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How To Get To Higher Ground Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Save Editor

*QUICK GUIDE* Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How to Get the SHOVEL & VAULTING POLE – CROSS WATER
  • acres, river, waterfalls and ponds
  • name, town hall and train station roof colors
  • move buildings, houses, rocks and more at your own
  • can edit your player characters
  • can edit your villagers
  • put all perfect fruit trees in your town
  • put both police stations in your town
  • put anything in the beach, the river or the island
  • put various plaza tree anywhere
  • let Holden/Filly join your town
  • get a tan even in winter
  • change ground grass shape
  • place unused players patterns on ground
  • and more!
  • Take Advantage Of Special Visitors

    Within the first few days of your island adventure, you’ll likely come across a unique visitor — such as Gulliver, the sea gull asleep on the beach, or Wisp, the easily frightened ghost. Each of these visitors will teach you something, sell you something or send you on a short mission. These missions will earn you unique item rewards.

    My personal favorite visitor so far is C.J., a beaver-blogger who loves to fish. He’ll ask you to catch special fish for him, order fish decorations for you , and pay you extra for any fish you sell him. In a single day with C.J., I ordered a handful of fish decorations to hang on my walls and made nearly 60,000 bells just angling as usual. It was a good day.

    How To Terraform In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Open the app on your Nook Phone and you will be presented with four options: “start construction”, “request cleanup”, “check the manual”, and “nah” .

    To begin terraforming, select “start construction” and watch your avatar pop on their hardhat. If you then proceed to press ‘+’ you can pick which path you want to lay down, followed by ‘A’ which will lay this path type at your feet. Pressing ‘A’ again on an already laid down path will delete it.

    If you want to take your terraforming one step further, you can use a waterscape permit to create, reshape or delete ponds, rivers, waterfalls and lakes. To place a water tile, simply follow the same steps as you did with a path. But it’s worth noting that you can’t place water too close to trees, nor can you create river mouths.

    To create a waterfall, climb on top of the cliff you want your waterfall to cascade down from and place the water tile there.

    Cliff building follows the same format, with you placing cliff tiles in front of your feet using ‘A’. However, it’s worth noting that while you can build cliffs up to three layers high, you can’t access cliffs that are that high up, nor can you build cliffs too close to trees.;

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons How To Get The Ladder And Climb Cliffs

    Life on your deserted island is pretty ideal. There are rare bugs to discover, unique fish to catch, and plenty of materials to harvest from the land. However, you won’t be able to access every section of your island right away. If you want to scale those towering cliffs, you’re going to need a ladder first. Here’s how to unlock the ladder and reach those taunting goodies on the cliffs.

    Catch All The Fish And Bugs

    How Do I Get To Higher Ground On Animal Crossing

    Another early tip: Catch every animal you see which pretty much consists of fish and bugs. Keep an eye on flowers for stinkbugs and mantises, snag butterflies in the groves, and shake trees and rocks to find pill bugs and spiders. Heres how my colleague caught the elusive stringfish.As soon as you craft your first bug net and fishing pole, start handing over your collected critters to Tom Nook. Sure, you could sell these creatures to Timmy and Tommy, the islands resident traders, but Tom Nook will send each unique discovery to his friend Blathers the owl, who lives off-island.

    Long story short, after enough donations, Blathers the owl will come build a museum on the island and set you on to a much larger collection project, opening up the game considerably.;

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    A Soft Reset Would Breathe New Life Into The Game

    What New Horizons needs most is the ability to start the game over again, but without the complete loss of certain progression earned through play. The idea of starting over but keeping your villagers, Bells, catalog, and building progress would be ideal, especially without the need to maintain an Island Star rating.

    The idea of a soft reset or a New Game+ has long existed in other games and is a staple to encourage long-term player retention by giving them something to do even after the game has been completed. Although one can argue that there is no end to Animal Crossing, the Star Rating system is in its own way constraining player creativity.

    Technically, the idea is not new in the series either. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players can sell all of their items and maintain their Bells, though this is more of a workaround rather than a deliberate feature that would certainly be used by players in-game.

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    How To Get Vaulting Pole & Ladder To Cross Rivers & Climb Cliffs

    When you first arrive on your deserted island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, youll find yourself quite restricted in terms of accessing most of the islands landmass, but with two simple critical items you can easily cross rivers and climb cliffs!

    With the Vaulting Pole tool item you can cross all of the rivers you wish with ease, and with the Ladder tool item you can climb previously inaccessible cliffs and ledges that have been taunting you. Heres how to unlock and craft both of these important items to progress in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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    Worse: Youre Not The Mayor

    This isnt so much a;gameplay;problem;as an emotional one. In;New Leaf, the title of mayor is bestowed upon players as soon as they arrive in their new town, and all improvements made to the town are accordingly credited to the player.

    In;New Horizons, the player is still the one doing all the work, and indeed contributing most of the Bells to new features like bridges and ramps. Only now, youre just the Resident Representative and everyone acts like theyve worked together to make any changes. It may be petty, but if the player puts in the effort, surely they deserve the credit.

    Make Sure Tents Are Spaced Out

    How do you get higher ground in Animal Crossing?

    When you have finally reached your island, Tom Nook will give you a tent and basic supplies, and you need to find a suitable plot of land on which to place it. It is worth noting at this point that your tent will eventually become your house and garden, so you need to make sure you will have plenty of room to expand.

    You will then be asked to find plots of land for a couple of neighbours to settle on. And, later, where to place the museum, Nook’s Cranny shop and the visitor centre. Therefore, when placing each plot try to imagine how it will look when larger than just a tent.

    For example, don’t place the museum tent directly in front of your own home. Once fully constructed, it is one of the largest buildings and, therefore, obscures the view of your house in the straight-on isometric view.

    You can place any of the starter tents and builds on top of trees, so you don’t need to find a natural clearing. And, once you have the ability to craft a proper axe, you will be able to chop down trees that are in the way.

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    How To Buy Permits And Paths In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Before you begin terraforming, you’re going to want to pick up any relevant permits you may want to use.;

    Path permits allow you to create paths, while a waterscaping permit is needed to terraform rivers and a cliff construction permit is needed to build and tear down cliffs.

    The Island Designer app comes with two types of path permits already: grass and dirt path. But if you’re wanting more choices then you should head over to the Nook Stop at Residential Services.

    You can buy all the relevant permits you will need from the Nook Miles Store at the Nook Stop, with path permits costing 2,000 Nook Miles each and waterscaping and cliff permits costing 6,000 Nook Miles each. There are eight different path styles available for purchase including a customizable path that allows you to make a path out of a custom pattern. You only need to buy a permit once to unlock it permanently in the Island Designer app.

    Play The Stalk Market

    Playing the Stalk Market is a pretty reliable way to increase your weekly revenue. You can buy turnips on Sundays from Daisy Mae for prices that usually hover around 100 bells. For the rest of the week, you can check in the morning and the afternoon at the Nook’s Cranny store to see the rates for turnips. The goal is to buy low and sell high.

    A few important notes: Turnips rot after a week, so you can’t just hoard them waiting for a giant payday. They also rot if you travel back in time. And checking prices twice a day takes time, so you probably don’t want to start investing in turnips until the time is worth the payoff. I don’t invest unless I have at least 50,000 bells. Then, even a small rise in prices can lead to a significant return. If you want to get intense about it, you can even check out websites that fans have built to calculate the trajectory of the Stalk Market across the week.

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    Collect Everything New Resources Appear Daily

    One of the initial tasks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to pay back a loan for your tent and relocation. This is in Nook Miles – a new form of currency that is effectively awarded to you for every action you perform on the island. Even picking weeds can help fill in the Starbucks reward card style Nook Miles sheets on your NookPhone, so you shouldn’t have trouble earning them.

    However, once you have paid back the first loan, you will need to repay a heftier one for your first house . And these later loans will need to be paid back in Bells rather than Nook Miles.

    Thankfully, everything on the island has value and Timmy and Tommy Nook are more than happy to give you cold, hard cash for anything you bring to them. Doesn’t matter what it is, they’ll buy it.

    The easy way to make cash quickly is note down the items they pay most for and seek those our more often. To be honest though, as they even buy weeds, pears and stuff that replenishes often, you will never find yourself without a means of income.

    Dont Leave Any Stone Unturned And Eat Fruit To Become More Powerful

    How Do I Get To Higher Ground On Animal Crossing

    Sometimes, resources and creepy crawlies can be found in the most peculiar places. Centipedes, for example, will only appear if you bash a rock with your axe.

    And, you can sometimes be surprised by what appears on the end of your fishing line. A boot, say, or tin can.

    Unlike previous Animal Crossing games though, even rubbish like that can be used in crafting. Dont throw anything away.

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    Donate Every Unique Item Sell Everything Else

    One word of caution when you are looking for items to sell, you should save every fossil you dig up, or original bug or fish you catch. Blathers in the museum won’t give you money for them, but they will look great on display.

    Even before he arrives on the island, you should donate them to Tom Nook in preparation.

    Fossil holes – shown by jagged crosses on the ground – appear once a day and only a few turn out to be doubles in the early days. But when they do, they can raise a pretty penny – or look cool on the mantelpiece in your own home.

    The only other exception to selling items is keeping them for crafting. Wood , sticks, stones, iron nuggets, clay and other resources found around the island might not be needed for the handful of DIY recipes you start with, but some could become essential down the line.

    One specific hint: don’t sell iron nuggets or clay. They are hard to come by and are needed in bulk a few days in.

    Better: More Pocket Space

    Its difficult to understand just how significant extra pocket space is without having played older;Animal Crossing games.;New Leaf allows players to hold up to 16 items in their inventory, which is already a step up from the 15 spaces of games like;City Folk.

    New Horizons;sees players starting with 20 pocket spaces, and gives you the ability to upgrade your inventory to hold up to 40 items. Even with this huge capacity, its easy to run out of space thanks to the range of DIY materials available. Its almost scary to imagine how frustrating;New Horizons would have been with;New Leaf sized pockets.

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    Manage Your Pockets Inventory Wisely

    When you start New Horizons you will just have a few tools available to you, so the number of inventory slots in your “pockets” are ample. However, you will soon find them expanding as your crafting skills improve and, if you do happen to visit other islands, you need to ensure you have enough empty slots for anything new you might find.

    Luckily, items dropped around your own island will remain there indefinitely, so you can always pick them up later – on a different day even.

    Once you progress from a tent to a house, you get storage in your home for anything you don’t want to carry around with you.

    Prepare Plots For Your Incoming New Residents

    How To Get A Ladder In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    For these new island dwellers, Tom Nook promised fully kitted out homes – inside and out – so to achieve this goal you have to craft six items of furniture for each new household. Thankfully, Mr. Nook will give you a selection of new recipes that will help you furnish each of the new homes. Interestingly, one of the items you’ll need to craft requires flowers you won’t have come across yet, flowers that just happen to reside on the higher levels of your island. If only you had a ladder.;

    So first, place all three plots for your new residents and then you’ll receive a phonecall from Tom Nook. He’ll explain the flower access issue, and finally give you a recipe for the ladder.;

    Then it’s just a case of heading over to Residents’ Services and crafting one. You’ll only need four wood, four hardwood and four softwood in order to make it.;

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Iron Nuggets Guide

    Specifically, your loot will drop on the ground into any open spot directly next to the rock . That means you can easily get six chops from any stone: one for each open spot next to it, minus the two you block with holes or items. With a little practice, and one fewer hole, you can get as many as seven in one go!

    Unfortunately, it can still be a huge pain to farm the 30 Iron Nuggets necessary to complete the first in-game store. Most islands are rotten with trees, but sport only a handful of accessible rocks to mine. Youll need to reach out to friends and their islands to get more. Alternatively, you can spend 2000 Nook Miles on a plane ticket to reach a randomly selected in-game island! These typically have another handful of boulders to smash.

    Last but certainly not least: make sure you dont overdo it. Eating fruit will supercharge your axe swing. If you hit a boulder in this state, it will instantly destroy the object, netting you just two random rocks. Thats a far cry from what you want! Higher-end tools can also destroy objects on any island. Its only temporary. However, you dont want to wait an extra day just to get an Iron Nugget or three.

    Speaking of Iron Nuggets, these items in particular can be obtained from your starting villagers. Once you begin the process of building the store, talk to your residents. Theyll often supply you with a few of the necessary components to speed up the process. They wont do all the work for you, but it goes a long way!

    Don’t Leave Any Stone Unturned And Eat Fruit To Become More Powerful

    Sometimes, resources and creepy crawlies can be found in the most peculiar places. Centipedes, for example, will only appear if you bash a rock with your axe.

    And, you can sometimes be surprised by what appears on the end of your fishing line. A boot, say, or tin can.

    Unlike previous Animal Crossing games though, even rubbish like that can be used in crafting. Don’t throw anything away.

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    How To Get The Vaulting Pole To Cross Rivers

    In order to cross the rivers on your deserted island and explore the other side, youll need to get your hands on the important Vaulting Pole tool item.

    Unlocking the Vaulting Pole requires you to first make it to at least your second full day on the island with Blatherss Tent fully built and open ready to accept donations. In order to build Blatherss Tent, you first need to donate five bugs or fish to Tom Nook at Resident service and place the location for Blatherss Tent.

    After placing the location for Blatherss Tent, the construction will be completed the next morning. When the day begins, head over inside of his tent to speak with Blathers and he will discuss with you his interest in finding fossils on the island.

    In order to get to the fossils on the island though, youll need to be able to cross the river to find the dig spots, which of course requires the Vaulting Pole tool! Therefore Blathers will transfer both the Vaulting Pole crafting recipe and the Flimsy Shovel crafting recipe to your NookPhone.

    How to Craft the Vaulting Pole

    Youll need to gather five Softwood crafting materials to craft the Vaulting Pole tool item. Those can be gathered by hitting a tree with either the Flimsy Axe or Stone Axe, but only once per day. If you dont find enough Softwood from one tree, try another as the type of wood that drops is random.


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