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How To Sell Stuff On Animal Crossing

Dont Use The Drop Box Unless Absolutely Necessary

How to sell your items in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing is a series that progresses in real-time, meaning that when its dark outside in the real world, nighttime will also appear in your game. Right outside Nooks Cranny you can find a drop box that lets you sell wares even after the shop closes at 10 p.m. But its best not to use it at all. If youre someone who can only play at night, this is a handy feature, but every time you use it theres a handling fee: Items are bought at 80 percent of their normal trade-in value and you only receive payment the next day. This means you would get significantly less money than selling during open store hours. If youre inventory is full, you can just use your house storage to keep excess materials there that can be sold the following day.

So What Are Nook Miles And How Do I Get Them

Nook Miles are a secondary type of currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Similar to Air Miles and MEOW coupons from New Leaf, these tokens are awarded to players for the completion of various tasks around the island. With multiple Nook Miles to collect and unique rewards to exchange them for at the Nook Stop, its well worth paying attention to these stamps. You can use Nook Miles to travel to randomly generated Mystery Islands, for example, or purchase exclusive items.

How To Sell Stuff In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

The fastest way to make money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is to sell items at Re-tail. Re-Tail is the towns recycling shop/flea market. You can sell most of the items you collect at Re-Tail for a higher price than what youd get at the Nooklings store. Re-Tail is also more convenient to visit, given that its in your town whereas the Nooklings store is on Main Street. That said, the owner will charge you a small fee to get rid of garbage, including tires, shoes, and Crazy Redds fake paintings .;

Theres a little chalkboard outside of Re-Tail that lists up to six items that will earn you twice as many bells if you bring them in, so check it out daily.

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Good Things Come To Those Who Hustle

So is Animal Crossing: New Horizons more like Mountain or Monopoly? An ambient video game or the thrill of exploiting adorable consumers? According to Nookazon founder Daniel Luu, its somewhere in between: I think buying and selling is so popular because people want to make their dream homes, says Luu.

Sure, its nice to sit and wait for your island paradise to take shape but the world is doing a lot of sitting around locked down at home in 2020. Whos got time to wait around for a valiant statue or wild painting when theres nothing better to do?


The data for this project was taken from two main sources. The list of in-game items and prices were sourced from the community Data Spreadsheet for Animal Crossing New Horizons, while their resale values were looked up on

Items that appear in the Data Spreadsheet but were not available on Nookazon were filtered out. Variations of the same item, i.e., difference in colors, were deemed the same item. The final list contains 2,638 items.

Items with the biggest difference between the price on and the purchase price in the game were considered the ones with the highest return on investment . Items where the price difference was the smallest were considered to have a low return on investment .

The data we used to make these interactives was collected at the end of July 2020 and can be viewed in full here:

Sell Hot Items To Nook’s Cranny At High Prices

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Sell Items

Certain Items sell at double the normal price each day. The Hot Items change each day, and can be crafted. Crafting Hot Items and selling them in Nook’s Cranny is a reliable way to make Bells each day.

Best Furniture to Craft and Sell

4200 Bells

Buy and Sell Bell Vouchers

Redeem Bell Vouchers from the Nook Stop Terminal, then sell them at Nook’s Cranny for 3000 Bells each.

This is a very poor use of your Nook Miles though and we don’t recommend this method. Focus on gathering extra materials at Mystery Islands or looking for Tarantula Islands instead!

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Don’t Forget About Shaking Trees

Trees are such an important part of Animal Crossing. Not only do some of them bear fruit, which counts towards one of the Nook Miles achievements, but they also carry some bugs that can’t otherwise be found. Plus, having a whole host of exotic fruit trees is a fantastic way to make money.

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Most importantly, however, some trees will provide bells daily, which is why it’s a good idea to shake every tree on the island once every day. Two of the trees will also drop a piece of random furniture, so players looking to expand their item collection definitely need to do this regularly.

Use The Stalk Market Carefully

Animal Crossing fans will know that Joan arrives now and again to sell her batch of turnips to you. In New Horizons, you will want to continue to keep an eye out Sunday mornings but instead of Joan, her granddaughter Daisy Mae takes her place. By Monday, you can sell turnips that youve bought, but be warned: there is a risk of losing significant amounts of money too. On Sundays, turnip prices dont change; Daisy Mae will have a standard fee thats between 90 to 110 bells per turnip. You can buy a batch and keep an eye on the fluctuating prices at Nooks Cranny through the week, and eventually, you may encounter a day where your turnips can be sold at a profit. Be warned, though: turnips go rotten after a week.

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Not Every Seller Is Terrible

Not every seller on Nookazon is a resource-hungry vulture, though. Rebecca Britt, a 37-year-old photographer, found the community to be incredibly accommodating in her grieving process.

Last month, Britt’s friend Carol convinced her to buy Animal Crossing: New Horizons. A few weeks later, Carol unexpectedly died. With stay-at-home orders limiting travel, Britt couldn’t attend Carol’s funeral.

“With the quarantine I wasn’t able to attend the funeral so at least this is a way that I can stay connected to her.”

To honor her friend of 24 years, Britt began building a memorial to Carol on her island.

“It’s helped with the anxiety of feeling helpless, especially since I’m all the way in South Texas and she was in St. Louis at the time,” Britt said in a Discord DM. “With the quarantine I wasn’t able to attend the funeral so at least this is a way that I can stay connected to her. The last time we spoke was through the Nintendo app for Animal Crossing.”

She trawled Nookazon for a fellow player who could craft her a “Western-style Stone,” a headstone that players can only make if they obtained the DIY recipe for it. The seller she found was “so kind about it” and refused any form of payment. Britt ended up giving him any extra materials she found so that he could craft headstones for other players who were building in-game memorials.

“A lot of people have been donating to it recently,” Britt added. “I didn’t even ask them to. They’ll just drop stuff there.”

Don’t Play At The Same Time Every Day

Animal Crossing New Horizons – How To Sell Items After 10pm (Quick Tips)

The cool thing about Animal Crossing is that it’s a pretty casual game that can be integrated into anyone’s routine. However, the problem with that is that players tend to sign into the game at the same time every single day, and this prevents them from enjoying all the benefits and special features.

Not all creatures and characters are on the island all day all the time, which is why players should try to show up to their island twice a day, once during day time and once during night time. Otherwise, they might miss rare bugs like tarantulas and special characters like Wisp and Celeste.

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Best Animal Crossing Items To Sell

There are hundreds upon hundreds of items in Animal Crossings: New Horizons. From there, there are also different colors of certain items. This makes the task of pinpointing which items you should focus on selling to the public a more difficult task. But fear not, because well help you make a sale!

Heres what we think are the best items to sell in Animal Crossing: New Horizons:

Know The Cost Of Convenience

Animal Crossing, Nintendo

Many of us know it’s cheaper to make our own cup of coffee at home or drive to the hardware store and pick out bags of mulch instead of having them delivered to our doorstep. We simply want the convenience of not being hassled by these tasks, and we are happy to find service providers who can do these jobs for us in exchange for a modest sum, of course.

But knowing what’s worth your time and what’s not is a crucial part of achieving financial success.

For instance, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can sell all of your bugs and fish at the local shop. However, if you’re playing after the shop is closed, you have two options. You can go back home and stash everything away, then pick it all up again and sell it the next day; this takes some time. Or you can quickly sell your goods via the shop’s overnight drop box … for a 20% fee. That fee might not matter when you sell a bunch of crickets for a measly 130 bells a pop, but you might want to sit on that rare golden stag beetle rather than suffer a 2,400-bell convenience charge.

Every convenience has a cost one that you should always calculate before making a transaction. A cup of coffee might only cost a dollar or two more than home-brewed java. But other items can really add up, and thus might be worth doing yourself or doing differently as a result.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items Guide

Besides the fishing and catching bugs, decorating their own island is another main activity that players like to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! Animal Crossing is a game that doesnt really have a story compared to other games, so players are left to think of what they will on what to do on their getaway island. Sure, earning Bells to pay off your house loan from Tom Nook is great and all, but whats the use of your humongous home if its is so barren to the point that you could hear a needle drop? Believe it or not, most players have a hard time trying to find the right items for what theyre visualizing their home to be. Thats where you come in! If you have tons of Animal Crossing: New Horizon items lying around in your storage, then why not turn those dust attractors to cash? Trading or selling items in the game are really easy compared to other online games, and anyone can get into it!

Catch Fish And Bugs On The Island

How to Sell Items in Animal Crossing

Youll eventually gain the ability to travel to a tropical island off the coast of your town. The fee is 1,000 bells , but youre sure to make that up several times over with the piles of high-priced bugs and fish that you can gather while youre there. Your spoils cant leave the island in your pockets, so make sure you check it all into the basket near the exit for the boat docks. The contents of the basket will wind up on the dock back in your town, so you can pick over them and sell what you want at your leisure.

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Convert Nook Miles Into Bells

This wasnt a feature I touched much, but if you have Nook Miles to spare, you can always convert them into bells at the Resident Services kiosk in the town center. The kiosk will print out a voucher, which you can bring to Nooks Cranny in exchange for 3,000 bells. Now, if only you could convert bells into Nook Miles, too.

Find Plant And Harvest Foreign Fruit

Your town has its own local fruit, and each piece generally sells for 100 bells. However, you can also procure non-local fruit, which typically goes for 500 bells per piece. If you get even a single piece of non-local fruit, make sure you plant it. Then, plant the fruit of that tree, and in time youll have an orchard worth thousands of bells.

Fruit trees can be harvested every three days once theyre fully grown. The easiest way to grab foreign fruit is to visit a friends town via Nintendo StreetPass. Your animal citizens may also give you pieces of fruit as a gift, plus you can get a basket of non-local fruit if you complete all of the tasks that Isabelle assigns to you in City Hall. If all else fails, travel to your towns Island, grab some tropical fruit, and plant it. Avoid planting your trees too close to buildings, rocks, or other trees, or else they wont grow.

Fruit that grows on palm trees, like coconuts and bananas, must be planted close to the beach in order to flourish.

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How To Make 1 Million Bells Through Time Travel

You can use Time Travel to make a million bells fast and you wont have to worry about weeds or villagers leaving. Your only real consequence is sometimes having to kill a few roaches in your home.

The money you deposit into your ABD Savings account will gain interest over time. Like real-life, the longer you leave that money – in the bank, untouched; and the more money you have in the bank period – the more money you will gain! Fortunately, unlike real-life, this interest rate is actually pretty good!

Heres how to get a million bells easily:

Don’t Try To Game The Random Island System

Animal Crossing New Leaf how to sell items at Retail

One of the biggest mistakes that players have already made is trying to game the random island system. While you can save and reset before using your ticket, don’t do it right after you have already reached the island.

Shutting your game off will cause you to lose your Nook ticket, and the game will load you up back at your house. The same goes for if you need to suddenly shut off your Switch. Any items you collect will be lost unless you fly back home.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Item Price Guide

As players continue to progress through Animal Crossing: New Horizons, they’ll need to come up with an insane amount of Bells, which can be done by selling various objects.. There’s a chance. You know, if everyone in Animal Crossing: New Horizons knows Redd will happily sell you fake art, then sooner or later, you’d think he’d run into problems with it. Then again, I suppose if the world of Animal Crossing had a Better Business Bureau in the first place, that’d torpedo Tom Nook’s entire sales model Drop-off Box in Animal Crossing: New Horizons explained If you’ve got something that you desperately need to sell when Nook’s Cranny is closed in New Horizons, then you can always put it in the. Some Animal Crossing New Horizons fans are unsure if they should sell or donate their picked up fossils. Animal Crossing New Horizons’ first month is coming to an end with Easter Bunny and Earth. Animal Crossing: New Horizons works in real time, so you actually have to wait until the next day for the story to advance, trees to grow, resources to respawn, etc. But.

Greedy Gardening: Plant A Money Tree

Im sure by now youve noticed a glowing patch of grass somewhere else on your island every day. Dig it up, and you get 1,000 bells. It may not sound like much pocket money, but take another look. That patch is still glowing when you extract the cash, right? Well, toss a bag of cash back in there, and youll sprout a money tree in five or six days with sacks of bells hanging from it like fruit.

These wont regrow like fruit, and youll only get 3,000 bells per day if you throw back in what you get. But play it smart. Instead of that chump change, dump a sack of 10,000 bells in the hole, and youll boost the payout to 30,000 per tree. Make it a daily chore, and youll gain a net 140,000 bells per week.

However, players have been trying a new trick that seems to be working out. Although most players wont try it, some gamblers will bury 99,000 bells in a hole. For a long time, players thought this risk wasnt worth it. But if you wait until a day when, during the morning announcements, Isabelle mentions that her astrology said she will be lucky, then its time to bury 99,000 bells. Its the only way youll be able to yield 297,000 bells from the money tree.

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