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How To Spot Fake Art In Animal Crossing

Art Museum Time Travel Cheat

How to SPOT FAKE ART | Paintings ⺠Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you have no interest in waiting for Redd to reappear and rolling the dice every time he updates his inventory, you can finish your collection quickly with this time travel cheat. Cheat credit to Doug Chin for contacting us about this exploit.

  • First, you’ll need Redd on your island. If Redd is nowhere to be found, Time Travel one day at a time until you see him.
  • Shop at Redd’s once he appears. Don’t worry if Redd is selling nothing but fakes you don’t need to buy anything for this cheat to work. Save, exit your game, then close the software completely.
  • Head to System settings on your Switch. Select system, then select Date and Time. Make sure Synchronize Clock via Internet is turned Off. Change the Date and Time to go only one day ahead.
  • Start up Animal Crossing. Itâs a new day and Redd is gone. Feel free to use this time to get your art from the mail and even donate it to the museum if you’d like.
  • When you’re ready, save, exit, and close the software. Return to the system settings and change your clock back to the previous day to resummon Redd. He’ll have new inventory in his shop!
  • Rinse and repeat until your museum collecting is complete.
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    Great news everyone! Blathers has finally got permission to expand the museum and add an entire wing just for stunning art displays. And would you look at that! A new visitor has also arrived called Red, and theyre wanting to sell art to you. Wait a minute, does something seem off with that piece? To help you avoid getting caught out, well explain exactly what the deal is with Fake Art in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    How To Know Fake Art

    Compare The Difference

    Real works of art & their forged counterparts have some slight differences… If you’re worried about fakes, check which art is real from the table above before purchasing!

    Real Art Has Authenticity Tag

    Upon purchasing a piece of art, you can view a Painting’s back or the underside of a statue to check for a mark of authenticity. This will prove it’s authentic since fake art will not have it.

    Compare With The Actual, Real World Piece Of Art!

    When you purchase a work of art from Redd, you’ll need to determine whether the art you are buying is real or fake. By comparing the fake art with the original art that exists in real life, you can find the slight differences and tell if it’s real or not.

    Some Fake Art Are Haunted

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    How Redds Fake & Real Art Works

    When Redds Treasure Trawler ship shows up on your islands north secret beach, you can purchase both paintings and statues inside from him for 4,980 Bells each. Be careful though because there is a chance for the art piece you buy to be a fake forgery version, instead of a real genuine.

    Fake forgery versions of Artwork in Animal Crossing: New Horizons are essentially useless besides decoration as Blathers will not accept such art pieces for donations to the Museum. They cant be sold at Nooks Cranny either, so youll need to use a trash furniture item to completely remove fake art.

    The good news is that theres more to fake artwork than just pure random luck you can actually tell apart a real genuine piece of art from a fake by looking carefully at the artwork. If you have some existing knowledge of the piece, you might be able to figure this out yourself, or make an educated guess if something in the artwork just looks flat out ridiculous.

    How Many Redd Artworks Can You Buy Per Day?

    Each time that Redd appears on your island with his boat, you can purchase only one piece of artwork per day. When you buy one, itll be mailed to you by Redd the next day, so dont expect to find it in your pockets.

    While you can only purchase one art piece yourself, other characters can buy one as well. This includes both other players living on your own island, in addition to visitors from far away in online multiplayer. Yes, your friends can come and buy art too!

    How To Buy Works Of Art

    I made a graphic to track fake statues in New Horizons ...

    As of Patch 1.2.0, Redd can appear off the coast of your island in Jolly Redd‘s Treasure Trawler. First, however, you’ll need to donate at least 60 items to the Museum . Once Blathers tells you he’s ready to take donations of artwork, Redd should appear the next day.

    While his boat will always be docked on the small northern beach on your island, you won’t be able to enter it until you find Redd himself wandering elsewhere on the island. Talk to him and wait for him to apply his family discount and buy the first art he sells , and then give it to Blathers. The art he offers is random, too, so what you get will likely be different than what someone else gets.

    To open a new art exhibit wing in the museum, Blathers will close for day for renovations, and afterwards you can find Redd on your island again on a different day, at which point he will invite you to his ship to see more of his art collection.

    Boarding Redd‘s boat will put you in a seedy store of sorts, where Jolly Redd sells various furniture, as well as his precious works of art.

    Each time you visit, he will display 4 works of art – but several of them may not be genuine, and are instead skillful forgeries with only a few telltale signs, and you’ll need to know what to look for, otherwise you may buy the wrong artwork that Blathers will refuse to put in the museum.

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    When Does Redd Appear How To Get Art In Animal Crossing

    You first have to speak to Blathers in the museum after updating your game. Hell mention how the museum has grown over time and express an interest in expanding its collection into fine art and paintings. Itll only happen if youve donated 60 unique items to the effort, but so long as youve been keeping up with your daily fossil haul since launch day, you should have done more than enough to kick-start the initiative.

    With that particular event flag triggered, the stage will be set for Redd to show up in the near future with a couple of these paintings to pass off to you. The first time he appears, hell be wandering around town ready to scam any old sucker.

    While hes strolling around ashore, hell offer you a painting for an eye-watering 498,000 Bells, but you can tempt him down to a modest 4,980 with a few choice words. Unlike the rest of his goods, this first purchase is guaranteed to be a legitimate work of art, and exactly the kind of item that will push Blathers to open up the museums art exhibition should you donate it.

    After this choice first encounter, Redd will appear periodically like Leif, Label, and Kicks. Youll find his Treasure Trawler ship down on the secret beach over the north cliff of your island. You might want to bring a ladder .

    How To Tell If Art If Fake

    Luckily, the paintings that Redd brings to your island are real-life masterpieces so we, at least, have something to compare it with before we purchase. Redd will give you four options of paintings to choose from, out of which you can pick only one.

    Oh, the pressure.

    Your goal at this point is to check which one is a legitimate painting and which ones are fake. Theres a chance that all four paintings will be inauthentic, so look closely. In this guide, you will find all the hints you need to spot fake paintings.

    Academic Painting

    • Original: Vitruvian Man Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Fake Painting: It has stains of tea or coffee on the top right area, so if Redd offers you this painting, check that area first.

    Detailed Painting

    • Original: Rooster and Hen with Hydrangeas Ito Jakuchu
    • Fake Painting: The flowers in the fake painting are purple instead of blue.

    Basic Painting

    • Original: The Blue Boy Thomas Gainsborough
    • Fake Painting: The blue boy in question has bangs on his forehead in the fake one. Suits him though!

    Scary Painting

    • Original: Otani Oniji II Tshsai Sharaku
    • Fake Painting: The eyebrows are upside down in the fake painting. The frown of the painting also turns into a smile in the haunted painting.

    Famous Painting

    • Original: Mona Lisa Leonardo Da Vinci
    • Fake Painting: This one is the easiest to spot and also the most hilarious one. With those eyebrows, the famous Mona Lisa doesnt look like herself in the fake picture, thats for sure.

    Graceful Painting

    Serene Painting

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    Is There Another Way To Get Artwork For The Museum

    Island residents can occasionally mail you artworks that you’d normally only be able to get from Redd. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that these paintings and sculptures will be genuine. In fact, ‘smug’ villagers only send fake pieces, so you might consider evicting them from your island paradise – check out our complete list of every villager and their personality type.

    So, developing a good rapport with your neighbours is another way to build your art collection.

    What To Do With Fake Artwork

    Animal Crossing New Horizons | How to Spot FAKE Paintings & Statues – Redd Art Guide

    If you arent careful, youll wind up with a forgery. If you get a fake painting or statue, you cannot donate it to the museum and you cannot sell it at Nooks Cranny. Thats a bummer, huh? So, what can you do with them? Youll have to either dispose of them using a trash can or recycling bin or you can simply display it like any old piece of furniture.

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    How To Spot Fake Vs Real Art In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Redd‘s rotation of art on his ship will often feature forgeries.

    Though the first work of art you acquired from Redd on the island is genuine long time fans of the series will tell you – more often than not – his wares are fake.

    To help you decide, you can inspect each work of art closely before you purchase it.

    Thankfully, there are a few telltale signs to see how you can spot what is real and what isn’t:

    • Fakes will have a detail or two that’s a little odd. As art in Animal Crossing is often based on real world works, you can compare the two to work out what’s different – like a game of spot the difference .
    • Forgeries which appear in New Horizons are different to those in previous games, even if the same art pieces return. For example, according to grob95 on reddit, returning pieces such as the Wistful Painting will be fake if she wears a star earring. In New Leaf, she would be wearing a red hat. For long time players of the series, it’s time to learn how to spot forgeries at a glance all over again!
    • Fake paintings can also be haunted, and though these characteristics aren’t always obvious, they can show in Redd’s ship showroom before you buy them.

    Those are the basics – but how do you tell the specifics differences between fakes and the real thing?

    How To Spot Haunted Paintings And Statues In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    There are currently three haunted paintings and two haunted statues which are known to exist in a haunted form: the Graceful Painting, the Scary Painting, the Wistful Painting, the Ancient Statue and the Informative Statue.

    These haunted artworks will magically change their appearance at a certain time of day . Well update this guide if more haunted fakes come to light, and you can find more information on their spooky properties in the list below

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    Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Spot Counterfeit Art

    Redd will attempt to sell you counterfeit art in Animal Crossing. Here’s how to tell if his art is fake.

    Guideby Jake Green, Guides Editor

    With the addition of Redd and his trawler full of art to Animal Crossing New Horizons, a brand new wing of the museum has opened up. It’ll display the art you buy from Redd, though be careful, as some of it can be fake. This counterfeit art cannot be given to Blathers, and is therefore a pretty annoying way to waste your hard-earned Bells. In this guide we’ll teach you how to tell if art is counterfeit, so that you can start to build out your new gallery.

    On this page:

    Which Of Redds Paintings Are Fake In Animal Crossing

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons Redd Art Guide

    Here is where things get a little complicated. Every painting not mentioned above has a fake version out there and it can be hard to tell which is real and which isnt. But dont worry, we have you covered, so you can examine what you are getting and tell Redd where to go if he is trying to dupe you.

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    Fake Art In Animal Crossing

    Redd will almost always have fakes in his inventory and can even have entirely fakes in his inventory on a given day. Here’s how to tell the difference in the Animal Crossing paintings.

    The Wistful Painting forgery has star-shaped earrings, a key difference. The Moving Painting has trees in the top right, but they are absent in the fake. The Scary Painting’s subject’s eyebrows are pointed up in the forgery. The Scenic Painting is missing a character in the bottom left corner.

    The Graceful Painting forgery has a much taller and stretched out subject. The Basic Painting model has more hair in the fake. The Detailed Painting forgery is purple instead of blue. The Serene Painting’s animal is a lighter color than the forgery. The Famous Painting forgery has more detailed eyebrows. The Jolly Painting is missing a plant in the bottom right corner.

    The Wild Painting Forgery is darker. On the other hand, for the Right Half, it’s the other way around. The Amazing Painting has a man wearing a hat in the center of the painting, but in the forgery he has no hat. The Academic Painting forgery has a bit of a stain in the top right. The rest of the paintings cannot be forgeries.

    For Animal Crossing sculptures, here’s the guide on how to spot fakes. The Ancient Statue forgery has antennae on its ears. The Beautiful Statue fake has a necklace on it. The Gallant Statue does not have a book in its hand. The Informative Statue is not colored blue like the forgery.

    What Does Redd Sell On His Boat

    Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler is home to works of artand rare furniture. Redd is happy to sell you any amount of furniture , although you’re restricted to purchasing one piece of art for every day that he visits.

    Players of previous games will know that there’s a chance the art he sells you will be a forgery, and the poor lighting on his boat doesn’t make spotting fakes easy.

    Still, if you know what to look for, it’s easy enough to avoid buying fake works of art from Crazy Redd. You’ll get Nook Miles for buying a fake, so it’s worth buying at least one wrong ‘un.

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    How To Unlock Jolly Redds Shop

    To get Redd to appear on your island, youll have to donate a combined total of at least 60 fish, bugs, or fossils to the museum. Once you have done this, talk to Blathers and bring up showcasing art in the museum. The day after your conversation with Blathers, Isabelle will issue a warning regarding sketchy art dealers during her morning announcement.

    From there, explore the island until you come across Redd walking around. When you first talk to Redd, theyll offer to sell you a random painting for the ridiculous price of 498,000 Bells. Decline, and theyll knock the price down to 4,980 Bells. Since this first piece of art will always be genuine, consider buying it.

    Next, donate the artwork to Blathers back at the museum, at which point hell mention opening up an art exhibit. The following day, youll notice the museum is closed for renovations. Another day later, the museum will reopen, this time with a dedicated art exhibit, and Redd will start showing up on your island on random days.

    You can tell when Redd is visiting because their boat will appear north towards the back of your island on a small beach. When you see the boat docked, cross the walkway, and go inside to browse through Redds wares.

    Redd Art Paintings: Real Genuine Vs Fake Forgery Guide


    Not an expert at distinguishing between real and fake art? Thats where our guide comes in! Browse the sections below to find the painting youre looking to purchase from Jolly Redd and compare what youre seeing in-game to what you see displayed in this guide.

    Plus, as an added bonus, not every panting in Animal Crossing: New Horizons actually has a fake version! So for some paintings, you wont even have to compare because well tell you if the artwork only comes in real genuine versions. Additionally, a complete list of these always real art pieces are included at the end of the guide.

    Academic Painting: Real vs Fake?

    The fake version of the Academic Painting has a large coffee stain in the top right of the art piece. This is missing from the real version.

    Full Size Versions: Real Academic Painting, Fake Academic Painting

    Amazing Painting: Real vs Fake?

    The fake version of the Amazing Painting removes the large black hat from the person featured in the middle. This large hat is only present in the real version.

    Full Size Versions: Real Amazing Painting, Fake Amazing Painting

    Basic Painting: Real vs Fake?

    The fake version of the Basic Painting changes the persons forehead hair line to be completely covered in hair. Their forehead has far less hair in the real version.

    Full Size Versions: Real Basic Painting, Fake Basic Painting

    Calm Painting: Real vs Fake?

    Common Painting: Real vs Fake?

    Detailed Painting: Real vs Fake?

    Dynamic Painting: Real vs Fake?

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