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How To Make Hybrid Flowers Animal Crossing

How To Get A Lily Of The Valley

How to: Get ALL HYBRID FLOWERS EASILY in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The Lily of the Valley is a unique and special flower – it cannot be bought as a seed, nor can it be bred using hybrid flowers. Instead, this flower only appears and blooms once you have achieved a perfect 5 star island eval rating for your town. Each day your island stays at a 5 star rating, youll have more chances for the Lily of the Valley to appear along the cliffs of your island.

How To Make Hybrid Flowers

Crossbreeding flowers in Animal Crossing is not difficult, but requires proper planning, watering the flowers daily as well as patience.

To create new colors of our flowers, we need to plant new seedlings in a checkerboard pattern – as if the flowers were only black or only white fields. Of course, you have to plant plants with different colors – this is the only way to have a chance of a new color. For example, pink or orange hyacinths may grow between red and yellow flowers.


  • Plant the differently colored flowers in a checkerboard pattern.
  • Water them daily .
  • Wait – if you are lucky, unique flowers will appear in your garden.
  • Hybrid Flowers Guide For Animal Crossing New Horizons

    This guide explores the different hybrid flower combinations in Animal Crossing New Horizons. There are eight different species of flowers throughout the game, including Tulips, Roses, Mums, Windflowers, Hyacinths, Lillies, Cosmos, and Pansies. Within each species, you can make hybrid colors by combining different basic colors together.

    Hybrid flower colors include purple, pink, black, blue, and orange. Not only are these hybrid flowers aesthetically pleasing, but they can potentially lure rare bugs and be used as ingredients for crafting recipes.

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    Sell Weeds For Premium Prices At Leifs Flower Shop

    In addition to selling shrubs or bushes and flower seeds on your island, Leif can purchase unwanted Clumps of Weeds items from you for an enhanced premium price!

    To sell your excess weeds, simply speak to Leif near his Flower Shop stall at Resident Services a second time and hell offer you the option to sell weeds. His premium rate is 20 Bells per weed item, which is double the typical selling price of 10 Bells per weed item when sold to Timmy & Tommy at Nooks Cranny!

    So if youve been hoarding up multiple stacks of a hundred Clumps of Weeds in your house storage for the past month of playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this might be a good opportunity to start selling off some of your stockpile to Leif at his Flower Shop.

    Remember that there are a variety of uses for Clumps of Weeds as crafting materials in DIY Crafting though, so you may still wish to hand onto a healthy amount of weeds. In particular, the brand new Hedge Fencing item just added in the Version 1.2.0 April Update requires Clumps of Weeds to craft!

    Special thanks to Murray for contributing screenshots to this guide.

    How To Create Hybrid Flowers

    How to make hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New ...

    Each day, any flowers that have been watered and are touching have a chance to spawn a hybrid flower the next day. You can tell flowers have been watered if theyre sparkling.

    We recommend planting your flowers in an X or crosshatch pattern. This ensures that there is always a diagonal space for the new flower to bloom at. Hybrids only pop up on a diagonal space from their parent flowers so this is important.

    Thanks to the Animal Crossing community for trying to piece together all of these flower combinations. Weve sourced the list below from multiple posts since any given infographic seems to be missing one or two results. For a more visual look at flower creation, check out .

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    How To Get Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    If you want to decorate your island with some more exciting flowers than those available as standard, you can utilize the crossbreeding method to get your hands on some unique hybrid flowers.

    The easiest way to do this is to plant your parent flowers diagonally in a checkerboard pattern. Doing it this way, as opposed to planting them all in a row, provides optimal space for new hybrid flowers to grow.

    Make sure your flowers are watered every day, either with a watering can or by the rain, and hybrid flowers will eventually grow in the empty spaces. Once grown, you can dig them up and replant them elsewhere.

    Heres how to grow hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing:

  • Get seeds of your two chosen parent flowers, making sure theyre the same breed.
  • Plant them near each other in a diagonal checkerboard pattern.
  • Water them every day. You can skip this step if its raining.
  • Once the parents are fully grown, hybrid flowers should begin to grow!
  • Wed also recommend placing fencing around your flower patches, as that will stop you accidentally running through them and ruining your hard work. Fences also make your island look nice!

    How To Make Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    You can make hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with some smart planting. In the simplest terms, you need to plant two flowers with a single space open between them. For most players, this means planting flowers in an X formation is the most efficient. However, there are some rules to be aware of:

    • Hybrid flowers require a single empty space between the two colors you want to combine
    • You can only create Hybrid flowers from the same species
    • Each flower type has its own cross-pollination color combos
    • You must water the flowers each day

    Put simply, plant your flowers in an X formation with the color combos youre after, then remember to water them every day. It wont happen immediately, but eventually theyll cross-pollinate to produce new flower colors for you. You can then feel free to relocate these flowers wherever you want. Check out the video below by MonkeyKingHero if you’re having trouble with the explanation at all:

    Once you know the initial setup, you can mostly use logic to deduce the outcomes. For example, planting red and white roses with gaps between them will result in pink roses. Not all the flower breeding combos in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are quite so obvious though, so weve listed the different hybrid flower color combinations below to make things easier. Want to expand further? Produce longer diagonal lines of flowers, leaving gaps inbetween the colors you want to cross-pollinate.

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: Where To Find Roses

    Keep an eye out for roses growing on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Players can also buy them from Nook and Cranny for a few bells.

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    Players will want to . One way to do that is with flowers. Players wanting to get a jump on next years Valentines day may want to stockpile a few roses somewhere on their island. Of course, players shouldnt be surprised when their island becomes overrun with flowers. Heres how to get roses in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    How To Get Gold Roses

    How to make Hybrid Flowers – Animal Crossing New Horizon – switch

    Gold Roses are another type of unique flower that cannot be gained normally, as normal cross-pollination with roses will not produce this type of flower.

    Instead, you will need to gain a perfect 5 star island eval rating for your town, afterwards Isabelle herself will give you the recipe to great a Golden Watering Can DIY Recipe, which requires Gold Nuggets to make.

    With the Golden Watering Can, you must first breed some Black Roses using the cross-pollination guide above. Watering these Black Roses with your Golden Watering Can will give you a chance for the roses to breed special Gold Roses, which can even be used in special DIY recipes when plucked!

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    How To Get Gold Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    This guide will show you how to get Gold Flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Obtaining Gold Flowers is easier said than done, and it requires a few items beforehand to start growing the Golden Flowers on your island.

    Once you are ready with the items needed, you also have to crossbreed various flowers to get the desired results. This guide will show you the specific item needed, and the flowers required to crossbreed and to get Gold Flowers.

    How To Visit Leifs Flower Shop & When He Appears

    To visit and browse Leifs Flower Shop, youll need to have him arrive on your island randomly as a visitor. When he visits your island, you can find him with his Flower Shop stall setup outside of Resident Services in the plaza area!

    Since Leif takes up the same space that is usually used for some other visiting characters, you wont be able to get him on the same day as Kicks, Sable, or Mabel. Ongoing events like the Fishing Tourney or Bug-Off will block Leifs space too.

    Unfortunately, this means that Leif does not currently have a permanent location on Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands, so youll have to just hope that he shows up to shop at his store. Its possible that Nintendo will add a permanent Leifs Flower Shop building to the game in the future, but we dont think this exists yet.

    From what weve seen so far, its highly likely Leif will appear on your first new day after installing the Version 1.2 April Update, but we cant say for sure if its guaranteed yet. There are some reports of not getting Leif until another day.

    If you didnt see him on your first day, try time traveling back to 4:55AM on April 23rd and he may reappear once the day begins at 5AM.

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    How To Get And Plant Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    There’ll be some flowers planted on the island when you first arrive, but you won’t be able to reach them until you can craft a ladder. You can pick the actual flowers themselves to sell and craft with, and flowers can also be destroyed if you run over them – but so long as you don’t dig up the base and the roots, they’ll grow back after a couple of days. You can move planted flowers by digging them out with your shovel then planting them somewhere else.

    Beyond the initial flowers already out in the on your island when you arrive, you can also buy extra flowers from Timmy in Residential Services and later in the Nook’s Cranny shop once it’s built. On any given day the shop will always have six different types of flower in stock in unlimited quantities – usually three styles of flower in two colors each.

    It costs 240 Bells to buy one flower to plant, or you can get a bundle of five flowers for 1200 bells – which isn’t a saving, but saves you from buying flowers five times. Once the shop moves into Nook’s Cranny, the flowers are stored in the cabinet in the back.

    Once you have your flowers, you can plant them out in the island from your inventory. You can move them, as we said, by digging them up. Flowers improve your island’s image, which later in the game will help to raise your star rating, alongside things like decoration and removing weeds.

    How To Grow Hybrids In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower Breeding &  Hybridize ...

    Just like in previous games, players can crossbreed their flowers in New Horizons to make their island more vibrant. Additionally, there are new breeds of flowers such as mums, hyacinths and windflowers, meaning that there are now eight different types of flowers in the game. Your island will have three native breeds.

    The first can be found once you have obtained a ladder whilst helping Tom Nook, and the other two breeds can be purchased in the form of seeds from Nooks Cranny. If youre lucky, you may find new breeds of flowers on deserted island. However, the best solution is to visit the island of a friend who has them.

    Crossbreeding flowers to create hybrids can take some time and patience, but is fairly simple if you place flowers correctly and water them daily, if it isnt raining. So lets get to it, heres how to create hybrids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    The eight different types of flowers available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are:

    • Mums

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    How To Crossbreed Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    One day, after I had planted some red hyacinths outside of a neighbors house, I noticed something. A new hyacinth had started to grow outside of the neat little line I had planted in a simple act of reproduction that underpins one of Animal Crossing: New Horizons most complex and under-explained systems: flower breeding. Flower breeding is one of those long-term projects in the game, but you mostly have to figure out how it works by trial and error. Unless, of course, you have a guide.

    The basics: two flowers of the same species will reproduce when placed next to each other. Depending on what color those flowers are, you might get a different color from the originals, even if they were both the same color. In order to reproduce, two flowers must be touchingdiagonally countsand they must be watered, either through the watering can or by rain.

    After that, you wait. Combinations are not guaranteed, and it might take several days to get a new flower. There appears to be some RNG in the mix, as well. Two flowers of the same color that do not have a special combo will produce another flower of the same color.

    Planting them in a checkerboard pattern will give you plenty of space for new flowers to form.

    Youll only have three flowers on your island, growing wild and available from Nooks Cranny. For more flowers, you can hope to get them from mystery islands or you can trade with other players.

    How Do I Make Certain Flower Colours

    A helpful chart has been put together by and translated on Reddit by u/RealThanathors. Weve put the translated version below for your convenience.

    Some colours are harder to get than others, but persevere and keep watering them and youll get there eventually!

    A good tip to keep in mind is once you have more than one of the colour you’re looking for, place them next to each other and water them. This is because they’ll produce more copies of themselves rather than the parent flowers producing more of the less rare colours.

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    How To Get Crossbreed Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Crossbred flowers can only be obtained via two ways:

  • Crossbreeding flowers yourself
  • Digging them up with a shovel on Nook Miles adventures or friends’ islands, then planting them back home
  • There are eight types of flowers in the game, all of them with their own basic colors as well as potential hybrid colors.

    The flowers and their basic colorations are as follows:

    • Tulips Red, white, yellow
    • Mums Red, white, yellow
    • Lilies Red, white, yellow

    Flowers can only crossbreed with their own type, meaning you can’t cross white lilies with red roses and hope for a pink hybrid.

    Hybrid Flower Breeding Chart

    The Best Way To Grow Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons [Tips & Tricks]

    Green fingers but pink flowers.

    We want Metabomb to be the best site it can be. We’ve put together an annual reader survey. If you have a few minutes, we’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond!

    Some bugs only appear when youve put a bit of effort into cross breeding flowers and making them special hybrid colours. Heres how to make your flowers special.

    The flowers you can buy from Nooks Cranny are beautiful, but what if you want something a little more special? Blue, black, pink, and purple variations of flowers are available to breed, and youll want to follow these easy steps to make your flower garden the best it can be.

    Itll also let you catch special super-cool bugs like the Peacock Butterfly, so you dont want to miss out on that.

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower Breeds And Hybrid Flowers

    As mentioned, Animal Crossing New Horizons features a few different breeds of flower – eight in total. Each of those eight breeds can come in a small handful of colors, and if you plan it right, you can crossbreed with those colors to create new colors. To understand how it works, first take a look at this screenshot:

    Notice the flower buds – how they’re in a ‘W’ pattern? This is key to the hybrid process. What you need to do is plant the parent flowers in this shape – it can be up to a five-by-five grid of in-game squares – no more. You can fence it in if that makes life easier, and that also stops hybridization clashes between different types of flowers if you’re trying multiple batches at once.

    So it should go flower, space, flower, space, flower – and then the same, but alternating, on the next row below. Simple. As we say, a maximum of five across and five down.

    Once your flowers are planted like this, you simply have to water them every single day. This is a key part of the process: and if you do it right, hybrid flowers with unique colors will sprout and blossom in the blank spaces left behind. After the flowers are healthy, you can dig them out and transplant them to anywhere else on your island with a shovel.

    Which color flower hybrid you get will depend on the flowers used in the pattern. So let’s talk about that:


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