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How To Plant Flowers In Animal Crossing

How To Plant Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How to Grow Fruits & Flowers – Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide

Just as in reality, you’ll need seeds and soil to plant your flowers.

Once you’ve bought Tom Nook a few critters, he’ll offer plant seeds as a reward. This also unlocks them in the store, as well as the recipe to craft a ‘Flimsy Watering Can’.

Select seeds in your inventory, then plant them in your desired location. Then you’ll just need to water them regularly. If you don’t water them in two days, your flowers will die, so be sure to keep it up.

How To Grow Flowers

The following guide explains how to plant seeds and grow flowers in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.Flowers might appear spontaneously in your town. You can also buy flower seeds at the Nooklings’ shop and Garden Center. You can get a watering can to keep your flowers happy and healthyif they start to wilt.

  • Hybrid Flowers
  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Plant Flowers And Trees

    You’ll want to plant trees and flowers to make your island look as natural as possible in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here’s how.

    Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

    Flowers and Trees are both vital resources to have on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You’ll need to know how to plant each, so that you can start replenishing the trees you cut down for wood, and the flower you use for crafting. In this guide we’ll teach you how to plant trees, fruit trees, flowers, and how to water and move them.

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    The Colors Duke The Colors

    Whatever your native flowers are, you will only find three colors growing in the wild or for sale from the Nooklings. However, if you plant specific colors close together, you can produce new colors like pink, purple, and even black. Some of the combinations make sense, like red roses and white roses making pink roses. Other combinations are a bit less intuitive.

    Some of the potential hybrid flowers also don’t look any different however, just like with genetics in the real world, some flowers will be carrying recessive genes that can potentially produce brand new colors. Take red roses, for example. There are specific hybrids of red roses that can produce blue roses. This is the only combination that will grant blue roses, but the hybrid reds don’t look any different from regular red roses. So, unless you’re planning on just letting all your flowers do as they will, it’s essential to keep your hybrids separate.

    While the genetics for flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are pretty complicated, some really incredible dataminers, led by have worked through all the code and math that goes into crossbreeding flowers and, we here at iMore, have simplified their findings as well as testing them out ourselves for you.

    Can I Start Planting Flowers Now

    Animal Crossing New Horizons Flower Breeding &  Hybridize ...

    The hardiest of flowers can be planted as soon as the soil in your garden can be worked, even if its several weeks before the last frost of the season. For half-hardy flowers, hold off until a couple weeks before the final frost, and for tender flowers, plant when theres no chance of frost for the rest of the season.

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    Crossbreeding Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons Explained

    If you want flowers that are a bit more exciting than those sold at Nook’s Cranny in New Horizons, then experimenting with crossbreeding is the way to go.

    Before you begin your experiments, you must first buy your parent flowers. These are the flowers you’ll use to see your hybrid flowers and you’ll need them to be the same breed as the flowers you desire to grow.

    Take a look at the section below to see which colours are available through crossbreeding and which flower colours you need to help create them.

    Crossbreeding works on a 5×5 grid, with each flower, or empty space for a flower, taking up one square on this grid

    Allow your flowers to grow, making sure to water to them every day, and eventually hybrid flowers will seed in the empty spaces you’ve left. Once fully grown, you can dig them up with your Shovel and replant them elsewhere on your island.

    In the above picture we’re growing White Pansies with the aim of crossbreeding Blue Pansies.

    Using this structure, you’ll be able to grow any hybrid flower you desire.

    It’s a good idea to place your crossbreeding garden somewhere out of the way on your island. This will not only ensure you have enough room to grow your flowers, but will prevent you from accidentally running through or having to build a building on them.

    Fences can also be used to section off flower patches, so that you can have multiple flower patches next to each other and prevent accidental crossbreeding.

    How To Get Gold Roses

    Gold Roses are another type of unique flower that cannot be gained normally, as normal cross-pollination with roses will not produce this type of flower.

    Instead, you will need to gain a perfect 5 star island eval rating for your town, afterwards Isabelle herself will give you the recipe to great a Golden Watering Can DIY Recipe, which requires Gold Nuggets to make.

    With the Golden Watering Can, you must first breed some Black Roses using the cross-pollination guide above. Watering these Black Roses with your Golden Watering Can will give you a chance for the roses to breed special Gold Roses, which can even be used in special DIY recipes when plucked!

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    How To Get Shrubs And Hybrid Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time.

    Do you want to make a pretty garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but you dont know about how to get shrubs or new flowers? If so, then this is the right article for you. This article will teach you how to get the newly added shrubs from Leifs garden shop, as well as how to get a more colorful variety of flowers by getting hybrids.

    From Our New Horizons Wiki

    ALL HYBRID FLOWERS In Animal Crossing New Horizons & How To Grow Them EASY!

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game for those with a green thumb, players who love nothing more than to plant loads of flowers and watch beautiful gardens flourish. A lot of people may not know, however, that you can also grow gold flowers in New Horizons.

    You need to have met quite a few conditions before you can grow gold flowers in the latest Animal Crossing game. You will need to have spent anywhere from 150-200 hours playing the game before you can realistically start growing them as you need to achieve many things beforehand.

    The first is that your island needs to be at five stars. This is a very long process that requires you to fill up your island with appealing scenery, various flowers, different fences, and have at least eight villagers.

    You can check your islands star rating at any point by going to see Isabelle in Resident Services. Once you finally reach that landmark, she will give you a recipe for a Golden Watering Can, which is vital for growing golden flowers in New Horizons.

    To craft the Golden Watering Can in New Horizons, you will need one gold nugget and a normal watering can visit a DIY workbench to craft it.

    Once you have done that, its time for step two of the plan.

    So, plant a red rose, leave a space, and so on, making sure there is no red rose planted directly beneath another.

    It will take you quite a few days until you have enough black roses to make a checkerboard for gold, so make sure you keep watering them to make them grow faster.

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    Get Flower Bags From Timmy

    You can purchase flower seeds at Nook’s Cranny for 240 bells. The variety of seeds you can get is limited so you’ll need to cross-pollinate in order to get new flowers!

    Each Island Has Different Buyable Flower Seeds

    Depending on the island you live on, the product line-up for the flower seeds will differ. Visit other players’ islands in order to get different flower seeds.

    Use Mystery Island Tour To Get Flowers

    You can visit other islands and get more flowers by going on Mystery Island Tours. Make sure you bring a Shovel with you.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Move Flowers

    You can move and plant flowers as many times as you want to create the island of your dreams.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons contains a variety of flowers that you can use to decorate your island. This includes flower seeds that you can buy from the store and plant yourself , as well as flowers that you find in the wild that you can simply move around to suit your tastes.

    If you want to become a master gardener in New Horizons, were here to teach you how to move flowers from one location to another. Hint: This is especially helpful if you visit another island using a Nook Miles Ticket and you want to bring back tons of flowers with you.

    Check out the video below to see how to move a flower from one location to another. Or, if you prefer text guides, just keep reading!

    Moving a flower is a super simple process. Just get out your shovel, stand next to the flower you want to move, and press A to dig it out of the ground. This will take the entire flower out of the ground – stems and all – and place it into your inventory.

    Then, carry the flower to its new home, open up your inventory, select the flower, and select Plant. You dont even need to dig a new hole for the flower before you plant it. It will plop itself right into the ground, as healthy as it was before.

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    What Do I Need Flowers For

    At the beginning of the game, your island is a blank canvas just waiting for you to start your unique customisation process. While trees can alter the general look and feel of your island, theres nothing quite like the smaller, daintier flower to make your new home that little bit more visually appealing.

    As well as having aesthetic and bug-attracting qualities, flowers are useful tools in many DIY crafting recipes. Its also easy to earn Nook Miles while tending to them. Excitingly, a new feature in New Horizons means that you can take the bloom from a fully developed flower whilst leaving the stalk intact. After a few days, the flower will bloom once again.

    Many objectives in the game also tie in with the plant life of your island. For example, to unlock K.K. Slider youll need a three-star island rating from Isabelle something you need to plant a minimum of fifty flowers to achieve. So not only are flowers pretty to look at, they are a key tool for advancement in the game.

    Planting Trees & Flowers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to Get Purple Mums

    Tree saplings and pouches of flower seeds can still be purchased and added to your pocket. But now you can also dig up an entire tree with your shovel, place it into your pocket and plant it somewhere else on your island.

    Once you have any form of plantable tree or flower, then you can open up the pocket menu by pressing the X button. This will show you everything you have in your pockets, but we want to plant something.

    Move the cursor in the pocket menu to what you want to place in the ground. Hit the A button while the tree or flower is selected and boom. You will have a freshly planted tree or flower on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    Trees are pretty sturdy, but youll want to be careful around your flowers if you like to run around. One careless step and you just might trample that precious little plant. Use paths to give you a space to run thats far away from your delicate flowers.

    Heres a summary on how to plant trees and flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons:

  • Purchase or uproot a plant.

    This will add the tree or flower to your pocket.

  • Press X.

    This will open your pocket where the plant is being stored.

  • Press A.

    Move the cursor in the pocket menu to the desired tree or flower, then press A while its selected to plant it.

  • Thats all there is to planting trees and flowers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you need to learn just about anything else when it comes to this game, then just check out our Guides Wiki for more info.

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    How To Get All The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Flowers

    Like with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons fruit, you will have a certain number of flowers native to your island. On mine, for example, I grew pansies, hyacinths and windflowers natively, but had to travel to friends’ islands to gather the rest. You can get lucky using Nook Miles Tickets trips, but I’ve not had any luck with that despite all the money I’ve spent on tickets.

    Here’s the full list of Animal Crossing: New Horizons flowers available:

    • Cosmos

    Clear Out Space For Flowers

    Flowers grow only on grass and dirt paths, and unlike trees, they do not need free space around them to grow.

    You can plant them in front of your house, or your neighbors’ houses, or you can create a garden of your own!

    Flowers Cannot Grow on the Beach

    Flowers cannot grow on the beach. They’ll need to be on grass or dirt for it to fully-bloom.

    However, you can move flowers to the sand. You can do this for decoration, or if you want to stop flowers from breeding.

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    Use Watering Can To Flowers

    You can use the Watering Can to water your flowers. However, this does not significantly change the speed at which flowers grow! Perhaps watering a plant has something to do with cross pollination – we will provide updates once we’ve established a pattern.

    No Need To Water On Rainy Days

    When it’s raining, all the flowers will automatically be watered. You don’t need to use the watering can on these days.

    Breeding Flowers Faster With Friends

    How to: Get ALL HYBRID FLOWERS EASILY in Animal Crossing New Horizons

    According to new data tested by Animal Crossing users Aeter, BackwardsN, Ninji, and Paleh – it has been discovered that watering your flowers only gives you a base chance of 5% to breed new flowers on a given day. However, if other players visit your town and water these flowers, it will increase the production rate up to a total of 80% chance, and you will see this indicated by your watered flowers going from small blue and silver sparkles to larger yellow and gold flashes.

    See the chart below for more info on how extra visitors can increase your flower production – which can be crucial in breeding more hybrid flowers at a faster rate:

    Flowers Watered By

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    How To Plant Flowers In Animal Crossing

    • A popular chart shows how to plant flowers to get hybrids in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
    • The game’s gardening combines real flower pollinating ideas with a watering mechanic.
    • Hybrid plants in nature are harder to predict and can express a variety of good and bad traits.

    Nintendo’s Animal Crossing installment, New Horizons, has lit the internet on fire and shattered sales records on the Switch console, which in turn has virtually gone missing from stores since the beginning of social distancing in March.

    And while much of the game is just bopping around a pretend island and catching fish, there’s one mechanic in New Horizons that’s at least loosely based on reality: cross-pollinating flowers to make hybrids.

    So how does this line up with the realities of breeding flowers?

    This popular chart, courtesy of Australian graphic designer Khairul Hamdan, breaks down all the game’s flower varieties into cross-breeding grids:

    Khairul Hamdan

    The way these flowers are programmed certainly doesn’t bear much resemblance to real life. But in a strange way, trying to guess at outcomes and understand hidden hybrid genes has added shades of scientific realism.

    Animal Crossings: New Horizons – Nintendo Switch


    In Hamdan’s chart, he’s arranged the number of flowers you need to end up with the full selection.

    Rebekah ValentineNintendo

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Flower Breeding Setup

    To successfully breed Animal Crossing: New Horizons flower colors, players will want to create special flower gardens. The flower colors planted will change based on what color the player is breeding for. The two most commonly used types of breeding gardens are the checkerboard and the diamond patterns. This allows the flowers to be touching at the corners but creates gaps for the new flowers to grow. According to information provided by Palehs ACNH Flower Genetics Guide, there are other types of planting methods that can be used, but the 5X5 checkerboard can be the easiest when learning flower breeding.

    Breeding flowers is a complex task for Animal Crossing fans because flowers have genetic traits in the game. The flowers players can grow with seeds are genetically unable to produce certain offspring colors, as where hybrids possess the genetic information that allows new colors to spawn. However, growing these colors wont require a degree in biology or complicated Punnett square charts. Thanks to information compiled by the community, breeding is much less frustrating than it could be.

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