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How To Make Money Fast In Animal Crossing

Trade Turnip Using The Stalk Market

How To Make Money FAST In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you want to make a fortune, you can buy and sell turnips from the Stalk Market in the game. Every Sunday Daisy Mae will visit your island and will stay till noon to sell turnips at a very cheap rate. You can buy turnips from her and sell them at Nooks Cranny over the week. But remember that the prices will fluctuate daily, so you will have to wisely sell them to earn a good sum of Bells. Also, the prices differ across players islands in all regions. So, communicate with your friends to know if they are getting a higher price. If so, you can go to their island and sell your turnips.

Turnip Trading Using The Stalk Market In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Buying and selling turnips from the Stalk Market is another great and efficient method to make a fortune in New Horizons.

Daisy Mae will visit your island each Sunday till noon to sell turnips at a flat rate. After you buy turnips from her, you will have a week to sell them at Nooks Cranny before they rot. However, the prices fluctuate daily, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

The turnip prices vary across players islands in all regions. Therefore, a good idea is to communicate with your friends and check if they are being offered a higher selling price for the turnips. If so, you can drop by their island to unload your turnip stack for some major cash.

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Last but not least, if youre short on Bells, but have an abundance of Nook Miles, you can convert one into the other. Simply pick up a Bell voucher from the Nook Stop at the upgraded Resident Services building for 500 Miles. Then, sell it at Nooks Cranny in exchange for 3,000 Bells.

Obviously, this is not an efficient way to utilize Nook Miles, but its certainly one of the quicker methods to earn Bells.

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Which methods do you use to make Bells fast in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Let us know in the comments below.

Explore Deserted Islands On Mystery Tours

Using a Nook Miles Ticket, which costs 2,000 Nook Miles, you can visit a random deserted island on a “mystery tour.” There are a lot of benefits to this, but some of these islands are especially good for making money. You could find an island covered in money rocks, an island covered in rare flowers that attract rare butterflies, or even an island crawling with tarantulas. We recommend emptying your pockets of everything except the essentials before you leave for an island so you can carry as much home with you as possible and have an even bigger payout.

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Iskopajte I Prodajte Fosile

Od svih lakih naina da zaradite Zvona jedan je iskopati fosile i prodati ih. Ako svaki dan prodate tri do pet fosila, moete zaraditi hiljade zvona svako. Pa umjesto da ih donirate Muzeju, prodajte ih. Ali zapamtite da Blathersi moraju pristupiti fosilima prije nego to ih odvedu na prodaju u Nook’s Cranny. tovie, ako elite brza zvona, postoji mnogo stvari koje moete prodati sa svog otoka.

Best Ways To Get Bells Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons  How to make money fast ...

Here are a few ways to get Bells fast in the game and information to help save you some time. Selling crafted items will get you more Bells and save you time.

  • Every day look for Money Rock. When you find it, you will know because every hit you land on the rock will make it drop Bells instead of resources. Hitting the Rock 8 times will make it drop over 10,000 Bells.
  • Balloon presents when you get your slingshot. Keep an eye out for them. They drop all kinds of things, from clothing to new fruit, even recipes. The best part is they drop anywhere from 10,000 Bells to 30,000 Bells.
  • Smartly manage your inventory. Some items you can put into your house storage, even better, you can display your items right in front of Nooks Cranny.
  • Dig, dig, dig the more you do, the more chances you will have to get duplicates of fossils which sell for a lot.
  • Prioritize fishing over catching bugs. You have a higher chance of finding a high-value fish. Then you do a bug.
  • Stay near the ocean while fishing at night as your walking the beach collect conch shells and other high-value shells all while you fish Recommend doing this maximize the time spent.

General Tips For Making Bells

Catching Rare Fish to make Bells

Fish that sell for a lot of Bells

  • Koi 4,000

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Buy Turnips And Play The Stalk Market

Every Sunday a young turnip seller called Daisy-Mae will come to your island between the hours of 5am and 12 midday selling her wares in bunches of 10. Throughout the week you are able to sell the turnips back to Timmy & Tommy and make a vast profit in the process.

However, investment doesn’t come without risk. Firstly, the buying price fluctuates daily so you’ll have to ask the raccoons and check how much they are buying for every day if you’re going to sell at the best possible time. Secondly, you only have until the next Sunday to sell the turnips before they spoil and become worthless fodder for ants and flies. If it gets to the following Saturday and the price hasn’t risen over what you paid for them, it’s best to sell and swallow the loss. Note that Timmy & Tommy do not buy turnips on a Sunday, and you can’t leave them in the drop-off box either: 9.59pm on Saturday evening is your last chance to sell them before Timmy & Tommy close up shop.

How To Make Money Fast On Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Island life similar to real life, comes with demands and responsibilities and unfortunately, isnt free. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may have Tom Nook breathing down your neck or turn up on your doorstep looking to collect on your mortgage repayment just as you need to upgrade your tent or you want to replace a missing tool. As we like to help our readers out, weve come up with this guide to help you make island cash and fast. So read on and get ready to become the richest islander.

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Plant Your Money Tree Every Day

Every single day, youll find a glowing spot on your island. Somewhere in the grass there will be a shiny light and if you use a shovel, youll dig up 1,000 Bells.

What you may not know? You can use this same spot to plant a Money Tree!

To plant a money tree, first dig up your 1,000 Bells- but do NOT fill that hole back in. While its glowing, plant some Bells and in three days, itll bloom into a Money Tree with 3 Bell Bags on it!

Now heres the cool part- you can REALLY increase your profits when you play this right. Burying 1,000 Bells nets you 3 bags of 1,000 Bells each, so a profit of 2,000 Bells. But burying 10,000 Bells nets you 3 bags of 10,000 Bells each, for a profit of 20,000 Bells PER DAY. As long as you plant your money tree every single day, you can consistently shake 30,000 Bells from your trees as they bloom each day.

Unlike fruit trees, Money Trees only grow Bells once. If you dont want a tree there, you can totally chop it down once the Bells have harvested.

Another thing to watch out for- if the randomly generated Money Tree spot is surrounded by something like flowers or decor, then when the time comes to shake the trees out the Bell Bags will despawn as they cant drop on items. If that money spot is going to be a problem, just plant the Bells in the shining hole and then use your shovel to dig it up and move it somewhere safer!

Use The Nook Stop Terminal At Resident Services

How Make Money Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Every day, youll earn a Nook Miles bonus the first time you interact with the Nook Stop machine. If you do it every day, the amount will increase. The first time you interact, youll receive 50 Nook Miles. On the seventh consecutive day, and every straight day after that, youll earn 300 miles. If you ever miss a day, it resets to 50 Nook Miles.

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Turn Miles Into Money

AC:NH loves to reward you for doing the little things to improve your island. Tasks like hitting rocks or catching bugs and fish which youll be doing anyway to make money earn you miles, as do other tasks for beautifying your island, like planting trees and flowers. We recommend at least completing your first five daily tasks, as theyll have miles multipliers that make these simple tasks even more valuable.

Once youve built up a surplus of miles, you can spend 2,000 of them on a valuable Nook Mystery Island tour ticket. Mystery islands can be bell bonanzas , but theyre also a time commitment. For more immediate returns, you can spend 500 miles for a 3,000 bell voucher, or earn 12,000 bells for the same price as a single island ticket.

Harvest Tarantulas On A Nook Miles Island

If you don’t suffer from arachnophobia, harvesting tarantulas is reportedly a fantastic way to build cast quantities of Bells. It involves visiting random islands using your Nook Miles and either landing randomly on the ‘Tarantula Island’ template, or gaming the system and transforming any old Mystery Island to cause tarantulas to spawn in vast quantities.

Despite Nintendo changing bug spawn rates, you can head to a Nook Miles island at night and, with a little elbow grease, create a horde of the furry arachnids by ridding the island of virtually everything except a few flowers. This works thanks to the way the game generates the ecosystems of the smaller islands. Having tried ourselves we can confirm it works just fine, and after half an hour’s work we had an island of Tarantulas to ourselves.

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Dont Use The Drop Box Unless Absolutely Necessary

Animal Crossing is a series that progresses in real-time, meaning that when its dark outside in the real world, nighttime will also appear in your game. Right outside Nooks Cranny you can find a drop box that lets you sell wares even after the shop closes at 10 p.m. But its best not to use it at all. If youre someone who can only play at night, this is a handy feature, but every time you use it theres a handling fee: Items are bought at 80 percent of their normal trade-in value and you only receive payment the next day. This means you would get significantly less money than selling during open store hours. If youre inventory is full, you can just use your house storage to keep excess materials there that can be sold the following day.

Sell Furniture And Crafted Items

MONEY MAKING TRICK! Animal Crossing New Horizons (How to ...

Scouring for natural resources around your island can bring in a steady stream of Bells, though it’s a particularly good idea to prioritize using raw materials like wood, branches, and nuggets to craft various items. This is because these items tend to sell for quite a bit more than most raw materials and random finds around the island. You might want to craft a bunch of items with the sole intent of selling them right back.

Be sure to collect any spare, unwanted furniture you’ve previously made or have been gifted, as this will bring in pretty large quantities of Bells too.

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Collect Bugs Fish And Weeds To Sell To Npcs

Selling things to Timmy and Tommy is not always your most profitable option. It may be your first instinct to capture a bug or fish and immediately head off to Nook’s Cranny, but try to hold on to the critters for a bit. There are a few NPCs who will make it worth your while.

First, we have Flick, a punky lizard who loves to collect bugs. There’s also CJ the beaver, a fishing extraordinaire. A recent addition to the NPCs, Leif the sloth, runs a traveling gardening stand and will take weeds off your hands. All of these characters buy their respective collectibles at a premium price. It may take a while to see them on your island, but the bigger the collection you bring them, the more bells you make. Rarer bugs and fish are even more profitable.

Sell Fossils After Assessing Them

Fossils sell for a good price at Nook’s Cranny, but only if you have it assessed by Blathers at the Museum. There’s a total of 4 to 5 fossils a day. Get more fossils by visiting certain Mystery Islands!

Look for T-Rex Fossils

The T-Rex fossils are among the most profitable, selling between 5000 to 6000 Bells a piece depending on the part.

T-Rex fossils aren’t the only fossils that sell for a good price though! Check out our guide below to learn more.

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Earning Bells Is One Of The Most Important Things To Do In Animal Crossing New Leaf There Are Many Ways To Get Bells


The easiest way to earn Bells is selling. The player can earn over 10,000,000 bells by selling turnips, furniture, wallpapers, flooring, clothing, ore , bugs, fish, shells, diving, fruit, tools, and fossils. Any item can be sold for bells except for rotten fruit, fake art, and lost items. Also, Re-Tail gives more bells than the Nooklings, so keep that in mind.


Sometimes when the player shakes trees that don’t have fruit growing on them, 100 Bells will often fall from the tree. Beehives and certain furniture can also fall out of trees.


Another easy way to earn Bells is probably the most dangerous. When one goes to another player’s town , he/she should drop all the money on the ground and tells the other person to end session. At the 2nd rotation of the spinning thing, the player should flick the wireless switch. If the other person doesn’t receive an error, then the glitch worked. Then the player should go back to that town and pick up all his/her money. The player should have twice the Bells now. On rare occasions if it doesn’t work, all the Bells could disappear from the other person’s town.



How To Make Bells Money Fast In Animal Crossing New Horizons

How To Make Money FAST In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Home » Animal Crossing New Horizons » How to Make Bells Money Fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells is the main type of money, aka currency, in the game which you use to repay your debt to Nook and purchase stuff on the island. However, you might find yourself low on Bells in Animal Crossing New Horizons, especially early on in the game. So, you might be wondering how to get Bells in ACNH. If that question is on your mind, then our How to Make Bells Money Fast in Animal Crossing New Horizons guide is the right place to be.

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Save Your Rarest Bugs And Fish: The Most Valuable Animal Crossing Fish And Insects

If youre at all invested in Animal Crossing social media, youll know people go nuts when they snag the rarest fish and bugs. Dorados, great white sharks, scorpions, horned Hercules, and the elusive coelacanth are all fine examples of specimens for which Timmy and Tommy will pay a pretty penny.

But wait! Dont sell these veritable gold mines to those capitalist middlemen when you can go directly to C.J. and Flick, the fish and bug geeks of Animal Crossing. They pay an extra 50% compared to the prices youd get at Nooks Cranny, which really adds up when youre selling rare critters. Just look at the adjusted sale prices for the most sought-after catches:

  • Wasp 2,500 3,750
  • Sturgeon 10,000 15,000
  • Barreleye 15,000 22,500

Once you catch a rare fish or bug, it makes sense to stick it in home storage and wait until they come to visit on a random weekday. Unfortunately, C.J. and Flick arent guaranteed to appear every week, but if they dont show up one week, they are guaranteed to show up the following week.

Unless youre in urgent need of money, patience will reward you handsomely. Say you catch 20 scorpions on a Nook Miles Ticket island tour. Nooks entrepreneurial offspring will give you 160,000 for the lot. Sounds great, right? Well, sell them to Flick and youll net a cool 240,000 bells instead. Take that, capitalism!

Focus On Nook Miles And Convert Them To Bells

One of the cool new features of New Horizons is Nook Miles, which doubles as a sort of in-game achievement system and an alternative form of currency. Among other uses, those who covet Bells can directly utilize these Miles by converting them into this more universal AC currency.

Simply pay a visit to the Resident Services kiosk to exchange 500 Nook Miles for a 3,000 Bell voucher. Shoot for these more effectively by using your trusty smartphone to flip through various tasks that reward you with Miles and check your progress. You’ll get prompts on your phone once you’ve knocked out another achievement, which will enable you to immediately cash in.

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