to get a coffee everyday until he asks if you want to work there. I didn’t keep track of the number of days but just keep getting a coffee and eventually he will ask you.

h2oacidic 8 years ago#5CuriCurry posted…

You have to get a coffee everyday until he asks if you want to work there. I didn’t keep track of the number of days but just keep getting a coffee and eventually he will ask you.

He has asked me and I waited the day to be allowed to work there. Anytime I ask, can I work he said not right now.3DS FC: 1220-6603-4336

User Info:

CuriCurry8 years ago#6It’s specifically timed between 11am to 11pm. You can work any day except holidays between that time frame.

NettoSaito8 years ago#7You can only work once a day, and the town gate cant be open.PSN/XBL/NN – NettoSaito | 3DS –

Why Can’t I Get The Roost Cafe

Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  • I got Animal Crossing New Leaf 3 months ago and I found out that a cafe can open called the Roost Cafe, so I searched up how to do it. I followed all the instructions,I donated the 20 items, I got the second floor opened, I donated more than 50 items and Blathers didnt say anything about the Cafe, so I time traveled 8 days in the settings, and he still didnt mention the Cafe. I even tried talking to him when he is awake at night. Did I miss a step? Do I have to wait longer? Did my time travel mess it up? If you know whats wrong can you please tell me?superpudgemetal – 6 years ago
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    Develop Your Main Street And Your Town

    Published Aug. 6, 2013, 12:45 p.m.aboutAnimal Crossing: New Leaf

    by Steve Stratton

    The following content is from the “Shops and Such” chapter of the Animal Crossing New Leaf Official Guide. When you’re ready for more, pick up your copy or unlock the eGuide.

    Main Street may not seem like much at first, but as you steadily devote time and Bells to growing your town, youll notice new shops begin to crop up. Lets check out all of the special shops that can be built on Main Street and within your town.

    Can You Work At The Post Office In Animal Crossing New Leaf

    post officeAnimalCrossingcanworkwill

    . Also to know is, can you get a job in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

    For Part Time Job offered by Brewster in NewLeaf, see The Roost Café. In Animal Crossing:New Leaf, Tom Nook does not require the player towork for him anymore, because the player now starts off living in atent and must pay 10,000 Bells in order toobtain a house.

    how do you get the cafe in Animal Crossing New Leaf? To get the cafe in Animal Crossing: NewLeaf, first you need to unlock the second floor of the museum.Then, donate 50 different things to the museum having at least onething donated in each exhibit. Example: 1 painting, 1 fish, 1 bug,47 fossils = 50 in total.

    Then, how do you work at Brewsters new leaf?

    Part 3Getting a Job at the Cafe

  • Have seven cups of coffee at the Roost Café. You maypurchase one cup per day, for 200 bells.
  • Talk to Brewster on the right-hand side of the bar. He will askif you would like a part-time job.
  • Serve villagers coffee.
  • What can you do in Animal Crossing New Leaf?

    How to Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the Nintendo3DS

    • Recycle, Schmooze, and Donate to Your Town’s Museum.
    • Set Town Ordinances That Suit Your Play Style.
    • You Can Stack Fruit in Your Menu.
    • New Fish and Bugs Should Go Straight to the Museum.
    • Procure and Grow Foreign Fruit.
    • Found a Perfect Fruit?
    • Hit Rocks With Your Shovel for Big Rewards.
    4 or 28 in dog years

    Stefanov Nicolas

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    How To Get A Job

    Next, once the cafe is ready, you can go in and buy a cup of coffee for the standard 200 bells. After buying 5 cups of coffee, you can take your coffee to go; which means your character will walk around anywhere holding a coffee cup and taking sips from it.

    After purchasing coffee 8 times you can then participate in a part-time job working alongside Brewster. This means serving coffee to all of your friends!

    A player serving coffee to a villager.

    Animal Crossing: How Brewster’s Roost Could Be Different In New Horizons

    How to: get the Perfect Town (Animal Crossing: New Leaf)

    The return of Brewster and The Roost are highly requested features for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. How could the game eventually handle the café?

    One of the most highly requested features for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the re-introduction of Brewster and The Roost, a café that was present in previous titles in the franchise. Thus far, the feature has yet to be added to New Horizons, but that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing about its eventual return. What could Animal Crossing;do differently if it were to bring The Roost back into the series?

    In previous games, The Roost largely served as an opportunity to experience new forms of gameplay. For instance, players could store gyroids there, which were a unique furniture item that could be dug out of the ground and used to add musical tones to the player’s house. It also served as the location for K.K. Slider’s concerts before the town square was utilized in New Horizons. In;Animal Crossing:;New Leaf, players could even work at The Roost, providing coffee to villagers and special visitors that entered the café. More features were unlocked the more time was spent with Brewster, additionally providing incentive to form a friendship with him throughout the game.

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    Animal Crossing: Where Is Brewster

    Animal Crossing fans are missing the coffee-loving barista Brewster. For those who aren’t familiar with him, here’s a brief history of the character.

    As Animal Crossing: New Horizons;continues to get new updates, fans;have been questioning the absence of the coffee-brewing;pigeon;Brewster. Nintendo has reintroduced multiple NPCs in,;like Redd and Luna. Additionally, players have been finding references to Brewster since during late-night conversation with villagers since April.

    Players familiar with;older;Animal Crossing titles most likely remember the pigeon barista and long for his return. However, those who are starting with New Horizons;may be asking who Brewster is and why people so badly want him back.

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    Main Street May Not Seem Like Much At First But As You Steadily Devote Time And Bells To Growing Your Town You Ll Notice New Shops Begin To Crop Up

    How to get coffee shop in animal crossing new leaf. The roost café is a public works project in animal crossing. New leaf the café known as the roost is a public works project. The following table lists the coffee preferences of all animal.

    The following content is from the shops and such chapter of the animal crossing new leaf official guide. There you can drink coffee encounter villagers and special characters and even get a part time job. In new leaf see also the roost and coffee preferences.

    New leaf very similar to the roost in animal crossing. The player will respond to the particular taste and flavoring of the coffee after drinking it. They are worth 1 000 bells at re tail.

    Wild world and animal crossing. The charming community building franchise returns for with animal crossing. When you re ready for more pick up your copy or unlock the eguide.

    Instead he will offer the player a take out option after the player has drank. In new leaf he runs the roost once it has been built as a public works project. The player may also get a part time job at the café after having seven cups of coffee by talking to brewster while standing to the right side of the bar.

    The roost is a public works project but it isn t available in your list of public works projects right away. Shop owners and side. Unfortunately he does not offer to store the player s gyroids in animal crossing.

    Acnl Qr Code Coffee Sign By Lionwoman On Deviantart Animal Crossing Qr Animal Crossing 3ds Animal Crossing

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    In Animal Crossing: The Movie

    Cyrano in Dbutsu no Mori

    The Roost is also shown in the movie in which some scenes take place.

    In Animal Crossing: The Movie, Ai comes to The Roost in order to find Apollo. Once she arrives, she meets Cesar and Cyrano. Once Apollo arrives, she delivers the package that he had ordered from Tom Nook, then apologizes for the destruction of his flowers, which she had accidentally crushed during the delivery. Apollo compliments Brewster on his coffee, takes his package, and leaves.

    Ai is also seen at the Roost after moves away. She sadly asks Brewster for a cup of coffee. She then hears K.K. Bossa, Margie’s favorite song. She starts crying for her friend. Whitney, who is sitting across from her, consoles her, saying that if she believes in herself, her and Margie’s bond will never fade. When Ai leaves, Whitney compares two women’s bond to a bond between a man and a woman, and no matter how she tries, she will never return it to the way it was.

    Getting A Job At The Cafe

    I finally got the cafe!
  • 1Have seven cups of coffee at the Roost Café. You may purchase one cup per day, for 200 bells.
  • 2Talk to Brewster on the right-hand side of the bar. He will ask if you would like a part-time job.
  • You can only work between 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m.
  • You can’t work on holidays.
  • 3Serve villagers coffee. Three villagers and one special character will come and ask for coffee.
  • Each villager has their own favorite coffee bean type, sugar amount, and milk quantity.
  • The options for bean type are mocha, blend, blue mountain and kilimanjaro.
  • The options for sugar amounts are none, one spoonful, two spoonfuls and three spoonfuls.
  • The options for milk quantities are none, a little, the regular amount and lots.
  • Remember their favorite combinations because they will usually only tell you once, and you will get paid better for giving them their favorite combination.
  • Create a table if it helps. That way you can see what beans and amounts each character prefers so you can get it right if they return.
  • 4Complete the shift. After every shift, the number of favorite combinations you make will determine the type of coffee beans Brewster will give you as payment.
  • If you get 1-4 combinations right, then Brewster will give you normal coffee beans. They are worth 500 bells at Re-Tail.
  • If you get 5-8 combinations right, then Brewster will give you good coffee beans. They are worth 1,000 bells at Re-Tail.
  • Cream and sugar
  • Brewstoid
  • Cafe uniform
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    What Do I Use The Coffee Beans For

    In “Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” the owner of Roost Cafe lets you work part-time and gives you some beans, according on how well you served the customers. The problem is, I don’t know how to use them! Can someone help?

    The coffee beans are completely useless except for selling purposes. You do also get a coffee maker from Brewster, but it is purely for decoration.

    All of the beans can be sold for up to four times more via the flea market than to Reese – for example, the superb beans fetch 2000 with Reese and up to 7999 on the flea market.

    They are useless unless you sell them. I recommend you selling them on the flea market,you get more bells! I have tried it myself.

    Go to they give you a whole list of how to make coffee for all customers, including special ones like Isabelle and DJ KK. If you get all customer’s orders right Brewster will give you Superb Coffee Beans, the best ones he stocks. They are of course, only given to you to be sold, and are basicly purposeless. Brewster will occasionally give you special furniture that looks like you could actually make your own coffee with the beans, but they are only for displaying.

    Once The Player Has Been Getting His/her Coffee Daily From Brewster Either From Sitting At The Counter Or Grabbing A Quick Cup To Go He Will Eventually Offer A Part

    Keeping track of the locals’ favorite coffee makes satisfied customers, and although it takes a lot of time and effort, if the player guesses correctly on all three ingredients, the player will recieve a compliment and make the customer happy.;

    The player will be paid for their work, as in every other part-time job, and the type of payment the player will recieve depends on their performance. Below is a list of all the items that can be obtained from working for Brewster.

    • Café uniform
    • Espresso maker
    • Coffeemaker
    • Cream and sugar
    • Coffee grinder
    • Siphon
    • Coffee cup
    • Note: You can’t obtain the Café themed items again after you’ve sold them.
    • Normal coffee beans
    • Superb coffee beans
    • Note: You can sell Superb Coffee Beans for 7,500 bells if you put it for sale on the Flea Market.
    • Mini brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid
    • Brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid
    • Mega brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid
    • Tall brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid

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    What New Horizons Could Do With Brewster’s Roost

    In other Animal Crossing titles, the café was located under the museum, and it seems probable that this would be the case were it to be added into New Horizons as well. Given how long the game has been out, and how meticulous some players tend to get when it comes to island customization and excessive terraforming, expecting them to find room for an entirely new building seems unlikely;- unless, of course, The Roost were to come after that rumored;Animal Crossing island expansion update. Given that K.K. Slider has a new area to perform concerts in, New Horizons;also probably won’t add a space for him in The Roost, meaning that the café could be small enough to easily fit into the existing museum structure.

    Adding back in the;opportunity to play as a barista could provide a unique way to introduce returning characters from the series who have yet to appear in New Horizons. NPCs like Joan and Pelly, who no longer have a role as of the latest title in the franchise, could be brought back as customers in The Roost. New Horizons could also let the café function as more of a minigame, adding additional gameplay variety to keep New Horizons feeling fresh. Alternatively, it could simply be used to let players flesh out their relationships with the villagers on their island. Regardless of how they choose to approach it, it seems like letting Brewster and The Roost return to Animal Crossing: New Horizons would be a good step forward for the game.


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