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How To Plant Fruit Trees In Animal Crossing

Plant Fruit Next To The Tree

How to plant fruit trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once the tree has reached the size you want, plant a fruit next to it to stop it from growing into a Fully-Grown Tree.

We recommend planting the fruit behind the tree to hide it from view!

Use a Shovel to Move the Tree

As long as the tree has not fully grown, you can move it without stamina. This goes the same for shrubs and flowers.

Note that moving a tree to an open space causes it to grow, so be sure to plant a fruit next to it before the day ends!

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How To Plant Fruit In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

First, you need a shovel. You can obtain your first regular shovel one or the DIY recipe for a flimsy shovel from Nook early on.

Second, you need fruit. Just shake a tree, pick it up, and you’re good to go on this front.

Now let’s get to it:

  • Find a location where you want to plant a new fruit tree
  • Take out your shovel
  • Press the “A” button to dig a hole
  • Press the “X” button to open your inventory
  • Select the fruit you want to grow and press the “A” button
  • Select “Plant 1” and press the “A” button
  • That’s really all you need to do!

    Animal Crossing New Horizons: Tree Spacing Guide

    One thing youll likely find yourself doing a fair amount in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is planting trees. Be it a normal Cedar Sapling, a fruit tree, or money tree, youre going to be doing it a fair bit. A lot of these also grant you ways to make easy Bells, but you wont want to plant them and have them die. Our Animal Crossing: New Horizons tree spacing guide will talk you through what you need to know.

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    How Many Times Can You Shake Trees In Animal Crossing

    Any tree, including fruit trees, can be shaken any number of times a day to shake loose a tree branch, an essential component for many DIY recipes. Additionally, each day, a branch might be found under any non-fruit tree. Finally, when hit with an axe, a tree will dispense up to three pieces of wood.

    How To Dig Up Trees In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    How To Cut Down And Move Trees In Animal Crossing: New ...

    To dig up a tree, simply eat a single fruit of any kind to gain some temporary super strength. You can eat one fruit at a time, and the superpower maxes out at 10 fruit.

    Once youve dug up a tree, youll be able to see what type of tree it is, even if it wasnt a fruit-bearing day for that tree. This comes in handy when youre trying to manage and organize all of your fruit trees.

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    Of course, you can always hack away at any given tree by using the ax tool. You cannot cut down trees with a flimsy ax or a stone ax, as those serve as non-damaging means of harvesting wood from your trees.

    Just make sure to dig up your tree stumps after youve chopped down trees, as they dont despawn on their own. Feel free to keep a few as a furniture feature for your NPC villagers to sit on. Also, tree stumps can spawn an exclusive type of spider.

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    How Long Does It Take For A Tree To Grow In Animal Crossing

    Once planted, trees grow within 3 days. Trees cannot be planted in a square adjacent to buildings, walls, water, or other hard obstacles including other trees . If planted in these areas, tree saplings will die the day after, and disappear. Occasionally, saplings will die even in open areas.

    Fruit trees can only be planted on the grass. Dig a hole on the beach, and the plant prompt just wont appear. A Nook Miles+ task to plant fruit trees regularly appears and awards 100 Miles, so look out for that to be efficient. Youll also earn progress towards the Fruit Roots challenge for each type of fruit tree you plant.

    Hardwood trees will turn pink during the Cherry Blossom Festival . Trees are required in order for acorns to spawn during the respective time period . This tree resembles the hardwood tree but bears three pieces of fruit. Unlike non-fruit trees, acorns will not spawn under this type of tree.

    How To Move Flowers

    If you’d like to move a flower anywhere else on your island, just dig it up using a shovel. The stems will go into your inventory, and you can replant them as before. To kove trees, eat fruit and then dig them up.

    To read more on Animal Crossing New Horizons, there’s plenty more right here on USG. First up is Caty’s final review on the game. Then, why not take a look at some lovely Roald fanart.

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    Why You Should Grow Trees

    So how will growing trees help you out in-game? There are quite a few benefits of growing lots of trees in your village.

    Growing regular trees is excellent for decoration, but that’s not all they can be. You can shake normal trees, and sometimes they will drop bells or furniture. Just be careful of wasp nests!

    Fruit trees are suitable to grow if you want to have every fruit on your island and sell them. The more fruit you can collect daily, the more bells you’ll be able to get. You can also chop down trees in Animal Crossing to get materials for tools.

    The benefit of money trees, of course, needs no explanation. You get three times the amount you put in for free. Trees, in general, are significant in Animal Crossing and can help you out immensely.

    Animal Crossing Wild World

    How to Plant Fruit Trees Animal Crossing New Horizons

    There are no glowing patches in Animal Crossing Wild World, but using a Golden Shovel allows you to plant money trees where ever you like. Please note, buring money with a regular shovel will not work, it must be golden in order for the tree to sprout. You can obtain a golden shovel by burying a regular Shovel for 24 Hours. After you dig it up, you will have a Golden Shovel.

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    How To Plant Fruit Trees

    In order to grow a fruit tree that produces more of the foreign fruit on your own island, you must plant one of the fruits youve obtained. To do this, you must dig a hole with a shovel, stand in front of the hole, and select the fruit in your inventory.

    Its important that you pick a spot with enough open space around it, or else the fruit tree will not have enough room to grow. After a few days, the sapling will grow, and it will eventually have the fruit of whatever type you planted.

    Those are the methods on how to get different fruit types in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more tips, tricks, and guides, visit our New Horizons guide wiki.

    Where And How Do I Plant Non

  • So my town fruit is apples and it was the first time i had mailed a letter to anyone hoping to get a fruit back. fortunately robin sent me back a pear, but i dont know how to plant it, or where to plant it, or how many times to water it each day, or even the odds of it growing and producing fruit. any help would be thanked in advance.JellyBelly4114 – 12 years ago
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    Using The Newly Attained Fruits

    Once you have collected fruit trees, it’s time to start planting them on your island. In order to plant the fruit trees, you need to have access to a shovel A flimsy shovel will work just fine. For non-tropical fruit trees , simply find a location with grass, dig a hole, and select the fruit from your inventory to plant it. If you’re trying to plant a tropical coconut fruit tree on your island, you’ll need to dig a hole in sand, near the beach, instead of on grass. If you plant a non-tropical tree in sand, or plant a tropical tree in grass, you’ll be left with a permanent sapling that will never grow to its full size.

    Whether you’re building an orchard of apples, a mangrove of oranges, or giving a go at earning Animal Crossing Bells by selling fruit, don’t forget to check up on your trees every few days. Once you’ve shaken the fruit from your trees, it will take 3 days for the fruit to regenerate.

    Follow for future Animal Crossing: New Horizons game tips.

    How Long It Takes For Fruit Take To Grow Back

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trees Guide

    Once you have shaken fruit from a tree, the branches will be bear for a short time.

    Based on previous Animal Crossing games, fruit takes three days to grow back. Fruit not originally from your island can usually take a little longer – up to five or six days.

    As for new fruit trees you have planted, trees take three days to grow, followed by an additional day to bear fruit – again, based on timings seen in previous games in the series.

    A top tip if you wait to avoid this lengthy process is thanks to one of the new abilities you gain from eating fruit. If you eat one fruit to grow your strength, you can unearth a tree with a Shovel in a single go, placing it on your inventory.

    You can then plant the fruit tree in its entirety back on your island – skipping that three day growing step entirely.

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    Money Tree In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    For those who feel money doesnt grow on trees, they havent played Animal Crossing: New Horizons yet.

    Money trees are a sure-shot way of making bells in the game. Bells serve as the titles in-game currency and enable players to upgrade their islands to get the anticipated 5-star rating.

    Money trees in Animal Crossing look like any other regular tree, but theyre trees that grow bells. Growing a money tree is pretty easy, and the return is pretty great. It is important to note that a tree drops bells only once, implying that the players have to repeat the activity again the next day.

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    Or Dig Up The Whole Tree

    When you have a good enough shovel a little later in the game, there’s no need to pick the fruit and replant them, waiting days for them to grow on your own island. You can eat another piece of fruit to give you strength and then dig up the whole tree and put it in your pocket.

    Sure the science of this mechanism doesn’t truly add up, but who cares? It’s much quicker to take a whole tree back from a neighboring island and plant it, since the fruit will be available right away. And once you’ve picked it, it will regrow.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Why Your Trees Arent Growing

    When you arrive on the deserted island youll call home for the next few hundred or thousand hours it will be covered in dozens of trees. These might contain fruit, or they might not, but theyre all spread out around the place. Most players end up chopping these down and creating a more properly designed orchard, perhaps farming non-native fruit in the process. But while designing this for efficiency, you could be making a mistake. Heres why your trees arent growing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    How To Grow A Money Tree In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    How to Plant Trees & grow fruit, properly, in Animal Crossing New Leaf – Nintendo 3DS – 2DS

    Another standard feature of the Animal Crossing games are money trees. Every day, youll find a glowing spot somewhere on your island. Dig it up to earn a cool 1k bell pouch.

    If you want to take your earnings a little further, consider burying some money to grow a money tree. Before closing up the hole, simply bury 10k for a nearly guaranteed 30k return in three days time.

    To take a little bit of a risk, you can bury 30k bells instead of 10k. While the risk of it not yielding three 30k bell pouches is a little bit higher, half of the fun of Animal Crossing lies in the risk-taking. Keep a steady stream of daily money trees going for a steady cash flow.

    Unfortunately, money trees only bear bags of bells once before they revert back to being a normal tree. Before theyve produced the money bags, you can still move them somewhere else without losing their special money tree status.

    If your money tree isnt growing in Animal Crossing, make sure you apply the rules we shared above: Keep your trees away from other trees, cliffs, and rivers.

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    How To Grow Regular Trees

    To grow a tree without fruit in Animal Crossing, you’ll need to follow different steps than a tree with fruit. Here’s how to plant and grow a tree.

  • Buy saplings from Nook’s Cranny. You can buy singular tree saplings, or you can buy them in groups of five. If you’re at the beginning of the game, you can still find tree saplings from Timmy in Resident Services.

  • Find a spot to plant the tree. Make sure there is at least one block of space between the area of the tree you want to plant and objects such as water, cliffs, or other trees.

  • Go into your inventory and select the sapling. Choose Plant Here to plant your sapling in the spot you have chose.

  • Is It Possible To Get A Golden Tree

    To get a “Golden Tree” you need to have a golden shovel by burying another for 24 hours. Then bury money with it by digging up a weed and planting it for 100% chance of survival. The reason I say money is because Bells “AC Money” are gold if you only take out -999 bells you can see. This is alco the best way to take money User Info: SirKayEonSirKayEon – 12 years ago .

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    ‘animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Fruit Guide

    Fruits inAnimal Crossing games have always been critical, but they are more important than ever in New Horizons.

    These growable materials can be used to make money, help players earn more materials and make their islands look better. It’s also an awesome means of interacting with friends on other islands.

    If you want to learn more about the various fruits in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including how to plant them yourself, read on below.

    Tree Spacing In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    How to Keep Trees Small and Stop Tree Growth

    To put this simply, when planting a tree, youll want to make sure there is nothing immediately next to it. To check this, you should be able to dig eight holes with your shovel all the way around where you want to plant the tree.

    In other words, youll want a 3×3 grid of holes, and then to plant the tree in the very center hole to ensure your tree spacing is perfect. You can see an example of this in the screenshot below.

    Its worth noting that its not just other trees that can be an obstacle you need to navigate when it comes to tree spacing. As shown in the screenshot below, the rock right next to the center hole would stop a tree from growing here.

    Absolutely nothing should be in the immediate vicinity around where youre wanting to plant the tree. This includes bodies of water, rocks, buildings and flowers.

    Keep in mind that trees do take a few days to grow to full size and begin bearing fruit or bags of Bells if you planted a fruit or money tree.

    Thats everything you need to know about tree spacing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Head over to our wiki for more tips and tricks, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Every island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes with several fruit trees growing on it. They will all be of the same type, but that variety is determined randomly. The starting fruit varieties are:

    • Apple
    • Pear
    • Peach

    Regardless of what type you have, the trees will follow the same rules. You can shake the tree by pressing A, and three pieces of fruit will fall off. If you use the ax to chop a fruit tree for wood, all of the fruit will also fall off with the first swing. You can then press Y to pick up the fruit and put it in your pockets.

    Where Can You Plant Fruit Trees In Animal Crossing

    Fruit trees can only be planted on the grass. Dig a hole on the beach, and the plant prompt just wont appear. A Nook Miles+ task to plant fruit trees regularly appears and awards 100 Miles, so look out for that to be efficient. Youll also earn progress towards the Fruit Roots challenge for each type of fruit tree you plant.

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    How To Grow Fruit Trees

    Fruit trees are vital in Animal Crossing, as you can sell the fruit you grow, eat it, or use it in various ways. You’ll especially want to plant fruit that’s not native to your village, as you can sell it for more bells.

  • Ensure you have a shovel and at least one piece of fruit for the type of tree you want to grow. You can get a shovel by crafting it with Tom Nook.

  • Head to the spot you want to plant your fruit. Dig a hole with your shovel.

  • Go into your inventory and select the fruit you want to plant. Choose Plant 1 from the drop-down. Then you’ll plant the fruit and should see a tree sprout.


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