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How To Play Animal Crossing On Nintendo Switch

Wait For The Transfer To Complete And Almost Done

Nintendo Switch My Way Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once the transfer is finished, the data on the source system will have been deleted and you can carry on where you left off on the new system.

If youre keeping your old Switch, there are a few extra steps to follow. Here are Nintendos instructions verbatim:

Launch Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the target system using the User Account you will be using for your resident.- When asked if you would like to play using existing resident data, select Existing data.- If there are multiple residents with existing unlinked data, select your resident name.- You will be unable to change which resident data is linked to your user account later, so be sure you select the correct resident name.- When prompted, select Yes to confirm and start playing again as your resident.

Youll have to repeat these steps for any other user accounts or residents.

Before you get stuck in, make sure youve got Island back-up enabled on your new Switch .

Image: Nintendo Life

Animal Crossing On The Nintendo Switch Lite

While there are a handful of Switch games that dont work with the Switch Lite, Animal Crossing is not on that list. As Animal Crossing is designed to be played in handheld mode, with no special requirements for the dock or joy-cons, it works the same way on a Switch Lite as it does on the original Switch. If you already own an Animal Crossing game card, you can use it with your Switch Lite.

Switch To The Target System

Launch the game on the target system and select the user who will be using the transferred resident. This user must not have already played the game on the target system!

Then follow the steps below:

  • Select ‘I’m moving’ when Timmy & Tommy ask you
  • Select ‘Yes, I have’ when they ask about a transfer request
  • Select ‘Start the process’ and ‘Yes, that is correct’ when your resident and their current island are shown…

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How To Play Local Multiplayer In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

  • Physically meet up with some friends who all also own a Nintendo Switch and a personal copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons.
  • After saying hello to one another, decide which among you will be the host. The host needs to go to Dodo Airlines, informing Orville that they want visitors via local play.
  • Players who intend to join need to go to Dodo Airlines, speak to Orville, and select “I wanna fly,””I wanna visit someone,” and finally “Local Play.” Your local pal’s island should pop up as a destination. Those looking to travel should do so one by one. If too many people attempt to join at once, the system will possibly overload, thus canceling your flight.
  • People may also enter a one-time Dodo code to join.
  • Once you’re in, you may unite to take on the world.
  • Switch Over To The Target System And You’re Done

    New Animal Crossing: New Horizons trailer shows the game

    Your resident should arrive on the target island and you’ll be able to choose where your house will go.

    A couple of more notes from Nintendo:

    • If you are the first user to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the target system, you will be the new islands resident representative. Moving a house takes some time, so you will be sleeping in a tent on your first night on the island.
    • If the island is already inhabited by someone on the target system, your house will be moved over immediately.

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    What To Do On Day 4

    This is going to be a big day. Blathers Museum is going to be fully open, which means you can take everything youve been saving over to him for donation. If youve already donated something, itll be grayed out, so its a good idea to fill your inventory with potential discoveries to see what hell take. Afterward, you can sell everything thats grayed out.

    Where do you sell it? Timmy and Tommys Store, of course! Nooks Cranny will be your new shopping destination for new furniture. You can also sell off unneeded items and check the board in front of the store for an in demand item that sells for far more than normal.

    Big Goal 1 Build a Bridge

    Talk to Tom Nook, who will mention that there are new people interested in moving to your island. But first he wants to make sure theres enough space for them. Hell give you a recipe for a Wooden Bridge, which will make traveling across a single river far easier. Itll require a handful of Wood to create the components, but youve been harvesting every day, right? So you should be fine!

    Think long and hard about the placement of your first bridge, though. While the first bridge is free, subsequent bridges will cost a lot of Bells, so make this one count. Put it somewhere that you think will get the most use based on your island layout.

    Big Goal 2 Select three housing plots

    Big Goal 3 Build furniture for your plots

    Big Goal 4 Harvest more resources

    You know what to do!

    How To Transfer Animal Crossing Save Data Guide

    For around eight months after launch, it was impossible for players to transfer their Animal Crossing: New Horizons island from one Nintendo Switch to another. Once you began a save file on a Switch, your island was tied permanently to that console a sizeable problem if you bought a new Switch, for instance.

    Nintendo announced that a solution was coming eventually and, thankfully, it arrived in November 2020.

    Image: Nintendo Life

    There are two types of Animal Crossing data transfers available. If youve got yourself a brand new Switch and want to transfer absolutely everything to the new console, youll want to choose Entire Island Transfer. As youd expect from the title, this moves your entire island and save file including all residents to the new console.

    Here are more details from Nintendo:

    Entire Island TransferUse this feature if you wish to transfer the entire island and all residents to a new Nintendo Switch system. The island, all progress and customizations, your animal neighbors, the island resident representative, and any other residents that have been created on the island will be transferred.

    This feature is helpful if you are replacing your Nintendo Switch system with a new one and all players who have played Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be using the new Nintendo Switch system. It is also the only way to transfer your island resident representative when you have not backed up your island.

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    What To Do If You Get Stuck In Animal Crossing

    There isnt anyway to get stuck, as such, in Animal Crossing because theres nothing you HAVE to do. But particularly in the first few weeks of the game, if you speak to Tom Nook hell always have a suggestion for how you can busy yourself. Sometimes hell even have what amounts to missions to give you, usually one that involves tempting more people to move to the island. The most important thing to remember about Animal Crossing though is that its not a game you can beat or that has an ending. In most cases youre only expected to play it for a couple of hours a day, returning to it often but never staying for that long.

    How To Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons Couch Co

    How to Play ANIMAL CROSSING on Nintendo Switch Part 1: Getting Started

    If you only have access to a single Nintendo Switch within your household, this will be your only option. You and up to eight others will carouse about on an island together with one person in charge. If you’d like to play simultaneously, up to four people can play at once.

  • Have the person you believe will be the primary player start the game and play through the tutorial. This part concludes once your character has gone to sleep for the first time. This will cement them as essentially the main player or ‘Mayor’ of your island. The Mayor player will be the only one given complete access to the island, allowed to do things like build bridges and make major island changing choices.
  • With the Mayor chosen, other users on the same Nintendo Switch can now boot up the game and join the island. Each additional person will require their own house, so make sure there’s space on the island to accommodate. If it all becomes too much, note that the Mayor player can kick others off the island at any time.
  • Once at least one additional player makes the island their home, all users, including the Mayor, will unlock an app on their NookPhone called “Call Islander,” which has a yellow flag icon. This app will be used to invite users who share your island, so you can play together in Party Play mode.
  • After everyone who’d like to play has their characters set up, launch a Party Play session by clicking the Call Islander app and select who you’d like to join you.
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    Getting Ready To Party And Preparing For The Future

    After you help your neighbors, you’ll be brought back to the plaza and given a new task: gather 10 tree branches. Tree branches are the tiny sticks you’ve seen scattered around. While you’re standing on one, press Y to pick it up.

    If you can’t find enough branches on the ground, stand next to a tree and press A to shake it. Every time you shake a tree, there’s a chance that a branch will fall out. You can keep shaking a single tree as many times as you want, and as long as there’s open space around the tree , it’ll keep dropping branches.

    Speaking of weeds: if you have the patience, whenever you pass over one, press Y to pluck it. It’ll be stored in your inventory as a “clump of weeds,” and you can stack up to 99 of them in a single inventory slot. Not only will plucking weeds help your island look better, but you can also sell them later for a decent amount of cash.

    Once you bring back your branches, you’ll be asked to fetch six pieces of fruit. Same tips apply here: shake fruit-bearing trees, while picking up weeds, branches, and stones you pass.

    Bring them back to Tom, and you’re almost done. Here’s where you’ll face possibly the most important part of your journey: naming your island.

    Every islander will get a chance to name the island, but only yours will be chosen. You only have 10 character slots, including spaces and any punctuation. There’s no time limit on this, so take as much time as you need.

    How To Earn Bells In Animal Crossing

    When you arrive on the island youve got almost nothing but the shirt on your back, so the first thing you have to do is start earning in-game money, called bells. The simplest way to do this is to collect fruit from tress and shells from the beach. These wont get you much but its a start. Catching fish is also a good source of income, once youre able to craft a fishing rod, and make sure to always hit every rock you see with a shovel. Most of the time youll just get rocks and minerals but one boulder per day will spit out money instead.

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    Can You Play Animal Crossing: New Horizons On The Nintendo Switch Lite

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been the most popular Nintendo game since its release in March of 2020. It was actually the best selling game of the pandemic, through April of 2021.

    So many people snatched Animal Crossing up to play during the COVID-19 related shutdowns and stay-at-home orders. The Nintendo Switch console sold extremely well during that time for similar reasons: it gave players the chance to connect with other people without risking their life by going out and being social.

    Since this has been one of the most popular Nintendo releases of all time, it makes sense that people would want to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on their Switch Lite. Can they?

    How To Message Friends

    Nintendo Switch Version Animal Crossing

    Here are the ACNH messaging features. Orville will give you both the Best Friends App and the Chat Log app when you ask to play Online.

    Whether you have island visitors or are visiting an island yourself, you can use the Chat Log app to send messages to everyone as long as you’re on the island together. It’s basically a giant group text but your message also appears as a speech bubble above your head.

    When you’re by yourself you can still send messages but ONLY to your Best Friends using the Best Friends App. You can ONLY send these messages when the recipient is online. Be sure to enable the communication feature by opening the Best Friends List app and hitting the .

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    Your New Raccoon Landlord

    When you wake up, Tom Nook will be outside your tent. He’s ready to give you your NookPhone, and give you your first long-term goal of the game.

    Moving to a deserted island isn’t free, it seems, and now you owe Tom Nook about 50,000 bells . Luckily, Tom is considerate enough to let you pay your debt back in miles, like a sort of indentured credit card reward program. As he explains, you’ll earn Nook Miles for performing tasks around the island, like catching fish and bugs, or decorating your house.

    You’ll need to earn 5,000 Nook Miles to pay off your first loan. Whenever you perform a task that earns you miles, a phone icon will appear in the top-left corner and start beeping.

    Before you do anything, check to see if your mailbox is flashing! If your Switch is connected to the internet, you should receive two presents directly from Nintendo. One is a virtual Nintendo Switch that you can place inside your tent , and the other is a “Simple DIY workbench,” which you can use later to craft tools.

    There are a few tasks you can perform to earn miles immediately.

    • Open your Nook Miles app.
    • Talk to both of your neighbors. They might also give you presents for helping set up their tents!
    • Sell 50 weeds.
    • Take a picture with your NookPhone’s camera app.
    • Open your NookPhone’s passport app and edit any aspect of it.
    • Post a message on the bulletin board in the island plaza.
    • Open the “Custom Designs” app and make a new design.
    • Shake a tree and make a piece of furniture fall out .

    Nintendo Switch Online App

    The Nintendo Switch Online App can connect to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This connection is known as NookLink. NookLink lets you scan QR codes of custom designs from Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer but it also has some features specifically for multiplayer.

    Just like the Chat Log app on your in-game phone, you can use your real phone to type out messages.

    1. Open the Nintendo Switch Online App > Animal Crossing New Horizons > Chat Keyboard.

    2. When connected online you can message other Animal Crossing: New Horizons players using your smart phone keyboard.

    Open the Nintendo Switch Online App > Voice Chat. Make sure you’re connected online.

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    Hav’s Island Shopping Plaza

    Harv’s Island is getting a substantial upgrade with the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 Update. Several shopping spots are joining Harv’s photo studio on the faraway island and will offer a variety of services along with a new home for many visiting characters. You’ll have to help make the shopping area a reality by contributing Bells for each shop.

    Be sure to visit the Harv’s Island Shopping Plaza page for more information on each shop after the update.

    How To Remove Someone From Your Island

    How To Play Animal Crossing New Horizons on PC! – Nintendo Switch Emulator

    If you’re over the idea of sharing an island, freedom is possible! But remember the person who named the Island i.e the Resident Rep cannot leave. But others totally can!

    The person leaving the island needs to launch the game. When the home screen appears press the to access Settings. Then select save data settings. From here the person can remove themselves from the island. This will cause them, their money and items, their property, and even villagers memories of them to disappear completely.

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    Explore Your Island With The Switch Or The Switch Lite

    Exciting news for Animal Crossing lovers who own a Nintendo Switch Lite! You can play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on either Switch console. It does take a little extra work to use multiplayer functions on the Switch Lite since the handheld console doesn’t come with extra controls or a way to play on your TV.

    Since Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t use motion controls, single-player and online co-op will be exactly the same on either the Switch or Switch Lite. Up to four people can play on the same island with a single Switch or Switch Lite through Party Play mode. Since the Switch Lite doesn’t connect with a TV, you might have to cram around the couch to see what’s going on. Everyone will also need their own controller.

    One player will serve as the leader, playing the game normally. The other three will be able to use tools to gather resources and can move furniture to help design a home or improve the space’s look. Still, they won’t be able to chat, access their inventory, craft, or access any features tied to the NookPhone. The leader can swap control over to another player using their own NookPhone.


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